「メイド イン ジャパン」 (Meido in Japan)
“Maid in Japan”

When Shinichi and Myuseru take a trip to Japan all the old tropes are fresh and fun, because they’re done well and because I love these characters. This show is simply hilarious week after week!

Staff In-Jokes

This episode was #&%$*&in’ hilarious, but the two jokes that got the biggest laughs out of me were a couple of staff in-jokes that were simply sublime. The first one was when they were talking about Minam–sorry, Manami-ke, where Shinichi complained about getting the Okaeri season instead of the original. I totally lost it when he blamed it all on the director!! Don’t get the joke? The director for Minami-ke Okaeri was Oikawa Kei. The director for Outbreak Company? OIKAWA KEI!! This glorious son of a gun has either enough confidence or self-loathing to make themselves the butt of a huge joke like this!! No beating around the bush, no equivocating, just “I’m the asshole, let’s all have a laugh!” I totally lost it. Whether confidence or insanity, I love the sheer cojones it takes to rip yourself down like that. What a great joke, well done Oikawa-san!

The other one? I’m skipping ahead a little bit here, but Myuseru’s lines during the end credits. Having her (at the instruction of the staff) say those things some of us were thinking and/or wishing dearly – “You shoulda gone for it Shinichi!” “Myuseru was doing ecchi things!?” – slew me again. I’m not a big fan of referential humor or playing with the fourth wall, but when you do it with such aplomb like here I just can’t resist! Here here!

Myuseru Is Best Girl

Earlier in the season some people were worried that Petrarca would be the end girl because the ED features her – ignoring of course that Myuseru’s seiyuu sings the OP – but I think we can lay the doubters to rest. Petrarca isn’t out of the running, but Myuseru is so far ahead it’s crazy, and how!

First though, Myuseru worrying about whether Shinichi would come back is very much in line with her character, and very endearing. Her life has taken a radical shift for the better since knowing Shinichi and she’s clearly in love with him, so the very thought that he might disappear – perhaps not even of his own volition, he works by the leave of his government after all – is… I can very much see why she would worry. What’s hilarious is that her plan to stow away in Shinichi’s bags actually worked (seriously JSDF, oldest trick in the book, c’mon!), and how Shinichi found out about it. Surprise, meido in a bag!

Akihabara Daito

Myuseru’s entire stay in Japan, from learning about the bidet to falling asleep that night, was megaton-grade moe. I could go line by line and point out everything that was amazing, but that was everything so I won’t hyperventilate trying to comment on every part of the episode. What struck me most was that the old fish out of water tropes (speaking of, trope!) were so hilarious and welcome! I credit this to all the effort they’ve put in building these characters. The bits weren’t fresh – Myuseru not knowing how to get on a train, being surprised about running water, not recognizing the ecchi store, etc. – but because they’ve developed these characters so much it’s fun to see because it’s them doing it. It doesn’t matter if we’ve seen them before, it’s great to see Myuseru having such a great time and Shinichi dealing with her unfamiliarity. It remains that they do every gag well, but without that love for the characters it just wouldn’t work. Fortunately, it does.

Also Myuseru is weapons-grade kawaii. Her waving goodbye to the train? Hng~. Offering to let Shinichi take pictures of her in buruma? OH GODS. Out meidoing the other meidos? YES more please! Being unable to eat Shinichi’s face on omurice for 30 minutes? YES YES YES Myuseru is best!! Don’t mess with the pro, meido kissa girls. Myuseru is the real deal!

Don’t Do It, Shinichi!

The preview jokes aside, I’m glad Shinichi didn’t attack Myuseru when she was asleep. What? Don’t look at me like that! Wait a second, just hear me out.

Before that, I very much enjoyed how awkward Shinichi suddenly got. He’s exactly like someone who can talk to their preferred sex when they’re on vacation, but come home and they’re abysmal. It’s more real in a way, you know? It’s no longer play time in this other place, this is his place, and it reverts him back to the awkward doutei outaku he used to be. Seriously though Shinichi, buying pantsu is only weird if you make it weird. You made it weird. Also, HAH!

