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Welcome to another round of podcasting! Despite attempts to rein in under time limits, our fellow authors just can’t help but be enthusiastic about this season’s current topics! Hopefully you can excuse the length of this current showing because we’ve got a whole lot of lively discussion and playful bashing to bring to you today!

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, bloopers will not be provided for this podcast, though we expect to bring them back next time. Without people with enough time to edit these podcasts for your pleasure, some corners have had to be cut. If you’re interested in helping with editing though (even if you’ve responded to similar requests previously), please drop me a line at my email [my author name]@randomc.net.

Also, a big shoutout to OGIUE MANIAX, whose blog got a shoutout this week! Though Guardian Enzo may find you as competition, some of us find your blog quite compelling!

  Participating Writers
  Time Index
  • 00:00 – 07:00 – Introductions – 「Savior of Song」by Nano fear. MY FIRST STORY (Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Ars Nova OP)
  • 7:00 – 17:45Nagi no Asukara
  • 17:45 – 28:00Samurai Flamenco
  • 28:00 – 41:50Kyoukai no Kanata
  • 41:50 – 58:50Golden Time
  • 58:50 – 59:50 – Intermission Song — 「Shissou Giga」 by TEPPAN (Kyousogiga ED)
  • 59:50 – 1:27:35 – Mixed Media
  • 1:26:35 – 1:48:20 – What do we like about our favorite shows?
  • 1:48:20 – 2:09:10Steins;Gate
  • 2:09:10 – 2:50:10 – Miyazaki and Ghibli
  • 2:38:10 – 2:50:37 – Shoutouts and Outro – 「Sweet & Sweet CHERRY」 by Horie Yui (Golden Time ED)

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    1. Dude, you sound great. Every guy feels the same when they hear their own voice 🙂 for some reasons, girls don’t mind so much.

      BTW, I was moved when you talked about your favorite animes and you talked about Love Hina. Love Hina is what probably got me into anime, along with GTO (long live GTO!). Before, I knew about Naruto only, so I did not consider watching anything else than shounen.
      If you haven’t already, you should read the Love Hina manga. It’s even better than the anime, and one of the few animes / mangas which I have re-watched / re-read.

      It seems you just like to watch anime without going too deep into analyzing it but getting strong feelings at the same time. In that respect we are the same 🙂


      1. Not true, I have always hated the way I sound recorded, and so have all the girls I’ve known who ever did record their voices. I’ve just been podcasting since I was 13 and have recorded my voice for music purposes so I’ve gotten used to it. It’s normal to dislike the way your voice sounds recorded because you normally hear it distorted through bone and flesh, and your ears are positioned in a not-optimal place to pick it up from the outside. Plus, recording it just does things to it regardless.

      1. I couldn’t agree more Kairi. I mean, when I see/listen something funny, I just laugh out loud; no holding back. I have to admit that I have been laughing a lot more since I started watching anime, 3 years ago, and I don’t intend on giving up any time soon!

  1. I’ve been following randomc for four or five years now, and this is the first time I tried listening to a podcast.

    EAR FIESTA. I think I have friend crushes on all of you guys now, especially Zanibas. And Takaii, your voice sounded just fine. (:

  2. I didn’t have time to hear all of it, but it was nice as always.
    thanks for enriching us.

    I like the talking about Okada Mari (NnA writer) as promised. it’s very relevant while this kind of show is still on-going.
    it’s new to me about the timeskip. same with you guys – I hope not.

    no talking about refrain or kyousogiga?well better leave refrain to another time, but kyosogiga..that’s something I’d love to hear.
    more than that, nothing about sports -_- there is some kind of distance between RC writers and sports anime (except for Enzo :P)?no one even blogging the new sports anime :\


    unless they get shafted


    1. I’m watching it too, so if we get a season-end one in (debatable, since we have the season preview + year-end post to do at the same time) it’s a likely conversation topic. At the very least I know Enzo will be yelling at everyone else to watch it in the meantime 😀

  3. Actually, this art is an official one judging by the quality of picture and the fact that on danbooru it has an “official art” tag. 😀

    However, I couldn’t find it on the official site for the anime, so I guess it is a scan of something or it appeared in some other place. Maybe something out of the Knk artbook they were going to release?

  4. when you guys were talking about mixed media and Enzo thought it was limiting, I was thinking back to Bakuman. they were limiting themselves later on in a sense because some material wasn’t fit for anime (especially PCP). I was wondering if anyone was going to bring that up but guess not. but very interesting discussion. glad I started listening to the podcasts (only started like 4 podcasts ago

  5. I’d like to think Silts was talking about me regarding the Stein’s;Gate “After episode 12 you won’t be able to stop” comment but I don’t use Twitter. T_T

    I finally got to actually listen to one of these darn things. For whatever reason my quicktime likes to crash during these so I pretty much gave up until now (Though admittedly the only reason I tried is because my PS4 didn’t show up for the weekend…).

    I absolutely loved the Kyoani based in Mississippi joke Stilts made. Was so appropriate given Enzo’s rant just before. The reactions were awesome too. I busted my gut as soon as I heard it.

