「サッカー…サッカー?」 (Sakkaa… Sakkaa?)
“Soccer… Soccer?”

As anyone who’s been to a real futball match knows, it’s not all high-fives and shirtless bro hugs. It’s a warzone. Never before has this been more literal.

Elbia x Ball & Minori’s BL Rampage

The prime contenders for the Comedy Award of the week have to go to Elbia and Minori. I enjoyed Elbia surrendering to her instincts again – last time I thought her dirty clothes would be a sign of her being up to no good, but this was much more amusing – but really, she can’t hold a candle to Minori. Her going after Elbia with an automatic weapon because she nicked her ball was one thing, but I loved how she was using the elf team as her personal cosplay dolls, up to teaching them to exchange shirtless hugs after scoring!! Blame her passions indeed – Minori is a terror when she’s in fujoushi mode, but she’s hilarious!

Rice & Petrarca

The Hng~ Award of the week definitely goes to Petrarca. I’m firmly on the Myuseru ship, but for a loli tsundere Petrarca can be extremely endearing at times. I guess it’s her innocence – when Shinichi offhandedly referred to her as a bishoujo, she was putty in his hands, and fortunately he only took advantage of it enough to live out one of his otaku dreams. Seriously, I’m telling you Shinichi – Myuseru as waifu, Elbia as mistress, and visit Petrarca on the weekends. You can do this. Make it happen.

Sports Tear Us Apart

As soon as Shinichi suggested this “friendly match”, I knew how it would end. The funny thing is, his idea wasn’t totally bad – sports can bring people together, or at the very least take a dangerous conflict and bring it to safer grounds. The thing is, you have to mix them up. When he set up the game as elves vs dwarves, that meant it was still elves vs dwarves, and you’re not going to solve anything when the two sides are still opposed to one another. What would have worked is if he had mixed them up, like he did with throwing humans, elves, and dwarves all in the same classroom. Then it’s not elves vs dwarves, it’s one team vs another, and no matter who the spectators are rooting for, they’re rooting for both elves and dwarves. Then they would have been working together as well, and learning the value of the other group’s abilities.

But of course, Shinichi didn’t do that, and we got ethnic strife instead. Not that it may have helped – with the dwarves so much more powerful in a purely physical sense, they would have dominated the game until magic was opened up, in which case it would have been a war anyway. Though really as long as any players can make craters of the field at will, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. I don’t know what sport they could play together, but I can’t imagine it’d be a pretty one. People would die. Or at least real estate would.

The High-Five That Changed the World

The highlight of the episode was when Petrarca entered the game. It was silly, her plan with Myuseru to score a goal on nobody, but there was unknowing genius in what she did. It has been said that all evil starts with treating people as things, and with bigotry that’s absolutely true. It all falls apart when the bigot realizes the targets of their discrimination are people too, though, and Petrarca has made this leap. What remains is for it to spread.

I am reminded of a certain Discworld books where, in two handshakes, a king does more to heal divisions with marginalized groups and old enemies than any number of peace activists could after hundreds of years of lobbying. It was a masterful stroke, and what that character did knowingly Petrarca did innocently. No one high-fives and holds hands with an inferior; that’s the realm of equals, and by doing these things with a half-elf Petrarca unknowingly showed that she considered Myuseru, this half-elf and servant, as her equal. They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, and it is, but symbols are strongest of all. In one move Petrarca sent a shock wave through her kingdom, and no matter the trouble it may cause, in the long run it will lead to something beautiful. Hell, it’s something beautiful right now.

Looking Ahead – A Half-Elf Maid in Japan

Please oh please, I dearly hope this is what I think it will be. Please tell me Myuseru is visiting Japan with Shinichi. That would be phenomenal. Pretty please!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Soccer is a war. Though Shinichi’s plan failed, in one innocent act Petrarca may have changed everything #ob_c 06

Random thoughts:

  • Oh noes, Romilda is into BL. The perfect eternal loli waifu just became dangerous. Don’t let Minori near her! Minori’s BL ends lives.
  • Myuseru-sensei? I would never be able to pay attention during her class. Especially if she still wore her meido clothes oh gods.
  • This week’s D’aawww Award goes to Shinichi for wanting the dwarves and elves to get along better at least in part so half-elves like Myuseru will get better treatment. Her reaction, those feels…d’aaawww!
  • Romilda is the Princess of Soccer!
  • Galius yoooou! *dies laughing*
  • Did you notice those cameras the JSDF had? Ten bucks says those’ll be important later on. Watch for it.