Onto my point. While I’m usually all for progress in anime relationships because we so seldom get it, it would have been a shame if Shinichi violated (hur hur hur) Myuseru’s trust by going the sleaze route and peeking when she’s defenseless. He has so far never done anything to violate that trust, so it’d be a shame to see it happen. I want to see Shinichi get together with Myuseru and all that rabu-rabu that would entail, but its gotta be right, you know? Or she should at least be conscious. That’s just good manners.

Looking Ahead – The Melancholy of Petrarca Ann Eldant III

Another thing Outbreak Company does well is make use of mood whiplash (trope!) to make serious scenes more effective and poignant. This time it was Petrarca walking away sadly that snapped me out of my full-throttled enjoyment of Myuseru x Shinichi and reminded me of this lonely girl at the top. She doesn’t want him to leave either, and she wants to be with him more, but her responsibilities won’t allow her to do that nearly as much as Myuseru or Elbia can. I bet it’s this we’ll be tackling next week. Myuseru may be ahead, but don’t count Petrarca out quite yet.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Myuseru on a daito in Japan is the most hilarious & hyper-moe thing I’ve seen in a long time! Myuseru is best girl, no arguments #ob_c 07

Random thoughts:

  • Jinzaburou, no one but Shinichi would believe your they-can’t-breathe-the-air thing. So good job for picking your target well, I guess?
  • Petrarca had to take days off due to soccer-related muscle pains? Holy hell girl, you need to get some exercise.
  • Loved how Myuseru was smitten with suddenly being the ojou-sama. Meido to ojou-sama? It’s like a fairy tail tale, but with more meido. Just how I like it!
  • Good try, Zahar. I mean okay, not really a good try, but it’s cool that you cared? I hope your military tactics are better than that, because if not I know a meido skilled at infiltration that may be available to take your place.
  • But seriously Shinichi, and I know I keep saying this, but we need to have a talk. I’m going to list three things: Buruma play. Out-meidos all other meidos. Be true to your desires. Waifu Myuseru right now godsdammit c’mon!!

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    1. Never thought I’d be seeing a KanColle reference in another anime besides Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova, haha. Can’t wait to see the Kongou-class sisters (Kongou and Haruna in particular) and the Takao-class sisters (Takao and Atago specifically) when KanColle gets animated.

      Anyway, that Parallel Porn Title (trope!) of Rental Madoka had me in stitches, as well as the s***load of references in today’s episode.

      Also, I wouldn’t mind a vanilla H-doujin of this scene

      BTW, shoot me if you wish, but Miusel with her hair down kinda reminds me of SAO‘s Asuna… But Miusel is definitely more moe in my book.

      1. I hope the Nagato sisters (Mutsu and Nagato) and Queen of Bauxite, RJ and Beaver will get animated too. I don’t mind if Kongou is the main lead. That BURNING LOVE!!!!!

        Yeah I agree that Miusel looks a lot like Asuna with her hair down, but she’s definitely more moe than Asuna!

      2. No shooting necessary – I feel like Asuna was a good character that was robbed by the author’s (lack of) skill or desire to fully utilize her. She could have been such a strong character, if only…!

      3. Gotta agree with Stilts. Asuna is actually severely under utilised in the SAO-verse. Which is kinda baffling considering that she has been established as the main female character in the story. I’ve actually stopped following the SAO novels ever since the Underworld-arc began because it kinda seemed that Kawahara Reki has deviated way too much for my tastes. Much of the other main characters besides Kirito have been neglected.

        But if comparing between Myuseru and Asuna, i’d honestly find it hard pressed to choose either one. Right now, if I had to choose only one, i’d go for Asuna simply because I do like her character and I have more knowledge of her (having read the novels and watched the anime). Though I would say that Myuseru has a good chance of taking over once I know her character even more (right now its only through the anime, no chance to read the novels just yet).

