「人形の家」 (Ningyō no Ie)
“House of Dolls”

Just when you thought you had the series figured out, it surprises you with something new. Coming into this episode, I would’ve bet money that we were going to get nothing but 20 minutes of epic naval piew piew. But as it turns out, I was completely off the mark. As with the previous weeks though, it’s all good, because it’s yet another pleasant surprise. Indeed, Gunzou continues to show just why he’s such a mystery (and lure) for the Fog, and it’s all about turning on the charm as he tries to turn the tables on Kongou and Maya.

The attempt merely delays the inevitable though, and the hospitality card doesn’t end up changing their overall situation. It did set up the foundations for key revelations and future developments however—some of which are listed below:

  • The Vibration Warhead works by triggering resonance and destroying a ship with its natural frequency.
  • The Admiralty Code are equivalent to the rules of a game, and the Fog should not be able to deviate from it.
  • Iona doesn’t seem to follow the same Admiralty Code as the rest of the Fog do.
  • What this episode ends up being is more philosophical than anything, and it’s a great showcase of interactions between the Fog and the Gunzou group. Both sides are probing each other for the answers they can’t figure out on their own, and it’s akin to two spy agencies competing each other to find the answer first. At the same time, it’s interesting to note that finding out the answer isn’t exactly a priority either. After all, there won’t be a need to find out the answer if you just eliminate the source of the question, and it further emphasizes the dynamics at play here. Adding more to this dynamic is the continued humanization of the Fog members—even Kongou seems to be changing—and one could go on all day about the many aspects Ars Nova is balancing on its plate at the moment.

    In the meanwhile, it must be said that it’s great how the series doesn’t try to take itself too seriously. It’s always important to have a proper balance of elements—especially when you’re not going for a grim dark series—and this episode continues the series’ tendency to even out serious moments with comedic ones. Kirishima messing around with the waves, Haruna’s shazaam moments… it’s these little things that Ars Nova does extremely well—making the series a pleasure to watch. 20 minutes just pass by, and this is easily turning into the show I most look forward to on a weekly basis.

    That said, it looks like we’ll finally get the clash we’ve been looking forward to next week. One wonders how Gunzou’ll pull off a win, but considering the amount of Fog ships he now has allied with him, he does have some extra firepower at his disposal this time around. Furthermore, it looks like he’s attempt to mess with Kongou’s logic processes did land a small success—one bite’s worth, to be exact—and it could be something that triggers the beginning of her downfall. At the very least, there’s a nice pun in there somewhere.

    Full-length images: 3, 9, 12, 24.

    End Card


    1. Ah, the oldest and most hallowed of naval traditions…parley.

      I can’t believe you missed the scene where Takao shyly passes a fruit cocktail to Gunzou, before switching back to “tsuntsun mode”… As subtle as the scene may be, it was definitely Takao’s cutest moment in my book.

    2. I liked that Maya finally got more screen time, she is the genki character which is missing otherwise.

      Takao was awesome as always, one of my favourite parts was where it had writing appear Scott Pilgrim style of “Fast Battleship Hyuuga vs Heavy Cruiser Takao” as they fought over the barbeque.

      Maya if anything seems more likely to join Haruna, since Show Spoiler ▼

      but source material has diverged a lot, so interested where this goes.

      1. Not so serious answer: She was probably a vegetarian.

        Serious opinion: I think the emphasis here is that she tasted a bit of reality and took the whole thing negatively. Like eating just the leaf of a garnish but not appreciating the entire dish. She now has a generalized conclusion of humanity over a single bite of bell pepper.

    3. I never knew Makie would turn out to be such a coat-tease.

      …Seriously though, someone needs to make a GIF of the scene where Maya and Makie remove & replace Haruna’s coat, and make it loop! It’s absolutely priceless. :3

      Unlucky Star
      1. That ain’t the twin masts!

        They’re the port and starboard TORPEDO BULGES!

        Please Timbo_1…. Get the parts right!

        Hue hue hue hue…………………………………………………………..

