「ともだち」 (Tomodachi)

The sixth episode of Ars Nova is upon us and it’s the best one yet. Because as Haruna and Kirishima jump in to protect Makie, we get an episode that gives us the best of both worlds. Whereas previous episodes had a tendency to be either action-packed or development focused, this week’s episode combines both to great effect, and it brings Ars Nova to a whole new level.

As it turns out, mental models are quite capable of fending for themselves. Haruna ends up showing the strike team what it means to have “intent,” and it’s a significant development. Because despite the conviction behind those words, Haruna doesn’t actually realize her true intent until the very end—which is that she’s protecting Makie not for the information she possesses, but for the bond they created. It’s a development that culminates her transformation from an AI to something remotely human, and I cannot stress how important it was for Haruna to develop that way. Because although it was obvious from our standpoint that she was doing it for their friendship, it shouldn’t mean that Haruna herself should automatically know. There’s a key distinction there, and it’s clear that the people behind this series realize that, and the opportunity it gives for character development. It’s something I feel many other series would’ve failed miserably in doing, and I have to give my kudos to the guys behind Ars Nova for doing development right.

The importance of our characters’ realizations is only one part of the equation however. The bond itself ends up every bit as significant as the realization, because under normal circumstances, you’d think there’s no way they could be friends. One of them is the enemy of mankind. The other, is a human construct made for the purpose of eliminating that enemy. It’s like someone saying Germany, Japan, and the United States could be friends during the second World War. The idea just seems ludicrous, and it’s something that Haruna and Makie themselves end up pointing out multiple times. But just as the warring powers in our world have become friends, they too find out they can be friends—shattering the preconceived notions they had of each other and bringing about a change greater than any weapon.

It goes to show that a little bit of communication can go a long way, and there’s an endless amount of social commentary one could elicit from Ars Nova. The tagline of “Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?” ends up being more significant than ever before, and the series just keeps adding another dimension to itself with each passing episode. Suffice to say, I’m pleasantly surprised every time, and this is one show whose next episode I can’t help but be eager for. Here’s looking forward to Gunzou, Iona, and everyone else continuing to be their awesome, bad-ass selves.

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    1. Well, now that Haruna & Kirishima have finally met Gunzou face-to-face, this anime series can only end one way:

      The Battleship Harem Ending

      In which, Gunzou takes everyone to his stronghold in Iwota, and uses the vibration warhead to destroy the infidels who dare try to get between him and his harem. The End.

      Unlucky Star
      1. His big hard vibration warhead won’t be sent to the US. Instead, he’ll use it to pierce his targets deeply and make it explode inside or outside, in the front or in the back as well.

      2. But wait! Maybe the vibration warhead doesn’t actually destroy the ships! Maybe it has another function for the harem.

        You are correct, Sir Bear! For Gunzou somehow convinces Makie to redesign the vibration warhead, and create the G-Type Vibration Warhead. This new variant would retain the vibration properties of the original, but discard it’s destructive properties. He’d then allow each mental model to carry one inside their cargo bay for…

        ( •_•)>⌐■-■

        recreational use :3

        Unlucky Star
    2. @Bear And it looks like we’re headed for an anime original ending.

      Lol, yeah, that’s probably a safe assumption considering that we already have a very anime only middle. No where else to go at this point.

      So what are the odds of Kongou making it into the harem? Maya’s pretty much a given, but I just can’t see Kongou… err, going down without a fight.

  1. Amazing episode as ever. Especially at the end when Iona just swooped down to save the day.
    But I just don’t really like how they focused so much on the development of the fog fleet that they (sort of) neglect the development of Gunzou and the crew members. Especially since in exchange for having Iona coming in all guns blazing, they gave up the Show Spoiler ▼

    Still, judging by the recent BD sales, there might be a sequel or (more hopefully) a reboot

    1. As much as I would like an anime version that is more faithful to the manga, I don’t think it would work out well. The story is awesome, but at what point in the story would you end the series? On top of which, there aren’t a lot of volumes out yet, because it’s a monthly serialization.

