「横須賀急襲」 (Yokosuka Kyushu)
“Assault on Yokosuka”

You know what’s the only thing better than taking down a heavy crusier? Taking down a battleship. And what’s better than that? Taking down both at the same darn time. Just bloody @#$%! fantastic. The only thing I’m starting to wonder though, is at what point does all this excitement end up being bad for your health. Because between this and Kill la Kill on Thursday, I don’t know if I’ll last the rest of the season without ending up in the hospital from all the excitement. (I’m only half joking).

But yeah, it’s just another fabulous episode of naval combat awesomeness, and you gotta love how well Gunzou and Iona work together. Indeed, as our battleship combination of Kirishima and Haruna find out the hard way, they’re dealing with a combination well beyond their farthest expectations (or should I say calculations?), and it’s something that becomes especially apparent when you’re foolish enough to fight them when they got home field advantage. Their use of decoy torpedo launchers to escape initially was just superb, and Iona’s calculations just perfect in regards to supplying Gunzou with the information necessary to succeed. Follow that up with Gunzou’s usual all or nothing, aggressive style, and I just run out of words describing how great of a watch this series is.

Granted, it would’ve been quite a bit more awesome if they had their own active supergravity cannon to take out both docked battleships at the same time… but I guess the way things ended wasn’t bad at all—especially when you consider how ridiculous it was that they docked in the first place (OH THE PUNS). I mean, shiz, that’s both so ridiculous and so bloody awesome at the same time. They even got a bloody epic tractor beam that parts the sea like something straight out of religious texts. Just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Each week just continues to bring something new to change things up, and it’s like, dang, whacha gonna break out next? Send out the whole fleet? Phew*

Fanboying aside though, this episode notably continues the humanization of the Fog—or at least, that of the few ships we’ve managed to see with mental models. At this point, they’re just copying human mannerisms, and it’s admittedly interesting to see how fast they’re changing now that they have those mental models. They’re sitting down to have conversations instead of relying only on their Fog comm systems, experiencing obvious emotion whether or not they realize it themselves, and it’s ultimately a very interesting progression to say the least. Still, they’re still far from complete (and far from matching the genuine article in Gunzou), and it’s something that shows in the reason for their defeat this week. One does wonder however, if this just buys more time for the “heavier hitters” in Kongou and the Admirality Code to actually develop into actual humans, and it just looks like the future might just require more and more ingenuity from Iona and Gunzou if they want to win. The specs alone probably would’ve required more effort already, but when you combine it with potentially increased intelligence… it’s like, good luck sir.

I guess though, it becomes entirely possible that the “luck” might come in the form of Takao joining him (possibly Kirishima and Haruna too…?), and I admittedly can’t help but shudder at the potential of that happening in the future. Imagine all the “BOARD ME NOW GUNZOU” puns! Ha. Ha.

Ahem* Crappy jokes aside, I just got one last thing left to say about this episode: I thought Takao was great, but Kirishima makes some ridiculous poses. Seriously. Look. At. That. I’d board that any day—even if it wasn’t to break a stagnant status quo. Onward to next week! By the way, are any of you getting those kits from Aoshima? I really want one, but the glue + paint aspect ain’t up my alleyway. =/

Full Length: 36 (Obligatory)

Author’s Note: Please refrain from spoilers beyond this point in the manga. If you must, please use spoiler tags.


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  1. Surprisingly it was pretty well done. Still peeved at how they removed key players (maybe the budget was insufficient). I just hope they show the next epic battle Show Spoiler ▼

    if they don’t……well….I have no idea how they’ll show the next arc without the battle.

    At least the anime will be unpredictable, seeing as how they divert so much from the manga.

    Hopefully a better financed studio can pick this up in the future and reboot the anime.

      1. @Longhaul: Remember that most adaptions are meant to be advertisements, in a way knowing there more material in the manga is incentive for people who like the show to read it.

        With all due respect, I have some serious doubts about that theory. Given the expense involved with animation – especially with all the CGI (which according to some adds considerably to the production cost), I find it very hard to believe that the majority of adaptations are primarily 22 minute weekly ads for a manga or light novel. How much of an increase in manga sales would be needed to recoup the cost of investment for these “ads”? My understanding is that manga is a high volume business rather than high profit margin. You’d need a BIG boost in sales to recoup your “advertising” costs.