      4. Pardon the de-rail but I wonder how they will handle the Kongo sisters in the Kancolle anime. Either Nao Touyama will be very busy next year (which is fine because I love her voice) or they’ll get some other actresses to fill in (which will ruin much of the appeal of the Kongo girls).

  1. I almost spit out my drink when Shinichi dissed the Minami-ke Okaeri series. XD That was brilliant, even if it is the director panning himself.

    And yes, Myuseru is the Best Girl in this series. She’s so good, it’s bad for the heart. Poor Petrarca. I think even the wolf-(dog?)-girl is ahead of her.

  2. Shinichi listen to Stilts, listen to me, listen to all otakus out there!. You know how many girls say: “Next time you can take photos of me wearing bloomers” and on top of that with a completely pure and innocent smile one her face!? NONE!!! Just Myuseru! Mary her! Mary her right now!. Or at least before Stilts finally decides to kill you. XD

  3. The Okaeri bit made me LOL because I totally understand where Shin’ Ichi went with that but props to the director making fun of himself. At least he was honest with the whole sequel. Then to top it all off the next preview card we get the director giving Misuel a script where even Shin’ ichi flips out! It’s like the director is getting payback right inside this episode! Directception!

    Jason Isenberg
  4. Myuseru’s lines wouldn’t have worked so well if they hadn’t been said so well: good voice-acting by Mimori Suzuko. I do feel sorry for (and a bit afraid of) Petrarca. I also feel sorry for Fuchigami Mai, her seiyuu. She is being totally overshadowed by Mimorin.

      1. @Stilts: Huh? That’s Miho!? Never would have guessed… Your right about Fuchigami Mai having more than one good role this season. She’s also the seiyuu for Iona in Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio a well. That doesn’t surprise me as much since the characters’ voices sound a little similar (IMO). Definitely a talented “up & coming” seiyuu, and I look forward to her playing an even greater variety of roles… AFTER she finishes the GuP Movie AND OVA.:D

  5. Enjoyable ep; In regards to this series; I tend to like harem’s (well im not that big a fan of the harem genre really but when i do watch one…) that keep you guessing who the end girl is going to be. Since this series began, myucel has been constantly at the center stage of the series that there doesnt seem to be any challenge. It’s too easy…myucel is a good girl and her moe is enough to make anyone go gaga over her, but from a story-telling standpoint, i kinda wish it kept me guessing as to who would be the one taking hold of shinichi’s heart…right now its just way too easy. Still when the hnnnng levels are this high, you cant help but cave in to the myucel goodness. Nothing wrong with Myucel at the end of the day but still….

    1. While I like the you’re-not-totally-sure kind of harem, I wouldn’t call this a harem show, it’s just a show with some harem potential. The harem is definitely not its defining attribute, so I actually like that its constructing the harem with a clear leader. That means it can have fun with harem antics without ever impacting the main story too much.

      1. I was getting the same feeling that this was just a series with harem features (it’s genre is only labeled as comedy/fantasy) so i can definitely agree with your notion; I guess i just expect that whenever any type of harem situation is instigated regardless if that is its genre or not, that it makes it fair game for all players. Either way it doesnt take away much from my enjoyment of this series; It’s more of a nagging thought that comes and goes due to the fact that the show does tease the idea that myucel isnt the only person of focus.

      2. I agree with you on this one Stilts in that this is a “false harem” show IMO. While there’s potentially more than one “route”, any real romantic interest as been squarely on Myuseru (IMO). The whole idea of her being with him “no matter what” (i.e. even if he goes back to Japan) has already been brought up, and Shinichi even asked Myuseru to confirm her decision.

        If you think about it, it’s not really a harem show anyway if the main character eventually settles on one person. It’s a “has a lot of romantic options” show. Maybe OT, but is Infinite Stratos really a true harem show? The girls can barely be civil at times to each other in the heat of competing for Ichika. Can’t see them approving the harem option anyway. LOL and shudder to think about Chifuyu-nee’s reaction to that idea.

