Episode 04

「スノーギフト」 (Sunō Gifuto)
“Snow Gift”

There are some series that I enjoy in the opposite vein of my usual taste. I often consider myself a fan with character, atmospheric, and theme based inclinations, but Galilei Donna is a series I enjoy for vastly different reasons. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike the characters or the setting or any of that, but this to me is a show I watch for action and mystery purposes. The Ferrari sisters are endearing enough, and they have their own personalities and issues, but for me at least, that’s not enough to get me interested. They’re a tad flat for my taste, except for Kazuki who had to grow out of her old immaturity somewhat (after all, that’s what growing up is about, realizing you need to mature and change, even if it’s difficult), but even so my ties to the girls are superficial at best. I imagine part of that is probably because the series is so short at 11 episodes, but part of it also feels like it comes from the fact that they haven’t done too much in the way of characterization, other than dealing with their current situation. Of the three, I still like Hozuki best, so you can imagine the medical-high school alumni in me in horror when she fell off that roof. I’m pretty sure she would have been bleeding more, broken several bones (more like every bone in her body), suffered severe trauma and head injuries, and so forth had this not been anime. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t severely injured, and she does require surgery, but it was still a pretty horrific scene.

Of course, this provides the perfect scenario for Kazuki to redeem herself after her outburst last time, and I’m glad she realized that something had to change. As much as her situation upset her, it was too urgent for her to spend it wallowing in self pity, and her family is in too much danger for her to fight with them. When it comes down to it, Kazuki cares about her sister just as much as the other two care about her, and it’s nice to see her understand that. The convenient presence of the doctor (and the moon sketch he was holding and using as a food mat) aside, it’s good to see the sisters working at getting along. That being said, I would like a little more focus on the Tesoro and on the journey, but that’s probably just personal preference.

Episode 05

「星座夢幻」 (Seiza Mugen)
“Fantasy Constellation”

I want someone to make me a telescope.

I think it’s no surprise that I’m an avid lover of astronomy, and that the little love story at the heart of this sad episode was really touching despite being so short and rather inconsequential on the general narrative. I found the interactions between Hozuki, always my favorite, and Theo to be pretty sweet, though not necessarily in a romantic way. We’ve never seen Hozuki talk to another kid her age, nor have we ever seen anyone who understood her love for engineering. Seeing her and Theo strike a friendship over Galileo and astronomy of all things is nice, and I like that Hozuki doesn’t let Karen feel antagonized by her sudden intrusion in their osananajimi relationship. It’s pretty clear to her that the childhood friends have something sweet and more than friendship on their hands, and it’s nice of her to spend a little time with them both. It’s a little fresh that this doesn’t become a love triangle or anything overly dramatic of that sort, and I just like the simple depiction of three kids talking and getting along. But obviously the real punch is at the end, and though there isn’t a lot of time for the kids to get into your heart, Theo and Karen’s death, in each other’s arms with no hope of survival, is quite the heartbreaking affair nonetheless.

I wouldn’t know if this will affect Hozuki permanently in coming episodes or if this, like the doctor in the previous episode, is a one time affair, but at least as a stand alone narrative, I find it to be the most compelling character driven story yet in the series. Perhaps that says a little about the true strengths of the show, which is probably best in visual appeal, whether mecha or character design, but I do still wish that we got to see more into the action/Tesoro side of things, as that’s still most interesting to me. At least this episode made me feel something rather powerful for someone, and that’s always a good thing.

Note: Apologies, I have been recovering from a mild injury for the last week and a half, and I’m still not at 100%, so I hope you will excuse my lower standard of quality. I hope to be back in full swing by next week, apologies for the wait!


  1. It’s ok Kairi.
    As long as you don’t say “I’ll make sure next week I will make it in time”. I will forgive you. 😀
    I understand the things that you are going through (not going to say about you’re THIS and THAT life, as I don’t want to go to details). As long as you are free to express what you want to say about the episode, I’m fine with it. Even with the love and hate of this series. 😀

    Anyway back to what I want to say about the episode.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Not many shows allowing children’s deaths.. Heck, sometimes they are nigh invincible and somehow survive till then end.

    I’m glad Galilei Donna giving us a healthy slice of life diet of comedy, drama mingled with satisfying action. though the show is kinda rushed. I mean, they keep finding these moon sheets at a high pace when the entire world spent decades looking for them with no luck…

  3. Episode 5… dafuq did I just watch. I have to admit that part of me was holding on to the sliver of hope that Theo and Karen would be rescued and that they’d join the crew. I mean, both the parents (especially the mother!) are still alive. Then the white flash came and the ending credits rolled. Just, wow.