      A reboot so soon would only result in another anime-original path.

      1. But Shingeki no Kyojin pulled it off with a 2-cour animated series , so I don’t see why FlyingDog can’t do the same, especially when both studios also face the same problem, where it’s the best place to end. An advantage that flyingDog has is that they only have to animate 1-cour. A place that they could end is possibly Show Spoiler ▼

        Granted , a reboot should come after the manga is reaching to its end , possibly like how FMA:B ended around the same time as the manga.
        It just irks me to see that they are willing to put so much development into the Mental models’ progress and the battle scenes yet they have to ‘sacrifice’ so much for it.

    1. Possible, an alternate universe where asshole-ish characters like the *cough* captain of the German U-boat don’t exist, and that the supreme flagship is *surprise*, Kongou instead of Yamato.
      But you can’t deny that the action scenes are comparable to the manga, plus they focus on the development of the fog fleet. Also, that Kirishima butt shot. Something that the manga has not shown (yet).

      Also, teddy butt-kicking

      1. It was meant to be a bit harsh but also hopeful. Otherwise, if anime producers actually have some insight on what’s supposed to happen in the manga but they don’t follow it exactly due to episode constraints, then I’m actually afraid that the anime will spoil the manga for me – by getting ahead of it and presenting the story in a narrow and simplified manner.

  2. One thing that pissed me off a lot from this episode is how they portrayed humanity (except for Gunzou) as generally all ‘evil’, especially with Kamikage, when in the manga he wasn’t that.(It was the JGSDF that initiated the attack, while Kamikage wanted to ‘stop it’, which he did (sort of))
    It makes the growth of the fog fleet (Kirishima and Haruna) rather lopsided and I feel gives humanity in the Arpeggio universe a disservice, since not all of humanity are the same (excluding Gunzou), like the JMSDF supporting I-401’s exploits while the JGSDF is against it.

    Still a good action-packed episode as always though.

    1. I don’t think humanity’s been portrayed that badly. For the most part, they’ve been subjugated by the Fog, and Kamikage is playing several roles here. For the purposes of the anime, which is working with a strict episode limit, I think Kamikage putting out an order to take out Makie in order to protect information about the Vibration Warhead is very believable. It’s less about being evil, and more about protecting the one weapon invented by humans after all these years that could work on the Fog.

    2. Yeah, Humanity isn’t exactly evil in this just extremely desperate, especially the Japanese because they are such a small island cut off from the outside world.

      I’m loving this Anime Original version, the only downside was being unable to see Haruna go ballistic because Lawrence was rewritten.

    3. bad or evil i dont know … but i can see that totally happening:

      “enemy power infiltration team about to capture the retired designer of our most recent/powerful weapon? solution: destroy the infiltration team OR kill the designer, which ever is easier” .. i guess is easier to kill a child than to kill a mental model.

    4. @Klaz, I agree that the anime skews the viewers perception in this regard. It goes back to my “Gunzou and Iona Save the World show” theme. Take out Hakugei 3 and everyone involved with that so ONLY Gunzou/Iona & misc. can do anything to save humanity. Hakugei 3 wasn’t exactly an anti-FoF naval warfare juggernaut, but at least it and its crew played a meaningful and significant part. Nope. Gotta ALL Gunzou & Iona for the anime. LOL, they even have to go as far as Iona saving Haruna.

      Now a complete reversal of Kamikage’s character (as I noted in a post below), and inexplicably give him Kita’s role. As you know, it was Kita, NOT Kamikage, who ordered the raid on the mansion, and then during the battle (after discussing with the PM) ordered Makie’s assassination. More than anyone else, Kamikage’s been a unwavering supporter for Gunzou & I-401. So why did the anime change it so that Kamikage plays Kita’s his role? Kita was NOT cut from the show so no excuse there. The only explanation I can think of is that the the director simply wanted to show off Gunzou again as the Hero. Only Gunzou remains as the beacon of justice and moral upstanding. With Kamikage now shown in such negative light, there’s no one else left to represent the “good” side of humanity – they’ve all be cut out from the show.

