Episode 02:

「ストライク・ザ・ブラッドII」 (Seija No Uwan Hen II)
“Right Arm of the Saint II”

Quick Recap: As Himeragi moves in next door to Akatsuki and officially becomes his observer, things get rolling on the plot development front as Combat Deacon Eustach of Lotharingia officially makes his hostile debut. As he and Astarte attempt to consume familiars from nearby demons for an unknown purpose, Himeragi steps in to try and stop him. Shortly after, Akatsuki joins the fight in order to protect her from what would be a fatal blow.


Episode 03:

「ストライク・ザ・ブラッドIII」 (Seija No Uwan Hen III)
“Right Arm of the Saint III”

Quick Recap: The first fight ends with Eustach’s retreat as Akatsuki’s familiars end up dealing 50 billion yen of damage to the area. With Asagi’s help, Akatsuki and Himeragi find Eustach’s hideout in a former building held by Lotharingia company, Scheldt Pharmaceuticals. The second battle however, does not end nearly as well for Akatsuki, who ends up being decapitated while trying to protect Himeragi.


Episode 04:

「ストライク・ザ・ブラッドIV」 (Seija No Uwan Hen IV)
“Right Arm of the Saint IV”

Here we go. The conclusion of the Right Arm of the Saint arc is upon us, and we get a whole bunch of developments to finish things off this week—including the expected revival of Akatsuki.

Of course though, that doesn’t prevent him from getting an earful from the teary eyed Himeragi, and I have to say, their interactions in the beginning part of this episode is a big reason I’ve liked this series so far. Because ultimately, it’s not everyday that you get two characters that complement each other as well as Himeragi and Akatsuki have in these first four episodes, and it’s something that showed this week especially in how easily they shifted between the serious discussions about their traumatic pasts and the more comedic moments involving Akatsuki’s supposed perversion. To say the least, there’s something quite natural about their interactions—kind of like being lifelong friends despite having just met—and it just makes it quite fitting that this arc and their interactions here culminate with Akatsuki finally having his first taste of human blood as a result of her.

With that said, it has to be noted that this also ends up setting the foundations for his decision to fight back against Eustach despite his initial unwillingness to do so, and it was admittedly a pretty neat tie in. Granted, I did have some slight issues with how they presented his dilemma and decision making moment in regards to this, but it wasn’t anything that took that much away from this or the accompanying scenes—especially when you consider the action-packed fight at the end and the revelation that Eustach theoretically has every right to try and forcefully reclaim the “right arm of the saint” that sits beneath the city as its cornerstone.

In the end though, the way I see it, what Akatsuki says ends up being exactly right: there’s a right and wrong way of going about things, and Eustach’s methodology—especially when you consider his usage of homunculus—was arguably on the latter side. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t at least feel for the guy, and it ends up being somewhat saddening that they had to fight each other in the first place. At least though, Akatsuki manages to gain proper control of his familiars and also decides against killing him too, and that’s arguably the best scenario that could’ve come out from this exchange. Notably though, this decision also locks him in as the kind of person who will make the hard choice and try to preserve everything he feels is right, and it’s something that will undoubtedly make life extremely tough for him in future weeks—even with his extensive powers. But hey, great power comes great responsibility, and you just gotta shoulder the burden—though in actuality, he’s only shouldering part of the burden now that Himeragi’s also by his side, which seemed to have been planned all along…

But yeah, the ultimate thing is Strike the Blood’s been a pretty nice ride so far. Sure, it’s got a fair share of generic elements, but the series as a whole is quite solid, and it gives off some very nostalgic vibes of Toaru Majutsu no Index too. Combine these facts with its great fit into my schedule, and you have the reasons why I have decided to pick up coverage of this series. I wish I would’ve had the time to do Tokyo Ravens (and/or a few other shows in what’s been a pretty darn good season) as well, but sadly it seems like it would not be too practical to do so. Alas!




      1. Thanks for covering this series!! Sorry you couldn’t cover Tokyo Ravens as well, but it’s better than nothing at all!

        PS.This’ll be quite a long run commitment, since I hear Strike the Blood will be 20+ eps.

  1. Just when I’m about to drop it. Not that it’s a bad show, just that it’s a bit too much like Index in set up (apathetic guy with ultimate power gets recruited by magic girl who ends up falling for him).

    Though I will look forward to continued coverage so that I may see what I am missing.

    1. the artificial island – check
      being home to things with supernatural powers – check
      and a reluctant hero (T) – check
      with a penchant for saving girls in trouble – check
      and punching out villains – check
      they even got him a catchphrase “What a misfortune pain in the ass”
      Yup we have Touma expy – but say what, imitation is sincerest form of flattery, and I dont mind it, as long as it is done well enough. The dialogues made me LOL more than once!
      “You used me as a fluffer?”
      “You have hurt her, made her bleed, but it was a safe day so the result is negative?”