  6. ARGH.

    Watching this ep made me rekindle my desire to visit Japan just once so I can fangirlboy just like Myuseru was. I also absolutely agree with her opinion on wasabi. Devil food indeed.

    While Myuseru easily stole the episode with an abundance of epic moe, I did enjoy Petrarca’s minimal screen time. Particularly at the end with that sitting posture while glaring at Galius and Zahar (Scold me more!). Dominatrix in the making, I guarantee it. How could you not screencap that Stilts? On behalf of all masochists on RC (might be just me though) I am disappoint… 😛

  7. Even for a “filler” episode, this really shows the staying power of this series. The typical otaku tropes were handled quite tastefully rather than through blatant fan service. Shiniki’s struggle against the hormones for example was quite amusing as for the whole scene he knew exactly that it was wrong, but was starting to doubt his own self control.

    Expect some loli aggression next episode. Our dear Petrarica is not going to approve of her beloved Shinichi spending a whole night with Myuseru; who knows what perversions they engaged in?

  8. Talking about references to other shows, I like the Akibaranger live action reference with the “Sentai Cafe Secret base”, because Maaya Uchida (Minori’s seiyuu) plays the cafe manager there.

    1. The thing regarding “Nice Boat” was the same reaction I had lol. The other alternative could’ve been Kyon’s sister in Haruhi, but I think the whole wide eyed silent stare thing screamed Nice Boat more…

      1. While i have long respected you Stilts, I am a otaku patriot. If i receive the blessing of Maido Bags, I would like everyone to share the blessing. The money is just a bonus. The real profit is the smiles of every maido loving man out there

    1. As much as I love maids in general, I would go one step farther and create the company Myuseru-in-a-bag.

      I believe a company focused purely on the Myuseru-type maid has the potential to surpass Maid-in-a-bag‘s lifetime net worth simply in pre-order sales alone. By my estimates, I project the company’s lifetime earnings ranging somewhere in the QUADRILLIONS. Of course, I’d split profits with you 50-50, seeing as you came up with the original in-a-bag idea and all.

      Hovever, due to the astronomic costs generated by the cloning process, the net worth would likely go down to somewhere in the trillions.

      Unlucky Star
  9. I am glad we have outbreak company this season. especially on friday.
    after a long week ending with crazy thursday full of intense anime, comes friday with outbreak company. it’s very relieving to sit back and simply laugh and enjoy a good comedy and ecchi in otaku-style.

    it’s been a long week and outbreak company this time is going on a trip to human world. it was hilarious as always.

    I am surprised petrarca didn’t want to go to the human world too.
    what would happen if she were to find out myseru had been there too (and on daitooooo)…XDD
    I think it was petrarca who were to violate shinichi if that would happen 😛

    Myuseru could tour in Akihabara freely with her elf-ears. what’s the problem saying it is a cosplay or something?XD

    1. Agreed on the cosplay. Someone might notice that they’re just a bit too realistic though, which could cause problems. Probably best to avoid the whole thing when it’s just one day, imo.

      1. Aww, come on. You dont see the bigger Picture here..

        Example. You know my Avatar here, is Claire from Claymore. So, what is her true Ability, she learned from ex-Nr 2?

        Right, She “awaken” her Arm, where the Rest of her Body fight again it, to keep it in check.
        In the well Known Battle with a Lion, she used the Basics for other things.

        It is the same, here. If you successful, keep your Instincts and Desires in check. It would also work with other things. Like Hate, Envy, pain… all what the Mind can blank out

        in Short, you are about to be Mr. Spock. keep your Emotions in check. Sometimes it is really the best…

        Yes, yes. It’s a men that are writing this Words.. Are we Animals or are we Humans?

