「マスカレード」 (Masukareido)

Author’s Note: I’m pinch-hitting for Zani, who’s on special assignment this week. He’ll be back with GT coverage next episode!


It’s early in the game yet, but my instincts are with Kouko-Papa on this one.

There have been some bumps in the road for me as far as Golden Time is concerned. In effect the execution hasn’t, on the whole, been on par with the story. That hasn’t stopped me from being totally invested in it – as much as I have been in any romance-first anime for a long time. The sometimes awkward exposition and scene transition/pacing may be an issue with Kon Chiaki’s direction, or with the realities of adapting too much too quickly. But the essential character dynamic is off-the-charts for me, and that trumps everything.

Happily, I think this was possibly the best episode in the series in terms of execution. The narrative flow was smooth, the pacing didn’t feel overly rushed and even the animation and art seemed a half-step up from its own modest standard. There was some of the sharpest comedy of the series – Banri’s one condom ending up in the box of "potatoes", the "OMG" moment, the nauseating but endearingly silly adoration between Banri and Kouko. The ep was also full of reminders of why anime set in colleges are such a welcome change from the relentless drumbeat of high-school romances and comedies – for all the awkward boy-girl moments, the relationship drama is simply operating on a higher level than it does in high school series. And damn, that’s nice see.

I think every major character in Golden Time is extremely interesting, even if I happen to like some of them better than others. Kouko is a difficult character, certainly, both on-screen and for the viewer. She reminds me of Watamote’s Tomoko in many ways – she displays some of the same idiosyncrasies common to those with significant psychological issues, even if hers are of a quite different stripe. She makes it hard to love her, sometimes, but as with Tomoko I always feel for Kouko. What she does, she does because she’s lonely and insecure, and that’s something anyone can understand.

That said, though, my every instinct when watching the first ten minutes of this episode was "Run, Banri – run!" Kouko and Banri may indeed genuinely love each other and have a future together (it’s still very much an open question) but my feeling grows stronger every week that she’s in absolutely no shape to be in a romantic relationship. At best she’s taking things way too seriously, too fast – but at worst, she’s simply transferring her feelings for Yana to Banri – with the important caveat that Banri actually said "yes". The degree to which she’s clinging too him is simply neither normal or healthy – there’s no sugarcoating it. if Banri were more experienced he’d no doubt be alarmed but it seems very likely that this is his first romantic relationship (we all know what happened the first time he tried to form one) and he’s still flush in the euphoria of having a girlfriend.

I don’t want to believe Kouko’s father that Banri is simply her next victim, but I do think he’s right at least that everyone would be better off if she got herself to a better place emotionally before they got serious with each other. And it’s not as though Banri is exactly free and clear psychologically either. Obviously he’s still dealing with his self-identity complex arising from his amnesia, but then there’s Linda. The irony here is that Banri takes an equally unhealthy tack that’s the exact opposite of Kouko’s dysfunction – he runs away. I don’t think there’s any denying that he was being a jerk to Linda, leaving her hanging and refusing even to respond to her texts. It’s understandable given his circumstances, but still wrong – and symptomatic of the fact that Linda is very important to Banri, enough so to cause him to act in a way that’s very unlike his usual self.

I don’t know where all this is going, but both Kouko and Banri are, at the very least, far too tangled in their previous crush to enter into a healthy relationship with someone else. As I mentioned last week, I freely admit my take on all this may be influenced by the fact that I absolutely adore Linda. She’s had me from the moment she briefly appeared in the first episode, and it was clear that she was someone very special. But when I see Linda and Banri together, it feels so much more natural and right than when he’s with Kouko – they seem to fit together in a way Banri and Kouko don’t. I really don’t know if Linda’s role here is to be nothing more than a supportive friend – I mean, the OP and ED are pretty much all Kouko all the time, and if that’s not the fate of the series it’s a major misdirection to say the least. But I feel something very deep and profound between Banri and Linda, and I don’t think that’s the partisan in me talking – I think that, at least, is real.

