「キンギョ・ライフ」 (Kingyo Raifu)
“Goldfish Life”

Ah, youth. What a pain it can be.

I won’t lie, as the blogger covering both Donna and Nagi no Asukara, I can’t help but see some unflattering parallels between Kazuki’s dilemma and the behavioral difficulties of the children in the latter. But unlike Nagi, where Manaka and Hikari are very young and just learning to come to terms with their hormones and with their new emotions, it’s a little harder to go easy on Kazuki and her behavior this episode. It’s not that I can’t empathize; being a teenager kind of sucks in general (thank goddess that’s over), and it’s certainly no fun to be dragged against your will from your family, friends, and home and onto a crazy adventure. I can also definitely understand her jealousies toward her younger sister. Believe me, having a talented younger sibling can be just as self-depricating, if not more, as a talented older one, and it can be really hard coming to terms with that. But when it really comes down to it, Kazuki has chosen the worst place to have her issues come to light. Sure, being under stress might do it for anyone, but throwing a tantrum in the middle of a mecha battle? You’re seventeen, my friend, there’s a time and place for everything. That doesn’t make Kazuki a bad character, mind you, but it does make the word “immaturity” spring to mind as a legitimate point of critique.

That doesn’t mean there’s no such thing as a moody, selfish, and immature seventeen year old, because that would be an utterly stupid claim to make. That’s not what the problem is in Kazuki’s character. The problem with Kazuki’s character is that she feels really rather out of place here, and that her spoiled attitude is supposed to be for dramatic purposes. Yes, that’s achieved, but wouldn’t that sort of grievance be better placed once we know a little more about her? Right now all we really now about Kazuki is that she’s a pretty normal, if somewhat antisocial and sullen, high school kid, and that she seems to practice martial arts. We haven’t really explored her inferiority complex toward her siblings much at all yet, so isn’t it kind of soon to throw in the tears and accusations? To me, at least, it would make more sense if we saw more about her and learned more about her relationship to her sisters before hitting this type of drama this quickly, but it seems eleven episodes isn’t really enough to go for that deep of a development.

In other news, I’m pretty hyped with the way the mystery part of the equation is going, and I seem to like Hozuki the most of the three sisters even now. It might have to do with her capability and the fact that she builds really cool things, but of the three, I think she really gets the value of her family, despite its brokenness. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s really smart and well on her way to figuring things out with regards to the Tesoro. I’m not sure what she and Hazuki plan to do about their sister, but there’s definitely some growing up to do in this family, and that goes for everyone.


  1. Marathoned this from 1 to 3 and I noticed the pacing is a bit slower than most shows this season.

    I love the Sci-fi and Mecha. I’m also intruiged by the story: just what is that treasure and why does the bad guys want it(there must be a reason, I don’t think Galileo’s Inheritance is just some random gold props)?

    Also: Fanservice! Yay! I find the best fan service are found in those shows we don’t expect them.

  2. Strange how we find the most realistic character (it’s how most 17yr old teenage girls would react) the most annoying. She’ll probably settle down and become the cook, if the ED is anything to go by.

    I have a feeling Roolcake Hair will betray the sisters at some point though. Dunno why. Maybe it’s because she appears in the villian “segment” of the OP.

    For some reason, this show reminds me of anime from days past. Maybe that’s the reason I’m enjoying it.

    1. I can vouch that not all seventeen year old girls will act like this, having been seventeen very recently and having been around seventeen year olds as my friends. This is what the stereotype of a seventeen year old girl looks like.

      1. Stereotypes became stereotypes for a reason.

        Do you actually know a 17yr old (girl or guy, doesn’t matter) from a first world country who recently got attacked by pirates, the mafia and the corrupt police, and got turned into a fugitive in the process and has to live on the run?

        I agree that the time and place she chooses to throw a tantrum is pretty unrealistic. Most grown men would be too busy shitting bricks in that situation. The power of the middle child inferiority complex is strong in this one.

      2. No, but I was a sixteen year old girl in a first world country when a man was shot dead on my front lawn by passing gangsters. I assure you, neither me nor my sister, nor any of the other kids who saw it happen from the school across the street, had this sort of extreme reaction when the people responsible where still on the loose.

      3. It is “First Love” that make her so instable. The Picture on her Cell Phone, surly her Love interest. Even if he dont know her

        She need to overcome this, and the Older Sister should help her out. Like a Lighthouse in the Storm of Love

      4. ..older sister add on..

