「友達なんだから」 (Tomodachi Nanda Kara)
“Because We’re Friends”

Every week I can’t help but be smugly happy I picked this show out from the mire of titles available this season.

There are some days that I feel so tired out, so fairly miserable with schoolwork and stress, that the last thing I want to do is write a post. But for those days, I’m glad I have shows like Nagi to really make me care enough about anime and writing again. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this is a damn good show we have on our hands so far.

In some ways, this episode deals more with the microcosm of the larger problem between the sea and land, and focuses most on the kids’ imminent drama than anything. But even when we’re talking about semi-petty grudges between kids, there’s still a lot of dark undertones lurking beneath the waves. Nor are all the small problems without links to one another. The land kids in the school hate the sea kiddos (and vice versa) based on societal prejudice that they’ve likely learned from their parents and families, for one, and that learned hate is then shown through the way both sides interact. It’s not just childish arguments and pranks these kids are doing; they’re acting out those very real social tensions though in very destructive and painful ways. To call the problems black and white though, would be misleading. Miuna, after all, has been pranking Akari and Hikari with her friend because she is afraid to see her father stolen away by another woman. It’s not the sea people she hates, seeing as she too has a mother from Shioshishio, but rather the specific situation her family is in.

To add to that, it’s not just societal pressure that is forcing Akari to choose to leave her landed lover behind. Part of it is the threat of banishment, yes, but she’s also facing the pressure from Miuna herself, who absolutely does not want Akari joining her family and replacing her mother. The relationship between a step parent and a step child can be very difficult and rocky no matter how much they like one another, and often times that leads to a lot of tension. It’s not that Miuna hates Akari, or that Akari hates Miuna. It’s just a difficult situation for everyone.

Then there’s Uroku-sama’s comment that “the land cannot have the people of the sea”. What exactly is he implying? Is this because of the falling population, or is he alluding to something else entirely?




  1. It was a nice plot twist to learn that Miura’s mother was originally of the sea. I am loving that Hikari’s development even Manaka got a little bit of development.

    Chisaki needs some spotlight quick.

      1. Kaname is like the sea version of Tsumugu, both mysterious with the difference being Kaname smiles more. It’s implied that Kaname likes Chisaki and he only gets small spotlight when it comes to how Chisaki is feeling.

  2. First Clue is from Ep 1 :
    “I had witnessed it…”
    “The moment when two people have…”
    “their special first meeting.”

    Now,Second Clue from this Ep :
    Uroko-sama : I know,Lord Sea God.We can’t hand over the people of the sea to the surface “just yet.”

  3. Another great episode. I find bitter the wait for another episode T_T.
    This anime is made spectacularly, each episode is relaxing, funny and leaves you wanting more, and asking yourself what else is behind the story. Uroko-sama is very funny and mysterious.

    In my own taste, I want to know more about Tsumugu and grandfather, but I guess I’ll have to wait patiently.

    The relationship between Manaka, Hikari and Chisaki is very delicate. I bet this will not advance until the relationship with Tsumugu grow. I almost see development and climax like AnoNatsu, or a little more dramatic.

    Thank you very much for your post Kairi. Me too I feel more lively and relaxed with this anime.

    1. My personal theory about Tsumugu and his grandfather is that Tsumugu is a half Sea Dweller orphan , and his grandfather came from the sea to take care of him as the only surviving relative.
      Which is kind of random. But this is what happens when I think too much and can’t sleep.

  4. I have to get this off my chest before I explode:

    “The uniform the girls are wearing are too sexy and it makes me want to lick their thighs.”

    There, I said it.

    Hikari’s finally maturing somewhat, though he still that stereotypical countryside yankee(delinquent) character we see often. He understands now that land people aren’t as bad as he believed.

  5. I’m surprised Manaka didn’t immediately head for Tsumugu’s table after they were told to taste the food that other groups had made. It would’ve made for the perfect NTR moment. What happened? Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I rather liked this episode because it focused on Hikari with Manaka playfully tagging along by his side, which is where she belongs.

    Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended with both Hikari and Manaka leaving the sea to go live on the surface. Just because Manaka’s going to leave, doesn’t mean it’s going to be with Kiharu. I suspect that he’s going to be nothing more than the catalyst in the end that drives Hikari and her forward, though I could easily be wrong. We shall see.

    As much I hate the NTR undertones this show had in the beginning, which gave me quite the unpleasant feeling in my stomach, I just can’t stop watching due to the prevalent underwater themes, which I love, and of course Kana Hanazawa voicing the female MC. In the end, I’m just going to hold my nose, take the plunge all the way to the bottom and see what’s down there. Hopefully, my intuition will prove to be right and all these concerns will have been for nothing.

  6. Oh well, we have real drama unfolding – mostly with Akari, her lover and his daughter – but there is a fair bit of comedic misunderstandings here! First, Hikari thinking the two boys who spilled the food destroyed the scuplture, then assuming Akari’s boyfriend is married while he is actually widower, and last but not least being misled by Miura who takes the responsibility for her friends prank. All of this also leads to all manners of characters making apologies, sometimes in a very typically Japanese over the top way… “Come at me bro!” was simply LOL stuff.

  7. interesting episode.

    what I like the most was the stuff behind Akari. it leave unanswered questions – did she give up on that guy?maybe she forced herself toward the widower guy with children in his tough moment?maybe she repressed something back there?
    that way or another, the story behind her is far from over. and it’s good thing. make the stuff more spicy and interesting, allow to develop and twist the characters and plot a bit more.

    above all that the fantasy elements is officially exposed (the curse didn’t count) when uroko-sama suddenly speak to the god and “bang” fire. so what’s really going on?

    a word of hikari – he is starting to grow-up and act more mature. not completely, but he has changed since episode 01. well that’s what happen when you’re under our microscope 🙂

    the 2 little girls aren’t sisters?why am I the only who’s surprised? I must have missed something.
    speaking of them, it seems their issue become a bit eased. but clearly things aren’t over.

    that great aspect that the series isn’t in a hurry to solve conflicts. even the “chest” with the 2 land brats between hikari. that incident has over..but clearly the “racism” in society is still there at school.
    interesting, very interesting.

  8. I’m glad hey’re not taking a break from Hikari’s development that started to show in the previous episode.He shouldn’t get anymore hate for now – at least I’m cool with him,although it’ll take more than that to make me like actually him but that’s fine,they got plenty of time so nice & steady might be the best way to go.For the first two episodes I was worried that they Hikari so unlikeable that it’d be harder & harder to accept his developments if they didn’t come soon enough.Suffice to say,I’m very glad they did.It was also nice to see Manaka try & reach out to her land dweller classmates on her own initiate.

    All in all,Nagi no Asukara is clearly one of the better shows of the season and my expectations are slowly getting higher with each episode.

  9. I wonder how the sea slug that you can tell feelings to will come into play next episode. Also , I’m predicting that either the halfway point or the finale of this anime will include the ceremony that uses the Ojoushi-sama that they are making.

  10. You know i wonder if that unfinished overpass is a clue to something about the rest of the world. Maybe the land people aren’t that numerous after all. I could just be over thinking things though.


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