        OF COURSE it promotes the series/franchise, but I’m sure that the primary objective is to make money on the anime (particularly BDs and other merchandise) as well as any resulting increase in source material sales. Frankly, my guess is the primary goal is the other way around – either take advantage a manga’s/LN’s popularity, or find one who’s story will provide a basis for a profitable anime (whether TV series or movie). If said anime does in fact improve sales/demand for the source material, then all the better.

        Even if it was meant to be nothing more than a really long series of ads, that still doesn’t excuse them IMO from massively cutting the source material to the point it down-grades the story. That’s counter-productive even in when solely considering the “advertising” aspect. Better ads attract more buyers. It’s that simple.

      2. Just an FYI, CGI tends to be used to lower budgets, not raise them. All or nearly all of the models have been modeled, rigged, and prepared beforehand. After that, all they need to focus on is script-writing the adaptation, which likely also has been completed or nearly so, and animating the models.

    1. Wishful thinking on the reboot, but one can hope, right?

      But yeah, I’ll agree with you that, while I miss the Hakugei, they did a pretty good job of the fight without them.

    2. I would LOVE to see a “reboot” where they follow the manga exactly – even the few parts which I think are mediocre (rather not risk another “wanna be writter” director’s “improvements”). Sadly, I’m not even sure that there’s a 0.01% chance of a reboot. I can only think of two “reboots” off the top of my head, and one of them (Railgun S) was for a massively popular franchise.

      1. @Karutaku – well, I was thinking of Railgun S and FMA, though I suppose you could add Hellsing OVA as well. Didn’t watch the others you mentioned except for the Tenchi series (long time ago) and didn’t realize there was a “reboot”.

        Still, I think is very fair to say that give how much anime is produced yearly, a reboot is a rare thing whatever the exact chances might be. That’s why directors/producers should try as hard as possible to do adaptations right the first time. Won’t need a reboot in that case.

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Aoki%20Hagane%20no%20Arpeggio%20Ars%20Nova/Aoki%20Hagane%20no%20Arpeggio%20Ars%20Nova%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2011.jpg
    That’s the only awesome shot we’ll ever get of Kirishima…….Show Spoiler ▼

    The fight was good though, better than what I have feared seeing as how they removed so much.
    I wonder if they’ll show the aftermath of this battle though, hopefully to show that I-401 isn’t all alone with everyone trying to get at them. Show Spoiler ▼

  3. The changes are probably due to only being 12 or so episodes, and so they need to focus on a core cast, which is disappointing. If it was at least 24-26, then the adaptation could have probably been more faithful.

    I do hope they didn’t completely omit a few other key players (notably on the Fog side), and will still have a few solid naval combat moments closer to the manga in terms of how things play out.

    I’m holding vain hope that this series would prove successful enough to either reboot it as a longer and more faithful adaptation, or failing that, have a more faithful sequel adaptation.

    And finally, while I’m all for bloodthirsty Kirishima, I wish she was still in her neat old-European naval captain/pirate wear from the manga.

      1. I’m pretty sure only Takao does those kind of poses (and very regularly) in the manga, not that it’s a bad thing. Kirishima is more likely to do it than Haruna, although Maya might incidentally once she appears.

      1. Judging by the characters currently being focused on, it’s likely they’re hoping to adapt up to the end of Maki and Haruna’s arc, about the time when the Show Spoiler ▼

        , which is about around the time that Show Spoiler ▼

        If anything; that’s already plenty enough (I daresay too much for only 12 episodes), with plenty enough material left for a second season.

      1. Just researched on Wikipedia. This show is ENTIRELY IN CGI.

        It finally happened. The day when technology has become so advanced that I can no longer tell when a character is in hand-drawn or in CGI anymore!

    1. No question about it – Kirishima got a BIG upgrade visually in the anime compared to how she looked in the manga for that scene. The anime did more than just make her design more attractive, her actions were much more “seductive”/”sexy”. Had to LOL a bit at the Kanzaki Kaori inspired jeans and the Strike Witches tribute ass shot. Appreciate the view artistry (XD), but her antics were out of character for her.