      @Rasen – The problem is when it’s ONLY I-401’s crew (really Gunzou), then it comes across as Klaz suggests – very lopsided. ONLY our Hero and misc. sidekicks are morally just and righteous. Who else have we seen in this light? Lawrence maybe, but his story is primarily redemption/trying to make up for his past than anything else. They even made his death much less noble than per manga. >_>. Kamikage had been someone who might have been on the “good and just” side, but nope, got to sub him in for Kita.

      As noted above, there is NO reason to have Kamikage play Kita’s role. Also, the anime didn’t even try to include the entire discussion of what to do w/ Makie from the Japanese government’s perspective. The line about “Once again we are forced to make hard choices” is nowhere to be found. In the anime, Kamikage does not show one HINT of remorse, give an explanation, etc. Nothing. His comments are very matter of fact “You intend to go against us? You will regret this” generic villain type speech. Even if there is a “valid military reason” for his actions, the way the entire situation is presented IMO is certainly far from neutral. A few minor script changes to his “speech” an Kamikage comes across much less callous to the viewer.

    1. With all the anime changes, that it’s still possible for that scene to occur since they haven’t reached Iwo yet, but I wouldn’t bet on it given the fact they deleted the Iona chibi sub-nodes. Can’t see Iona getting upstaged by any MM. Shame though… FWIW, I thought the chibi Takao’s were absolutely hilarious (and cute!).
      Show Spoiler ▼

  3. …There’s something reaaaally familiar about a tiny person using martial arts to stomp a bunch of people, but I can’t place it…

    I want a Youtarou of my own. Kicks butt and squeaks when surprised.

  4. Massive wall of text incoming.

    I enjoyed this episode as much as I enjoyed the last one, though for different reasons. I had hoped Dr. Osakabe could’ve met Makie one last time before the end, but that hope was quickly dashed. And the scene where Makie divulges her past to Kirishima almost made me T_T. But then all of a sudden, wild Rock Crabs appear! And the action scenes throughout, were quite nice.

    Not nearly as much Haruna-related cuteness can be found, but Kirishima makes up for that a little. I thought how they now have Yotarou pose next to Kirishima on her stats screen during the OP was a cute addition and nice touch. Plus, It’s cute how Kirishima continues to make cute, plushy sounds even when in immediate danger, albeit against her will.

    Strangely, when I first saw Kirishima move and walk around in bear form, it made me think of the classic Care Bears cartoons I used to watch as a kid. And becasue of that, this episode’s theme of friendship certainly felt appropriate. Part of me really wanted to see Kirishima fire some kind of beam weapon from her chest during her mini-tussle with Seal Team 6, shouting, “Kirishima Stare!” But sadly, she didn’t have enough nano-materials.

    I wasn’t surprised at all, seeing Gunzou & co. come to the rescue of Haruna & co. in the end. Although, can’t help but feel sorry for Takao. She goes all the way to Iwoto to meet Gunzou, but not only does she get captured, it turns out Haruna & Kirishima were able to meet Gunzou in person, before her. I just wanna hug her so bad :3

    Unlucky Star
    1. It’s ok, we’re going for the battleship harem ending like what UnluckyStar said. I want to see Gunzou firing the vibration warhead to Kongou . No ending can beat the battleship harem ending !

      1. I’m not really keen on having a harem in a serious show like this. Much so since a harem actually will not benefit the story in anyway since it’s not the focus anywhere in the story, unlike Campione or Infinite Stratos.

        And I’m a purist: If I found and liked the original source material I’d be reluctant for any changes to happen.

        And can people really call it a harem? Takao is the only one gunning for Chihaya’s D.

      2. @ TheMoondoggie,

        Yeah right now it is only Takao aiming for Gunzou.

        Let’s see in the manga it goes like:

        Show Spoiler ▼

      3. @TheMoondoggie: Agree completely with you on this. If you need to crank up the fan service/harem type stuff, leave it for the BD extras or have the standard beach/onsen OVA. Not like there are not plenty of other harem shows out there anyway.