I haven’t totally discounted the possibility that Kouko could end up with Yana, crazy as that sounds – all the more so with last week’s vibe that he might actually he conflicted on the issue himself. He’s going through a bit of an existential crisis himself at the moment, ostensibly from having been rejected by Chinami but I’m not so sure – he’s dyed his hair blonde (in the act of trying to have it shaved). Meanwhile we have Nana #2 (the homage here is self-evident) actually impacting the story, being the one to finally force Banri to talk to Linda – it’s still not clear what her ultimate role in the story is going to be. We even got another Hachiko reference – that story seems incredibly elemental to the Japanese cultural identity. It’s pretty clear who Hachiko is in Kyousogiga – in Golden Time, I think the answer is a lot more complicated.




  1. I can’t handle how cutesy Kouko is being. It makes me want to cringe at times especially when Banri RECIPROCATES IT.

    At the same time, I know that in real life I tend to be clingy and want to make my significant other feel insanely special. So, like, I can totally see where she’s coming from.


    1. I think she’s simply overcompensating out of insecurity, in addition to the fact that whatever she does she DOES IT TOO MUCH. And as for Banri, I think he’s just flush with being in a real relationship for the first time – he’s too giddy to realize this is all wrong.

      1. She deffinitly does everything too much. But it’s also worth remembering that is how she is. So one shouldn’t judge her state of mind by how one self would feel to act like she does. Her melodramatic self doesn’t sweat the minor details like consequences, but I don’t expect her to do the same in large things, like start swining knives around.

      2. Wot Enzo said. That kinda stuff is always more fun at first in a relationship (and in your first relationship). Then you realize how much damn time, energy, and effort it takes, and it gets tiresome, and soon reality has (rightly) destroyed most of your romanticism.

        Ahhh reality, you callous bitch you.

    2. “And as for Banri, I think he’s just flush with being in a real relationship for the first time – he’s too giddy to realize this is all wrong.”

      ^What Enzo said.

      In Banri’s case,I don’t think it’s really an issue right now as he only just started dating Kouko.In time,we’ll hopefully see him offering some constructive feedback on her behavior every once in a while and won’t just go with the flow.I think he has to take care of his own issues first,although his talk with Linda this episode gives the impression that he (kind of) did just that or at least,it’s a step in the right direction.

      I believe we’d all be disappointed if Banri just went along with Kouko’s whims & even supported them throughout the show’s entire run.But I really doubt that’s gonna be the case so I think a little bit of patience is in demand for now 😛

  2. I believe that a bit of her clingy behavior towards Banri is to compensate him for the previous rejection. She now wants to show him all his love to make him forget that. But of course it’s only a part of the answer.

  3. Kokou, the overly attached girlfriend but I guess Banri can tolerate it. I dunno about her eccentricity though. Well we must admit, everybody would want to experience having an overly attached girlfriend even once.

    The Story You Don't Know
  4. I agree with Genzo’s thoughts. I felt that Kouko suddenly liking Banri and the two entering a relationship at this stage of the season was rushed. I expected their relationship to develop as the series progressed, and towards the end will they get together. As a result, I didn’t particularly enjoy this episode (though the Linda part was a positive).
    But now that it’s taken this sort of turn early in the series, I suspect that their relationship will not end happily (and I don’t mean it in a bad way: they could still remain good friends). To me, Kouko is on the rebound after being rejected not once, but twice by Mitsuo & Banri (briefly). They’ll be happy at first, but I think both will realise that they’re not ready for this relationship. As Genzo alluded, both need to gather their thoughts.

    I’d like to see Banri end up with Linda.

    1. From what I have heard from LN readers on the previous episodes, it seems the producers skipped important parts that’s why it feels rushed especially for us none-LN readers.

      The Story You Don't Know
    2. Well, there are so many relationships that start the very first day of people’s aquitance, or during third meeting in the worst case, that it’s a surprise their situation would cause any feeling of being rushed. Rushed? Maybe in comparison with other anime, but it’s much closer to real life stories this way.

      1. Also, this way we can finally see some real couple’s problems and happiness on screen, not just the typical “let’s pretend we’re not together until the last episode comes, then just confess, kiss and finish the story here”.

    3. Genzo? ;-P

      Just to clarify, my issue is more with what the speed all this is moving at suggests about Kouko (and Banri to some extent) than in the way it was portrayed in the episode. I actually thought the pacing this time was fine, and it did a pretty good job depicting people rushing too fast into a relationship neither of them is ready for.

