Naruto wants you to join the Ninja Army.

Well, here we go. It seems like the end is here for Obito, and it all just comes tumbling down in an instant. There just ain’t anything like the awesome power of friendship after all, and there ain’t no better way to really just add insult to injury by literally tugging out the tailed beasts’ chakra out from Obito. And I gotta say, we’ve seen chakra used/modified/stolen/borrowed/exchanged like a few dozen ways up until this point, but this arguably takes the cake—especially when you consider the expressions Obito gives us as things start crumbling before his very eyes. Combine that with the rather epic drawing of Naruto for the last panel, and it’s just some priceless stuff that highlights how the one with weak resolve was Obito all along, and how he essentially just threw away what could’ve been a promising life for nothing. Just fitting stuff.

With that said, the way this chapter develops actually ends up giving us what’s probably the way in for Madara too, and I admittedly didn’t see that coming. Because at this point, there’s no one controlling the Tsukuyomi as a result of the grand tug of war going on, and it’s an opportunity that Madara’ll likely seize within the next chapter or two—or at least, I’d assume so. I still can’t really see the First Hokage just giving him his way so easily though—and one also can argue that if he does indeed succeed, there’d be literally no time left for the Shinobi Army to reasonably stop him before he can activate the technique. And it’s something that makes you wonder how exactly things would work out if that happens. I do suppose the power of friendship could let them pull off one more miracle even if the technique gets activated however… Guess we’ll see.


      1. I have a better idea why doesn’t He revive everyone including Negi, Shikamaru’s Dad,Ino’s Dad as well as the remaining edo-tenseied Madara, Hashirama, Tobimaru, Hiruzen and Minato.

        K C M
      2. Obito doesn’t know Edo Tensei, otherwise he wouldn’t have needed Kabuto in the first place. And even if he did, he’d need DNA from all the recently deceased characters in order to use them, and he is not going run from the entire world’s population of ninjas just for a single Hyuuga, Nara, and Yamanaka. Nothing they could offer could help him at this point.

        Plus all the Kage’s and Madara are already revived and working independently. There has yet to be any known way of taking over control of already revived people that were revived by a different person, and to reveal that at this point would be the biggest ass pull since we found out Tobi was Obito.

  1. please don’t become like the pain/nagoto by believing in naruto again. we seen it before and seriously it’s getting old if obito is going to become good just like that which really impacts the story on obito.

  2. Next Chapter: entitled “Talk no Jutsu”

    Obito: “I was….I was wrong.” Rin…forgive me #derp
    Naruto: “Ya don’t say? Join us and we can end this cycle of hatred together.
    Madara: *Yawn* “Very touching, but not on my watch. BTW…Where’s Hashirama?”
    Kakashi: “How do you get out of this dimension anyway? I hope they haven’t forgotten about me.” #forever alone
    Sasuke: “What am I even doing anymore? Am I evil or good, darn my Uchiha hate/love tendencies.”
    Sakura: Sasuke…
    Hinata: Naruto…
    Orochimaru: Mmmm…SssSasuke…

    Neji: What the hell did I die for!!!! ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ

  3. This chapter should have been a single special chapter along with the last one. Mainly because it actually feels like a “defeat”. Where as the previous felt like a…imma say it, an ass-pull.

  4. Madara, where are you?!

    But yeah, good chapter. I liked the tug of war and how it tied into the very start of this arc, as well as the nods to Gaara and Bee. The big question is what will happen to the Biju if they’re removed from Obito, will they be sealed in Naruto, someone else (rookies perhaps) or be freed? Anyway solid action, and one badass panel at the end.

    On an aside, anyone else been getting Nietzsche-ish “will to power” vibes recently? One of the themes of the manga seems to be that the person with the stronger “will” always wins, and now that Obito’s will is broken he’s loosing. Not exactly the best ideology as a certain group of Germans demonstrated.

  5. What some of you guys need to understand here is that Obito as well as Nagato aren’t really villains they were just victims of terrible circumstances that went astray after losing their loved ones, don’t get me wrong I’m not making any excuses for their evil doings, I happen to understand the plot of good people being overcometh by evil so therefore they need to be defeated by being reformed again so that they can go back to the good people that they once were,and that goes for Sasuke too and Kabuto(but still deserves ass kicking).

    If anything I believe the real villains of this story are none other than Madara Uchiha and Orochimaru. So I don’t think that these two deserved to be talked out I believe they deserve
    some ass whooping.