        And can people really call it a harem? Takao is the only one gunning for Chihaya’s D.

        Unless the anime changes that as well…

      4. Truthfully, I wish we knew why they decided to change the story in places, but as much as I tend to poke fun at this show at times, I really do like watching this serious show, apparent changes and all. I don’t really believe in the harem ending here. (Sacrilege!) But, Gunzou just happens to be a male protagonist, and all the mental models we’ve met so far all happen to be female or have chosen to look female, so it seemed to be the natural conclusion, had the story been not quite as serious.

        That said, I too am a purist, and feel if I had read the manga before watching the anime, I would be in the same boat as many people here, disappointed that things were changed in the anime. But In some ways, I think myself lucky I’ve yet to read the manga. That way, I can enjoy the anime for what it’s offering, rather than be disappointed in what it’s lacking.

        Also, harem ending or not, sign me up for that beach/onsen OVA :3

        Unlucky Star
    2. I’m honestly disappointed in the episode beyond the fight scenes. Yes, Seeing Iona kick some ass was nice, yes, seeing Kirishima go kung-fu teddy was nice, but they dropped it hard with Haruna. Haruna did just as much ass-kicking and non-lethal takedowns in the manga as she did here, but without coming off as weak as she did here.

      It was even more blatant when she dealt with Show Spoiler ▼

      I do wonder how things will play out from here though. Also, soon will be time for best Show Spoiler ▼

      . I swear to any choice deity, if they screw up her character, I’ll be beyond terse.

  5. No one see the this?

    401 is like the Ship in WW2 that took the “Atom Bomb Plutonium” to build the Bomb. Well, when they successful delivering it, they got sunk

    But, the Base here is the same. They deliver the “Bomb” for Humanity to succeed. And with the Girl Onboard, thy have the Intel to made another one. If they have enough Material of course to mass Produce them. So they can risk to lose the Prototype in Battle. as long the Wisdom is there to Build more

    1. I think you’re reading way too much into this. I-401 is not the USS Indianapolis on several levels. The atomic bomb was delivered to the Island of Tinian (part of the Mariana Islands), not Iwo Jima. B-29s had a massive operational range so they didn’t need to be that close to Japan. All that would do is put the US Airbase at greater risk of attack. Also, the vibration warhead (assuming that isn’t changed >_>), is nowhere near the level of the WWII atomic bombs both in terms of destructive power or strategic impact.
      Show Spoiler ▼

      The issue is not one of “intel”, but resources and manufacturing capacity. Because this is NOT a huge AoE weapon, you need to make a LOT of them and only America has the ability to do so (Russia, China and/or one or two European countries might able to do so as well, but they are all embroiled in wide scale war).

      One issue for this story line in the magna is the question of logistics. Even IF the VW torpedo is delivered to America, how are they going to transport the mass produced torpedoes back to Japan? Helps the US cause but not so much the rest of the world until (if) the US could reestablish shipping lanes.

      As for the anime – who knows at this point? You maybe entirely correct that they make a bunch of these to replace the corrosive torpedo supply on I-401. They may even amp up the VW effectiveness (i.e. works against Klein Fields).

      1. Yeah, no one knows how the US is doing. Are they fine? Are they in Civil War? Since all Oversee Communications where cut off, Only News over land are working..

        And your right, if the US could Mass produce them, how to share the load with the other Countries?

        And with the Atomic Bomb. Well I401 is Transportation a Bomb that will change History. Well, if it works of course. I wanted not to talk about the Atomic Bomb, i just was using as Example

        I just Wonder what Secret Iwo Shima hide. The Defenses are not “human”, as She already found out 🙂

  6. and looks Like this Egg in the End, is some other Mental AI Model. perhaps the AI that was Fight Offscreen in both, Anime and Manga and took her “Graviton Cannon”

    Well, at last they have a Mental AI Model Prison or so

      1. Okay, now i watched the OP mit calmer eyes.. Your right…

        First i think. Darth Vader Commando seat (You remember this Scene, the “Shell” lookalike that :))

        But, is she on her Free will. Joined she 401 Side, because they spared her AI Core? I think that would be curios to known. If you want to answer, you can build it in with a “flashback” on the end of his First fight

      2. The last part of the OP spoils what happens in the episode itself. Go back and watch each OP from episode two, and you’ll find it does a very quick flash skim of stuff that’s about to go down in their episodes proper.