      1. Yes Genzo 🙂
        I had no qualms about the pacing of this episode either, and yeah, the lack of readiness and the apparent problems of both our main characters is highlighted.

        brajt is right in that them rushing into a relationship can present something new that wouldn’t normally be in “typical” relationships in anime. A friend and I once had an interesting discussion about the amount of time that should pass before one enters a relationship. It’s hard to put a number of it because time length is such a relative term, but I’d want to be absolutely sure – better safe than sorry, so take as much time as needed.
        I know of people who have had multiple relationships, and when asked how long they’ve known each other before dating, some would give an answer that might seem relatively short (e.g. a month or so). Those relationships didn’t work because of reasons like “I didn’t expect him/her to be like this” or “I can’t commit myself because of this or that” or “I don’t really him/her simply because”. If these relationships existed over a short period of time, then there is a concern there. Ideally it shouldn’t happen in real life, but indeed, sometimes they do. That’s just based my experience anyway.

  5. I’m not going to sugar coat it or anything.

    Koko has gone beyond “Stage 5 clinger” and left the galaxy.

    It’s almost disturbing to see her act the way she does. She’s simply replaced Mitsuo with Banri.

    I don’t think she’s doing it on purpose, but it’s what she’s done and it is scary to watch.

    Koko Kaga is a very, very, scary and creepy woman with a pretty face.

    “Poison each other” indeed. Koko’s father is right.

  6. this ep was much more balanced in terms of pace and events.
    although it’s still pretty eventful, the progress is much more smoother, letting us absorb everything going on with the characters.

    most of this ep was about Kouko. she is still very unstable character. after chasing Banri, she ended up in a police station (why I am not so surprised about it? at least it was funny) and confessing how she really feel about the last events. something I was hoping we will get – how and what Kouko really think and feel.
    but after the rough day, Kouko return to her “old-self” being the Kouko we saw in ep 01 and so. and it is terrfyingly fits to her father warning.
    but it’s ok to see her true behavior again, considering she found someone to be with all time, and not so surprisingly, Banri is actually responding to her “feelings”.

    one should wonder what Banri is actually seeing in Kouko? more than that – why does he prefer her over Linda?and yes, although there is the matter with the past, Banri stated that he wants to do what fits to him (=new-banri).
    I think that’s interesting situation demonstrating the complex here: Kouko’s behavior is much more open and fits to new-Banri’s desire – to be free, not tied to the past. while Linda has kinda different influence here. she gets to influence the “inner-Banri”, his inner-voice. it’s kinda symbolizing the way she did in the past.
    that made Banri to distanced himself from her (though it’s also due to the emotional “burden”).

    nevermind that, it’s true he was a bit “jerk” here ignoring her..but hey, he wanted to have a bit of space and distance from her, especially now that he is finally establishing his relationship with Kouko.
    what is so bad about that? in fact Linda was too pushy, calling again and again, not reading the situation to step back for a while. eventually she was able to that.

    but somehow (Nana :P) he was forced to speak to Linda, and hey, it wasn’t that bad at all. right?( I am telling you Banri – Linda!)
    surprisingly, Kouko didn’t come in at the end. but she called, so it’s not that surprsing.
    and what is it now?not paris, not “Banri I miss you” (though she asked if everything is OK) but it’s about mitsuo. and again confronting us with the question – does Kouko love Banri or not?

    mitsuo new look is great. it felt genuine what he has been through since the rejection – he felt down, tried to change (ended up with the look) but realized he was repressing it.
    I hope it’s not gonna affect Chinami. as expected from best girl to behave like nothing happen. more than that, she is right. if one wants to date someone, the way mitsuo asked her wasn’t good. demonstrating he was being pushed by Kouko. which raises the question again – what’s really between Mitsuo and Kouko..could it be they actually love each other or not?

  7. HOLY SHIT I just had a HUGE realization in a while.

    2D-Kun… In the preview… While he was getting mad he started to sound familiar… THE I REALISED HIS A CERTAIN SCIENTIFIC NUMBER 1.

    Yo, Banri and Koko, word of advice… Don’t piss 2D Kun anymore. When he goes batshit insane and does his iconic laugh, all hell will break loose.

  8. What I all tell you: diabetes! Koko is so sweet it’s unhealthy! I wish Koko would see she’s putting everything on overdrive again. Not giving your boyfriend space will just make your relationship rot.

    Anyway, I wish they won’t pull that shit where Banri suddenly remembers everything, including his feelings for Linda. I’d just won’t feel right.

