「憎みきれないろくでなし」 (Nikumikire Nai Rokudenashi)
“A Loser I Can’t Hate”

You never truly appreciate something until it’s gone.

Chances are, you’ve heard that quote somewhere before. Continuing with the social commentary it’s now famous for, Kill la Kill takes the time this week to address this topic, and it does a fabulous job as usual. Taking the forefront as the philosophical guinea pig? Who else but the Mankanshoku family? Finding themselves in a new, luxurious lifestyle, they find themselves completely changed by the experience—speaking to the base greed of human nature and the notion that even the most civilized of humans can become “pigs” given the right circumstances. As it turns out, the great family atmosphere is the thing that gets lost in this case, and it speaks to the notion that money isn’t everything. Sometimes, having a great family is all you need, and while it might take a great deal of willpower—insert intentional trope bastardization here—Mako proves that it’s possible to overcome even your basest desires.

It’s too bad that this too was within Satsuki’s calculations—yet another trope reference—as our two main characters end up walking right into her hands. At least though, it left a ton of fond memories and gave us even more movies references—Brad Pitt would be displeased—on its way towards flipping everything on its back. Indeed, it’s all about flipping things this week—as we got the Mankanshoko clinic becoming a front alley one, people being flipped over as they try in vain to challenge Matoi, and Matoi trying to use a club to take down the system from the inside out. Just fabulous stuff, especially when you consider the social commentary you can go into in regards to the dialogue—

“More stars mean a better life. / The system’s pretty messed up.”

—and Matoi’s whole transformation sequence. Whereas she had previously shown shame at exposing herself too much, she’s no longer doing so despite transforming more than ever before, and it’s interesting to note. Because whereas one could argue she just got used it, one could also say—actually, I’ve seen this mentioned around various places already—that this is all a commentary about stereotypes involving women and their bodies too.

Ultimately, what else can I say? Kill la Kill makes tossing out “cannon fodder” an art form, and tears down many other tropes and social stereotypes while it’s at it. Furthermore, it does it in fabulous fashion—how about those classic movie references and sparkles?—and it’s safe to say there are few shows quite like this one.


ED1.07 Sequence



    1. After watching this episode, I learned a very valuable lesson from Satsuki-sama: Having a rich life can lead us to greed. With greed, we are blinded by our own desires as we ignore everyone and everything around us.

      Anyway, epic episode as usual. With Ryuko and Mako’s (the president) Fight Club, they fight other clubs in order to get a better social standing. They and their family get to have the luxury of a rich life but they end up neglecting Ryuko. As Ryuko is about to resign from their club, Satsuki gives Mako a two-star Japanese delinquent uniform to fight Ryuko. While Ryuko lets Mako pummel her, Mako realizes the greed within her and her family. Immediately, Mako disbands their club and takes off her newly-obtained uniform, which Ryuko destroys. As they get back to their normal life in the slums, Satsuki issues a re-election of the academy’s clubs, with Ryuko doing the work for her.

      Friendship sure is powerful. Also, Mako in a suit AND in a Japanese delinquent outfit? All in one episode?! Best episode ever! Also, Ryuko keeping that lump she got from Mako until the end was amusing.]

      John Hayabusa
  1. And with this episode, Trigger have completely turned the boss of the week format upside down and empty it of blood for some crazy shuffle next week (seeing how Ryuuko and Mako’s fight club demolished the other clubs in one fell swoop of an episode).

    *goes to look for a time machine-modded delorean*

    …fyi, Ryuuko’s comment on how Mako utilized the full power of her 2-star uniform gave me some lingering afterthoughts…

  2. That dog got all the bitches~
    But its nice to see female characters that just don’t care about flaunting it and going all “Eiiiiyaaa~~! Daammee!” whenever their bodies are show (I’m looking at you DXD).

    1. You could say that she is wearing her “sexy panties” (as mentioned in episode 1 when she regrets not having worn them) because she expected something like this would happen. Just another little detail, this time showing in a humorous and subtle way that Mako never truly lost her way on the inside. How cute?

