Here we are. Another week goes by, and this week’s chapter starts off with a nice surprise in regards to Obito going right past Naruto’s outstretched hand and right to his neck. The end result ends up as expected regardless, but I for one found it a much better chapter than it would’ve been as a result of that last act of defiance. Combine that with the fact he doesn’t actually take Naruto’s hand himself—Naruto grabs his hand instead—and at the very least, it’s a slightly different route than expected, and I’ll give Kishimoto a slight pat on the back for making this chapter not quite as straight forward as it otherwise would’ve been.

Granted, I’m pretty sure a fair amount of people were hoping for a little more than just a weak stranglehold, but at this point there wasn’t much of a chance of that happening. And well, that’s about it really. Nothing much else happens this week, and it looks like it’s full steam ahead to what seems to be a fairly obvious ending as Madara should step in anytime now. Guess we’ll see… never know when another pleasant surprise may lie around the corner.

P.S. Just a clarification regarding last week’s comment about Rin being Obito’s potential wife. It was more of a comment in regards to how she could’ve been seen as one at that time (in Obito’s view), considering the potential overtures of a “I’ll watch over you by your side forever” statement. We know that doesn’t happen in the end, but it doesn’t change the fact that there was something potentially there at one point.


  1. Such a tease, for a second there I almost thought Obito would go down swinging. Well, one villain down. Perhaps it’s the sheer length of the talk no jutsu or the shortage of named casualties, but the end of Obito’s arc feels rather anti-climactic. The whole chapter was functionally the same as the last one, and way too metaphysical for my tastes. Hopefully Madara and Orochimaru will end the war on a more exciting note.

  2. i wonder is the end really near, I mean Madara is still around (that emo probably has something to pull after obito’s defeat)… maybe we still have 2 years til naruto really hits the real dead end.

    L G
  3. Well at least the depiction of this resolution wasn’t that bad considering how it literally could have ended with Obito simply taking his hand (the initial struggle and the ethereal mindscrew was a nice touch). Now…. bring on Madara!

  4. *The sound of a second desk completely shattering, this one made of super-reinforced depleted uranium and chobham/composite armor, can be heard throughout the entire universe from the amount and strength of the headdesking*

    Dammit, Kishimoto, you damn tease! Getting my hopes up in that Obito would NOT fall prey to the damn Talk no Jutsu and then HAVING IT HAPPEN ANYWAY! T_T* Why even have Naruto get ANY other powers whatsoever, or even fight at this point!? All he needs is his freaking mouth and voice box!

    Madara and/or Orochimaru, please save this story! x_x;

    1. Hmm? but I didn’t hear anything. Careful, all that DU is bad for your health.

      I guess they call him Trollbito for a good reason. Is it too much to ask for one single unredeemed villain?

  5. Obito could have just cut the crap and accepted Naruto’s handshake, but no, he chokes Naruto (which had me thinking he was finally going to do something villain-worthy), and all we get is another dozen pages of TnJ (as if the last two chapters weren’t enough), only for it to work. It’s like leaving Obito with 1 HP and then having him waste his last turn before fainting him for good.

  6. Oh… the plot further thickens… This feels all too “happy” than what it really is. Madara is not that far off and is up to something (WTF is his trump card?!), now that he has a given chance to do what he wants to (whatever that is) with Obito out of the way. But at least we all know FOR SURE now that Rin is a HUGE um, part of Obito’s very heart whether he denies it or not. Just like how Rin forcefully see’s through Obito’s tough exterior and takes his hand, Naruto does the exact same thing. Nice.

  7. I feel like Naruto would actually be good if Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets (×350.jpg) appeared at the end of each chapter. Ah… I can see their comments on this chapter now:

    Waldorf: What was that?
    Statler: It’s called the “medium chapter”.
    Waldorf: The MEDIUM chapter?
    Statler: Yeah, it wasn’t rare, and it certainly wasn’t well done!

    Statler: Wake up! Wake up you old fool! You slept through the final battle of Naruto!
    Waldorf: Who’s the old fool? You read it!

    Waldorf: Look Statler! They beat Obito! Now all they’re gonna do is talk!
    Statler: So what else is new?
    Statler: Well, I say all’s well that ends well.
    Waldorf: Well doesn’t matter to me as long as it ends!

    Waldorf: Remember when Naruto was actually about ninjas and didn’t have a shallow, predictable plot?
    Statler: Nope!
    Waldorf: ME NEITHER!

    Statler: Terrible!
    Waldorf: Awful!
    Kishimoto: Oh yeah? I’d like to see you two try to write a good manga!

  8. I like the part when Naruto push Obito away then the image of his past self appear before speaking to him of his present self, that was nice seeing a the past with the he cared as Naruto brings him back.

    Im wondering if the remaining tailed beast will enter Naruto body? What will happen now Im sure Madara will be up to something looking forward to it!

  9. does this mean the story is going to finally move on from Obito’s unhealthy grief for just the one person? Not to knock down either Obito and Rin, but this is getting dragged out obsessively.

    The Truth is in the Axe
    1. And when you consider that a majority of the events since Akatsuki’s initial involvement (and whatever ones before then, behind the scenes) have been largely driven because of this…plot point (ugh)…yeah…

      1. It’s not that I don’t get it, that Obito is hinging everything on his fantasy because of his attachment to Rin, but it’s starting to become this strange disservice to Rin’s character because of Obito and making him out to only find meaning in one person. It’s becoming more romanticized the longer this plot point is dragged out so it’s… more creepy-sad than angst-sad.

        The Truth is in the Axe
  10. Haven’t had a serious, epic fight to the death since Naruto Vs. Six Paths of Pain.
    No hax Sharingans, had conflict of ideology (Talk no Jutsu was after the battle), Konoha destroyed and many deaths, no Edo Tensei BS, and most importantly actual fighting and strategy.

    Ahh the good old glory days


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