「リセット」 (Risetto)

Today’s major theme: you cannot escape the past.

Banri and Linda

This ship that isn’t to be is the most glaring example of this week’s theme. From the hints that we’re given, things are far from resolved between these two. For Linda, her final claim about the past–towards the end of the episode–comes full circle with the beginning of this episode. We can make quick assumptions that Linda is obviously lying, but I think there may be more than a simple answer to this complex scenario. First, can we really trust ghost Banri as a reliable narrator? Though he does question the validity of Linda’s words within the flashback, his extent of information is still limited like any other character. Second, can we even trust Linda? One of the major wrapping themes I liked about this episode is the foreshadowing of revealing Linda’s character by exploring the past–she herself stated that, “we haven’t changed.” If her younger self had questionable truth to her words, it leads us to believe that the Linda of today could very well be making up words to save Banri and herself a whole lot of troubling heartache. Are you guys really open to saying everything? Have you guys changed at all? Who is it that really wants to go back to the past–is it just Banri, or does Linda also yearn for the times when she’d protect Banri above anyone else. The convenient sneakers, the nostalgic thoughts of Banri late at night–what exactly are her feelings for Banri, if not a simple desire for friendship or a romantic interest? Sometime in the future these answers are going to explode in our faces, where the unsustainable nature of Linda and Banri being so familiar with another conflicts with Koko’s dedication. Speaking of which…

Mitsuo, Chinami, and Koko

This trio’s dynamic continues to baffle me. How can Chinami put up with Koko’s attitude when she’s obviously the one suffering from Mitsuo’s spineless attitudes? We saw a rare glimpse into the Chinami that lies beyond her cheerful demeanor this week, where she’s most likely suffering through her own internal problems. Perhaps she’s waiting for Mitsuo to actually give a proper confession, or maybe she’s simply looking to live out her life fully through the good and the bad. Either way she’s been getting the short end of the stick with Mitsuo being lost and Koko continuing to stumble in her mannerisms (though both of them are getting better at a slow rate). My heart almost dropped when she almost broke her camera, since it seems akin to breaking her character as a whole. That camera will prove to be an important plot device in the future, as it will most likely become a convenient reminder to some character in the future.

I do wish that they expand on Chinami’s character after Linda’s developments, because I’d very much like to see what’s ticking behind that smile of hers when people treat her like a secondary character. To Mitsuo, she is both freedom from Koko but also his shame in being pressured by Koko to confess. To Koko, she is a bad influence to her childhood friend, even though she herself did nothing to Mitsuo that wasn’t called for. In fact, it is probably only Banri who has treated Chinami the best, though at the same time has also interacted with her the least. But where are her reactions to all of this? Where is her introspection? For the most part, we don’t know how she really views everyone–her cool-headed and non-reactive demeanor makes it hard to judge her true feelings, even more than Linda. Of course she had a tipping point here today (who wouldn’t?), but that soon reverted back to a rushed and clumsily handled reversion back to the status quo. Let Chinami express herself freely, because that girl deserves way more screentime than she gets right now.

Though paced much better than previous episodes, Golden Time still has its slip-ups with pacing, especially in developing Chinami and Mitsuo as characters. So far Koko, Linda, and Banri have been sufficiently developed, but sadly it’s at the cost of the rest of the cast. With Linda finally open about herself though, I expect that we will soon see a shift in character focus as we change from wrapping up Linda’s troubles to more Chinami, Mitsuo, and poor overlooked 2D-kun.




  1. My heart skipped a beat when Banri started imitating Koko’s mannerism. It was so like her its amazing. Plus Banri’s actually cute for a guy I could really mistake him for a effeminate type.

  2. I like Koko less and less. Picking on Oka would make me think twice about wanting to date Koko or even be friends with her.

    As far as Linda goes. Her true feelings are up in the air. Had she lied about her feelings when when she was talking to the girls and now or does she really care about him and is trying to save his feelings?

    One thing you didn’t mention was that it seemed as if there was a resurfacing of feelings for Linda in Banri. My opinion is that ghost Banri is the original personality buried somewhere in Banri’s mind struggling to get out. It appears that it may be trying to resurface which may be at the heart of how the relationship with Linda will develop.

    1. why?

      you mean cus she knew back there how Banri felt about her (as her reaction when she discovered he overheard them shows)?

      Or you mean for lying again and saying her answer would have been “no” (well..is mostly my opinion but i do think she still has feelings for him , her reaction when Bandi-ghost shouted “i want to go back” shows this too) ?