    K C M
    1. Well, it’s not the changing from “evil” to “good” in general that I’ve had a problem with, but rather how it’s been executed, especially with Nagato and now Obito from the looks of it.

      Ones like Nagato and Obito have been SO ingrained in their beliefs and that what they’re doing is the correct path for YEARS. Someone who is so radical, so bound to their own ideals for so long and going as far as they did to try to achieve them, even ignoring, or at least doing/saying whatever they can to deny, others who they were (formally) close to who try to help them (Jiraiya with Nagato, and Kakashi with Obito) to hold onto those ideologies is NOT someone who would just change in a matter of minutes/hours, especially when someone who is all but a complete stranger to them (they only saw Naruto as a “target”, they didn’t exactly “know” him) gives them a pretty speech (one they’ve heard before no less).

      Now if something like…say…they had Nagato flashing back and thinking about things like what Jiraiya spoke of before after Nagato killed him in between then and his attack on Konoha, started showing some doubts and such, and then Naruto ends up further reinforcing them when they meet face to face, and THEN Nagato decided to change things, that would’ve been different because there was actually development to that point. Instead, Nagato did everything he did without hesitation (even killing Jiraiya), even when knowing that it would hurt himself (like his giant Shinra Tensei that blew away a majority of Konoha would use up a lot of chakra), then he just suddenly has a few minutes of flashback thinking and a pretty speech from Naruto and he suddenly decides to just stop what he’s doing, revive everyone he killed recently in Konoha, and let it all go.

      Same with Obito; ever since he saw Kakashi kill Rin (and “betray him”), he goes about doing what he does with Akatsuki, even going so far as to try to kill Minato, his teacher (much like Nagato did with Jiraiya), unleashing Kurama on his own home, and starting a 4th Great Shinobi War, without any hesitation, and even recently, he just keeps rebuking everything Kakashi tries to say to him to try to get him to change (also much like Nagato did with Jiraiya), yet Naruto suddenly comes along and it looks like it’s going to be some repeat of Nagato.

      The way they change so quickly would be like if Hitler, in 1945, were to somehow come face-to-face with an Allied soldier who tells him about his wrongdoings, then Hitler suddenly comes to believe everything he and the Nazis did throughout WWII was indeed wrong, tells his military forces to stand down immediately after, and then personally, unconditionally, surrenders himself and Germany to the Allies.

    1. Nope,not by a long shot and here’s ten reasons.

      1. Naruto and Sasuke still have not had their destined fight, the Descendants of the two Sons of the Sage of the Six Paths still lives on among them.

      2. Madara Uchiha is still around not to mention Orochimaru, the villains still have to die.

      3. The infinite tsukuyumi needs to be applied because I want to see the jutsu and how it could be stopped by our Heroes.

      4. I would like to see the revival of the Uchiha Clan, I believe Orochimaru would take the Sharingans that Obito stock piled in His hideout and use them for His nefarious experiments.

      5. I would like to see the love story develop for instance MK(the author) should do something about the unresolved feelings of the characters. He should let Naruto and Sakura be together or let Naruto and Hinata be together(which I prefer).

      6. If Naruto and Sakura be together then it is Natural that Sasuke open His heart to some one else, so therefore Sasuke and Hinata should be together, I know some people may not like this idea but I think Sasuke would prefer someone who is not obssessed with Him like Karin, Sakura and Ino.

      7. I would like to see Naruto die so that His spirit can meet the Sage of the Six Paths.

      8. I would like to see the Sage of the Six Paths make an appearance and converse with Naruto and give Him some tips and advice about bringing peace to the Ninja world.

      9. I would like to see Naruto return from the dead and come back to life.

      10. I would like to see Naruto become Hokage and be the Greatest Hokage in the Ninja world and fufill His destiny by bringing peace to the Ninja world.

      K C M
      1. 1. This is true. Kishi said at one point that the final battle would be between the two of them, right?

        2. Madara, yeah, but I can see Orochimaru living after all that’s happened.

        3. This could very well happen in the next few chapters. Likely very Third Impact-y.

        4. I don’t think that’ll happen…unless it’s amongst Sasuke’s direct descendants. Putting an eye into someone won’t make them an Uchiha, as Kakashi’s existence points out.

        5. Being a shonen story, I doubt we’ll see this happen without a time-skip over the major parts. By the end of the story a bunch of people will likely be married and we’ll just have to accept that.