  10. He has so far never done anything to violate that trust, so it’d be a shame to see it happen…

    Agreed, but at the same time I felt that there wasn’t any real growth in their relationship to each other.
    I blame the directing for this, though, as the voice acting, artwork, and cell animation colouring was superb 🙂

    But seriously, their dynamics with each other didn’t change, and that’s the sad part.
    IMHO, there’s no “special” memory that they take away from the visit; so while they did spend time together,
    I didn’t get any more romantic about their relationship. It’s difficult for me to explain, but she
    was in his most private world (his room), yet he shared nothing private with her – you know, no
    favourite this or that. Not even a favourite place that he like to visit – more like a tour guide.

    So from Myuseru’s point of view, IMHO, she learned very little about this person she’s falling for
    beyond his job in her country / world.

    However, for the cameo-ness of Petrarca’s part in this episode, that had more of an effect on me as
    I felt her pining deep down.

    Maybe it was me, but I was expecting Petrarca to get tsundere at the end, but her silent sorrow was
    very well done, and really drove home the depth of feelings she’s beginning to discover that she has
    for Shinichi and about herself.


    @Stilts – thank you for noting the staff jokes – most of us (definitely me) would have missed them otherwise!

    1. Theirs is a tricky relationship. Shinichi still isn’t sure she really loves him or just likes him as a kind master, and Myuseru hasn’t broken out of the master-and-servant mindframe to truly pursue him. Until they get over their mental blocks, overt romantic progress will be hard to come by. That’s a realistic setup though, which is what I like

      On the staff jokes- No problem!

    2. I agree, disagree, and very much agree with your comments.

      First, I think you make a very good point about how the relationship between the two really hasn’t changed much for a while. The reason that it was noticeable for me in this episode is because we hadn’t had an episode focusing just on the two of them for some time. The scene when Shinichi asks her if she wants to play a game after a period of awkward silence was very telling of current status of their relationship. Long ways to go here.

      Second I disagree with your comment that Myuseru knows little about Shinichi beyond hsi job/country/world. She doesn’t know a lot of the background data (parents, where he when to school, etc.), but I think she has a pretty good idea about what kind of person he is. She clearly knows that Shinichi is a kind person who really wants others to get along. He’s open minded and doesn’t care about things like pedigree or rank. He’s not someone who’s going take unfair advantage of others because he’s in a position to do so.

      They are living together so she sees him a good amount of time every day. As a result, she knows his kindness towards her isn’t just an act. He really is a nice guy. No way someone like Shinichi can put on a mask 24/7. So while maybe she doesn’t know a lot of data (place of birth, family, schooling, etc.), IMO she does know a fair amount about Shinichi.

      Third: Maybe it was me, but I was expecting Petrarca to get tsundere at the end, but her silent sorrow was very well done…

      Totally agree with you here. That was very well done, and it did surprise me. Up until then I was thinking Patrarca is going to go ballistic when she finds out Shinichi is gone. Nope. Really drove the point home about the depth of her feelings as you asy. For me, it also made Patrarca seem a bit more mature as well. Shinichi is going to have to be very careful on how he pursues any romance w/ Myuseru if he wants to avoid hurting Patrarca’s feelings. Need to pin the friendship tag on her quick. Easier said than done though…

      1. A very good point on Myuseru knowing Shinichi. She may not know all the myriad of little details about his life, but she does understand the essence of Shinichi very well. That’s the most important part IMO

      2. I agree with everything you said in your comment.
        I look at the usual suspects: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.
        It’s true we (and Myuseru) know much of the 4 / 5 about Shinichi,
        but we’re not told much about the Why part – what makes him tick.
        And it doesn’t have to be very complicated or deep, but having it
        would add so much depth. Even the simplest comment can pack so
        much understanding about a character.

        One of the funnyist and clever “whys” that I remember was in Chobits
        when Shimbo has Sumomo write out (using a pen) something. Hideki says
        to Shimbo, “couldn’t you have her print it out instead?” Shimbo replies
        “Yes, but it’s cuter this way.” All 5 of the Ws were answered, and
        made such a memorable brief scene – just perfect. We don’t need to know
        why Shimbo thinks it’s cute, we only know that’s why he has her write
        it out that way. There’s a reason Chobits is Classic.