  7. well, everything in this ep was kinda expected. really “nothing new under the sun” in terms of the course of events. yet of course that’s not the issue.
    the issue was to demonstrate the changes on Haruna, alongside the conflicts of both Haruna and Makie as to whether they are enemies or friends. I was intrigued with the makie’s thought saying she developed a weapon against HaruHaru so she should hate her. but of course it happened the opposite. apparently Haru simply can’t step forward without makie. however one should claim how’s that Makie felt blame against fog, and Haru is still indifference about that?well..I guess she can’t develop that much emotions. especially that kind of emotion

    even the appearence of Iona and Gunzou saving the day wasn’t surprising.
    however I wonder about Gunzou’s motive in that matter..I found it hard he simply saved them because it felt right. no chance he could’ve been there the exact same moment and prepared to shot missiles and stuff..then why?
    was it to demonstrate he is not a “military dog”?did he wanted to know about makie’s power (unlikely as I see it)?was it to influence HaruHaru?

    random thought:
    1. makie to serve as HaruHaru captain?is that mean HaruHaru has betrayed the fog?
    2. Is Gunzou’s stronghold lies where Takao is right now?
    3. I want more fights in the sea! after not having any the last 2 eps, I kinda missed that. at least we got some action this time.

    1. @thedarktower: even the appearance of Iona and Gunzou saving the day wasn’t surprising.
      however I wonder about Gunzou’s motive in that matter..I found it hard he simply saved them because it felt right. no chance he could’ve been there the exact same moment and prepared to shot missiles and stuff..then why?

      Your questions about Gunzou’s “motive[s]” are certainly valid IMO. Please keep in mind that this is anime-only material, and the anime (at least IMO) didn’t do a good job of covering the details. I think his “motive” is simply that as the Hero, he’s going to save the girl(s) from the clearly evil, lacking any morals (etc.) government bad guy, because that’s what Heroes do. This is important because if you didn’t realize before, surely you must understand by now that Gunzou is the Hero – he even has the Hero Harem to prove it. Same reason you see Iona’s MM rescuing a “helpless” Haruna. Iona is the Heroine and the anime must show her as such. I posted 3(?) EPs back that they turned this into the “Gunzou & Iona Save the World show”, and this kind of anime-only material fits that concept perfectly. Haruna cowering and crying for help? LMAO.

      Manga Spoiler RE: Mansion Battle & Haruna (nothing that big) Show Spoiler ▼

      BTW, Kamikage was totally screwed over by the anime – complete 180 from the manga. Kamikage was one of the, arguably THE, biggest supporter of Gunzou and I-401. It was KITA who ordered the assault on the mansion, and the primary objective was Haruna (not sure if they knew about Kirishima), NOT Makie – that was added to the mission AFTER the battle started when Kita & Japan PM discussed the risks concerning Makie.

      As for your questions about the Makie-Haruna friendship, Haruna in the manga is not indifferent by any means. Confused, yes, indifferent, no. The anime’s version was greatly compressed and barely resembled the mangas version. FAR too many changes in this EP to list/compare. I recommend you read the manga AFTER the anime is over if you’re still curious about this or anything else.

      RE: Your other questions/comments:

      1) At this point really shouldn’t make any definitive predictions with the anime, but having Makie serve as Haruna’s captain would be ridiculous. She’s genetically engineered to be really, really good at ONE thing (in this case physics & related science). This ins’t so apparent in the anime b/c they cut out scenes/characters which had explained more about the design children. While clearly extremely intelligent, Makie’s still a little girl in a lot of ways. How may ship captains are clutching teddy bears when scared? Not a lot I hope.