        Even if the Older Sister, try to forget herself with drinking to much. Thats her change to take Responsibility as Family “head” right now, to grow out of the Pitch dark Hole, she herself thrown

        Yeah, i can read many little things in the short times… perhaps it is the Age

      5. okay, here in this Episode it is 3 little “Hints” that Old-Sister is taking the Leader/Mother role

        Pic 1: “Little Sisters, dont know the important of Eating!”

        Pic 2: “We are all Family!”

        Pic 3: “No, we dont Betray the Family!”

        She is grown little by little in the Shadows. Or did you noticed? Expect being in the Production Team? 🙂

      6. Maria quizzing Haruto(the main fighting power in the team) as to what the hell he is whilst two of their comrades are being grilled on the front line? Can’t believe the same old gig was used twice on the same day in two different shows.

        You ever saw a anime character throwing a trauma at appropriate time? I haven’t so far. As a matter of fact, it would be boring if characters start to throw trauma at appropriate time.

        The problem with both shows is not throwing trauma at the wrong time. Rather, it’s not properly introducing & developing characters and audiences can’t get behind the reason why these people throw the trauma at the first place and just treat them as a pain in the ass as a result.

        In the two cases presented here however, the drama throwing became plot devices to get things through: in Galilei Donna’s case to signify the progress of the relationship amongst the sisters (from each has her own idea to united as an arrow); in Kakumeiki Valvarave’s case to force the question of what Haruto had become.

        In both cases, very few if any mind was paid to the question of whether the two of them were acting in character. The problem is more severe in the Valvarave case.

    2. And yeah, Tube Hair Girl. Is a Ferrari Stalker. What good came from a Stalker? I have a feeling she is like the Woman in “Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade” that was only after the Holy Cup for Money

      1. yep

        See, actually things.. At first there where a Fight between HDDVD and Blue-Ray. Or just see the “recharge Plugs” for your Handy, there are many with different Connector and so on

  3. I think Kazuki’s actions are understandable so far….or may be it is just me. I think she just feels that she is different from her sisters and her families. She wants to stay alone, and if she could, she want to live far away from them. Everything is just burden for her, especially when your whole family live through their intellects but you. (that’s why she learn martial arts, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is the only one that’s not intellect in scientific way). Just imagine, that what you dream of and what you want are actually simple, but your whole family and environment is just so different than you. Not that they don’t care(or at least try to care) about you…but those feelings is hard to explain. And having these kind of feelings will sometimes let others think that your actions (caused by those feelings) are immature (and egoistic). Hmmmm….

    1. It’s not that she’s not understandable, but rather that her development and actions seem to happen in the wrong place. I feel like this sort of outburst would work a little less to her detriment if we had seen more of this development in the background since the beginning, but it’s been rather sparse and focusing mostly on Hozuki.

      1. So it’s less of a characterization problem, and more of a presentation problem, is what you’re saying? I can get behind that.
        It’s like, some stories, Kill La Kill being a decent example, scoff at the need for deep, nuanced characters because that isn’t a big part of why it exists. They have action and intrigue revolving around these characters you only know superficially, but that’s fine because characters don’t have to be realistic to be entertaining.
        Kazuki’s reaction was pretty “realistic”, but we haven’t been given the chance to discover her as a deep, nuanced, “realistic” character, so it’s just jarring that she’s the only one unable to cope.

      2. I’m not sure why you’re saying it’s the wrong place, though. She’s a loner that wants to be left alone and go back to the way things are. She’s had her life threatened and taken away from her about a dozen times or so in the last day or two and sees giving up this map piece as a means to an end of returning to normalcy. I think it’s quite normal to snap in that situation if salvation is seemingly within your grasp but your peers are taking the long and dangerous road to a conflict that appears pointless.

  4. I can kind of understand how Kazuki feels because besides having a jealously towards Hozuki and having the situation forced on her, she is being constantly pressed by the fact that she is one of Galileo’s descendants which if I was her, I would also be a little urked since being one of Galileo’s descendants doesn’t account for the sister’s talents or skills. I can’t wait to see how the sister’s resolve the current tension and how Kazuki will see how she is just as special as Hozuki.

    1. “I would also be a little urked since being one of Galileo’s descendants doesn’t account for the sister’s talents or skills.”