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    1. My favorite part is that they parodied, then un-parodied it, then re-parodied it. It was masterful.

      1. They mention it.
      2. they show them using it for training and in your head you’re going ‘that is the worst training ever, soccer’s not like that.’
      3. Then the game starts with an insane shockwave kick and you realize ‘oh, in this world soccer IS like that.’

      I was near dead from laughter.

      As for the game as a whole, I don’t think mixing the teams would’ve solved it perfectly, because if you followed the rules, then the elves still would have been ineffective and left in the dust. Basically, given that the Dwarves have an unquestioned physical advantage (and HOW), you just would need different rules that allow the elves to use their magical talents without turning the place into a warzone. Mixing would help, but you would still need something to balance the elves.

      1. Dude, I was cracking up hysterically this episode. Hopefully my house mates don’t think I’m crazy now. What also surprised me most was the added plot progression (Petraca high fiving Miusel). With this episode, Outbreak Company has officially taken my spot for favorite series of this season.

  1. This show has not seriously not lost any steam. The rice scene was beautiful, especially when Minori’s pet project (Galius) also had to help Shinichi clean the rice off his face. Literally all that was missing was a Minori nose bleed.

    Have to disagree with your analysis on the sports teams composition though. It’s too early in terms of intermingling to expect the one team vs. another to have any significant effect. What is more likely to happen is the losing team blaming the separate races for their team’s failure such that it becomes a competition again. It’s like the classroom where the races split up in terms of games/manga/anime genres and fight over which is better. All that being said, however, expect things to start changing quickly now that Petrarca and Myuseru are known to be friends. The ice has been broken, let the fireworks commence.

    1. Actually, you’re right. What I noted was perhaps the ultimate path – at least if they wanted it to run through the soccer field – but it’s too soon for that to much work. Really, getting them to like the same things – anime, manga, and games – is the greatest tool, because then they’re all arguing about something they all love rather than out of pure hate. It will be a long time before they can all play games together and not dissolve into sectarian strife…but it’s coming. It’s coming, slowly but surely.

  2. I’m getting more and more suspicious of that guy who works for the Japanese government. He knew that the football match will definitely get out of hand yet he chose to keep quiet.
    Also…can’t blame Shinichi for thinking that sports tend to end with both sides ‘making friends’ (especially football)….shows (not just anime) tend not to portray the other side of football, like the Heysel stadium disaster, or the shooting of Celtic fans recently in Amsterdam. It isn’t just a sport where nationalist feelings can get riled up. Even domestic matches can go out of hand, just see the Turkish league.

    If Shinichi knew these kind of things happened I think he might reconsider a football match to be carried out, though he still might push for it.

    1. In Jinzaburou’s defense, he may have just been trying to teach Shinichi this lesson, and he decided that having Shinichi see it would help to tamp down on some of his more troublesome idealistic tendencies…is what I might say, if not for those cameras. You’re right to be suspicious. Shinichi is trying to do what’s right, but Jinzaburou is definitely trying to do what’s right for Japan. Those two goals won’t always align.

      1. And then there’s the fact that the group from before feels like it’s sort of foreshadowing at such things from the government; the want/”need” for humans to have and maintain dominant control over the other races because they fear and are jealous of them.

        I mean, they were probably afraid enough because of finding a portal leading to a completely unknown world (and humans fear the unknown usually), but when the government sees the kind of the power the dwarves and elves have from the recordings of this soccer match, it will surely make them (more) afraid/jealous, and possibly lead them to take (more drastic) measures to keep them under control out of fear that they may try to take control themselves if they joined together against them, so by keeping them distracted with the otaku ways (probably under the stereotype that otakus are just fat slobs who are total shut-ins who drool over pictures or something) while keeping them polarized to the other based on their own prejudice, the humans/government will be playing both sides and reaping the rewards.

  3. And they say I was weird for playing as a dwarf! Eat that elves!

    Romilda would have been perfect if it wasnt for the taint of the BL.