      2) Yes, Takao is on/at Iwo Jima, though “base of operations” is probably a more accurate description than stronghold. Scratch that – no telling what’s been changed. FWIW, I don’t consider this a spoiler b/c IMO it’s pretty clear from even just the anime dialogue. Takao said she wasn’t going to where I-401 was currently located (battling Haruna & Kirishima), but a place she learned about after meeting Iona. They’ve mentioned the Iwo base a number of times, and there’s nowhere else I-401 can go.

      3) There is a battle coming up. but whether the anime kept it or not – no clue. It would be better if they did keep that part of the manga, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the anime cuts those characters as well. Maybe Maya is substituted for the original opponent. Her role has been drastically cut so far as it is – all she’s done is “drink” virtual tea, so she needs to get in the game. Besides can’t conscript her into the harem if she and Gunzou never meet. At any rate, given the anime’s rewrite of the story (let’s be honest, we are far beyond “adaptation” at this point), I’m all for more sea battles. Throw in an uncensored MM + Iori beach/onsen EP while your at it. If you’re going to turn this into Infinite Arpeggio or Arpeggio DxD, at least do it right.

      1. lol still dunno why people complains so much about changes done on the anime from the manga.

        If you liked the manga then keep an open mind and watch the anime , think of it as the “alternate version”.

        Anyways , about “Is Gunzou’s stronghold lies where Takao is right now?” yeah, Takao got there too.. got knocked out by a missile and the “floating egg thing” just greeted her xD (next chapter we should see who the “egg” is)

        PS: dunno if the use of the word “stronghold” is appropriate tho, maybe a translation nuisance?

    2. Well, perhaps they Help them out out of Gratitude. or they do stay out of the future battles. But, anyhow. First both need “nanoparticles” supply, for creating their Ship+body core back
      . Dunno if Iwoto, has that many in Depot. They need to fix the Gravitiy Cannon, too and repair 40% of their Armor

      Or perhaps, we will find a Battle on the way to Iwoto.

      1. and dont forget, the 400 and 402, had a “Close Eye” on her, since their conversation in the harbor, where she buyed the Manga.

        Perhaps the Fog known of the Homebase Iwoto, know, and could plan to counter their Route there

  8. Continuing on the themes of friendship, the biggest annoyance for me is the series’ portrayal of Kamikage as the villain. It only took six episodes for me to become annoyed with the anime’s direction, it is refreshing though, considering with how much they have to work with. The manga is noted for its plots within plots storytelling, something that a studio cannot afford, so thus cuts were made. That said, the direction is refreshingly good. I know it’s odd for me to both praise and denounce it, but to salvage what is left of my professional obligation to take the anime ‘as is’, I consider this well done.

    It’s well within Gunzou’s prerogative to do as he pleases, since the original contract was to merely deliver the vibration warhead to the United States. It seems well within his character, one of an idealist, as well as one who associates with the Fog, to rescue a Fog that is, to our eyes, becoming more human than most humans. So with six more episodes to go, no doubt he is now becoming not only the most wanted man with the Fog, with Japan (and by extension, humanity) as well.

    And it’s still grating on me. What was the need for Kita when they’re gonna make Kamikage as the villain? Ah well, I shall wait and see. But this is one of those ‘YMMV’ parts of the anime.

    Also I liked the change titlecard for Kirishima.

    1. I think it’d be great if more ppl adopted this attitude. It is entirely possible to enjoy both mediums for what they are. Some may not think it’s a good “adaptation,” but would you rather this not even come out? I wouldn’t. It’s still a great anime stand-alone:

      well paced
      character driven
      amazing CG
      comic relief while maintaining a serious tone
      Naval-Lelouch (enough said)

      1. Going from my post in the WoT ASIA forum:

        It’s a YMMV moment in the adaption. I think there really isn’t much time and they’re focusing on what can earn them a greater return on the investment. The whole thing is still a business venture by the studio and if they can gain more by focusing a lot on the mental models (figurine and model sales) and such, it’d help fund the cash cow.