      Yoshi Kirishima
    2. You have to remember that she was stereotyping the role of a businesswoman as the club’s level rised, so undergarments with the business suit would make sense. Generally though, I don’t think she wears them. Too much avoiding Mako panty shots for that NOT to be the case =02.

  3. I have to say that was a nice banchou reference they did with Mako shame we won’t be seeing it again…

    Also is it me or dose it seem like Satsuki isn’t all that bad of a person. I mean if she really wanted too she could’ve had Matoi taken out while she wasn’t transformed. It’s almost like she testing her rather then out right trying to fight her.

    1. I think she actually wants Matoi to prove her wrong. She looks kinda like a “reluctant antihero” in this episode – “since the people are pigs, I have to rule them for their own good”.

    2. no, she’s an antagonist through and through. remember that the only reason why Satsuki let them do what they want was because she was manipulating Ryuko into weeding out the less powerful club presidents.

  4. Another big quote featured this episode is “living beyond your means.” Without Ryuuko the Mankanshoku family would never have had any opportunity, they were effectively living on borrowed time as long as Ryuuko remained on the system destroying path. Interesting idea to play with for an episode considering the current stagnant economic climate and rampant debt as people seek to be “somebody”.

    Top that off with a little social Darwinism (the strong get stronger at the weak’s expense) and you have a solidifying of a coming battle between structures and individuals. Satsuki exemplified this best when pondering whether Ryuuko’s fight club would assimilate (strengthen the system) or continue on until either victorious or dead (fight for the individual/family).

    As an aside there was something hilarious about the dog Guts getting allllll the b*tches (while eating chow off the roof of a convertible as he looked on in his blinged out glory). Probably the fact pugs are so damn ugly.

    1. General McArthur – whom the Japanese fought in WWII (continuing the references there) was known for dressing in a similar (though masculine) manner. Including the clover or a corn cob pipe depending on the occasion…

  5. we can see how much Ryuuko cherish family. not only Mako’s family or her own family (=following her father’s path), but the fact she has family and friends is affecting her.
    Ryuuko is quite a loner, we see it since ep 01. she acts on her own, with no help and the way she believes it’s true. we can actually feel it the way she open up her true emotions only to Senketsu at the shower or before sleeping. moreover, except Mako, she doesn’t have any friends in school. however, not only she needs a family, but yearning to have one. Mako’s family giving her exactly what she needs with the atmosphere of a family. and the key here is atmosphere, not just dinner, shower, bed..she can get that at a hotel or something…but the little things of everyone around you..give a different feeling and relief to Ryuuko, she is interacting with them, something we don’t see her doing at school. otherwise she wouldn’t be able to carry on day after day.
    so that episode brought not only an interesting matter of family to the front, but also what it means to Ryuuko, our MC.

    it was lovely to see Mako in action 😛

  6. I don’t know about you guys, but the dog’s lavish lifestyle moment made this episode for me as far as the family’s lavish lifestyle moments.

    With his hoodie, goldchain, and newfound female companions, that was a pretty funny and short scene.

    Kevin L.
  7. This episode would make for a great article on Zero Hedge*.

    * In the faint hope that there is actually a segment of the Random Curiosity anime fanbase who understand what I’m talking about.

    1. zero hedge went down the drain years ago, when they started catering to the goldbugs, doommongers certain slices of the rightwings and others who revel in perpetual snark, bad news and government conspiracies.

      this article you mention would be wasted on that site 😉

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    I hope there’s no subliminal messages in the numbers

  9. They should have stopped at medium-class apartment since there they had better money but they still weren’t rich snobs.

    I will miss 2 star Mako. I wonder if we will see her and the trap maste again in the future.

  10. Totally looking at Satsuki-sama with a different lens now. She’s really smart – in a supremely manipulative but amazing way. Hopefully Ryuko will not only grow in power, depth (which she already is), but also strategic intelligence to rival Satsuki in their Kamuis.


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