「しのぶタイム其ノ壹」 (Shinobu Taimu So no Ichi)
“Shinobu Time Part One”

After watching Sengoku turn into a completely out of control snake-aberration that apparently wiped out everyone in this show, this week’s episode was a pleasant reminder that SHAFT really knows how to reel us back in after traumatizing us. And I while I can’t speak for everyone watching, I know that I’ll gladly take any opportunity for more Shinobu-time. So as I slowly recover from all the amazing shots of her that we were graced with this week, let me try to form complete sentences as I finish this post from a stuffy airplane with people looking at me funny for watching anime.

First off, I thought that this week’s episode was absolutely outstanding. If I were to compare everything else we’ve seen thus far, I’d have to say that SHAFT really outdid themselves this week. Sure that previous statement might be a little biased since all of my favorite characters got a ton of screen time and the arc just happens to be Shinobu’s, but I doubt you’ll find a soul out there who wouldn’t want a little more of everything that we got. From the brilliant and crisp quality in every single shot to some of the best jokes Monogatari has ever used, this week’s episode was a welcome reminder of just how amazing this show can be. Because, I mean come on, when was the last time you saw Araragi actually make out with two girls?

But even if you don’t like any of the main characters or didn’t find jokes about twin-tails falling off funny, the other great part of this week’s episode had to be the villain. Literally described as darkness that’s given form by those who acknowledge its existence with the power to purge the entire city into darkness, it normally would sound stupidly overpowered but in this case it’s awesomely perfect for Shinbou’s arc. Because with the way I see it, it sounds like this thing is deeply intertwined with Shinobu’s past which means there’s either gonna be a lot of cool fighting scenes or a lot of emotionally moving scenes. Both of which make me that much more excited for next week’s episode!

Quick disclaimer — this is not a double post! Last week’s episode was a quick recap of the events that occurred in Nisemonogatari. But in terms of keeping things numbered correctly, I include both episode numbers since that’s the official count provided by SHAFT.

Also, I want to give a huge shout out Zephyr for taking the time to screencap this episode for me. I was in Wisconsin over the weekend and he took time out of his busy schedule to help me out — and I really appreciate it. So if you have a moment, don’t forget to thank him in the comments for being awesome!


ED3 Sequence


  1. Just flashbacks? I was expecting events AFTER Sengoku’s ‘yandere’ outrage in the Episode after what seems to be the ‘BAD-END final episode’ but… Oh, well. Gotta learn not to expect in Monogatari Series. :3

    Red HeartGold ZX
    1. Well son, what you need to learn is something else.

      You should have at least known the fact that Koimonogatari will be included in this season, right?

      This is the timeline for this season: First, Kabukimonogatari (time leap). Second, Onimonogatari (this arc) together with Nekomonogatari White, which happened at the same time. The third one is Otorimonogatari, and Koimonogatari happens last, which will be through Kaiki’s/Hitagi’s point of view, and which will also be a followup to Nadeko’s arc.

      Senjougahara Hitagi
  2. >”SHAFT really knows how to reel us back in”

    >numerous shots of half naked Araragi kissing and touching lolis

    Takaii, I’m from To Catch A Predator. We’ll be taking you in now.

  3. that episode was..wow. my head’s still spinning around because of watching it. in short – mindfuck.

    timeline of course has become a bit messy. well till now it was somehow OK.
    onimonogatari (or shinobu arc) is taking place after Kabukimonogatari (hachkuji arc), while otorimonogatari (Nadeko arc) is after that.
    but that’s not all Show Spoiler ▼

    familiar with “kizumonogatari”? the second title of monogatari LN, and the first one in chronological order of the series. it tells the tale when Araragi met up with shinobu (and became a vampire). although it seems unimportant, it has become essential as we could notice from the epilogue of the ep. moreover, along the series (nisemono, nekomono) there are “references” to events in Kizu. so it’s become important IMO. too bad shaft hasn’t made the movie/special/whatever it is yet.

    anyway, monogatari as always, first ep of an arc is full of riddles and hints we must pay attention. that’s why I said Kizu is important (for the record, I did read Kizu but I haven’t read onimonogatari, yet I can feel it’s important).
    we know the darkness is related to sniobu’s first subordinate. maybe it’s him. Show Spoiler ▼

    it’ll be quite interesting

    Araragi got 2 kisses this episode…Nadeko?Hitgai is gonna kill him.

  4. Let’s see, this episode, Araragi has put his hands all over one sleeping lolis while consecutively kissing two lolis.

    Still, technically speaking, one is 21 years old (Mayoi), one is 600 years old (Shinobu) and another one is undead for quite some time (Ononoki), making them all older by Araragi by default, does that make Araragi a True Lolicon or just simply an Undead Lolicon? XD

    So far, the only truly underaged girls he’s ever “roughed up” were his sisters, which he claims he doesn’t feel a thing for (bar the Toothbrush Incident with Karen). He almost nearly went criminal with Nadeko but was intervened by Shinobu’s Anti-Lolicon Vampire Punch.