        So that’s the sorta thing(s) I was hoping to see. Gee Shinichi, I see you
        have a lot of ABC, why do you have/like it so? You know,
        that sorta thing.

        I know the writers are capable – they handled the “unspoken” why with Petrarca
        so well in this episode – but I did feel they dropped the ball a little elsewhere.

        Just my 2¢.

      1. perhaps some “Holiday”‘s are in, if the Old Chancellor hold the Land together in her Place, for some days. But escape freely is not Possible, the Citizens needs her. She is the “force” at all this Anime, also. It is her will, that he stay there and want to bring the “otaku” into their world. Perhaps some Hours of just being a child (in secret), would help her calm down

  11. That next ep. preview dialogue was hilarious.

    Myuseru: “Master, you gutless worm! I even chose that T-shirt and waited for you!”
    Shinichi: “Wha-?!”

    Oh Shinichi, If there’s one thing you can learn from pop culture, it’s that if a shirt tells you to do something, you have to do it.
    No questions asked!

    Unlucky Star
  12. One thing they missed as a joke was having Myuseru lose her hat in Akihabara and no one even blinking. Who would recognize the real thing there with all the cosplay? The other option would have been to her being swarmed to have pictures taken with her.

  13. Well that’s good. I think it was a blessing in disguise that Miusel(or however you spell the half-elf’s name) sneaked to Tokyo(omelete rice recipe, get!). She’s covertly in the same level as Kaga Koko.

    Lucky bastard. Shinichi had all in a silver plate. He’s on the same level as Orimura Ichika in that regards of resisting temptations.

  14. omg this episode was so nice:

    – the dream sequence! omg! “i have to wake up” lol’d so hard

    – “shes a pro!”

    was indeed really funny. 2 points that jumped at me:

    -why that old guy (always forget his name) lied? .. also confirmed they had 24/7 surveillance on them

    -Petrarca : that part of her walking away sadly once she knew she wouldnt be able to see Shinichi. that part was an “awww” moment..but it has more significance if one takes into account Gaius and Zahar’s reaction… they were expecting her to leash out at them … instead she just walked away depressed … really nice to see her character develop.

    ok this is one of the few times i gonna be rooting for the harem ending….

    1. I think Jinzaburou (the old guy) lied because it would have been inconvenient for Myuseru to go along – for much the same reasons it ended up being inconvenient once Shinichi didn’t get any shopping done – but once she was already there it was way more trouble to bring her back immediately, especially since it would have angered Shinichi and potentially made him harder to work with. All that is especially in light of how Shinichi didn’t plan it, and what’s the use in punishing the maid?

  15. As soon as I found out this would be an episode in Japan, I knew it was going to be entertaining. And I wasn’t wrong. Myuseru best girl hands down. So much moe…I can’t handle it. The best kind of moe is when the girl isn’t even trying to be moe but is just a natural.

    I do feel bad for Petrarca. At first I thought she was going to be the typical tsundere loli’s who get mad easily, but she’s developed further than that. She clearly knows her position and the responsibilities that come with it, and she’s been able to change her viewpoint of getting along with different races. I feel like in another show, she would definitely be a great female lead, but with Myuseru in this show, it’s not even a contest. At least, we’ll see in the coming episodes if there is any Petrarca development, I’m really interested to see how her relationship with Shinichi turn out.

    I also just want to say this has by far been the most enjoyable show for me of this season. Partially because of Myuseru (well a lot of it), but also to the fact the show has a great sense of humor and a great cast of characters, and it also tackles more serious topics rather well. I’m just really loving it, and I’m sad to see this almost over.

      1. Hey, you’re right! I don’t know why but I totally spaced on that. I think I forgot Shinichi’s name for a second and thought of it as she’s-calling-him-by-his-first-name-instead-of-“master” instead. Good catch : )

  16. Just started this show and marathoned it. Currently this is my show of the season! This and Non Non Biyori will make up my week with a dash of guilty pleasures like VVV and KnK.