    On another note: our loli ruler Petrarca is definitely top of my TOP LOLIS THIS SEASON along with Akatsuki of Log Horizon. Seriously, why do legal lolis exist only in animes!? WHY?!

  4. yeah i noticed the cameras .. and i think they were gathering info in the combat capanilities of both elfs and dwarfs … would explain why “that Japanese dude” allowed the match to take place (lol forgot his name) .. in any case.. really nice chapter.. omg Petrarca.. she went all deredere there xD.

    Next chapter gonna be interesting .. lol they are in Japan? why? omg cant wait!!!

      1. I think this ties in to the important fact that Shinichi has been ignoring so far: the humans. It’s important to make dwarves and elves get along, but in this society they’re more or less equals.

        The problem are the humans. From what we’ve seen in class, the human kids have not been joining in at all, and it’s likely that the dwarves and elves are too scared to even try to talk to them. That separation is stronger than ever.

        So with Petrarca’s sudden acceptance of other races, the humans might start to get worried of what might happen if the dwarves and elves start feeling empowered. They’ll likely try to enlist the help of Japan to keep things in order (and under their rule), even ignoring Petrarca if she disagrees.

    1. Going by Japanese dude’s reaction in the episode where they send false info to Bahailam, he might actually be working with Bahailam on an evil plan of some sort. The recorded match can be used as intel on combat capabilities as well.

  5. Seriously, I’m telling you Shinichi – Myuseru as waifu, Elbia as mistress, and visit Petrarca on the weekends. You can do this. Make it happen.

    but don’t forget Galius. who also cleaned rice from Shinichi…quite worrisome 😛

    every episode again and again I wonder whether they can make it fun and hilarious more than before, and they actually do it.
    moreover they add some interesting aspects within the comedy. like when petrarca “high-five” with Miuseru.
    I don’t know where it’s gonna lead us to…but it was funny and intriguing moment!

  6. My main issue with Petrarca is that she’s a spoiled brat playing around, Myuseru is a genuinely a sweet girl who should be best girl in the end.
    Having said that, I’m straddling HMS Elbia and Minori. Every time Elbia does something Minori tops her and vice versa. Its so hard to choose.

    1. To be fair, Petrarca IS a kid who was raised to believe in ways of life that were ingrained in her by her elders, who had it ingrained in them by their predecessors, and so on, but is also a kid in the highest position of power in the kingdom. Kids plus lots of power tends to result in spoiled brats, but it also leaves lots of room for her to learn because she’s still so young.

      Myuseru, however, was someone who was forced to grow up under those same conditions, but on the opposite end; having to endure a hard life most likely full of ridicule and whatnot. Such things usually will make a person far more humble and appreciative of the things they have and what they receive later.

      1. yes, it is Nausicca, and the Valley of the Wind.

        These are the Biological Weapons, that Burn down the Old World. Some of them they founded, and use him near the End. Even if hit was not ready. Remember the Light Beam, with Atomic Bomb reaction?

  7. Nobody mentioned the Monster Hunter reference? And for the record Hammers can’t cut tails, and while Bow & Arrows can, it’ll take a pretty long time. Maybe we’ll see a future scene where that girl Human noble (who always stays out of the Elf-Dwarf squabble) help Romilda and Roic on a Rathalos-expy by using a Long Sword?

  8. Anyone else get the feeling that Japan is planning an invasion? It’s likely that the army is just being cautious, but you never know…

    Elbia is getting more interesting every episode. Miuseru is still the best waifu, but Elbia is just so much fun to watch.

  9. Stilts-sama, you have lied.

    Seriously, I’m telling you Shinichi – Myuseru as waifu, Elbia as mistress, and visit Petrarca on the weekends. You can do this. Make it happen.

    *goes to read the episode 2 blog post*



      1. To borrow a quote, too:”Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right!”
        And making ALL the concerned girls happy is RIGHT, at least in some kinds of anime.

  10. I might have to disagree with your outlook on the high five and hand holding deal. On one hand, it is something that could jump start the possibility of equality in the kingdom, but it could also screw things up even more.

    Rulers back then were generally viewed as the perfect beings by their citizens and that may lead to Petrarca’s kingdom turning on her for showing imperfection.

