「気分次第で責めないで」 (Kibun shidai De Seme Nai De)
“Don’t Toy With Me On a Whim”

The power of connections. Never underestimate them. Depending on who you know, it could mean the difference between getting your dream job or not. It could get you out of a situation you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten out of. Or in Ryuuko’s case, it could get you some valuable information. And remember: “information is power” and “with great power comes great responsibility.”

True to those words, this week has Ryuuko “taking responsibility” for all the upheaval she’s caused (by getting her ass kicked), and it’s exactly as Inumuta says: “it’s one unbelievable thing after another, and that’s what makes this academy so interesting.” With Elite Four member Sanageyama jumping into the picture as Ryuuko’s newest opponent, things get interesting indeed, and even Satsuki ends up attending the festivities the second time around. Yes, you heard me. The second time around.

Because if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again—even if you need to sew your eyes together to get another chance. Sanageyama ends up totally overpowering Ryuuko in the rematch, and it’s no wonder her homeroom teacher doesn’t find her trustworthy enough to divulge any secrets regarding Nudist Beach. She’s just not strong enough as she is now, and it’ll be interesting to see how she manages to bounce back following this major serving of reality. Ryuuko’s lucky to be alive, and it just looks like it’ll be a long road ahead.

That said, it’s amazing how Aikurou’s stripping routine manages to stay hilarious despite happening almost every episode. The small pose tweaks (and the added sparkles) are a testament to how the smallest things can make the biggest difference, and that’s a fabulous chest if I do say so myself. Kill la Kill continues to be ridiculously entertaining—especially when one considers the opening dialogue between Aikurou and Ryuuko. There are just few things funnier—and more ironic—than talking about how you don’t trust someone, and getting shot down by that same person when you actually get around to trusting them enough to reveal the name of your secret organization. Granted, “Nudist Beach” is a ridiculous name to have—I wouldn’t believe him either if I were her—but I guess it doesn’t matter as long as things work out regardless, even though it looks like Ryuuko’s intent of “growing stronger” has been temporarily delayed…




    1. I wish I too had the ability to counter any pressured sitation by sliding back my hair with one hand, my shirt falling off like it had a mind of it’s own and everything around me exploding in sparkles, bright lights and curtains blowing in the wind while I yell “Nudist Beach!”

      Nudist sensei will probably be my favorite character of this season.

  1. I find the power spectrum interesting here. Satsuki is super-powerful, but it seems that she antagonizes Junketsu, which seems to be barely under control.

    Ryuuko can fight more or less evenly with Satsuki.

    But Sanageyama is now the most powerful of the students? He easily overpowered Ryuuko, who fought evenly with Satsuki…

    Anyway, that episode was epic.

    And hilarious. https://randomc.net/image/Kill%20la%20Kill/Kill%20la%20Kill%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2020.jpg <- didn't catch one with the arrow between Mako's fingers?


    Lots of manservice this episode though… and where was my Maki-chan?

    I was worried for a while that Ryuuko would just steamroll everyone, but hihihi, love it when there’s an actual struggle XD

    Now I am even more intrigued about the Kiryuuins… If Junketsu is a “bridal gown” then who’s the groom?! Argh.

    How can this show maintain such a level of awesomeness >_>

    And about Sanageyama’s new mask thing… I was like…… Char Aznable has returned!

    The question remains… will Ryuuko end up with ANYONE?! (Let the fanboys rage)

  3. I am sure people have said this, but sometimes I feel that Ryuuko is more like the pitiful antagonist… not to say she is not cool or awesome, but Sanageyama is just too manly this week…
    ps. Nudist Beach is too freaking funny lol…

  4. It’s so obvious why Ryoko lost badly: Mako wasn’t there with one of her DEM friendship speeches to power her up. It’s her ONE WEAKNESS!!

    Also, NOBUYUKI HIYAMA! I was very happy to see him in this kind of role again since TTGL. He’s one of the my favorite voice actors because he absolutely SELLS the hammy, hotblooded act. And since the entire cast is basically compromised of hammy characters, this is the perfect series for him to let loose.

  5. I’ve always humored the possibility that if you look at this series from the perspective of the Student Council, Ryuko could be seen as a sort of villain. This episode only strengthened my feelings, because Sanageyama was more the protagonist here than Ryuko. Notice how the Elite Four were built up in previous episodes to be these big, bad villains. But when the first of them was beaten in this episode, it wasn’t treated so much like a moment of triumph for Ryuko as a chance for Sanageyama to learn from his mistakes and make a comeback.

    Looking back on the series, Ryuko has done some things one would expect a villain to do. Let’s look at Ryuko’s role from the Student Council’s perspective: she barges in on their turf and messes up the peace and order that they maintain (that “peace and order”, in this case, being an oppressive fascist regime); she wears dark and edgy clothes to contrast their pure and light uniforms; and at the end of the day when things look bleak for her, she runs away crying, “We’ll meet again, Satsuki Kiryuin!” (No joke, she actually says that in episode 2.)

    Now look at this episode from Sanageyama’s perspective: he and Ryuko duke it out, but just when he gets the upper hand, she pulls a dirty trick to beat him; only by overcoming his personal flaws is he able to overcome Ryuko’s tricks and pull through in the end.