    Down with those corporate scumbags!

    Anyways, don’t worry about your posts. They hit the right feelings, so go on and focus on getting all-better again, Kairi!

  4. glad to have you back blogging. hoping you are well.

    last episode (aka #5) was great. the show is finally realizing its potential.
    although there is still a way to go in order to be maximize the potential, the ep felt great.

    Hozuki found someone to talk with, freely. it doesn’t necessary must be love, just a lovely chit-chat between 2 people who share the same hobbies.
    so, I am glad it’s not a love triangle, well, it was quite clear that he loves Karen, and I am glad it stayed that way, even from Hozuki POV (at least it seems so).
    it was also expected that Theo won’t join to the Tesoro’s journey.

    but that ending..WOW. it’s refreshing that the sisters couldn’t save them, but the preformance of that ending scene was really really great. that’s what make it even more surprising.
    besides, it would be lame if the Ferrari sisters could save them.
    despite all that sadness at the end, that ending really demonstrated the hardships of the current world.
    it’s hard to manage in such world (mostly due to shortage in energy) unless you are wealthy. the middle-class can’t hold itself and everyone become poor.

    well, we still didn’t see much this episode in terms of Tesoro or the other sisters. I found it quite hard for Galilei Donna to focus on all three sisters at once for some reason.
    I hope the show will be able to overcome that obstacle.
    but this ep was good and brought some interesting facts about the world and moments with Hozuki.

    random thoughts:
    1. with all the sorrow of it, I believe they are dead. and sorry but it’s better that way ’cause it was surprising and it serves few things in the show.
    unless the one who writes the script might come later on with an easy-stupid solution of “because of the explosion they fell in an underground tunnel and now they are saved”..that would be stupid.
    2. Anna..a friend or foe?last time Grand rosso (the AI goldfish) followed her. nothing this time.. I got my eye on you!
    3.Theo and Hozuki are genius. that’s their hobby. no way I could build telescope at this young age. not to mention a full-time mecha roboto with AI. even a full life-time isn’t enough for the latter. what are you Hozuki Ferrari?
    4. I must have miss something but why Netherland? there was some hint in the sketch they said and I missed?
    5. what happened there in the end?the goldfish amulet saved Hozuki and Theo?

    1. Why Netherlands? I believe that it’s in order to pay respect to the country where the telescopes were invented, by Hans Lippershey. Galileo’s telescope, mentioned in the episode, was also from Netherlands (it was only upgraded, not built by Galileo).

      But I wonder if you recognize the particular town in Netherlands, of course if it was based on a real one.

  5. There were so many death flags raised during this episode that it was clear somebody’s going to die. But I didn’t expect both of them to die and it was a beautiful scene in fact.

  6. I wonder if this will affect Hozuki in some way? She was totally devastated at the end where Theo and Karen died.

    Also I wonder if that traitor will appear in the story again. Id like to see him get his just desserts: I bet the guy he was in contact with was that father-son corporate duo.

    1. I hope so, your not going to show you Kids, in an Anime. To trow their lives away for someone they Love or so..

      Don’t forget the Responsibility of Animes for “Younger Spectators”

      1. Even if you just want to tell a Funny, Entertainment, Naruto, Bleach and other Stories. Some fragments sink into the Minds of the Spectators

        in Naruto’s case, it is Friendship

  7. With each episode of Galilei Donna I watch the show grows more and more stupid.
    The writer doesn’t seem to be able to arrange anything to happen naturally and instead tries to find the most ridiculous plot advancement imaginable. Episode 5 was the worst yet, explaining nothing that couldn’t be told in less than five minutes.

    The Galileo sisters are so badly written that that it starts to get comical. Hozuki the child genius want to have her family together once again. That’s why apparently she’s been avoiding her family in the hidden reaches of her house since she developed motorized skills to hold a hammer. Equipping her Galileo-go with everything in complement of fives to make the war machine their new home was more important than asking or discussing the idea with anyone? Even in the last two episodes she was more interested in complete strangers than her sisters. Even the ability to use the pendant to read Galileo’s messages in the sketches remains a secret to other sisters because apparently Hozuki doesn’t trust her sisters or at least there doesn’t seem to be any other applicable reason.

    Hazuki seems to be the one who actually cares more about her sisters but that and her prosecuting behavior are only attributes she has.

    Kazuki is teenage-angsty fighter type.

    The sisters are so abysmally written that a fourth wheel, Anna, had to be added as a glue to keep sisters together towards the mission. Anna is the one in the group who seems to have most drive to find Galileo Tesoro – imagine Straw Hat Pirates having only Nico Robin interested in the goal and everyone else in the crew tagging along because they have no choice or because they have nothing else to do.