        Never knew Ise class battleships had IMPRESSIVE and EXCELLENT anti-torpedo protection…

    4. It looks like were going Rozen Maiden here. Mental models = dolls finding more purpose than just fighting

      And that reason for female ships…We’ve known why for a long time but them discussing it in the episode is kind of anticlimactic. At least it cleared further doubts though

      Someone Else
    5. (insert Innuendo on bold letters)

      I guess it leaves them no choice but to give the vibration warhead to the US so that everyone will learn how to use them and fire it on the bad ships.
      Kongue sure doesn’t want to have fun. I bet shes just afraid of it that’s why she avoids them.

    6. Aww man and here I was hoping they might show how the Admiralty Code looks like since in the manga it’s a ‘girl’ (but not entirely shown) rather than a set of rules , and since they’ve deviated so much there isn’t a harm to ‘showing’ her. Would’ve been a great excuse for Gunzou to enlarge his harem and use her as a bargaining chip in addition to the vibration warhead against the Japanese fog patrol fleet.

      But it’s ok, 2 Kongou-class battlecruisers, 1 Takao-class CA, 1 Hyuuga class battleship and 1 I-400 class submarine against what looks like just 1 Kongou class and 1 Takao class. Stacks are pretty much in his favour, assuming they fight on land.

      1. Hyuuga was an Ise-class. /nitpick

        But the odds are really stacked against the Blue Fleet. Kirishima and Haruharu are shipless, and have essentially no combat ability, and Hyuuga may or may not (who knows, at this point) be able to reassemble herself with the materials from Iwo To, but that’s still one battleship (Ise-class), one heavy cruiser (Takao-class), and one sub (modified I-400-class), against a battleship (Kongou-class), heavy cruiser (Takao-class), and six light cruisers (Nagara-class). Though, admittedly, as episode 1 demonstrated, the Nagara class sinks pretty easily.

        1. Yeah, that’s why I think that if they fight on land Gunzou will stand a chance, unless of course they’ve managed to rebuild the ships, otherwise 1 Takao & 1 I-400 will be insufficient to handle the opposition. Then again you are facing with a submarine that took on and defeated 2 Kongou-class ships, 1 Ise-class battleship, 1 Nagara-class light cruiser, countless destroyers other light cruisers and a Takao-class heavy cruiser.

          On a side note, what happened to the other 2 submarines? The last I checked they’ve only appeared to threaten Takao, then……nothing happened afterwards.
          And isn’t Kongou-class classified as battlecruisers? Unless the Kongou that exists in this universe is post-modernisation one, which would classify the Kongou ships as ‘fast battleships’

        2. I dont know, how they will escape this Trap. Even if 401 managed to get out, with Klein field, and Defense Field from Hyuuga. They still wil get pursuit from this Fleet and Bombardment until their Shields deeply.

          Perhaps he will outmaneuver both Ships, into collision them selfs. But they can not sink. Only stuck, so that 401 get time for Escape…
          But then, the other 6 Ships.. Are they not Submarine Hunters? If 401 breaks trough somehow, they will depend on their Fast Travel Speed. Underwater…

          Argh. dunno how they do this. 3D Tactics is my Weak Spot

    7. Aww, that’s downright rude of Kongou not to go in person because she feared faling victim to the Gunzou effect… Too bad it might have been for nothing : even without her core there, she got to experience new things, and, like an IA (which the Fog pretty much are), will learn from it. BTW I’m surprised there was no screencap of the half-smile she gives Iona during their conversation. Likewise, I was startled when she used the word ‘my intuition’, since an IA should only bother with cold hard data.
      Compared with the ever-serious Kongou, the antics of the other mental models were absolutely hilarious, it does make me wish Kongou could learn and become more human.
      Now why do I wish Gunzou had had a To Love-ru moment by using Rito’s patented fall/grope on Kongou… I know it’s not the style, but it would have been the perfect stimulus to break her shell.

      weird d
    8. Shakin~!

      That whole part was so awesomely adorable.

      Too bad Kongou ended up shaking off the obvious brief interest in “fun” and whatnot (so protecting her and Maya’s cores obviously didn’t do much overall). Would’ve also thought Maya, given how she is, would’ve ended up staying behind with them. Oh well. Though, Kongou seems to overlook the fact that Haruna and Kirishima didn’t leave the fleet because of Gunzou, but Makie, so obviously, it’s not solely Gunzou.