    I look forward to the end of season podcast. Seems like you left the big shows for that one.

    1. I’m glad someone liked my throw-away Mississippi joke, ’cause my fellow podcasters didn’t seem to catch on! D:

      And I really don’t remember who said that. It could even have been on IRC or somewhere else, I’m really not sure. Or I could have made it up. All I know is that when I hit that episode, it was soooooo true. That show went from gradual to inevitable. Quickly inevitable.

      1. Yeah, I made a comment in the Outbreak Company episode 3 blog post that was kind of word for word. I was listening without my headphones one so I heard that and I was all like, “Did I just get a shout-out?” Then I rewound it and heard twitter followers and then I was like “Awww…”

        That’s one of those shows I wish I could erase from my mind just so I could enjoy it all over again.

      2. @ Kuntzy

        I went back and looked at your comment on ob_c 03, and I think it was you I was thinking of! I thought it was on twitter because that’s where I was talking about S;G the most, but I can’t find any messages like that and yeah yer comment was pretty much exactly what I remembered. So consider yourself having had a shout out, I was just too drunk and lazy to confirm who it was actually from XD

      3. @Stilts

        Haha sweet! Well that just made my weekend a heck of a lot better. Thanks for that.

        It hasn’t really been bad though. I’m just sulking, lol. (see my first post)

        I look forward to Guardian Enzo (I’m assuming he’ll be back) covering the movie in December. I’ve heard some very good things about it and to say I’m excited is quite the understatement.

  6. People keep talking about how Golden Time is different because it’s set in college, but what actually goes on in the plot could equally take place in high school. And as for the characters being more mature because they’re in college, young characters in high school can be just as mature. What’s the big deal with it being in college? Even crazier things than what has happened so far in Golden Time have happened in high school anime before.

    1. Thank you for mentioning it! I also fail to see how a college setting improves the quality of a show.
      Sure, the majority of anime uses a high school setting, which in turn makes a college setting rather original, but the same can be said for a police department, hospital, fire station, office place or even a mortuary.
      Since the quality of anime mostly rely on story, characters and even visuals and sound, I don’t understand why a different “supposedly more mature” setting is being used as a positive argument in favor of the show.

      Heck, there are tens of shows using a high school setting that are far better than Golden Time.

      1. >Heck, there are tens of shows using a high school setting that are far better than Golden Time.

        There’s an easy explanation for this: there is a KUH-RAP load of anime based in high school while there’s only a handful of ones based in college (or after).

    2. Two points.

      Because of oversaturation. I dunno about you, but I’m no longer a high schooler nor a college student, so it’s definitely interesting to see older characters and their interactions. Adults aren’t as boring as the anime industry leaves you to believe. Oh and we got dark humor. LOTS of dark humor.

      Because I’m tired of seeing high school settings being used as a crutch for writing human interaction and trying to pander to an audience that’s still feeling nostalgic about their high school days.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with anime using different more mature settings. In fact, I even encourage it since I like adult-centered themes and dark humor in for example Space Brothers.

        My problem is with the argument on the Podcast: “Because It takes place in college, a more mature setting, it is a better show than the high school series” or something along those lines, which in my opinion is a fallacy. It’s more original due to the abundance of high school shows, but not necessarily better. I fail to understand the correlation between a more mature setting and quality writing.
        Sure, a college setting can result in a qualitatively better show, but that isn’t inherently the case, so I think it’s wrong to use it as a major positive argument in favor of any show.

  7. Time skip in Nagi no Asukara… Weird, I was just thinking about that too. I think it’s likely. It makes sense, as the whole Akira arc feels like its foreshadowing things to come. I feel if that’s the case, then the characters need to mature in age before they hit the same problems facing Akira.

  8. Its a shame the time spent on Kyoukai no Kanata was basically about bashing the show for not being original enough. Really? Why waste time talking about the show at all then? I guess not enough off the writers enjoy Valvare to talk about it. Sucks.

    1. When you’re going to go in depth into a discussion of a series in a podcast, you can’t just ignore the elephant in the room. There are obvious questions one can ask in regards to the originality of the series, and it just wouldn’t make sense to ignore it in the grand scheme. You’ll note that we said the series wasn’t bad despite this, and that we’re still watching it, so it’s not as though we just “bashed the show.” Furthermore, this was part of a bigger discussion regarding KyoAni as a studio in general and our feelings about their recent works, which made KnK a vital piece of this podcast.

    2. What Zephy said. As I mentioned in the podcast itself I purposefully derailed the discussion onto KyoAni as a whole since this was a pattern I had been seeing more and more, and because Kyoukai no Kanata is fine, but not especially interesting to talk about in and of itself.

      (Note: “not being interesting to talk about” and “not being interesting to watch” are NOT necessarily the same things. Might be in this case, but not necessarily. Just saying that we do filter podcast discussion shows by what we feel we can get a good conversation out of, and a fairly vanilla Kyoukai no Kanata probably wouldn’t have provided that on the strength of its plot alone.)