    Fifth “crew member” is the ship’s AI and it might get the reward of AI with least personality ever. The Galileo-go, itself seems like it could be interesting but presentation sucks.

    What I really dislike in this series are the artificial plot-advancement tools. Police chief’s best way to get victims of sky pirate attack to the police station involves holding them at gunpoint? Is first proclaiming that you’re never getting out of jail and AFTER that asking for information really the optimal order in interrogation? Convenient amnesia. Sky pirates spot two (poorly) disguised girls first instead of noticing a bright red goldfish the size of a house? Double of “the first thing we see was actually where the sketch was”.

    The moon sketches are hidden around the world yet they are famous? Isn’t that counterproductive to keeping them hidden? If they are hidden, how did they become famous? Did Galileo show them to the world and then hid them or did he just tell the world “I made cool sketches of the moon but you can’t see them cause I have hiddened them”? Galilei Donna is stupid full of these…

    Episode five was well trolled though. Hozuki and Theo find the secret passage and leisurely walk through a straight route with no mental or physical obstacles, find the sketch and leave. Maybe Galileo ran over the budget while building and decorating the intricate room and had to skip all traps and puzzles. It’s possible that the puzzles prepared were so easy for Hozuki and Theo to solve that they did it without conscious effort :-d. Additionally the sketches themselves haven’t even hinted at what the Tesoro could be. Writers should know to feed the viewer’s interest a bit. Unless next episode has a hook, this anime will be just girls doing uninteresting things with good but underutilized mecha design.

    1. Your are an Adult, and see this Anime with your Adult eyes? Yes, then this is the conclusion

      But i want to give this Show a change to envelopment their “innocent” Story telling. Sure, i have also Adult Eyes. But i try to see with my “Childish” heart. Or you cannot enjoy Anime, only Animes made possible for Adults, and i not mean H ones

    2. A lot of your criticism seems to be based around a fundamental assumption that this series is meant to be some epic adventure about retrieving Galileo’s inheritance and saving the world (or doing some equally heroic and stereotypical thing) with it. That, however, isn’t the focus of the series at all. If anything, given what we’ve been shown so far, the whole point of Galilei Donna is the characters, the sisters and their interaction with one another, the growth of the family unit in response to the dangers it faces. The whole ‘search for the Galilei Tesoro’ deal is nothing more than a means of making the family grow together – and so what’s wrong with the bad writing on that side of things?



    Pardon. I have been wanting to vent since yesterday. I just doesn’t get this episode at all. The leader guy (what his name again?) just abandoned everyone like that? What for? After all arguing with Hazuki about what they did? And we are not even given explanation on why? I just don’t …..

    Le me try that again. At first, he and the rest of his group weere presented as people who just trying to survive. He is supposedly come off as the type of person who desperately trying to protect his loved ones even if he must do some questionable acts. Then, suddenly he just do a heel face turn like that, abandoning everyone he supposedly care about for his own skin? I was expecting him to sell Galileo sisters but instead we got this. Okay, maybe he is a just selfish bastard. That’s possible but just come out so suddenly that it feel dissonant. Give me a a moement of two from the guy’s POV, at least? An instrospection moment of him judging his options or something. Maybe give him, some other, more important things to protect that drive him to do this? Even if that’s more important thing is his own skin, that’s fine too. I think this what is called as ass-pull?

    Then Theo and Karen’s death. What the fuck? I repeat, WHAT THE FUCK? First, Karen made a stupid decision to just stay waiting there. Why not just, you know, grab the telescope and run, wait for theo somewhere safe and save that telescope while you at it? But, Okay people did stupid things in a panic all the time. One or two mistakes are allowed. Then, they tried to run but stopped because …Karen got a wound on her leg. What? Okay, maybe it just me not having a medical knowledge and too used to anime/movie medic/biology, but that doesn’t look like that bad wounds to me. Why the heck you are giving up? Its your life for God’s sake. Why the heck Theo can’t just lift-drag her. Make some effort to escape. Plus, where is everybody else? Yeah, they are panic and already running away, but I expect some more fortitude and loyaly from a group who band together doing dangerous thing for group survival. If they are that coward, they should have desert long time ago. The reasons for all those question? BECAUSE THE WRITERS WANT TO HAMMER THE VIEWERS WITH A SCENE OF TWO CHILDRED DYING WIHIE SMILING. Yeah, It is a good and touching scene … if delivered properly. Yes, I feel sad for Theo and Karen, Not because they died. But because the writers condemned them to death in a contrived way.

    … I don’t mean to rant that long. Anyway, I was loving this series, up until this episode.