      Anime Kirishima still can’t supplant Takao <3 for me as my personal flagship, but I would definitely want to add her to my fleet – including frequent boarding to personally man her helm. 😛 Oh, while I'm at it, throw in Haruna as well since they really are a team and shouldn't be split up. Hmmm… now that I think about, you really can't leave Maya out either if you bring on Haruna… Better include her as well. 😀

  4. I just knew you were going to use that behind shot of Kirishima in your post for this episode after seeing it. And dang, was Haruna always that stacked? She looked pretty flat in the manga in the same underwear scene. I’m going to categorize it for later reference so I can compare.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I have to respectfully disagree in regards to Hakugei. It’s role in the manga is pretty important.

      Manga spoilers:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

      2. @vanfokerdumplestein

        Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Sad that Kirihsima’s glorious ass was blown away, and in such a glorious fashion too. I wonder of all the remaining Fog ships would eventually see the advantage of having a crew and seek one.

  6. As someone whose never read the manga, I thought this fight was well done. Lots of fancy text and flashy lights – exactly what I love about this show. Well, that and the well thought out battles. The only thing missing from this episode was more Takao. Gunzou saves the day again with some crazy strategy originating from that non-mental-model human brain of his.

    I loved Kyouhei’s retort to Gunzou’s unusually positive reaction toward Kirishima and Haruna ‘docking together.’ This, while Kirishima and Haruna prepared to fire a supergravity cannon so large, it would clearly be thought of over compensation for something if the mental models were male.

    In the aftermath, seeing the upside down Haruna-shaped hole in the warehouse was rich, along with yet-to-be-named Ojou-sama’s reaction to seeing it. Though, I can understand Haruna’s coat somehow being blown off in the explosion and falling nearby in near-perfect condition, but what the heck happened to the yellow dress she wears in the OP?

    Seems like quite the convenient plot-hole to me :3

    Unlucky Star
      1. The body and the ship are all made of the same nano-material. The most important part of a Fog ship is her core (the purple thingy Haruna catches). Its their heart/brain/AI that controls the nano-material.

        Any ship or body can be made with enough nano-material.

        Which leads to the subject of processor power. The bigger the ship, the more processor power it has. The more processor power it has, the more nano-material it can configure and manipulate in a single time (as well as computing klein field counters, weapon targetting, sensors, etc ,etc).

        Its likely that submarines uses small loli bodies as they have less processing power then a battleship, so a small nano-body (mental model) is more efficient for them.

      2. Addon: Sorry ,forgot to say, when a Fog ship makes a mental model/body for herself, it is made around her actual AI Core (most of the times). In this case the mental body becomes their actual real body instead of the ship, which becomes an extension of themselves.

      3. Great. Thank you, looks like their Body are Though

        Normal Humans, would only left a red “Splat” Blood point on this Wall of the garage. But She was though enough to break through, but Lost her Jacket 🙂

        And this Little Girl, seems to know, what this Dust is all about.. “Nano Machines”.. Suspicious raise 2 time higher…

        So, in the End. We could see an Comeback of these two “Ships”. Perhaps a bit little. Because these nano Machines or so, dont grown everywhere for the Humans…

      4. Nano-material can be used to form into ANY material. This includes metal but also flesh and bone.

        Conjecture: The only one thing it can’t turn into is likely thanatorium (sp?). The radioactive matter used for graviton effects (like the corrosion missile). Likely, nano-materials can only turn into stable matter, which sounds logical to me.

        Now, if you could make your own body and clothing using nano-materials, would you make a weak flesh and bone body, or one as strong as steel? Although truthfully, I have no idea what a mental model is made of, I assume they create it more stronger or with stronger defenses as it holds their core.

    1. This additional information from Faolan is really useful and interesting.

      On the flip side, perhaps the manga fans can bring their obligatory comparisons to some manga forum and not ruin the mood for the ppl enjoying the anime. 😛

      Glad you picked this up Zeph!

  7. My Japanese battleship can’t be this HOT!

    With that out of the way…. Its one action station after the other. SOUND THE GENERAL QUATERS!!!!!

    Once again… Gunzo shows just how bad ass he is. I think he was educated by Prien and Krestchmer.

    Putting a torpedo right into Kiri-Haru and breaking them both at the same time…. Its just amazing to how daring and aggresive Gunzo is……. (~•_•)~

    1. Their crew wasn´t joking when they said he thinks outside the box, it feels like a russian rulet tatic but instead of pointing to your head Gonzou points out to this powerfull ships, with one single devastating but that can destroy them. He has some guts alright.