  5. Ononoki-chan finally managed to somewhat avenge getting her ass whooped by Shinobu by kissing Shinobu’s man.

    And the way she swooned over Araragi’s muscles would make Matsuoka Gou very proud. 😀

      1. The laws of fiction kinda makes it such that no matter what happens, your undergarments will remain intact even if the rest of your clothes get blown off (though in certain cases, this law is broken. Mainly involving female characters….)

  6. DAT KISS. . . !!!

    But, oh sweet merciful goddess, my Senjougahara yandere senses are tingling like crazy! Run, Araragi, run!!

    Anyways, that aside, an all-around awesome ep to start off my favorite character’s arc, indeed. However will our heroes manage against a foe that swallowed up Shinobu in her prime? No worries, for there’s no foe that the power of love can’t overcome!

    . . . Except, mayhaps a crazy ass snake-haired girl who turned herself into a god, right? O__O

    Ryan Ashlight
  7. Question: I’m pretty sure Araragi is not immortal, but does have a much longer lifespan. Do we know how long and if he will age at a normal pace. Just wondering what that means for Hitagi and the reasonable possibility (or impossibility) of children given their future fate.

    Also, if we looked to the far future (one where Hitagi is no more 🙁 ) and one were to ship Araragi and Shinobu, how weird would that be? Assuming that Shinobu changes her appearance to a non-loli age, you’d still have the possibility of your girlfriend being able to live in your shadow. I think some people in relationships now might feel that way. Still, to have those two together it might be worth it.

    1. Meh, I don’t think it’d be all that weird at all, honestly; though, not to be a stickler or anything (just because I honestly think it’s important to point out), I’d hesitate to call Shinobu Araragi’s girlfriend or anything quite so mundane.

      As Shinobu herself pointed out this very episode, she’s Araragi’s “lifelong partner,” putting her in a class all her own.

      These two have (based on what snippets I’ve seen from Kizumonogatari) tried to kill each other, understand each other on a level that should make we mere mortals tinge with jealously, and have even pledged to die together.

      Perhaps it sounds a bit strange, but I don’t really see Shinobu and Araragi as being two distinctly individual people anymore, and so it’s hard for me to view anything that the two of them do together as ‘weird.’

    2. Araragi isn’t immortal.
      neither he is vampire, nor he is completely human. you can say he is half-vampire, though according to the LN this term is wrong. unlike Episode (the character) which is definitely half-vampire, Araragi is a vampire-like pseudo-human, that’s why he has some features of vampire – regeneration and super-power (not like when he was vampire but compare to human it’s a huge difference) and more.

      anyway…in nisemono, he was taking a bath with shinbou (so pervert!) and shinobu said it’s possible he’ll live couple hundreds years.
      we don’t for sure whether shinobu is right or just tease him in order to be killed by him so he’ll turn human.

      so I don’t know what the future holds for him in that matter you pointed out.

      shinobu appearance won’t turn non-loli unless she regain her vampire-powers, which means a change in Araragi’s status as well. so it’s complicated enough :S

  8. Why do I have a feeling Ougi has something to do with this…oh, right, they showed her at the start of the episode. And whenever I see Ougi, I get the “Uh oh, shit’s gonna hit the fan” feeling. I say she’s the hidden Big Bad.

  9. wow that kiss… Shinobu melted rigth away (and shes SOOOOO CUTE)

    Interesting episode.. lol Araragi always getting interrupted when trying to “play” with the lolis

    One was to wonder tho.. what Hitagi’s reaction would be (then again.. i personally think Shinobu ranks higher in the “relationship scale” .. they are closer than married people o.o .. didnt know they were “mind-linked” ..

    lol @ Ononoki-cha’s “revenge” (tho she does seem a little “too fixated” in Araragi’s muscles.. lol)

    Sooo so far he’s kissed 2 people of his “Harem” (tho calling it an harem is wrong)

    PS: and Shinobu’s CANT go to her ORIGINAL shape w/o killing Araragi.. but she can go to a teen-like form.. as she did in Kizu, she just has to drink more than what she normaly does (meaning Araragi goes deeper into “vamp territory”

  10. Loved this episode, and I find it interesting that Hachikuju and Shinobu are both deeply entwined in each others arcs…For some reason I never would have expected that, but it works out really well

  11. I’m sorry, but given this episode, earlier discussions about Hnnnnnngh! and whales, it just gave me a whole new meaning to “Free Willy”…..!!!!!!!!!! If this was already mentioned, Gomen!

    1. well.. technically only 2 since Ononoki-chan molested HIM…
      .. actually only 2 lolis since Mayoi-chin would be older than him if she were alive..
      … mm really none.. since Shinobu-sama is like 600 years old.


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