      IMHO she was just too used to be around him and was afraid to change their relationship: if she either accepted his feeling or undeniably rejected him their relationship would have changed… and she wasnt ready to accept that. IOW she was caugth between a rock and a hard place .. the solution she choose (to neither reject or admit his feelings) may seem like she is just “leading him on to keep him around” but i think it was the best solution she could come for herself, selfish? yeh, but understandable.

      1. my reply was meant to “Faker Senpai” on his “Linda is such a bitch” comment.

        PS: imho she was just selfish and scared (and kind of cruel to Banri). does that qualify her as a “bitch”? not for me.. but thats just my opinion.

    2. I wouldn’t quite go that far, but in some ways I agree. She clearly has trouble sorting out her own feelings, but at the same time, I can’t find it in myself to condone what she said about Banri behind his back.

      What kind of friend tells others they don’t like you at all when you’re not around? In the end, she wasn’t sorry about what she said, she was sorry she was caught saying it.

  3. I kinda have these mixed feeling right now. I was all in for Kokou but suddenly I feel like rooting for Linda after the last few episodes. Weirdly enough, I find Banri and Kokou’s relationship somewhat boring. Maybe I’m just not used to watching a girl openly showing her love with all eccentricity and the guy openly accepting it too. There are hints as well that Linda wants to be back with Banri but she’s stopping herself because Banri already has a girlfriend even though she’s very eccentric.

    But in all honesty, I like how Kokou thinks as an overly attached girlfriend. “I can’t simply go to another guy’s place because I have a boyfriend”. This is what girls should learn from her, overly attached or not. If you already have a boyfriend, yet you still claim to be very close to another guy because he’s your best friend, I call that B*ll Sh*t unless the guy is your boyfriend’s best friend too. In this case Mitsuo is a very close common friend to both Tada and Kokou which should be alright but remember, Kokou is an overly attached girlfriend (and I think is still bitter against Mistuo) so she decided not to go.

    You can say that I’m being biased or close-minded but hear me. I’ll put in a spoiler tag because this is just a random rant from me.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    The Story You Don't Know
    1. wow dude. so because one of your bud’s girlfriends cheated on him the ENTIRE gender is now completely untrustworthy and cant be trusted with other dudes period. self esteem issues much? i mean, judging the amount of jealousy and possessiveness you’re showing off… i mean really guys and girls can’t confide in each other and be close on a level that isn’t romantic? seriously? you’re that immature?

      also your take on banri and koko’s relationship. i mean if you’re here for the drama, whatever but you’re really upset because the shows taking a little bit of time to establish the fact that the two LIKE each other? yeah, that totally won’t pay dividends when they deal with actual relationship issues…

      1. This is solely my OWN OPINION, you’re free to have yours obviously. And one last thing before you judge me and call me immature and before you give out more empty words,

        You’ll never understand it unless you see it or experience it firsthand. You’ll never know the feeling until you see a close friend breakdown to the core, on the verge of committing suicide. Then when he’s finally over it, that same girl comes back and fucks up his life again.

        Now tell me what would you feel if you learn that your girlfriend (if you even have one) has a problem which you have no idea of and approached another guy instead of you? Then she comes and tells you that you were never there for her? It’s not about jealousy or possessiveness, it’s about common sense. Humans can’t read minds, they won’t know what’s in your mind unless you tell or show them. Communication is the most basic of all relationships.

        It’s so easy to judge and call others immature simply because you don’t know a shit about them. You’ve never been in the same situation yet you spout those words? Now that’s what I call Real Immaturity.

        As for Kokou and Banri’s relationship, I believed I stated that I found it boring because they were already completely in love in a short matter of time which is not something I’m used to. Most people, IRL or in fiction, spend a lot of time together before entering that completely in love stage. Who told you I’m upset about it? My opinion was I found it boring, not that I found it shitty and whatever you claim it to be.

        The Story You Don't Know
      2. omg you can’t get self-righteous at me for judging you and then assume you know anything about me as some sort of defense. case in point: “You’ve never been in the same situation yet you spout those words?” oh really? how on earth could you possibly have any idea to the truth of those words? you’re whole counterpoint to my post seems to say that because i don’t know what it’s like to watch a friend get cheated on (i do) or because i’ve never gotten cheated on (i have) i dont understand how someone could be so insecure and untrusting of an entire gender. do you understand what it’s like to cheat on someone else and what might lead to that situation? you don’t seem to care for the girl’s situation or what occurred to make that happen. which is fine, it looks like your buddy had it rough. it’s easy to demonize the person and not the act.

        and no, your personal experience with A girl does not allow you a free pass to believe things like your second paragraph from your original post. because lets face it, she does not speak for all girls, she does not represent all womankind. and that’s why i called you immature. just because one girl did something horrible to your friend (and yes, that is horrible and no one should have to deal with that and i’m honestly not trying to invalidate his experience and yours as well) you can’t project those feelings towards women everywhere. it’s unfair to them. it’s incredibly possessive and jealous to insist you cannot trust them with one of their best friends.