        6. See above.

        7. Not likely, at least not the dying part.

        8. See above.

        9. See above.

        10. I’d be more surprised if this DIDN’T happen.

        So…really that was more like 3 reasons we aren’t near the end.

      2. Okay, perhaps I went a little overboard but all I’m trying to say is that Naruto will not be ending anytime soon not even after the war because there are still some unresolved issues and the ones that I think that are still unresolved are.

        1. Naruto and Sasuke’s rivalry.
        Naruto is the embodiment of Hashirama Senju as well as the descendant of the younger son of the Six Paths Sage(love) while Sasuke is the embodiment of Madara Uchiha as well as the descendant of the elder son of the Six Paths Sage(power) their pre-destined battle of love vs power is still being pass down unto them.

        2. Naruto as Hokage.
        I don’t think this series would end yet if Naruto just ends up as Hokage such endings are for fairy tales, therefore it remains to be seen what kind of Hokage He will be.

        3. Naruto creates Ninja World Peace.
        A lot of you guys might suggests that if the war is over and the Kage alliance defeats the Akatsuki that peace will ultimately reign, that would be a sad mistake. It might be fair to say that for the first time the ninja world united for the good cause and the Kages might trust each other more but there is no proof that every single one will get along or that there aren’t others who might use this war to advance their own selfish desires(Orochimaru). In the end winning a war does not guarantee the peace that Jiraya entrusted Naruto to create so He’ll have to do more than that.

        I could mention a few more but this just about covers it.

        K C M
      3. 1 and 2 can be covered in relatively short aftermath arcs that Shonens tend to do after their final battles (DBZ, YuYu Hakusho), and 3’s likely just going to be just a moral of “conflict will always be present in this world but we should still try to get along”.

  6. Obito didn’t want Naruto coming inside him, but Naruto refused to listen.

    I saw Talk no Jutsu coming, and now I see convergence happening in the next 5 chapters when Talk no Jutsu is over.

    The “power of friendship” is kinda getting to me now. There was a time when I fanboyed over it, now I facepalm to it. It went from inspirational to unrealistic very quickly.

    I hope Obito dies quickly now. He fucked up too much to even serve life in prison at this point. Kill Obito and have the person who is immune to Talk no Jutsu (Madara) take over this war.

    Madara’s been stagnant for too long. When introduced he fucked shit up, thus becoming my favorite Uchiha next to Sasuke. There is a reason they are my favorite though, and I just said it. They were immune to talk no jutsu. Sasuke, well, I wouldn’t say Itachi’s talk no jutsu changed him, instead he made his own decision after listening to the mistakes in the past.

    Madara’s cold demeanor was personally the highlight in this war for me.

    Scumbag Madara – Related to Hashirama? I’ll fuck you up first.

    Stagnant Madara – War? Nah bro, I’m bored.

    1. As I mentioned, I don’t have a problem with the concept, but its execution is what really makes me appreciate it or not, and it just happens way too quickly for me to really believe or appreciate it as much in Naruto.

      I mean, even DBZ, as over-the-top as it can be, didn’t have ones like Piccolo, Vegeta, Android 18, Buu, and such become good guys in just 1 episode after X episodes of them doing what they did. It took some time and development for them to actually become full-fledged “good guys”. (I say with quotes since, even when ones like Piccolo and Vegeta fought alongside the protagonists at first, it was really more about necessity, like “the enemy of my enemy”, than anything else.)

      I actually CHEERED more often when Naruto came across people who DIDN’T give into his talking, like A (at first) when Naruto went on his hands and knees begging him to spare Sasuke, despite everything Sasuke did up to that point. It showed that not everyone believed the same things Naruto did, nor would they, because mankind will always have different beliefs (not to mention look at things more realistically) as long as they have individuality, and those differences can end up leading to conflict and war, and that’s one of the things that the Infinite Tsukuyomi would’ve taken away; humanity’s individuality, thus reducing humanity to mindless drones who just follow whatever the controller wanted them to.

      It’s why I continue to question just how the Alliance will manage to stay together after this war is over. “Realistically”, I doubt the villages would be able to just throw away all their past grudges, differences, suspicions, etc (also doubt that each village DIDN’T have their own agendas when they agreed to the Alliance in the first place). Of course, that’s not to say I had a problem with them joining together in the first place. Once again, it was really because of “the enemy of my enemy”, so it was quite reasonable. However, once the big reason why they were fighting together is gone, what’s to keep them from falling apart from their own internal differences again? And even if they manage to magically stay together after the war, once Naruto is gone, what’s to keep them going after that?