  9. I’m sure the reason that Banri and Linda seem to fit so well together is that they are the closest to being honest and real. Linda wears her heart on her sleeve with Banri, possibly because she now understands that you may not always get the chance to say what you want to say.

    Kouko’s only moments of true honesty have been few and far between, like sunshine peeking out through clouds – and every time we see it she is usually crying. Kouko has put up her ‘perfect’ facade for so long that she probably doesn’t know how to act around others – she’s lost part of herself just like Banri, only in a different way.

    Until both of them ‘find themselves’ there is no way they can have a lasting relationship. I wonder if they feel the underlying tension that seems to be in their relationship underneath all that candy coating.

    1. Hmmm,I try not to ship anyone in a non-harem show but if I were to do it here,I’d probably lean towards Linda.However,that might only be temporary.

      Thing is,I don’t see shipping working too well in a show where the characters have their own complex personality & can’t simply be classified by their stereotype as they will continue I’m expecting them to receive proper development.So while I could be all “Linda x Banri OTP!” for now,that might change to “Kouko x Banri!” in the nearby future and I changing ships is not something I’m fond of 😛 On the other hand,it’s easy to just ship someone and stick with it in a harem where the girls can just be labeled as their specific stereotype and receive little to no character development.

      At any rate,just like with WA2,I’m not really gonna ship anyone in GT even if two or three episodes tempt me to do so 🙂

  10. Just like in Ano Natsu de Matteru, I love it when I see the interaction of couples post-confession, even the slightest of cuddling and dates. It gives a feeling of satisfaction.

    I’d love to see how they face the problems lurking in the not so distant future and how they overcome it.

    Gonna join the Kouko-ro guys now, ‘coz I’m definitely lovestruck ~~~

    Senjougahara Hitagi
    1. Let’s use Bakemonogatari’s Araragi and Senjougahara’s relationship too. Well, IMO they’re still the best couple out there. The last episode of season 1 when they were under the stars was just epic and realistic especially when Senjougahara told Araragi, “I might have fallen in love with anybody who would have saved me back then. But I’m very glad that it was you”. I don’t think these were the exact words but it’s as real as it gets.

      The Story You Don't Know
      1. As my name here implies, I completely agree with what you said. Koyomi and Hitagi have this certain dynamic that makes them the best couple out there. Of course, Bakemonogatari Ep 12, with matching Staple Stable piano BG music and Supercell lyrics, will forever be marked as one of the best and complete romantic developments of all time.

        Senjougahara Hitagi
      2. Nooo!Another reminder of why I liked Bakemonogatari so much and why I find Monogatari 2nd kind of boring.

        Okay,I know this isn’t the place for that so I’ll stop here but I couldn’t stop myself after reading that…

  11. “but at worst, she’s simply transferring her feelings for Yana to Banri – with the important caveat that Banri actually said ‘yes’.”

    Gotta agree here. For the earlier parts in the episode, it really gives off the impression that Koko is hanging onto Banri as a way of taunting/provoking Mitsuo. First, being like, “Ha! Look at what you could’ve had!”, and second being due to Chinami’s “rejection” of him before. Basically, trying to rub it in his face that she “one-upped” him.

    I guess, for Banri, it’s also easier to accept Koko and her eccentricities because Koko is someone who is acknowledging who he is NOW whereas, as he was thinking, others like Linda probably wished deep down that he was the “old” Banri who still had his memories, and since he’s not now, they distanced themselves from him and hope that he “returned”. But now it seems Linda is getting ready to cast off that action.

  12. Koko all of a sudden is willing to date Banri. Banri and Linda are all of a sudden at peace with each other. Yana is giving up already. I smell facades. If these aren’t just acts of cowardice by the main cast to run away from their problems, then this is the most rushed two cour anime I’ve seen. This Romance bubble is gonna pop, and like all economic bubbles, it’s gonna hurt.

    But dang, there was so much about that seen with Linda and Banri that unsettled me. I can’t think Linda is just going to accept being Banri’s guardian angel. Too easy. Seriously, Linda, DON’t GIVE UP.

  13. I think people is forgetting something really important:

    “Beauty is on the eye of the beholder”

    It DOES’NT MATTER if koko is uber clingy … as long as Banri likes that type of woman. actually if he likes clingy women then Koko would be perfect for him (i wouldn’t be surprised if he does.. gives his traumatic experiences)

    as long as hes ok with that kind of woman..