    2. That screams insecurity to me, pal.

      My best friend is a girl, has been for 10 years and none of her boyfriends have ever had a problem with us hanging out.

      because they trust her

      some weren’t even friends of mine

      same with the girls I’ve been involved with, none of them were worried once they met her

      It sucks your buddy got cheated on and yeah, I can understand the mentality that your girlfriend shouldn’t spend a lot of time with a guy you’re not close to because it makes you anxious, why wouldn’t it? You are absolutely, 100% right in that the first person she should be talking about her relationship problems with is you, not other people

      but fact is, she had her friend before you came into the picture. she should introduce you because she is your girlfriend and your personal lives are intertwined now but in the end it’s up to you to become friends with the guy and be comfortable with their friendship. To simply say “BULLSHIT” because you’re not close to her best friend is stupid and practically giving her a reason to cheat anyway, since you clearly expect her to

      Yes, cheating sucks. it sucks and it breaks you. i’ve been there. but you can’t let that warp your mentality. improve yourself, be confident, and you won’t have to worry about her cheating. and if she does, she can fuck off. it’s that simple.

      1. Actually i think that reaction is consistent with koko’s character (actually i see few examples of such consistency on anime characters) : her over eagerness and over clinginess is ofcourse how she reacts (shes an “air-head” after all) BUT i feel it also covers her insecurities … (atleast shes a sheltered “innocent/dumb” girl who just got rejected by her life-long “crush”) and knowing who wrote the original material this will have importance in the future.

    1. In some ways, he’s still the same too, with the way he ran away from Linda after seeing the photo of the two of them, and how he tried to distance himself from Koko a couple episodes ago too rather than face them and the problems that arose.

  4. Lately I’ve come to the realization that, for me personally, each episode lately has consisted of two distinct parts. The first 5 minutes and last 5 minutes of each episode, AND then the rest of it.

    It’s not usual for this to happen to some degree in any show, but it’s striking how much of a difference exists between the two parts. I can’t articulate it very well in words, but it acts like a generic, almost gag comedy that is book-ended by a very compelling and serious story.

    The dichotomy is hard for me to ignore and I find myself less engaged with the slice-of-life elements and side character development as a whole, because most of that occurs in comparably forgettable content. It’s like having a meal with an incredible appetizer and amazing dessert, even if the main course is good it just seems muted by comparison.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the show – I’m just trying (and failing) to pinpoint what throws me off about it sometimes.

    btw, Linda’s reaction when she found out that Banri was listening was epic – serious emotional impact there.

  5. Oh man, Linda’s probably the best girl in this series.
    And I think, she deliberately said no to Banri so that he won’t feel guilty dating Kouko.
    Not to mention, she’s quite a tsundere back in highschool.
    Wanna see who will Banri choose when he recovers his memories.
    Anyway, Golden Time’s gonna be a two cour so, this is gonna be a treat.

    1. dont think she fits (now or back then) in the Tsundere archetype.. from what we saw she actually felt really bad and tried to talk to Banri several times about what happened, not typical tsundere behavior.

      True: she said “no” when it is obviously a lie.. but the option was to say “yes” and have their “new” relationship even more stressed and pit her against the “new” girlfriend”
      .. i think she said “no” more out of fear: of being “rejected” or of changing their relationship.

  6. …mm. Few complaints this episode for me. Apparently there is one semi-major anime-only change, but it’s not that bad, I guess. Hopefully they keep this up.

    Somehow Linda and past-Banri’s relationship comes across as… well, honestly, nothing less than poisonous. A heavy mutual dependence in which past-Banri was frankly coddled by Linda, and in which this episode suggests Linda could easily be reduced to an emotional wreck by past-Banri. Perhaps some people found that sweet – I saw a sickness. It doesn’t help that past-Banri in that flashback was nothing short of cowardly, and apparently never seemed to feel himself in the wrong – obvious parallels, of course, are to be drawn with Mitsuo fleeing from Chinami, albeit in rather different circumstances. It speaks volumes, I think, that the new Banri, arguably with far less emotional support in his new life, has emerged as a far stronger character.