      This. The whole time people fussing over about being “Galileo’s decendants” I want to shout “FUCK GALILEO! He’s no Leonardo Da Vinci! Why does being Galileo’s decendant mean anything! Your skills are your own, not from Galileo.” I hated that mom too(God having her out of the picture was a total relief), always saying Galileo this, Galileo that.

      Poor Kazuki.

      1. Just think about how many descendents of Genghis Khan there are (0.5% of all men, possibly), and the implications if they had this kind of genetic inheritance from their ancestor.
        Just in general, genetic inheritance from a single source gets weaker with each generation (this should be obvious).
        They have 2^x other ancestors who each contributed approximately the same amount to their current genetic makeup, where x is the number of generations descended from Galileo they are. If they are 15 generations removed from Galileo, the fraction of their DNA that comes from Galileo is 1/32768, or 0.00305%.
        DNA isn’t magic (this should also be obvious). I find the mother’s fixation on her historical figure ancestor to be extremely bizarre. Of course, the story isn’t doing any favors by vindicating her

  5. Hahaa…everyone is bashing out on Kazuki and her attitude. Well, if she’s 15 maybe it’s acceptable, but she’s 17, I know. But let’s consider her situation, I think she got that fussy attitude from her mom consider she’s/was staying with her after the divorce. And talking about the mom, you’ll know what you’ll face everyday since she’s all Galileo’s heir this and that, thus being all pressured (I feel like I’m making up this reason lol…but yea, she was with the mom after all)

    But despite all this, I do love Kazuki compared to the rest of the sisters. Idk, I like her cause she got attitude? Oh the middle child crisis!

  6. Papa Jesus survived! The bitchy mom did too, but not with the convience of lol “amnesia” maybe she won’t be such a bitch now.

    Kazuki I was on your side because you were the Rock Lee and Hozuki was like Neji in terms of talent, but I was wrong because Rock Lee wasn’t an annoying whiny bitch and you’re nothing like him. You’re slowly inching yourself into Kirino territory and you gets no sympathy from me. That secret crush guy probably wouldn’t like her if he knew how she really was.

    It’s only episode 3 and I already have two characters that I hate, meh.

  7. Dont bash it on Kazuki, she’s just a ‘normal’ teen who is entirely shocked and inferior against Hocchibi. I dont think Kazuki is the cool type sis in the family the way most of us thought she is, but rather the introvert and denial type (and a clean freak too!). Consider she’s living with the mom after the divorce, its only natural she got that fussy attitude from her mother. I think this series is showing us the middle child complex in the family, where she is being compared with the high charisma 1st child and the prodigy 3rd child. sigh…i feel you Kazuki.

    onion warrior
    1. While I found her attitude grating and hard to bear, I also don’t blame Kazuki for her outbursts. I also wouldn’t really call her jealous of Hozuki, but rather she’s feeling worthless because everyone else seems to be so much more capable than her. Everything is also happening because of “Galileo”, a term she must have gotten sick of hearing so many times, no thanks to her mother.

      If anyone’s to blame, it’s the guy in the photo. I have the feeling that when he actually appears, he’ll be causing trouble for the Ferrari sisters. And I have a feeling we’ll see him somewhat soon…

      1. And yes, that’s what people should be calling them, ” the Ferrari’s sisters”, instead of Galileo. I mean, enough of Galileo Galilei’s name. I respect that man, but its ringing hard in my ears ever since this series started. I hate how Anna keeps on complimenting Hocchi about her mecha, and I found her talking about Galileo is more annoying than everyone mentioning how Kazuki is overreacting.

        The way I see it, the girls are having less love from the parents, especially the two elders. You can see how Hozuki felt awkward when her mom hugged her in ep.2 after Hocchi defeated the pirates. And the two girls, they just wanted to run away from the Galileo pressures – Hazuki lives alone, Kazuki wanted to run away. Hozuki maybe happy with the dad, but little love with le mom (but doesnt it mean she doesnt love her at all).

        Seeing Kazuki as the less intel in the family, of course, she wanted to get away from all the crap, especially the silly comparison to some dead scientist.

        Hmm, I guess I dunno what I’m saying here lol maybe the predicament will fix back their bond as a family again perhaps? Lets just enjoy the show…:)

        onion warrior
  8. my problem with the episode is that we haven’t seen any progress, not in terms of the Tesoro, not the adventure …this ep seems like it’s wanna develop characters..and it is OK, but besides that we have seen nothing. you can’t neglect everything else. yes, there was mecha-battle near the end, but it was a lame attempt to carry out action this episode. it ended up too quickly and easily.
    the good point is that the “kazuki-conflict” hasn’t been solved. it was lame if it did.