      Takao vs. Hyuga was awesome too, lol.

      And maybe it’s just because she was shown a lot more than pretty much the whole rest of the series, but Kongou just seemed to have this extra flair of sexiness this episode too.

      1. Too bad Kongou ended up shaking off the obvious brief interest in “fun” and whatnot (so protecting her and Maya’s cores obviously didn’t do much overall).

        For all of Kongou’s machine logic, she’s more human than she would admit. Leaving her core didn’t stop her from becoming curious about the food Hyuga prepared nor did it stop her from enjoying real tea. It didn’t even stop her from feeling frustrated that all these ships stopped obeying the Admiralty Code. Even by proxy, Kongou still underwent those experiences, and it clearly had an effect on her.

        Now to see if it’s enough for the Blue Steel crew to exploit! Naval battle’s a-go-go!

        1. I get the feeling that Kongou may have to go through the Hyuga experience of having to be “penetrated by (Iona’s) torpedoes” ala “communication with your fists” type thing for her to finally more embrace the more human-like qualities, lol.

          Sort of like how Kirishima and Haruna first began experiencing such human emotions from fighting them, with Kirishima getting all adrenaline rushed from the battle, and both Kirishima and Haruna starting to grasp the emotion BEHIND words rather than simply words alone when it looked like they would both die.

        2. It seems like having a near-death experience, or simply a crushing defeat, is the trigger for their change of mentality. It’s sort of like shock therapy to their system. When they are defeated in battle, and the mental models experience failure for the first time, at what they believe is the only task that gives their lives meaning, I think it forces them to re-evaluate themselves, and in turn their belief in themselves as simply weapons would come into question.

          In jest, one could say the reason why Gunzou’s plan didn’t work this time, is because he deviated from his usual pattern, and didn’t follow the Harem Rules of Engagement. Established by his previous encounters with the fog, he must first defeat Kongou and Maya in battle, and then make his move on them. A rare misstep on his part. :3

          Unlucky Star
    9. We are COMPLETELY off the rails now.

      People who might read the manga after watching this, know that this series is about as far off from the manga as the original Full Metal Alchemist was. And sadly, just like in that case, the manga is better.

      Please consider reading it instead.

        1. In fact, people who haven’t read the manga (including me) don’t really seem to care whether it follows the manga or whether it is better or worse from it. They just enjoy the show they have on their hands (no comparing and such) and that’s that.

          That’s how it goes with adaptions in any medium. Game of Thrones is awesome, even if it deviates from the books. And I still remember the cries of the Lord of the Rings fans about the changes the movies made (Battle of Pellenor Fields anyone?). But that’s how it goes with adaptions. They change and adapt the source material based on what suits them best to be a good adaption for the medium they represent. Manga is manga, TV is TV… The sooner you accept them the more you will be able to enjoy adapted shows.

        2. It’s not because you think the manga is better in general. Many viewers probably think such a thing too. What you’re giving off the impression of saying, however, isn’t JUST that, but that you seem to not want to give ANY credit whatsoever to the anime version for any of its own good points solely because of the fact that it doesn’t follow the manga version 100%. Even many diehard fans of the manga versions of anime adaptations know that most manga-based anime are NOT going to follow the manga version 100% in SOME way, but still try to find enjoyment out of the anime versions for its own merits and not solely due to how it follows the manga version panel for panel.

          Like Tassadar, I also have not yet read the manga version of this, so the anime is my first exposure to it (for me, it’s usually been seeing the anime version first, then checking out the manga version after rather than the other way around), and I enjoy it for what it is. Maybe the manga version is better, maybe not, but I’ll still enjoy this anime version either way, even if I discover various parts of the manga later on that I may wish were adapted into the anime version like others have mentioned at various parts.