    Look at Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki.. she is axe crazy, super jealous and possessive, not mentioning shes a murdered (her body count doubles the rest of the cast.. all of them combined) .. the prime example of a yandere (Love taken to the extreme of being a physiological disorder)… and still Yuki (the male protagonist) fell inlove with her and they got their happy ending.

    A couple are 2 piece … and if they fit.. well they fit.. doesn’t matter if one is a quasi saint or a crazy axe murderer or a super clingy air-head.

  14. awwwwwwwww yiss, frat bro banri strikes again. even though koko’s all like: well i’d like to approach this budding romance maturely and make sure these feelings aren’t just because of your “nice guy” routine and get over mitsuo first and banri’s all like: she likes me! she really really likes me! tunnel visioning…

    i see the guilt trip and emotional blackmail have worked, banri’s got a girl!

    don’t get me wrong, love the show and all of it’s drama-llama tendencies i just don’t get the fandom what with it’s myriad of banri sympathizers who seem to bend over backwards to justify all of his bullshit meanwhile paint a target on koko’s back. i mean, i get it… what a leech! she’s totes leading banri on and using him! why didn’t she say yes if she really liked him! why’s she so clingy! OMG banri why aren’t you dating linda #bestgurl?!

    it’s like, everyone’s villainizing her over her faults and emotional baggage (cuz, like, seriously… how could you possibly wind up with an unrequited love, be horrible at making friends, have no social skills, and be totally out of your depth at first starting college?) but banri somehow gets a free pass because AMNESIA? i mean who hasn’t fallen off of a bridge and forgotten about the love of their life who’s now TOTALLY COOL with being a tool and bending over backwards to be a friend and all you can mutter is a half-assed apology?

    and seriously, the koko-banri honeymoon phase is awesome, totally love koko’s overacting (oh sorry, i forgot she’s ACTUALLY a clingy bitch… my bad) and banri not being too cool for obnoxious romancing.

    1. Funny how the character you accuse of tunnel-vision is Banri…

      As I said last week, he had just as much right to reject her friendship as she did to reject his confession, so no, no emotional blackmail. And you seem to have a rather biased viewpoint yourself; everything I’ve seen you write has been hostile towards Banri, and guys in general. People being able to see why Banri acts the way he does is not the same thing as justifying his actions.

      I didn’t give Banri a free pass for everything he did; clearly, he was being a jackass. However, given his situation/stress, I thought it was more likely for him to have hit a breaking point than it was for him to have been faking the ‘nice guy’ act the entire time to get in her pants, like you imagine.

      At the same time, I didn’t give Kouko a pass either. She clearly has her issues that she needs to deal with, and depends on Banri for support. However, that doesn’t mean she should just ignore Banri’s feelings towards her and continue to vent about the Mitsuo situation to him. She also knows he has his own issues to deal with. You don’t see a problem with rejecting a guy and then continuing to vent about your relationship problems to him? How that could possibly be uncomfortable for him?

      You don’t have to support one side or the other; blame lies on many parties for Banri lashing out last episode. You seem to be pinning everything on Banri, without giving thought to the roles that Kouko and Linda played, and viewing them simply as victims.

  15. I really like reading everyone’s take on this show and with GE’s post I totally agree that there are some very strong characters here for the story. Even the “Run, Banri – run!” was what I was thinking while watching this. The ending of ep.6 was a replay of Banri’s accident and how Kouko climbs up on him just seems like some dark foreshadowing to me. However, I don’t think Kouko is as bad as everyone makes her out to be.

    Overall, Kouko and Banri are the same for different reasons. Both are empty shells. They look like people, but have nothing inside. Banri’s circumstances were caused by the accident. The amnesia took who he was. Kouko, on the other hand, just hasn’t become a person. She was so wrapped up in being with Mitsuo she didn’t become Kouko. I think Linda is the key to helping Banri find himself since she knew him in high school. Kouko is much more interesting to me. She keeps trying to find herself in other people when her fate is really in her own hands. When is she going to realize it?

    Disclaimer: I’m an anime only viewer. Though I do want to read the LN after the show is over. This LN should get licensed in NA.