    As for Chinami, there’s no doubt there’s a lot more under that exterior than is immediately apparent. It’s also apparent that she herself isn’t going to show what’s under there all that quickly, and I half expect that it will take Kouko’s brand of ‘socialization’ to reveal those layers – probably while and after Kouko gets over her obvious complex towards Chinami’s easy sociability.

    1. Maybe that was so in the past but now Banri x Linda feels like the more natural relationship compared to current Banri x Koko.I’ll agree with Chinami when she said asked Koko why is she still so concerned about Mitsuo.I really don’t think she’s over him yet and might be using Banri as a scapegoat,while he might be doing the same with her.In Banri’s case,even if he’s emerged stronger now I don’t really like how he’s just accepts everything Koko does(like her abuse of Chinami).

      When he’s with Koko it’s like they just skipped resolving any of their problems and are just there to enjoy themselves.Now,I’m not saying that’s wrong but if they plan to have a long lasting relationship,they can’t just ignore those problems forever(especially Koko’s).In short,their relationship feels like an illusion.

      When he’s with Linda it feels like he can talk about almost anything(as she puts it,with the exception that she probably lied about her answer being “no” back then).Their relationship just feels real right now.

    2. I think this view of a poisonous relationship comes from the fact we’ve seen the two most dramatic parts of their high-school relationship. Obviously, they wouldn’t act like that with each other if they weren’t close and had “daw, cute friends” moments as well. But right now, we’re getting selective memories.

  7. “I do wish that they expand on Chinami’s character after Linda’s developments, because I’d very much like to see what’s ticking behind that smile of hers when people treat her like a secondary character.”

    It’s a clear sign that it’s an adult story when how people seem and what they really think is clearly not the same. It’s far too common in anime to make expressions obvious and even the ones who lies are doing so in obvious ways. It’s rather unusual to have a cheerful facade on an anime character. A smile can hide just as much as a blank expression.

  8. After dumping Kouko, Mitsuo finds himself the target of not just Banri, but 2D-kun as well. XD

    Poor 2D-kun is seriously wasted as a guy. Look how he clings to Mitsuo’s arm even more intently than Chinami in the haunted house. LOL

    Poor Linda, now she’s having to lie to stop Banri 2.0 from being conflicted now that he’s with Kouko, yet traces of Banri 1.0 still remain within him, unwilling to let go so easily.

    At first I thought the idea of the ghost of Banri 1.0 narrating is just a literary device employed by Takemiya Yuyuko, but with him occasionally reassuming control of his body via unexpected outbursts, I’m not so sure anymore.

  9. Really…no matter how I look at Mitsuo,I just couldn’t get used to this New “Golden” Hairstyle he have,I think that it doesn’t suit him at all…much prefer the blue one.

      1. Her nickname is Linda because of her surname, her given name is Hayashida Nana. I believe the singer ‘s nickname is Nana (not sure what her real name is).

        My peculiarity is the inability to use nicknames under most circumstances.

    1. I’m not sure Nana is more like-able than Kouko, more sympathetic definitely. Kouko is a great character and seems to be more honest in her actions and true to her desires than most of the characters.

  10. For me this is the first episode of Golden Time that don’t have pacing problem.All other Eps. either too fast pacing or had some scene or acting that seem out of place.But this episode is good from start till end.

  11. Linda X Banri “submarine” is bound to surface if “old” Banri ever returns.
    Regarding Chinami, I think she actually likes Mitsuo, thats why she was hurt by “dont ever talk to me again!”. Epic misunderstanding here where boths ides like each other but think the other one is hating them.
    Also, golden comedic skit with “gay boyfriends”. Mitsuo attracts pushy women, desnt he?

  12. not hating or anything, this is a pretty decent show. but why are all the male characters except 2d kun so emo? dramatic effects? they flip out on every little thing and get hurt like a woman and make girls chase after them after making them feel like shit wtf lmao??