          There’s also the fact that when a company decides to make an anime adaptation of a manga that’s not yet, or even nowhere near, finished, and/or one that’s only one cour long, that also creates (some combination of) reasons for steering off from the original version. It’s largely due to trying to cash in on the titles while they’re still popular/well-known rather than wait until it’s all finished before adapting it and risk losing potential viewers. Few manga-based anime adaptations really make up for such a thing, like Inuyasha: The Final Act after 5-6 years since it first “ended”, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (being much more faithful to the manga from what I’ve heard), Dragonball Z Kai (more faithful to the manga, cutting out a bunch of the original filler), and so on.

          Not that I can name any immediately off the top of my head, but I’m certain that there are a number of manga-based anime adaptations out there that some may even consider better than the original manga version because of anime original material, whether it be things added in or altered, or something.

        3. Except not. The anime has cut out QUITE a few very interesting characters, some very thought provoking worldbuilding, and generally dumbed things down. I don’t care if you downvote this to hell and back, it’s the truth. You can enjoy it, but it’s like enjoying a hamburger when you were offered a steak. It’s your loss, not mine.

        4. Actually no, just because there is a steak, it doesn’t mean that we wanted one. We had both options but our appetite dictated that we want the hamburger right now. And that’s what we are enjoying 🙂

        5. @Tassadar:

          From your comments, you state “people who haven’t read the manga (including me)…” so I fail to see how you have a reasonable basis in which to claim that the deviations present are simply “That’s how it goes with adaptions in any medium” when lacking the pertinent information (i.e. exactly what the deviations are) upon which to make such a conclusion.

          For that matter, there are some, albeit (IMO sadly) a minority of anime adaptations which DO follow the source material closely, even very closely (same is true for other types of media). Mongatari/Bakemonogatari comes to mind as does Fate Zero. Same is true for the Hellsing OVAs which received markedly higher ratings on both MAL and Anidb.net than the TV series which contained substantial deviations. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention FMA and FMA brotherhood (which AFAIK was produced due to fan dissatisfaction with former’s source deviations) which also show the same pattern of the adaptation which closely followed the source receiving higher fan ratings. Even this year’s Shingeki stayed relatively close to the source – certainly much more so than Arpeggio.

          Regarding one of your examples, to suggest that LOTR movie deviations are similar in degree to Arpeggio’s is a joke. Sorry, but no other way to put it. LOTR movie did NOT cut out a vast majority of characters (including some major ones) while the anime (so far) has cut Yamato, Musashi, Nagato, Gunzou’s dad, Mitsumine, Cruz Herder, Uragami, Daisaku Komaki, Maruri Hibiki, Makoto Osakabe, and Zordan Stark along with various vessels (mostly, but not entirely all FoF) and multiple related plot lines. The LOTR movie did NOT make substantial changes to characters such as relative strength/ability or modify their roles/personality. For example, Boromir/Legolas/Gimli (take your pick) were not reduced in combat prowess to the point of requiring rescue from a foe that in the source material they would easily defeated while mulling over what to have for breakfast. Saruman does not take over the role of “Final Boss” from Sauron nor does Faramir at times sub in for Denethor in terms of opposing, rather than aiding, the Fellowship.

          Frankly, I think a much better comparison is the Shingeki adaptation. The manga is nowhere close to being done like Arpeggio, yet while there are some deviations, on the whole they are relatively minor. I highly doubt fans of the series would take kindly to removing Reiner, Bertholt (and their related plot lines), Annie, Connie, Armin, etc. or make Eren a stronger 3D fighter than Levi, Misaka more talkative/emotional/deredere, etc. Of course, those who had/have not read the manga might well approve of such changes and enjoy the resulting anime immensely, but would they do so if they HAD read the manga? Impossible to state definitively, though I do think it’s quite reasonable to assume that a meaningful percentage would not. Fortunately for Shingeki fans, such issues are something they don’t need to consider.

          But that’s how it goes with adaptions. They change and adapt the source material based on what suits them best to be a good adaption for the medium they represent. Manga is manga, TV is TV… The sooner you accept them the more you will be able to enjoy adapted shows.