    I hope we will see more about the adventure and the mystery around the Tesoro, ’cause it can be very interesting if we got a bit more detailed about that.
    there is potential in terms of characters, I’d like to see them interact a bit more.

    random thoughts:
    1. their mother is Dead or Alive (DOA XD)?apparently alive..but..a sleeper.
    2. finally the goldfish introduced himself. cute (:
    3. Anna – a friend or foe?I am still not so sure
    4. the pirate captain has returned! OSU!

  9. I just hope Kazuki will find her own worth – maybe the martial arts will come handy soon?
    I actually found 2 things the anime has in common with certain other series – Ergo proxy, namely methane hydrate and Roberto being similarly smug aristocratic bastard to Raul Creed.
    Wait, make it three, cool airship and four, travels in search of explanation…
    Also, good to know both parents have survived, if not entirely intact…

  10. I hope we get good character development from Kazuki soon. Unlike Hazuki, she doesn’t seem to have any friends, and unlike Hozuki, she’s not a genius mecha builder. But I hope that she’ll show her talents in this show soon 🙂

    1. Kazuki doesn’t have any friends because she has a bad personality, all of this happened before her family got attacked, she did that to herself, she can blame Hozuki and Hazuki getting more attention than her all she wants. Nobody made her anti social, period.

      1. Why should she be slapped? You’re living a fine life. Your family is dysfunctional and you’re nothing special, but it’s better than nothing. You just got torn from your home and your life and the lives of your family members are being threatened over some stupid thing you’ve never even heard of. Anyone in her position wouldn’t find any logic in pursuing whatever this thing and give the people what they want if you have it and just go back to how things were before.

      2. So in your opinion, it’s not normal for the yet maturing minds of teenagers to snap in very high level situations. I find that unrealistic, to be honest. I don’t think she’s being selfish, I think she feels it’s best for the whole family to give it up. Of course, in this situation, it’s not out of place for everyone to start thinking of themselves. You can flip it on the other side and say Hozuki is being selfish for putting her sisters in harms way to go up against these pirates and world organizations for a treasure that they had no idea existed mere days ago.

    1. Well number 1 she’s 17, there is no excuse. Thinking about yourself isn’t the same as being selfish? WHAT?

      It’s best for the family to get killed is basically what Kazuki wants if they gave up that little clue piece of paper, she’s just so selfish that she refuses to realize that.

      In a life or death situation with your family members, your own flesh and blood you’d only think about yourself in that situation? That tells me a lot about what kind of person you are.

      Hozuki saved her sisters who were already in trouble and would still be in trouble without Hozuki so how is she being selfish. She’s actually doing something that Kazuki wouldn’t do.

      Kazuki would sell her family out first chance she got based on the way she has behaved.

      1. The Reeks of Oil on her Cloths is a point, that she dont love it. She seems like she dont like the Family. But seems to hear to Old Sister. So, it is not the Sisters that she dont want to have the “Galileo” thing. Perhaps the fight of the Parents is her the Root of this Problem. From my Guts, looks like the Parents are divorced, and it went not without Mud

        it is to early to judge her. She is confused. But let the Old Sister lead the Way. Even if she go and Cry herself her Eyes out.

        As i said, it is to early, to Judge her. Even the Little one.

      2. It is nearly like someone i know…

        He has 2 Brothers, 1 Older and 1 Younger. Both had Problems with Love and Life, and both hear what the “middle” brother say. He is the “Lighthouse in the Storm called Life” for them. Both envy him, because he has his Life in check. because both lost the control, and only react to problem. But thanks to his advices, they begin to take the bridge of their Boat in the Storm

        Uh… well, offtopic. but display that Brother/Sister Blood is thicker then Parents blood ties

        Try to stay on the Bridge of your Boat of Life, and let not a Storm get you out

        advice of an Old Men…

      3. 17 years of age is quite arbitrary. The Brain doesn’t reach full maturation until your mid 20’s. Still, expecting that no one should crack under pressure and take the seemingly easy way out is unrealistic. She’s not trying to sell out her family. She wants to get back to normal. Her family being killed is probably the last thing anyone would want, and she sees giving the pirates and corporations what they want and displaying no interest in “Galileo’s inheritance” can get them back to safety. Wanting to retreat to safety from danger is normal. Searching for the path of least resistance and greatest desire is normal. Maybe it’s ill advised. But that doesn’t make Kazuki a bad character, it just means she’s flawed. Being flawed is normal. I don’t believe giving the bad guys what they want is a good thing, but I don’t believe snapping in a pressure situation is abnormal.