    2. Ehe~

      Which reminds me, I forgot to include a summary of the ending, filled with innuendos of a sexual nature. Ahem.

      Wanting to finish Gunzou off first, Kirishima & Haruna forcefully held him suspended in place. As he resisted, the two aggressors docked together, connected by their muster station. They slowly spread their bulwarks apart and revealed their cores to Gunzou.

      But before they were able to reach critical degeneracy and discharge all the pent up energy building inside their cylinders, Gunzou managed to shoot his eroding torpedo, penetrating Kirishima’s bow, down into Haruna’s stern, and release it’s energy instead, wrecking both Kirishima and Haruna at the same time.

      Hmm… might have over done it this time . :3
      Sufficed to say the pearly gates will not await me at the end when I expire.

      Unlucky Star
  8. One more thing Zephyr… WRT Aoshima models of out beloved ships, I’m rather skeptical about it. I’ve got bad experience with Aoshima models… Lacking in detail and fitting problems.

    If they retooled it for this series and have 2 options for it, i.e. waterline and full hull, than I may consider buying it.

      1. Like I said Zeph… I’ve got bad experience with Aoshima.

        I’m going to keep a close watch on Blue Steel releases and wait for reviews…

        If I can find the reviews that is.

        If the kits are retooled, i.e. Aoshima re engineered their moulds for the ships, I might possibly place orders for them

  9. Well, I finally read up to the latest chapter of the manga this past week, and I’d be lying if I don’t say that the manga is more detailed than the anime. But since I’ve already started with this show, might as well see it through to the end. Besides, more animated “Tsundere Heavy Cruiser” is good. XD

    Slight manga spoilers ahead (while already summarized in a comment above, I like a little more detail…):
    Show Spoiler ▼

    That said, I couldn’t help but laugh a bit at Gunzou giving the order to “Fire everything!” Thanks a lot, Nero

    1. At least I´m not that worried whe the use original tactics instead of adapting the ones in the manga, because the selling point of this story is the great naval battles executed with brillat tactics, it´s only big guns guys, it´s big guys used with a outside the box thinking that makes the whole battle look awesome!. As Gonzou said, they can´t beat the Fog Fleet using the same old reasoning because they are LIVING SHIPS! try to reason that for godsakes.

      The only thing that really worries me at this point is the complete absence of Yamato.

    1. I´ve wondering about that for a while now, how the hell does this ships ca restock their ammunition? They special docks somewhere? They mention something about using nanomachines so maybe they create their weapons, ammunition, and reapair themselfs using this nanomachines?.

  10. Seing Kirishima go down like that left me with a bitter taste in the mouth, I know they are the enemy but at the same time they are exactly evil as one might think since they only follow orders no questions ask. After watching Kirishima beg in the last minute can´t help but feel bad for her.

    1. Remember how many people were begging in the beginning while Kirishima burned them down without mercy. And unlike Gunzou, she could actually hear them begging, and could have stopped and left them alive. By the time Kirishima realized what was happening to her, it was far too late to do anything to stop it.

      1. Well, to be fair, the girls, after getting their human mental model forms, weren’t exactly that well-versed on human emotions yet. Haruna even notes with a bit of surprise about Kirishima’s changing emotions, and even Kirishima herself wasn’t quite sure what the feeling was when getting more excited during the fight, so we couldn’t exactly expect her to at least comprehend the consequences of her actions besides “they’re the enemy, so they must die”. like the typical drone fashion we’ve seen from the Fog. Even at the end of the battle, she and Haruna were only JUST starting to grasp and understand the actual emotions.

      2. To add to what HalfDemonInuyasha, you have to keep in mind these are computer controlled weapons that suddenly were upgraded with an AI including a “emotional synthesizer”. The “we are weapons” theme is played out throughout the story. I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that the more direct interaction with humans (Haruna’s dictionary building), the more they learn about other things/concepts (e.g. regret, etc.).

        Also, the anime changes/embellishes/overstates – whatever term you want to use a lot of that scene giving a (IMO) a different impression of Kirishima than in the manga.

      3. @Wanderer:

        If you’re curious – here’s the manga version of how the non-battle events went for Haruna & Kirishima during the fight. IMO the impression one gets regarding Kirishima is different than in the anime.

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Hope this helps explain things.