          Too OT and my post is more than long enough as it is, but in brief – incorrect. That’s how it goes for SOME adaptations, and it is far from conclusive that such changes are “what is best suited to make a good adaptation for the medium.” There are a myriad of possible reasons such changes are made. I’m sure attempting to maximize revenue is at the forefront. Even if the intent is to “improve” upon the source’s version, that does not automatically mean that such attempts are indeed successful.

          “…just because there is a steak, it doesn’t mean that we wanted one. We had both options but our appetite dictated that we want the hamburger right now. And that’s what we are enjoying :)”

          You might want hamburger, but Tarage isn’t the only one who prefers steak at this time. And you are mistaken in one important aspect. There is NOT any steak here – ONLY “hamburger” (some might suggest Hamburger Helper), and THAT is the issue. There is NOT a choice in terms of the anime at this point. If there was (i.e. this and a simultaneous production faithful to the manga), I’d be watching the faithful alt. version for the xth time rather than writing all this. MAYBE there is a “reboot”, but even if there is, how long will that take?

          You and possibly others “may not care” whether the source is better or not, but that doesn’t mean the same is true for everyone, NOR does it mean that the issue isn’t important. With that viewpoint, then why criticize any show (or extrapolating anything). Certainly no need for “reboots” so everyone please return your copies of Hellsing OVA, FMA Brotherhood, etc. and enjoy the originals versions without complaint. Even if there’s only hamburgers, not all hamburgers are created (cooked?) equal. I’ll take the higher quality one, thanks.

          Finally (yeah I know it’s a long ass post), let me be perfectly clear about two things. First, I am NOT, repeat NOT, suggesting or advocating in any way that people stop watching the show to read the manga. In fact, I stand by my advice posted in EP 03 that people (if they so desire) should watch the entire season, THEN go read the manga (again if they so desire). Second, despite not adopting your “how to watch anime adaptations” recommendation, I have, and continue to, enjoy anime adaptations. I just don’t enjoy all of them or to the same degree. Correspondingly, while you may not care whether the original is better or not, I do.

        6. For starters, what I meant by saying that “That’s how it goes with adaptions in any medium”, I wasn’t suggesting that Aoki Hagane the anime is better than its manga counterpart. I am just saying that this is a procedure all adaptions go through when they transition from books/comics/manga etc into TV and cinema. Some do it better while others not so much.

          Secondly, I never suggested that the deviations of Aoki Hagane and LOTR from their respective source material are of the same degree. I merely stated GOT and LOTR as other examples where the transition from one medium to another brought changes to characters, plotlines, places, order or events or a combination of the above. The point I was trying to make by mentioning those two was never about who did it better or worse, but the fact that changes DID happen in all of them because the producers THOUGHT that’s what was needed to make them successful in the transitioned medium. If I REALLY HAD TO COMPARE them in the context you implied, then yes, Shingeki is a much better example.

          “But that’s how it goes with adaptions. They change and adapt the source material based on what suits them best to be a good adaption for the medium they represent. Manga is manga, TV is TV… The sooner you accept them the more you will be able to enjoy adapted shows.”

          Maybe I had to rephrase that as well by saying that “THE PRODUCERS change and adapt the source material based on what THEY BELIEVE suits them best to be a good adaption for the medium they represent.

          And lastly, indeed, some might prefer a steak while others might prefer the hamburger. I am not judging anyone. Longhaul said it pretty nice with his comment on Tarage’s downvotes:
          “You are getting downvotes for saying ‘stop liking things I do not like’.”

          Thankfully, you differentiate your opinion from Tarage’s on that matter.

        7. mm

          im doing both m reading the manga and watching the anime, i like both: the anime is an adaptation and feels like a really really good “what if” story.

          I dont see why someone cant do both and like both stories.

        8. @Tassadar:

          Thank you for clarifying since from context your post appeared to suggest more than simply “changes to source material are routinely made during adaptation”. I have no disagreement with that (really it’s matter of fact IMO). Same is true in regards to your comment (if I understand it correctly) that producers/directors/whoever make changes that they feel are best suited to whatever goal they have in mind. Again, matter of fact as far as I’m concerned.