  9. Great podcast, it made the Friday workday much more enjoyable xD

    I may be the minority on this, but I’d like to give a shoutout to Yuushibu, which most ppl seemed to dismiss as a Maou-sama knockoff with more bewbs. But given a chance, it’s actually quite good.

    Positive points:
    + Working adult characters that feel genuine
    + Fun setting; fantasy world that underwent a technological revolution (after the demon lord was defeated) where modern things are powered by magic (also dragons as news helicopters, dinosaurs pulling “wagon-cars”, heatwave caused by giant salamanders in “heat”/mating season)
    + Heartwarming themes of working hard at a small company/store and pushing the importance of customer service vs corporate Walmart-ism
    + Touches on a problem many young ppl have today: going to college/school for your dream career/future, but when you graduate, you just can’t find a job in your preferred industry so you’re forced to get a job doing something you didn’t want or didn’t expect to do. I think a lot of ppl can relate to this or know someone like that, the theme here is they make the most of it despite it being not their first career choice.
    + NOT A HAREM at all, despite its look. There’s maybe 2 love interests, but that’s not really the focus

    If you can get over the bewbs and fanservice (which really isnt that bad compared to other shows this season), it’s a good genuine show in the same vein as Working!

    1. I actually agree. There’s a surprising amount of heart in Yuushiba, especially in regards to your fourth point – I really feel for Raul and All A’s dilemma, and its conveyed really well. I think they front-loaded the fanservice a bit too much to get BD pre-orders and in the process chased off a lot of other fans. Good business sense on their part perhaps (perhaps), but a bit of a shame.

      Either that or I’ve just been desensitized to fanservice, lol

    2. Actually, Yuushibu’s been consistently good IMO. Ample chest aside, Fino’s a surprisingly endearing character. I didn’t like Raul at first, but he’s actually not a bad ML. I actually like him at this point. Really there isn’t a single character who I dislike which lately isn’t something I take for granted anymore.

      There’s definitely fanservice along with the comedy, but IMO you’re entirely correct about it not being all that extreme. It’s nowhere near as explicit as shows like this season’s Freezing Vibration, or HS DxD, Samurai Bride, etc. etc.

      While I wouldn’t put forth the show as AOTY, I do think it’s entertaining and surprisingly deep in some aspects. So far there hasn’t been a single episode I didn’t like. Yuushibu is definitely more than just fan-service, and I’m glad I decided to follow it this season.

  10. Stilts, I’m curious; How long IS your backlog? Because Mine’s around 100 unwatched series and about 40 I put on hold long ago that I haven’t finished. And then about 100+ movies/OVA’s/specials. And I don’t think I’ll ever get through all of those.

    1. My MAL shows some of them, but only some of the ones I remembered to add. I can add that I have 20+ series, 18 OVAs and 11 movies sitting on my desktop waiting to be watched, those being the “at bat” backlog series. There are more, but I know I’ll never get through them all ;_; Not when I keep watching 20+ shows a season, that is!

    1. *than

      I hadn’t watch anything from Kyoto Animation before Kyoukai no Kanata and I don’t see any of the corporate mindset Stilts talks about. I’m really enjoying the series.

      I really liked Princess Mononoke, but I really don’t like Spirited Away, partly because of the hype.
      I only watched a Ghibli movie after I was really into anime. I knew about it before but it didn’t seem interesting to me.

    1. I don’t know what you mean by “pure” romance, not what your criteria is, but I’ve been enjoying romance anime all year. Just this season has Golden Time, Nagi no Asukara and WHITE ALBUM 2, among many others with strong romantic subplots.

      If you’re not finding anime you like, I suggest you loosen up a bit. There are a lot of them to enjoy.

  11. That was a great discussion especially the latter part, awesome stuff keep it up. I’m a little surprised that a lot of RC peps is in love with Linda-senpai (can’t blame you guys though), guess I’ll keep that sweet clinically crazy Kouko for myself. xD
    And another thing, Stilts your tweet spam on S;G was an amusing read.

    P.S. C’mon guys I want that crazy Valvrave discussion next time. And Oh Zephyr what are you doing you are the RC Sci-fi dude watch it!, watch it now!, you know you want to, no just kidding! …….. No watch it! xP

  12. I’m glad that finally Miyazaki’s movies are getting a nod and are being put in discussion since i haven’t seen a lot of current anime fans that have ever paid attention to his body of work (especially the new ones). He’s an absolute maestro, calling him the japanese Walt Disney is an understatement since the sheer amount of creativity and the innovations he pushed in all his pics are absolutely staggering, you don’t see such a level of inventiveness in a lot of American animations nowadays (A lot of people have been speaking about comparing Ghibli and Pixar as the pillars of animation of the two sides of the industry, but in truth Pixar’s filmography absolutely pales in comparison, especially since they have been out-of-form in the last three years).

    It’s sad to see him making his eventual leave after The Wind Rises (I’m absolutely excited for the pic), but he’ll forever be fondly remembered as the best animation director i don’t think anyone can surpass.


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