    Dead Pedal
  16. Generally, myself included, a lot of people seem to have thought that Linda was going to accept Banri’s confession before the accident. I think she is either lying to save him embarrassment or she actually intended to reject him. I’m guessing the latter. She never explained what she was going to say to him, but her comments (they were close friends (friendzone!), Banri was unreliable, she felt like his older sister), and the scene where he was crying over that stupid shirt lead me to believe that she was telling the truth and there was no reciprocated romance.

    I think that Koko and Banri hooking up at this point in the story means that at some point they’re going to breakup at least once. The damn OP makes it almost a lock that they’re going to wind up together though. It would be an interesting twist if it didn’t turn out that way, but I doubt that will happen. Oh, and I like Koko’s way of keeping Banri in line: “I want our first time to be in Paris!” Don’t throw out your porn, Banri! You’ve got a long wait!

    1. I agree with you that Linda wasn’t going to accept Banri’s confession though I never thought she would based upon their very older sister-younger brother type relationship. I think Linda had Banri squarely in the friend category rather than harbor any romantic notions.

      As for Banri & Koko breaking up, wouldn’t surprise me at all given how fast their relationship has been. Koko seems very much on the rebound not to mention someone who needs validation (even her parents put her down :<), while Banri is looking for someone to give him affection/not be alone. He is in a sense all alone given his relationship with his family and no real friends. Theoretically, Linda might be an alternative option for him, but I think Koko is pretty much Banri's only real option here. So I see this show as more how the journey unfolds rather who Banri (or Koko) ultimately end up with.

  17. well I have carefully been watching this anime and rewatching each episode because my friend is a complete fan boy and I think I know how this anime is going to go. I have not read the light novel and the manga is a step behind the anime at this time as far as I know from my friend. this first 12ish episodes are going to focus mostly on trying to make Kouko and Banri a “couple” but at some point around episode 11-14 they are going to have either a a falling out and Linda is going to be the focus and the ending girl of the anime. as for the opening and ending they will change them after this event happens to the new one. now I will say my predictions in this genre is a little below 50% so I very well might be wrong but this is the feeling Im getting from the episodes so far.

  18. Kouko was waaaaay too clingy but if that’s the way Banri swings at the moment then that’s fine. Considering Mitsuo is pretty intolerant of her by now I wonder if Kouko was going all-out just to see how far he’d put up with her.

    And I don’t know what Nana ever saw in Banri. The guy cries at the drop of a hat. If there are any people who think its ok to cry like a little girl in the presence of everyone in their class just because their name isn’t on a t-shirt please reply. At any rate Nana and Banri seems more like ane and otouto than potential love interest.

    1. We (anime-only) don’t really know what his situation was in high school. His first reaction was that they purposely left his name off, so maybe he was being bullied and he thought they gave him a final F-you on the shirt? Old Banri seemed like a pretty easy target, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a legit reason to cry there. Not saying he isn’t a crybaby, but there could be other circumstances at play. BTW, I personally would be mad if they left my name off of a shirt that had the names of all the graduates.

      Not a fan of judging a guy based on when/where he cries, especially a character (Old Banri) we know very little about. Or the attitude that every guy has to be a MAN; “suck it up and grow some balls, crying is for wimps”.

    1. Miusel (Outbreak Company) is currently in the front running for waifu of the year award I am afraid, and some of the girls from Infinite Stratos are right behind. No, Kouko will take out the Overly Attached Girlfriend award of the year.

      RC staff – there should be polls on this!

  19. LOL @ first Mitsuo and then Banri exiting hastily.
    LOL @ discovery of “men’s stuff” and delusions of Paris.
    LOL @ Nana blatantly manipulating both Banri and Linda into getting together for much needed talk.
    This series is doing the comedic part very right… as for the romance so far it is proceeding all too easy. Which means trouble ahead. Speaking of them:
    I wonder what trouble did Mitsuo fall into?

  20. Anyone notice that Nana was voiced by Satomi Satou, cause I had no idea until I checked it up on myanimelist. Hard to imagine Satomi Satou doing a role like that, though I am only familiar with her light hearted roles (i.e. Ritsu in K-ON!, Manami in Oremimo and the teacher in Kiniro)! Wonder if the screaming during the song back in episode 4 was also her doing…

  21. I have read the LN, and I agree with some of the earlier comments. There was a LOT of leading up to Banri and Koko getting together, and the chapters where she’s chasing him with the
    “Yes” and “No” signs were very well done. I think the Anime is doing its best to operate within its 12 or 13 episode limit, and I cant exactly fault them for that


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