      4. Just want to compliment daikama on the excellent manga-anime comparison–I’ve read the manga, but to any anime-only people, I highly recommend you click this spoiler if you want to get an idea of how more detailed and subtle the manga’s storyline is, because daikama doesn’t even hint at anything related to future plot points. It’s really worth taking a look at.

  11. Good I just love how they put the missile with decoy.
    I been playing PSOne Submarine Commander(It was complicated at first but kinda got a hang on it and enjoyed it like playing a near-real submarine simulator game), and I can understand the face of that ship when they did that tactic.

    I really want to say this to Kirisihma if I were Iona’s captain:

    It isn’t about specs for a sub but a sub is powerful when you know how to put your missle EVERYWHERE(insert innuendo here)!? MUHAHAHAHA

    Next week:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Seriously, Kirishima is hotter in this anime. She even put this pose for us, viewers.

      1. Poor Kirishima, She must really regret(insert innuendo) being fired by Gunzo’s Torpedo(insert innuendo).

        Well you know what Leleouch said:

        Those who are prepared to fire should be prepared to be fired at.

  12. I was kinda worried how they’ll pull this off after removing a couple of very important characters and events, but surprisingly, they managed it just fine.

    I do hope we get to see Takao any time soon. I love my tsundere battleships ^.^

  13. This show is really amazing!! I cant get enough of it. Best show this eason and i hope they keep up the pace. I dont know why so many people complain about it being different from the manga. I love the manga too ,but the changes havent dumbed down the show at al yet. Im amazed with the changes that it is still so suspenseful and great drama to boot. Love the mental models, and how the keep changing. Now they just have to join 401 and have a harem, oppsss ment fleet!!

  14. I think it’s best to experience the manga to be separate from the animation. These things often clash and I see no point in this – I rather that I see both as separate mediums of entertainment.

    Now give me them ships screaming Gunzou to board them!!

  15. LOL Kirishima did give some poses worthy of a magical girl (funny, Maya seems more the type, being so cheerful and all) and is something of a large ham (trope!). And no, I won’t comment on Haruna’s sexy underwear… not at all…
    Still, I really hope we’ll see the part at Iwo Jima soon, with Show Spoiler ▼

    weird d
  16. Okay, first things first, the battle was pure 100% enriched Awesomnium. Gunzou pulled out every trick he had in his captains hat. Fog side had docked battleships (my Yuri goggles broke when Haruna went after sinking Kirishima and commented about knowing regret) and sea-splitting tractor beams. And 1905 Battle of Tsushima “star player” Mikasa – the original one! – had a cameo!
    But the best probably has yet to happen – as a little girl we met last ep finds unconscious Haruna! This behets a whole bunch of new questions: Can a Mental Model survive with her ship destroyed? What will this lead to? One loli and her battleship?

  17. Don’t know if this has been answered or will be answered later but why exactly didn’t both of them disappear? It appeared that both of their ships were destroyed so why did only the brown haired chick disappear and not the blonde one?

    1. I replied earlier. But I will explain it here as well.

      The most important thing to a Fog ship is their core. The gizmo that Haruna catches as Kirishima disintegrated. Its their heart/brain/AI. Their Core can manipulate nano-material. So a Fog ship only truelly “dies” if their core is destroyed. For ships that use mental models, the core is generally inside their mental model bodies.

      Now, for Fog Ships, pretty much anything is made of nano-material. This includes their ships and their mental models (human bodies). So if Kirishima gets some control of nano-material, she can reconstruct a new body for herself.

      Cores have different processor power. Submarines have less, which leads to a smaller nanomaterial bodies (aka as LOLI!)so that they dont much much of their limited cpu power.

      Kirishima suffered too much damage and energy disruption, Haruna suffered less cause she was the one behind her, so she could keep her mental model body safe.

      Nano-materal that get damaged/destroyed becomes useless (turn into silver sand).

  18. while i am torn whether or not it was a good idea for them to totally remove hakugei from the story, i do like how they handled this alternate retelling. gunzou’s gambit of using an extra missile in the assault container was nicely executed and didnt feel like an ass-pull (since we already saw them deploying the container in the first place).

    now i wonder how they will handle the haruna-makie storyline. i am also still crossing my fingers that yamato would indeed show up.

  19. I hate manga readers. They complain about every little thing.

    But then again, this isn’t limited to manga readers but any type of entertainment where the book came first. Book readers complained about the LoTR and Harry Potter film adaptations and they were great.