    What I gotta say though the technical aspect is I’m quite surprised. How the hell did Studio Feel dish out such quality? Till ep 4 it had some surprisingly impressive cuts. Other than that it still maintains a level consistency up to now. I didn’t even find Yosuga no Sora look this good in motion.

    That aside, following this show for Miusel! Her character is just so soothing.

    Shipping him with MC as well but then I’ll still keep my guard up since it still feels like THAT kind of genre.

    Also best name drop with Miname-ke. I don’t know if he was poking fun at asread in a reverse manner or that was just some blatant self-loathing. One of the rarest moments in anime where we say “shots fired!” Not even Kannagi broke the wall that hard!

    1. Feel has been really good lately. For those of us who are used to their older (and ecchier) work it may come as a surprise, but honestly they’ve done a LOT of series well. Since Yosuga no Sora they’ve done Mayo Chiki, Papakiki, BokuH (back to their old schtick for a bit), the revival of Minami-ke and now this. Zani noticed it before me, but they’re really a studio to look out for nowadays.

      1. Mayo Chiki was mediocre in quality in my opinion. The drop in quality was so jarring after a few episodes or so. Haven’t watched Papakiki yet though so I can’t say anything about it.

  17. Well, this episode was packed, that’s for sure. Though I’m not sure how you could get “Nanchiya” out of “Minamike” (haven’t watched it, maybe it’s a different way to abbreviate the sisters’ names?) and why would Myusel mumble in her sleep in a foreign language (I speak three of them, and I don’t think I could ever do it).

    I’m a bit concerned about the future of the series on the political front: its comedy is top-notch, sure, but we were promised a relatively realistic story about a clash of cultures, and it seems that Shinichi didn’t get to do much about that for the last four episodes. It’s cool that he has to teach kids of different races, but what about the fact that they still have to go to war and have no time for entertainment? Feels like they did not just put the cart before the horse, but forgot about the horse altogether and are now having a nice tea party in the cart.

    Oh well, the show already got lots of trust from me, so I should just wait and see.

  18. PM 2.5 should have been the least of their worries. Myucel wouldn’t have any protection from any of the pathogens that are normally only trivial to us with robust immune systems and immunizations. Not too mention she could have brought something back and ended up causing something equivalent to the Black Death killing millions back home. Oh well, at least she learned how to make ketchup art.

    1. Man, if I tried to point out all the references in each episode I wouldn’t have enough time to talk about anything else! That’s more of Zani’s schtick – I specialize in politics and moe :3

  19. even as a girl, myu-chan is like the girlfriend you want to hug and squeeze and make fun of. she’s too cute! and well, shinichi-kun did the right things but ooohh… that was risque. 😉

    “Yo, go nen buri da na” – EPIC Shingeki reference. Can they beat this episode!? Man…

  20. This episode had me laughing whole time, a rare thing amongst even ebst comedies…

    Director taking a pot shot at HIMSELF. Priceless!
    Petrarca buried under all the paperwork, using “Get me Shinichi if I will finish it!” to motivate herself – brilliant!
    Sweet dreams of Shinichi – delicious!
    Myuseru stowing herself away in bag – hilarious!
    Myuseru and ultramodern Japanese toilet- fell of the chair!
    Nameless soldiers getting own pictures with fave animes (Kancolle for JSDF, a LOL in itself!) – I was collecting my jaw from the floor.
    But all of this was just a teaser for Myuseru’s trip to Akiba. She emanated such moe, my ghost is writing it by possessing the cat. Just joking, but not far from truth!
    -waving goodbye to the train-kun
    -amazed at maids everywhere
    -proposing to take HER picture in bloomers…
    -wasabi is evil food!
    -I cant eat my master! what an innendo!!!
    And then the evening antics, from Shinichi’s trouble with buying pantsu to sleeping beauty with tempting… T-shirt!
    And all this for bringing ketchup-painted omu-rice to Eldant!


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