  2. Glad to see you’re picking this up. I agree that show can come across as generic at times, but it’s also an example of how good execution can make up for some other flaws. “Solid” is a good way to put it IMO. There’s enough here for me to follow the show the entire season. A nice blend of action, comedy and I like both lead characters which is something I can’t say for every show I’ve tried out this season.

  3. I love both of the main characters, they have such good chemistry going on between them and the way they interact doesn’t rub me in the wrong way at all, unlike most other shows do.

  4. So Yukina’s an unknowing pawn of the Shishi-ou to influence Kojou, and perhaps bring him under their control, with Kojou’s earphones friend as the true Observer…

    Simba really planned this out quite well, didn’t he? Except for that part where Timon on Pumbaa neglected to mention Kojou’s sister.

    PS. Who was the dark-haired girl in the pyjamas observing Kojou’s lightning attack from afar in ep 4? His sister, or someone else?

  5. I’m certainly glad you’re covering it.

    And I really enjoyed this first arc overall. I’m not a big vampire person, but really this isn’t just some vampire series. The chemistry and interactions with Kujou and Himeragi is fun to watch. They are also a pretty good combination in a fight as well. Also nice when he does get smacked this episode it’s pretty understandable why. Using Himeragi to…get a charge before acting to help the loli out.

    It does have some good Index vibes and I like the main duo in this series quite a bit. While Himeragi’s organization pretty much sent her to get this sort of result, at least both people in the equation actually made their own choices along the way.

    Still think the episode 3 has one of the best “holy crap” factors I’ve seen in a while. Good thing he can come back from just about anything.

  6. You hurt her a little and there was blood but it was a safe day and the test came ot negative, of they were talking about Yukina being Kojou´s blodd servant Asagi, what else on earth could they be talking about. XD.

  7. Nuuuu it’s not tokyo raven(or kyousougiga) ;c
    And both are 2 cour (kyousougiga haz 10 only t.t )so picking both series is impossible t.t

    But oh well…. This one is not bad either
    It’s part of my top 5 this season…

    BTW Asagi \m/

  8. Akatsukinis totally TouMAN’s long lost brother alright.

    He punched the villian Imagine Breaker style. i’m not even surprised if the villian ends up helping him in a fight later on.

  9. The 3-episode rule made me continue watching this series.
    That School Days reference in Ep03 :/
    Ep04 being an arc-wrapper was done pretty well especially with the comedy :3

    Anyway,how many series of the autumn season are you guys watching on average?
    I’m keeping up with 17 out of 43 I think.
    (42 coming frm the Preview guide, with a leftover frm Summer season, Monogatari S2)

  10. And I was wondering where did RC’s Strike the Blood coverage went. Thank goodness you’ve decided to pick it back up.

    The sight of Koujou releasing yellowish thunder whenever he uses his vampirish powers, I would always think “Is he gonna turn into a Titan again?” XD

    Gotta LOL at all the innuendo with Koujou doing his “first time” with Yukina, with blood to boot. Made even worse with his friends interpreting all that out of context.

    Koujou resembles Touma a lot, not only with his “Right Fist of Justice”, but I could almost hear Koujou cry out Touma’s trademark cry “Fukou-daaaaa!!! (Such misfortune!!!) ” LOL

  11. The first time I’ve watched the opening, I’ve thought of Aogami Pierce… :I
    It’s part of Aogami’s ESP-power.
    He can create an own world to unleash all his pervert dreams and hopes of getting Touma’s harem-role. That’s why he’s punching like Touma.
    Too bad he cannot remember anything after he comes back to the real thing (To Aru Majustu no Index-Franchise). x3
    jk~ xD

  12. Well that was very predictable: If it’s a vampire the only way to get a powerup is to drink blood. Is so convenient that there’s a girl around, LOL.

    Yeah, well, nah. Vampires are predictable creatures anyway.

    1. at this point they don’t know. Since the 4th progenitor is like an urban legend, even if Kojo tells them, they wouldn’t believe it. Plus there are other reasons for him to hide the facts, some of which will be revealed in later arcs

  13. Just want to say thanks for covering this… after reading all the LNs up to vol.8 (vol.9 just came out), the story is really solid and all the abilities and factions as well as the powers are all pretty good so far. Although there are some weak points to the series (Kojo is certain one of them), I like the series and the first arc of the anime so far 🙂 All the girls in the series are just too awesome to pass lol!

    Hope everything goes well for all the RC writers 🙂


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