    So far, Ars Nova has been excellent. I could careless about what they’re changing from the manga. It’s still a great anime.

    1. I am not reading this manga, but regardless, I must say, in more than 95% of any anime/movie, people will say the original is better. let it be VN, manga, LN, book/novel or whatever..those who enjoyed so much from the original source, will most likely to prefer it.
      it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the adaptation. whether it is an anime or movie. as long as the adaptation convey the feeling of the original, then it is a good one. and sometimes it’s so great that it can enhance feeling we couldn’t feel through the original medium.

      what about modifications?some sources require modifications to the different medium, while others require not to modify, it depends on the source itself (example – LB required some changes which were good, while Danganronpa didn’t require much changes and the changes turn it to a bad adaptation). in the end, mostly we’d prefer any adaptaion will stick to its original source and dont want to see drastic changes or any unnecessary fillers or bad-pace and so on. but one must keep an open mind about slight and minor changes because after all…book/game/LN/VN or any of these is a different medium than anime or a movie.

      there is alwyas a consensus whether an adaptation can stand-alone and convey the true feeling of the original or not. some will say yes, some will say no. I think anime-only-viewers probably are most objective in that matter, but you shouldn’t hate manga readers. I agree it may annoy you when they keep saying “this is sucks, read the manga”. but sometimes they have a point, and if they explain it properly with examples, then it is much much better and clarify the issues. for example, Kaminomi 3 and magi. I believe there is unanimity that those animes are simply can’t convey the true feelings from the original.
      there is always a consensus, but sometimes their voice is so loud and clear…that maybe they have a point.
      specifically about Ars Nova I don’t know, but as anime-only-viewer I think it’s partly enjoyable (depend on taste and your endurance to CGI – mine is very high due to kingdom s1). it has issues for good and for bad.

      1. I agree with you 100%. As long as you can convey the feeling of the original, no major harm is done.

        My original comment was just a bit rash as I had gotten tired of seeing manga readers moan about every little change an adaptation makes from the original.

        Maybe it would be better if they didn’t leave out some parts, maybe it wouldn’t. It’s all subjective. What I do know is that myself and many others are more than happy with the way the story is currently unfolding.

        Furthermore, I’m no stranger to adaptations being a lot different than their source material. Super heroes like Iron Man and The Avengers are almost nothing like how they were portrayed in their original comic books. However, I understand compromises had to be made and the film makers decided to change some things to make them more accessible for modern day society. At the end of day, I know that the films aren’t all that accurate, but I’m still proud that they bear the names of the original material. The films were great.

    2. In most cases, manga readers or LN readers have valid reason to criticize anime adaptations since the level of effort that goes into the adaptation can often define the intention of the animators and execs, from whether it’s just animating for the fanservice or the fanbase’s money to make a quick buck to animating because they genuinely thought it would be a solid story to animate.

      How faithful the anime adaptation is to the original source material is also a valid key issue, since while most fans can accept a few minor changes like a fancier transformation scene or extra dialogue, major changes like omitting entire characters and plot points make the adaptation appear more like a net to capture new fans in the hopes they would read the original work or a quick cash grab at the expense of the existing fanbase.

      The same applies to anime originals that later get a manga adaptation, which invariably adds or alters events portrayed in the anime. It all boils down to whether or not it captures the same essence that made the original so popular in the first place. If it doesn’t, it will invariably be compared and contrasted in favor of the original work. If it did, it will instead be considered worthy of standing next to the original work and often be suggested as a valid alternative for those on time constraints.

    3. @ViciousOne: I hate manga readers. They complain about every little thing.

      Nice over-generalization (read with heavy sarcasm). BTW, if it wasn’t for fans of the source material, kind of doubt you’d get many adaptations in the first place.

      Would I like this show more if I had not read the manga – yes. For me this is easily a case where “ignorance is bliss.” Had I never seen HDTV, I’d still think SDTV or 720p was perfectly fine as well. No different than any time you find something new/better than what you currently know/have.

      Would I consider the show as good in retrospect if I read the manga afterwords – NO, I’d feel exactly the same way (highly disappointed).

      Why is it so hard to accept the fact that the source material might actually be superior? TBH, I would not care if I thought the anime deviations were better. Better is better. The problem for me is that rarely do I find that to be the case. I’ve never read comments by anime fans demanding more “filler” material. (“Damn, they keep following the source material. When is the next filler arc?”) There are reasons why fans of the source material ARE fans. The original material must have something worthwhile for it to become popular in the first place.