    Also, what would it tell some the townsfolk if they saw their leader fraternizing with a half-elf, something they viewed as a lesser being. That might tell them that Petrarca believes they are inferior to half-elves and they might not take that too well. Racism and jealousy can be a very ugly thing after all.

    Who knows though, I could be worried over absolutely nothing and reading too much into it. Guess I’ll see.

    1. You’re not wrong. It all depends on how the Eldantese react, but going with the tone of the show I think it’ll be more towards the light than the dark…though some people will certainly flit in the dark, and the transition ought to be a bumpy one.

  11. This episode was great, all the girls were adorable, especially Elbia. Cant get enough of her adorable antics ;3

    I swear Romilda and that elf boy will get together. It will happen!

  12. This is hilarious and both very much so in character within the context. Man, if not the best of the season, I’d say top three at best. I wonder if that the clap heard ’round the world probably means DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM on the horizon.

  13. Meh i don’t see why he just doesn’t let them argue. You see in the world of otakus it’s natural for this sort of thing to happen. I’d even go as far to say that it’s a form of respect. Because you believe that the person you are arguing with is on the same level as you and actually WORTH having a discussion with. I’d say that their arguments have actually brought them closer together because before they wouldn’t even SPIT in the direction of the other race yet alone talk to them about anything.

    It’s not exactly the friendly relationship you’d want to see obviously but there is no denying that there is a ever so slowly forming comradery between the two races.

    1. True…but their arguments are frequently dissolving into racial insults, and that’s a problem. When an elf and a dwarf insult one another in purely otaku ways, that’s one thing, but when they keep trotting out racial slurs it’s a problem that needs to be dealt with.

  14. First, I would like to say that, in my opinion this series remains to be the best comedic series of the year by far. That being said, while I could list several examples as to why I feel that way, I’ve instead decided to list five soccer ball-related things I’ve learned about some key characters this week, that may or may not be misread:

    1. Elbia possesses a strong subconscious desire to play with the balls of others.
    2. Minori is very overprotective when it comes to Masato & Itsuki’s golden balls.
    3. Roic is unwillingly pummeled in the face by dwarf balls. A lot.
    4. Petralika is very gentle when handling balls.
    5. Myuseru is unexpectedly good at using her magic to blow others’ balls, as the play with them.

    I think that about covers it. :3
    On an unrelated note, Muyseru is still my favorite harem candidate, and both her, and the Yamcha death reference will forever be held within my heart.

    Unlucky Star
  15. Your Right, every Ball Sport, the Dwarf would win, when it comes to Strength without Magic

    imagine Tennis, the Racks would not hold the Power of a Dwarf Smash Ball. And if the Elfs put Magic into play, it is the same. Dragonflame Powershoot Ball

    Water ball, the Dwarf will lose. because they are bad in Water, but Elfs would gain Upper hand, because of their “undine”/Water Magic

    Golf… Imagine “Everybodys Golf”, just with FTL (Faster then Light) Smash Balls from the Startpoint, perhaps many Hole in one, of both races

    Tabeltennis? the same
    Handball? the same

    Dwarfs are to strong, without Magic in Human compared Strength.
    Elfs compensate this with powerful Magic.. Why not take a other Route?

    Some Mind Sports, then Both have no Advances.

    Chess as Example… But to make it Anime Jokes friendly, some “Real Life” Chess, where the Pieces are Dwarfs or Elfs and have to fight real battles

  16. Shinichi has learned the power of unintended consequences…
    If football went that far, what if someone shows the Eldant nobles “Girls und panzer”?
    Considering there were times nations went to war over football matches, I could see the explosive potential, but never expected it to go to such apocalyptic match.
    Petrarca was so cute with “blush inducing” moment. Even cuter when she high-fived Mysel!
    Minori went totally off the scale with her BL fantasies, and was rewarded by Ga(y)rius gleefully picking the rice.
    Oh and Elbia going instinctively after the ball was jus hilarious!

  17. I love it when story telling weaves seemingly unrelated threads in this wonderfully coherent fashion.

    Elbia’s fascination with the ball opens the opportunity for Petrarca’s entry into the game!

    Great Ep!

  18. Stilts here is a little question that has almost nothing do with series but you peek my interest: You have make refernce to a novel called Discworld, since I´m big fan of fantasy books I was wondering if could tell if it is any good so I could give a try. I trust your opinion.


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