  7. sooo what will happen after this tug of war?
    1. will naruto become host of the remaining tailed beasts?
    2. will the remaining tailed beast be put inside his friends that are currently his “tails”?
    3. will they just be allowed to roam free in the world?

      1. You’re kidding right? Kishimoto’s artwork has seriously gone to shit. All the characters are drawn with sameface and are all morbidly obese, he uses the same recycled backgrounds of either poorly drawn trees or rocky mountains, the action sequences are drawn at awkward angles so you can’t tell what the fuck is going on in a fight scene or zoomed out way too far so that the characters look like disproportionate blobs, etc. Kishimoto’s artwork has objectively gotten worse. I dunno whether he’s burned out or if he’s simply not trying anymore to make good artwork for Naruto, but the fact remains that it looks like shit.

        You wanna see examples of good artwork in manga? Read One Piece, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, One Punch Man, or Berserk. Hell even Bleach’s art looks better. While there isn’t that much background art and the backgrounds themselves look simplistic, Kubo at least knows how to draw characters proportionately and draw properly angled and dynamic panels for the fight scenes. At this point Naruto’s art is on the same level of the chicken-scratch artwork of Attack on Titan.

  8. Yes here comes the ninja-army jutsu. And the panels of one-against-many never gets old as a tearjerker or a sympathy card. Excluding the tug-of-war idea that is. And there’s still some screen time for Sasuke; I’ve put him with the other friends category at this point. Come back to us Kakashi!!

    random viewer
  9. I like the tag war of the beast tails really interesting twist I wonder what would happen to Naruto when he gain all 7? Also I like how Naruto is showing Obito what he truly wanted deep down the real him. But what about Madara what is th guy up to I sure he has a plan one is over but the other isnt.

  10. You know, I think people who have a problem with the way so many villains are taken to the good side by Naruto’s speeches are forgetting one huge and major thing. Sure, they might’ve heard it all before or once believed in those things before but have now forsaken that stuff so staunchly. But did they hear it from someone so foolishly hard-headed and one track minded as Naruto? Did they hear it the same way Naruto said it with his blind conviction? Hitler wasn’t the first person to try and rally Germans against Jews. He wasn’t the only one saying those things. But the man was charismatic as hell and knew HOW to say those same words in such a way where people would connect and take action on those words. It is entirely realistic that people would change instantly from one speech from one stranger they know nothing about. It’s happened before in history. Just like people have changed their entire lifestyles and beliefs and values from one singular event in their life.

    Also this is a shounen after all, haha. Most of us were much younger when we started reading this and now that we’re older and have experienced more things, it sounds ridiculous that people can change so easily. Most of us did believe all things were possible when we were young though. Ah youth.

    1. Well, one difference is that it wasn’t JUST Hitler’s charisma and trained speech talking that got the people’s attention, but also due to the fact that, even over a decade later, Germany was still suffering from the aftereffects of WWI and the Treaty of Versaille on top of the Great Depression in the US affecting their already-downed economy, so they were extremely vulnerable to ANYONE who could give them SOME semblance of hope and delivering prosperity which, admittingly, Hitler was able to do, sort of like how a “lost” teenager can easily be pulled into a cult by making them think they can “find themselves” there, to give them a purpose.

      And while people can change in a moment, it usually involves it being a pretty big/traumatic/etc. moment to make them do so (doesn’t need to be bombastic or anything, but still “big”). I mean, that’s what caused ones like Nagato and Obito to go down their paths in the first place; Nagato feeling guilty over Yahiko’s death, and Hanzo’s betrayal and attempted murder of them, and Obito witnessing Kakashi killing Rin with his own hands. Both were very life-shaking and traumatic experiences for them, so simply pretty words bringing them back from something like that just doesn’t feel believable.

      As I mentioned before, if the seed first got planted and then it slowly grew over time and causing doubt, and then Nagato/Obito eventually coming to realize things, that would be different. Like if Naruto had managed to plant the seed back when Obito told him, Kakashi, and Yamato about Itachi and Sasuke and such (where he comments on “seeing Hashirama” in Naruto) and then we had some moments of Obito clearly showing (more) doubt and hesitation as time went on, and then he gets changed by this point, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

  11. it’ll be pretty interesting if Madara just succeeded in the infinite tsukiyomi. And Naruto wakes up in a perfect world and has to find his way out or something. But then this would mean naruto dragging on and on forever lol


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