      4. with 20 years, your Brain is mature enough? Nope, sorry. Our “Creator” dont gave our DNA a Time-plan for “Life Experience”. I saw 13 Year Old Kids, behave more “Mature” then older ones. It is the “Life” that form a Human. I know a Boy, biological he is 34 Years old. But with his Mind he is 19 Years Old. But he is display signs of Mature now faster.

        Explain Life, is not that Easy.

      5. Maturation meaning fully developed, not mature as in acting older for your age. I mean in the sense that she hasn’t reached peak mental capacity. She’s a teenager, what do you expect her to act like?

  11. I think you hit the nail on the head, Kairi. Kazuki is immature or, at the very least, self-centered– even for a seventeen year old. It was a chore to watch her throughout this episode, but I can only hope this means she will be an awesome characters once she has actually grown.

    1. I think she is immature. And that’s not really a bad thing, a lot of people are. It doesn’t matter if she’s behaving realistically or not, that doesn’t change her immaturity. What my problem is, is that a lot of this would have felt less grating and more beneficial to her character if we understood her a little better than the small characterization we’ve had so far.

      I am also very… interested… in seeing the difference between fan reaction toward Kazuki versus Hikari in Nagi. Kazuki is a girl, she’s older, yet behaving pretty bratty and selfishly, no matter her reasoning. Hikari too behaves selfishly, but he’s very young and it also happens he’s a boy. So what parts of this happen to be the difference in treatment? Hmm? Just for thinking’s sake.

      1. This show is 11 episodes in length compared to Nagi no Asukara, which gets 2 cores. That means that Nagi has more room to flesh out characters than Galilei Donna gets. The little tid bits of information, in my opinion, is sufficient fleshing out. Otherwise, you run out of room to tell the story. You’ve got a middle child teenager, who is only 4 years Hikari’s senior mind you (not a huge difference), who got ripped away from her life.

        Perhaps it’s not that you don’t like Kazuki. Maybe it’s that Hozuki raises the bar so high that we don’t try and sympathize with Kazuki.

      2. Unfortunately, I dropped Nagi so I can’t tell. I couldn’t stand the main characters and how the setting was executed. I don’t quite recall pre-teens being that melodramatic (though it could be a difference in culture with myself growing up in a developing country). I might pick it up later on when there are more episodes but, at the moment, I’ve got my watchlist full!

        I’d like to think I’m equally critical about Kazuki. However, the difference between the two shows is that I like the rest of the colorful cast of Galilei and Kazuki’s drama isn’t the main focus.

      3. Hikari is actually showing progress in development the same amount of episodes making him more likeable, whereas Kazuki has been whiny since episode 1 before bad shit started happening.

  12. I really hate that people are calling Kazuki immature. She’s a loner that has probably had to keep all her emotions and feelings locked up since she has no one she can confide in. She feels inferior to her sisters and has probably been told by her mother that she needs to live up to being Galileo descendant. She was attacked both in school and at her house. She was arrested and is now a international fugitive. It’s a wonder that she didn’t snap earlier under all the stress that has been building up in her. The younger sister has the mecha to let her burn off steam. The older sister does the research and is able to talk to the hitchhiker.

    I think it is normal that Kazuki snapped at that time. The stress reached the breaking point and it all came out. Not only that but she has been shoved into the corner and left to herself while her sisters do everything.

    When would it have been a good time for her to snap?

    People also forget that skilled, trained professionals can lose it at critical times, are they immature?

  13. I think Kazuki’s behavior was rather normal, dramatic timing aside. Consider that because of her name she is constantly lauded for being a wizard at machines despite not knowing much, the excessive expectations and hollow praise would mess with anyone’s head.

  14. with all this Comments that i wrote here, and read. i begin to think, that we perhaps want to see to much into this Anime so far. Episode 3, and we are talking about Bonds, Betrayal, Slapping and other deeply family affairs (me, too).