  13. I dont like the idea of getting Banri and Linda together again. I mean, Banri doesnt deserves Linda at any length at all. He sulks like a kid whenever he’s around her < poor girls huhu

    2D-kun is still the best guy around! Get him hook up with Chinami instead! That will be cute!

    onion warrior
    1. gosh lots of missing text there…=___=

      what i’m saying was Linda deserves someone better than Banri. Linda needs to find someone new to get new perspective. I dont like how she bounded by Banri’s missing memories. She’s someone nice, and having her “chasing” Banri’s past is making her look bad. If Banri ever got his memories back, this will sure inflict a lot of heartbreak between Kouko and Linda. And honestly i cant bear to watch that ><

      ps, i dont really like how the guys in this series react. 2D is way better!

      onion warrior
    1. Well,I’ve been leaning towards Linda for a while but I didn’t want to pick a ship yet as I try to delay that as long as possible in non-harem shows,especially good ones like GT I finally gave in this week and became a Linda shipper 😛

      Of course,in good shows like these that might change as I’m expecting all the main characters(and maybe even side ones) to receive some good development eventually.It’s been 8 episodes and Koko’s hasn’t started yet though.Well,maybe just bit if she really moved on from Mitsuo but I don’t think that’s the case.

  14. As much as Linda is lying to herself and to Banri about what she probably feels (as if the first scene did not hint that), I actually like seeing the two together than Koko even if I really don’t see the two hooking up again unless old Banri gets his body back. Then again, for Linda, it’s like that she’s looking at a different person who looks, sounds and has the same name as her high school buddy.

    I know that Koko is gonna get redeemed later on, but right now she isn’t worth the screen time. If anything, I’d like to see Mitsuo get redemption first. Chinami is just too good for him to pass off.

  15. We saw a rare glimpse into the Chinami that lies beyond her cheerful demeanor this week, where she’s most likely suffering through her own internal problems.

    Beware the nice ones! (trope)
    For all her faults, at least Koko makes it very clear where you stand with her, so her outbursts aren’t completely out of nowhere. The hardest people to read are the ones who rarely show their true thoughts and emotions, like Chinami. I’d say I’m pretty similar to Chinami in this regard, except I keep a poker face rather than smiling. (Beware the quiet ones, I suppose?) You never know where the tipping point is, or how close she is to snapping. Once she reaches the very edge, something very minor can set her off, causing the ‘WTF?’ reaction to what others perceive as a minor issue, since she never showed any signs of problems beforehand. If I had to guess, I’d say she doesn’t like getting close to anyone in particular, preferring the more superficial interactions you would find at a party to having a close-knit group of friends. Maybe she chose someone as her confidant in the past, but made the wrong choice? I am interested to see how her character develops.

  16. Hmm, on some more frivolous theme, why Banri and Kouko don’t even kiss ? I “may” understand not having sex yet, blah getting to it in the proper way blah but c’mon, which of us didn’t kiss when we got into a relationship ? I wouldn’t believe that’s a common behaviour in Japan, unless some of you tell me otherwise by personal experience.

    Well, maybe I should just assume they do have intimate moments, but that’s left out as not so important for the story, as it happened for instance in Clannad, where Nagisa and Tomoya were never shown kissing.
    Or maybe that would make Banri and Kouko too close, in this part of the story. I wonder if those two are really going to end up together (and I’d like to keep wondering, so no spoiler please), and if that’s the case, as hinted by OP and ED, I bet that they are breaking up at least temporarily, before getting together again in a more mature and deep relationship.
    I’d be very disappointed if they are going to stay like this until the end of the show.

    Speaking of relationships, thank your god for not having me as the writer of the story, otherwise you’ll rage at an ending where Banri returns to Linda after he and Kouko understand they are not a good couple, Kouko tries confusedly to get back with Mitsuo but fails as Mitsuo marries Chinami and Kouko gets consoled by 2D-kun. (that’ll be a cheap ending, well, I’m not a writer for a reason ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌).

    I admit Linda being my favourite character, but I don’t hate Kouko anyway, I actually like her. She has potential to become a wonderful person and the girlfriend everyone dreams about, but right now she’s far from that and she needs some counseling and guidance, that Banri simply can not provide. There are a lot of episodes left to see her growing, though.

    I’ll be happy with whatever ending, as long as it’ll leave me thinking that Linda, one day, will find her true happiness …

  17. The ghost banri seems to have possessed the current banri for a short time. xD i just hope that ghost banri will not show up to kouko. xD but the nice part for me this episode is when banri imitated kouko. haha! xD <3 kouko <3

    1. erm… we saw her lie (related to her feelings) to Banri 3 times (2 of which were in the last episode?

      1) when they were in school

      2) when they first met

      3) in the balcony

      Shes a liar … but she does so out of fear, not malice.

      PS: i think in reality she is actually lying to herself… but Banri just getting pulled along.


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