        As for the plot itself, seems reasonable. Kamikage’s still human, and with the changes in the plot either he is gonna be set up as the baddie in the anime. Or (hear me out) he’s even more conniving than originally seen. Setting himself up to fall early, let Kita make the ultimate sin of maybe allying with Kongo and Maya to sink I-401/Iona and make it known. His sin is seen as less evil because he was looking out for the best interest of humanity’s last hope, while Kita is broken and wrecked politically because he was willing to jeopardize humanity’s only chance to strike back at the Fog for some personal gain or to settle a personal offense.

      2. @ Owa, if this show were to end off with an anime-original ending, it’ll be ok.
        But if the ending were to go lets say…..Kongou gets defeated, or Gunzou and crew managed to reach USA, and it ends with Yamato/Chihaya Shouzou/Musashi/Bismarck, or even the Admiral Code appearing…..you can be certain choruses of ‘WTF was the point of cutting practically 70% of the entire plot?!’ from manga readers will happen.
        Because if FlyingDog is going to go anime-original, they better do it properly and not leave it hanging.

  9. Kinda realised that this has deviated from the manga at the very moment when HaruHaru didn’t go beserk. Nonetheless, I’m quite happy with this adaptation despite U-Boats not getting a proper and formal debut.

    That aside, this episode made my cry halfway

  10. Dropped. Dunno why the felt the need to completely rewrite the story (while keeping the action scenes mind you) but it’s simply not as good as the manga. And the wooden CG characters are really starting to get to me, everyone moving stiffly is one thing, but they basically blink and move like robots or dolls since the first few episode. It’s really off-puttin.

  11. After watching this episode, I am now understand the feeling of those who read and watched “THe WAlking DEad”.. and the meaning of alternate universe. When a good manga/Grpc novel was adapted to anime/TVshow, and the storyline via off-course by miles. They still are really good show with smooth story line, but different scenario. INteresting

  12. You know, Aoki Hagane is starting to remind me of the underlying theme from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Its like the mental models (similar to the T1000) are starting value human life. Pity the same can’t be said for the humans themselves….

  13. Apparently they solved Haruna and Makie’s incertitudes with each other very quickly in the anime, and another huge difference was Iona’s intervention to save Haruna. Some people aren’t happy about those changes but I’m more curious with how things will go from there.

    BTW, LOL at the Teddy bear of DOOM!

    weird d
  14. Well, it is an Open Secret. that (in this Anime) the Japan Defense Army and Japan Defense Navy, are not friends

    Because the Navy restock and resupply the Submarine, while the Army is the Shoot first, ask Later fraction

    Perhaps trough the For Navy, the Power of the Navy is thin now

      1. okay, to clear some things

        The Writers here, know that i love to Speculate. Speculate is some sort of guessing, how it can go on. Sometimes i hit, sometimes i got near miss, and mostly i got fails. But do i whine? No, i love to speculate. this is my Way to “Fantasy” my World

        My Postings are not there to Spoil, or be 10000% Accurate. I just have my Fun. With my Salt and Pepper

        Smile with me, or let me Smile and you watch from afar. I do it my Way

        Oh, i dont do a thing about facebook. My Fan can continue to down vote me. If you like it, go on

  15. When I saw Iona help Haruna out of nowhere I was literally off my seat going “OH YEAH BABY THE REINFORCEMENTS HAVE ARRIVED!” Such a great episode everyone kicked so much ass! XD

    Jason Isenberg
  16. Kirishima fighting in her Yotaro form was very much like Yoda – which is, amazing, to say the least!
    I loved both Haruna realising her feelings and Iona in her “The cavalry” (trope!)moment.

  17. Quick Summary for Ep 7 from me

    Rofl 🙂

    You made me Smile. Oh, we get some Beach Scenes… Maidens for the Win!!!! 🙂

    Enjoy the Episode

    Perhaps the calm before the Storm

    Anyway, you get double Thumb up from me. Alone for Hyuuga’s action 🙂

    1. add:

      If i dont know it better, i would not see any Hints, that this is all CG Render Animations. You became Super Pro, dear Studio staff

      I hope, i see more of you in the Future. Domo Arigato *bow in Gratitude*


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