      Complaining about “every little thing”? Since when is cutting roughly 30-40% of the story considered “little”? You think LOTR fans bitched about the movies? Imagine the fan outrage if the movies cut Gandalf, Boramir (sp?), Merry, Pipin, the Moria expedition, the Elven Forest (forget the name) and the whole Ent deal. Might as well toss out Legolas & Gimli while you’re at it. Fellowship = Frodo, Samwise and Aragorn. Had you never read the book, the (much shorter) story could still turn out “great” with all the cool visual effects, but how about compared to the original? Oh, and for the record, I read the LOTR trilogy twice (read it again b/4 watching the movies)… and I thought the movies were great.

      I and others have taken the time to not only express our opinions, but to give the reasons as well. Rather than blindly criticize us along with a huge number of others, perhaps you should take the time to do the same. WHY do you think the anime is “great”. Better yet, go read the manga and then you can make an informed conclusion. Who knows, you might actually end up agreeing with all us “complainers.”

      PS/FYI – I could careless about what they’re changing from the manga.

      The correct phrase is “I could NOT care less about…”

    4. “I hate manga readers. They complain about every little thing.”

      I hate anime-only people: they always think they know it all when the original material is tons better and detailed than the anime.

      Now we’re fair.

      1. ^- This

        1- unless the show is stated to be a “for fans only” product, it’s supposed to be an adaptation based on the source material, not a animated version of it: for that reason the studio isn’t really bound to stick to the source at all costs.

        2- Mangareaders’ rage is often triggered by their inner desire to see their favourite series being succesful. That, in their minds, equals to “The anime gotta stick to the source so that animeonly guys can get every good side of the work”, thus “if the anime diverges from the source, it will most likely lose it’s real charm and the series will lose its chance to become the next big thing.”.

      2. Too add on to what I just said, some people think the manga for Shingeki no Kyojin is better than the anime.

        Personally, I think the manga comes off as generic and boring while the anime manages to breathe life into the story making it feel 10x better.

    5. I’m a manga reader of this anime.
      All I can say is that this anime makes Gunzo much cooler and the girls look hotter/moe.
      They have their difference points to make their adaptation good despite the lack of story and chacater they put but they made the important part much cooler than the manga to be honest.

      I bet the person above me thinks Kirishima is hotter and that Iona is much cutter than the manga after reading it…. Neee TheMoondoggie-kun.

    1. You know ID4? the Film Independence Day 4. Where a Small Bomb destroy a Big Ship, just by hit the Weapon Peak point when it was about to Blast?

      It is the same here, They where unable to force Down the Amount of Power they build up, for the Shoot. They could not Speed it up, because all CPU Power was focus on this Shoot. in Short they was to Slow, and their Multitasking was bad

  20. I found a Flaw, the Last Torpedo hit… Well they where pulled out of the Water, with their “Split Ocean” Technique and a Tractor beam. So, in Short in this Space there was no more Water.

    How could the Last Torpedo or other Torpedo “flow” in the Water? 🙂 There is just Air…

      1. @Lurking. I recall reading something about how idea/initial concept for the entire series started when the authors learned about the current development of supercavitation torpedoes and thought “that sounds like something out of a sci-fi show”.

  21. I’m disappointed that the anime had to drop certain aspects, but honestly, the manga doesn’t have any natural break points for an animated series that I can think of.

    I was surprised at the change to Kirishima’s design, as manga!Kirishima was more…butch, in her fashion sense and mannerisms. Long coat, pants, a little bit like Alucard from Hellsing actually. I can only assume it was to further distinguish her appearance from Haruna, who OWNS the coat-look.

  22. As a reader of the manga, it came as a slight disappointment that this anime adaptation lacks political depth which makes the manga’s story-line really enjoyable. I like the adult characters very much too, and personally feel that without these awesome adults and political thingies, the anime has somewhat gotten itself into ‘a-destined-genius-boy-with-his-dangerous-toy-out-to-save-the-world-while-people-just-watch-and-cheer’ trope.

    Nevertheless, I still love this anime adaptation so much that I watch each episode 2-3 times XD I would say that in order to fully enjoy this series, it’s better to both reading manga and watching the anime XD

    Jellyfish Marine

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