    1. I think you’re a bit too emotionally shaken to see the situation clearly:

      1. The town is a dead end. They’re out of supplies, and their have very limited means of acquiring more.

      The leader’s betrayal is surprising, but the need to get out of that situation is not. If the leader had been in communication and knew their survival chances were zero, or immenent attack was unavoidable, he had to pull the plug one way or another. Certainly there were better ways to go about it, but this is fiction with drama affecting the sisters.

      2. Most people, especially children, are not trained to deal with emergencies. They panic, and they don’t have the skills and willpower to fall back on. You’ve never dealt with people who’ve been wounded, have you? Certain exceptional people can tough it out, but bleeding has a limited time before blood loss leads to unconsciousness and fatality. The fictionalized version actually behaved MUCH better than real life. For such an impaled injury, there were none of the signs of shock, anguish, screaming, twitching. You cannot expect regular adults to act anything like trained rescue professionals, let alone children.

      The death flags were set the moment the sisters first conversed with the locals.

      Either way, the carpet bombing certainly looked beyond the scope of their ability to escape.

      1. Point 2 would make more sense if Hozuki didn’t just fall from rooftop and didn’t break all her bones in the previous episode… as Kairi said above.

        I’m not complaining that they died. I'[m complainin that they died in a contrived way. Makes the wound worse than just a stabbing glass, visible broken bone or something. Show a bit more scenes of the environment exploding so its clearer than they have no escape.

        Point 1. Yeah, no. How this a ‘drama affecting sisters’ an excuse for crappy writing? you admit it yourself there are better way to go with things. And really my complain was it just so abrupt, ass-pull-ish, without no explanation whatsoever why he did it, why he went against his own stance as shown earlier during debate with Hazuki.


        They would? Oh, hopefully.

      2. Sal, again you miss the forest for the trees.

        The context is clearly a dystopia, given the limited resources, the despair. While I mention there’s better ways, that is not fitting with the context. Fate deals tragic hands all around. If you’re upset that there’s tragedy in dystopia, watch another series. The writing is fitting with the context. Explanations of the leader are not entirely necessary, as the whole world is the explanation. The situation is bad, and that leads to bad reactions. Doing otherwise would make it a comedy. That things turned out bad, and the show followed through with it instead of a contrived victory, gains my respect for this show.

        Germanguy is right that this show is going down a dark path, but I think the show is better for it. The opening theme is a bit deceptive, but so was Madoka’s.

        There’s plenty of super ‘happy’ animes out there. I hope this one plays tragedy out well.

    2. Only reason I didn’t complain about the rebel leader (Leo?) is because they’re going to show him in the future episodes, explaining his actions. It would not make sense to introduce 3 new characters in an episode just to kill two and to have one disappear. They’re going to do something with the character who betrayed everything he told about himself to the girls? Right? Right?

  9. Well, i saw Ep 6.

    How can this “Cute looking” Anime, at the beginning, walking now this Dark Path?

    Well, this is to Darken for me, and i cannot see it anymore. So i let it in the Shadows, and turn my Face to the Light, leave this Anime back in their Dark Own World. No Mercy even for Children’s

    Sayonara Galilei Donna, at the beginning you was a nice one. But now, you turned to Dark for me

  10. I accidently watched episode 5 first thinking that I already saw episode 4. I noticed in episode 5 that Kazuki wasn’t being annoying to my surprised and that’s when I found out i mssed episode 4.

    So they try to redeem Kazuki by making Hochibi jump out a window only to fall to what should’ve been her death, they were on the 7th floor…

    I don’t buy that bullshit, Kazuki is still annoying and the worst sister until some real development happens. Stop with all the “well it’s convienient” bullshit. Homeless doctor just happens to have the moon sketch AND a Phoenix down “micro doctor” to boot just to save Hochibi. Btw, that’s one actual other good thing about Kazuki besides her martial arts, that she named Hozuki, Hochibi.

    I’m not done with the conviences though, Kazuki can read a manual even though Hazuki the older sister who wants to be a prosecutor, a job which omg takes a lot of reading to do, hell she had to read at school so why the fuck couldn’t she read the manual?! Fake ass character development just to give Kazuki a chance at redemption. The only thing that didn’t seem convienient was Hazuki not knowing about the Micro Doctor plot device and Kazuki was the only one besides Hochibi who knew about it.

    Those plates better break soon as they try to use them unless Kazuki magically pulls some type of ultra glue out of her ass to keep the plate pieces together.


    Hochibi can survive a 7 floor drop without bleeding, but two kids can’t survive being bombarded by missles? Sounds legit…


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