    I don’t know what this means for the future of the story, if it means anything at all. I greatly appreciate this episode for giving Ryuko an opponent worth overcoming, proving that she still has a way to go to win by the end of the series. But I’m starting to wonder if Ryuko overcoming these challenges at all will be as good as we’ve been led to believe…

    1. Yeah, I mentioned this a bit back in episode 03. Interesting side to look at for sure.

      “That said, it’s interesting to note how Matoi’s whole intent isn’t even to fight the system. Sure, she’s fighting someone who obviously represents Fascism and the class divide, but that’s just because Satsuki is standing in the way of her getting the answers she seeks. In this way, if you were to ask who the “bad guy” is in this context, it suddenly becomes less than obvious. Because while most of our modern days views paint Fascism in an extremely negative light, it did at least bring some kind of organization and order to the city around Honnoji Academy in this case. So essentially, what Matoi’s doing is taking down the system (and the order it brings) without caring for the potential chaos she could create (and already did create), and arguably it’s something that actually makes her more of a “bad guy” or “anti-hero” than anything—which is an extremely interesting notion to consider.”

      1. I think “anti-hero” would be more correct in my opinion. I think that a villain is someone who actively pursues chaos. While in all honesty, Ryuuko wouldn’t be doing what she is doing if Satsuki just came out with a straight answer. It just so happens that Ryuuko’s actions happen to be causing disorder.

        Goodwill Wright
  6. Another observation: Sanageyama couldn’t deal the final blow because his uniform overheated.

    The smaller an object, the better the heat transfer is with its surroundings.

    …skimpier clothing = more powerful?

      1. What I mean is: surface area to volume ratio.

        If heat is proportional to the volume of life fibers, then Sanageyama’s uniform has 30% (3 star uniform) times..5x in each dimension equals roughly 37x more heat output.

        But when you quintuple each dimension, the surface area only goes up by 25x.

        Additionally, we see that the Kamui have vents and internal surface area to dissipate heat, in addition to simply being smaller.

  7. Elite Four, definitely getting the Pokemon vibes from that, especially considering each of the four has their own unique “element” (strength and speed/perception being the two identified so far). Sanageyama also is bringing up the Oedipus vibes. Different circumstances, but both effectively extirpated the one thing that led them down the wrong path in order to atone for their sins and find greater enlightenment (Oedipus to repent for slaying his father and marrying his mother, Sanageyama for focusing exclusively on one trait to lead him to power).

    Agree that this is unlikely to be a villain of the week sort of show, looks like they’re going to elaborate more upon the antagonists’ backstories as a means to better illuminate Ryuuko’s fight. I’m still betting on some sort of David vs. Goliath struggle where Ryuuko is fighting for herself (finding out the reason behind her father’s death) and Satsuki for a particular Weltanschauung (something yet to be revealed).

    Cannot forget to mention the hilarious manservice (for some reason the teacher reminds me of Hisoka’s perverted ways) and the hacker member of the Elite Four-his constantly disappearing collar whenever he talks made me giggle a little too much.

  8. I’m a little bit confused, Inumuta said that there’s 2 people who can wear full life fiber uniforms, Matoi and Satsuki. But what about that trap committee member who wore Senketsu briefly? Technically isn’t she capable of wearing full life fiber uniforms too? (Even though Senketsu rejected her)

  9. I am glad they didn’t get rid of Sanageyama so eaily.
    for a moment it was like “last in(in Satsuki group), first out”. but he was able to overcome his mistakes.
    I am also glad Ryouku didn’t get manage to win the second time and get rid of him. it would be shame if those 4 heavenly kings (or whatever their name is) were to be kicked this early and easily.
    and it fits to why the teacher can’t trust her yet. she needs to prove herself worth to the “Nudist Beach” (aka she isn’t stripped enough 😛 )
    but I think Ryouku can’t win alone. she needs friends, and by that I mean friends in arms (Mako isn’t fit to the definition, yet). too bad that the terminator left…they could be quite a team…defeating those kings…

  10. I found myself cheering for the Satsuki’s underling today… His resolve and, dare I say, unresolved sexual tension with Satsuki herself made him much more interesting than your typical villain miniboss…

    1. I believe at least one of the creators said in an interview that there are no throwaway characters in this series. Slowly but surely, these bad guys are growing beyond simple super-powerful generals, whether it be significant character development such as this, to more subtle character building such as who knew who for how long.

  11. “Are you try to Sneak up behind me ?!,Sanegayama!” Damn Satsuki is so Bad ass and all but after that lol he is in front of her , but despise power up Sanegayama lost all other sense which prove to be quite a weakness their , i would have a tea with Satsuki-sama any day even if it mean i will die from all the heat!

  12. This episode just sealed the deal… I so need to buy the OST when it comes out. Haven’t heard unique tracks like this since Ben-to.

    Seriously, when Satsuki’s mom debut, that track in the background just gave me chills.

    Goodwill Wright
      1. Ain’t that the truth. I honestly haven’t been disappointed by any of the soundtracks he’s done so far (Though I’ve only watched Sengoku Basara, Ao no Exorcist, Gundam Unicorn, Guilty Crown, Shingeki no Kyojin and now this.).

      2. Oh? I’ve heard that name before. I really appreciate an anime with an amazing soundtrack. It makes a lot difference for me. It is a shame that I’m not good at recognizing the composers of such great sounds.

        And after reading a previous comment that this anime will be 2-cour, I really look forward to see what other tracks will be used. I also look forward to the track I previously mentioned being used again.

        Goodwill Wright
  13. a lot of naked bodies in this show. surprisingly both female and male.
    fun episode, but not as good as the previous one.
    i did like the background story of the elite guy. excited for the background of the others.

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