    Perhaps we give this Anime to much Credits, that they dont wanted. Well, lets see how the Sisters begin to work together

    Perhaps stopping, and see the first 3 Episodes from two seat back, is a good “fresh start”

  15. Kairi, don’t take any of Kazuki’s behaviour to heart. This is an animation, the characters behaviour are for artistic purposes. Considering this a Noitamina, they treat this series like any serious work of art, with symbols (plates) and artistic devices littered throughout the episodes. Considering the premise of the story, this seems to be a coming of age story, and for Kazuki it is about developing out of her whiny attitude.

    1. Here’s some weird thoughts: it’s the chibi that’s acting in an obnoxious manner. After all, all that she thinks about is protecting her Galileo sketch (“It’s precious to me” and “I’m not giving it up”). I’m surprised none of her older companions ever brought up the idea that bargaining what they have may bring safety to the mom and dad.

      I think Anna is particularly annoying with her constantly “descendants of Galileo” antics, especially after she rightly noted that she touched a raw nerve with Kazuki.

      1. Anna’s insistence on searching for Tesoro makes me feel she might be after it too – for herself or some of the factions involved (spy for the pirates? or Messier? or 3rd party, unknown yet?)

      2. And thus she is empowered to ignore the safety of everyone onboard (not to count her parents) because she saved them to begin with?
        Recall that even she has no way to escape the grip of the Branding Iron and was only saved because the pirates appeared.

        Ah, I love this line of logic.

        PS: apologies for the double posting below. I clicked on the wrong button and didn’t notice.

  16. And thus she is empowered to ignore the safety of everyone onboard (not to count her parents) because she saved them to begin with?
    Recall that even she has no way to escape the grip of the Branding Iron and was only saved because the pirates appeared.

    Ah, I love this line of logic.

  17. The problem seemed not to be the fact that Kazuki had her outburst but that the directing placed it right in the middle of a high tension scene, or at least one which was meant to be so. If she’d had her breakdown after the event, or if her breakdown had been used to advance the plot (such her her actually handing the Galileo thing over), it would actually have been meaningful and good.

    More to the point, what was with that fanservice? It and its accompanying humour (and actually most of the comedy in the first part of the episode) was jarring for the overall serious nature of this show.

    Nice use of plates, though. And the English on the website, a godsend for us illegal fansub watchers halfway across the world, however unintentional it may have been 😀

  18. I’m kinda on the side of disliking Kazuki, unfortunately. Reason being that, having been a 17 year old girl only 5 years ago, I never acted like a gigantic brat, and I was pretty loner-ish myself. So no, being a loner shouldn’t always mean that ‘shriek at siblings when you’re in a LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION’ = ‘THE POOR GIRL! SOMEONE HOLD HER! IT’S JUST THE HORMONES!’. Sure, the cell phone scene I understand (she’s a teenage girl, after all), since it was meant to show how she wanted to go home and that made sense. Being jealous of your mecha-building younger sister? Fine, I get that too.

    …but…that whole battle scene…I almost screamed in frustration. Besides the fact that that was the worst possible time to freak out, she’s reaching past jealous/hormonal into levels I haven’t even seen before. Where did the Kazuki who smashed a guys windpipe go? I liked her better. (Also, Anna, cut the ‘descendents of Galileo!’ thing please. It’s getting old. :/)

    Maybe it’s how she’s being written that I don’t like, but when she’s written as a stereotypical ’emo-hate-my-siblings-whine-and-bitch’ seventeen year old, she’s not going to win any fans.

    Sorry, I’ll go get off my high horse over there. XD

    (Plus, legitimately thinking that they’ll be unbranded as criminals the minute they turn over the sketch is nuts. Did she totally forget the whole ‘we threw you in jail and don’t believe you that you know nothing’ thing? 😐 )

    (Also, I actually like Hikari from Nagi, mostly because you can see his maturation even after only 4 episodes. Kazuki has no characterization that we know of and has only come off as the least likable of the Ferrari sisters in 3.)

  19. The thing is, I think Kazuki was developed this episode mainly because she’ll be a key part in decoding the music notations.

    She’s the only one of the sisters with a connection to music shown so far. It might be a big stretch, but she was wearing earphones and listening to something before her attempted kidnapping in episode one.

  20. Loving this,but Kazuki needs to get slapped. I’m sorry, no matter how “bad” it is for her, her selfishness is out of hand. She’s not the only one suffering here.

    Otherwise, this episode was awesome!


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