          However, the issue at hand is not the fact that the anime made changes to the source material, but rather the extent, degree and manner of such changes. Since you haven’t read the manga (have no idea whether you plan to eventually do so or not) obviously there’s nothing for you to compare in this case. Still, I would think you would agree that as a general concept, changes made by producers/directors (intent is irrelevant) during adaptation are not always for the better or inconsequential. Granted “better” is subjective, but that doesn’t mean IMO that every adaptation should be accepted without question or criticism in that regard (i.e. “just enjoy the show they have on their hands”). Perhaps you meant something different by that remark, but that’s how I read it.



          In case your reply is directed in whole or in part to my post, I never stated that one can not like both the manga and anime. It’s certainly possible to like both equally, prefer one over the other, like one while disliking the other, or dislike both. My recommendation back in EP 03 was in reply to someone who asked for recommendations on that issue. I did, and still, recommend reading the manga after the anime is finished because while you and some others might enjoy both at the same time, there is no guarantee all other non-manga readers will as well = more prudent to wait IMO.

          As for viewing the anime as a “what if story”, I’d rather have the original story adapted first before getting into “what if” versions.

          This isn’t a zero sum game – at least not for me. Regardless of my preference for the original story in the manga and my disappointment in the anime’s substantial deviation therefrom, that does NOT, repeat NOT, mean that IMO that the anime is “worthless”/has no redeeming value/etc. It’s not the best anime I’ve watched this season nor is it the worst. As previously noted, I agree with Longhaul’s comment that saying “stop liking things I do not like”/stop watching the show is wrong. In fact, if anything my recommendation regarding reading the manga suggests the exact OPPOSITE since I recommend waiting until after the anime is over. I wouldn’t suggest to wait until then if I didn’t assume people would watch the entire season.

          However, IMO the converse sentiment (i.e. “stop disliking things I like”) is no better. The fact remains that the anime has made massive alterations to the original story – no other way to describe it. Some fans of the original work, such as myself, are disappointed that such an approach was taken and view said changes as decidedly for the worse. In other words, had the Arpeggio anime simply followed the approach taken by Fate Zero, FMA Brotherhood, Shingeki, etc., it would be much better. While not every one will agree with that, I see no reason why that viewpoint is any less valid, less meaningful, or less acceptable to post than any other opinion.

    10. Let’s see… Where do I want to start…..

      1) There’s genki Maya which scares me
      2) Kongo accepting Gunzou’s invitation for tea and fleet review
      3) Gunzou being the big bad ass admiral of a boss
      4) Kongo almost going dere-dere
      5) The adventures of Youtarou-Haruna
      6) Makie and Maya being S while Haruna being M (I can just see the doujins for it already)
      7) Hyuga in that swimsuit
      8) Dere Takao

      Now what was I going to type again?

      Dang…. The awesomeness of this episode’s fleet review once again diverted my attention away….

    11. interesting, kongou actually has more development here compared to the manga. who cares if this doesn’t follow the manga anymore, i am still liking it. i want to see how they wrap this up.

    12. In stark contrast to the manga which continuously expands its story, this anime places more focus on developing the characters, particularly the Fog ships. And you know what? For an anime that has deviated from the source material so far that it might as well be its own story rather than an adaptation, this series has been remarkably stellar. Who’s the scriptwriter behind this anime? Is it the author? Whoever he/she/they is/are, they deserve an applause!

    13. There’s something about this show that makes it so appealing. As you said, it’s becoming the show I most look forward to every week, and I don’t know why. Shame there’s only 4 more episodes left.

    14. Takao is awesome no matter how you cut it.

      Haruna and her SHAAZAM moments are down right adorable

      Kirishima… how ironic of a battleship that cant even enter the water

      Maya and her genki attitude confuses me. I dont know if i like her or not

      But the highlight of this episode is definitely Kongou. I stand by what I said last episode, inflexible/overly serious girls have a certain appeal to them and I like it! If I ever find the drive, I’m definitely writing a fanfic with Kongou as my battleship ^.^

      1. yah.. HaruHaru and Dere-Takao are just sooo cute.

        PS: yeh Maya scares me… dunno most airhead + genki girls do… always get the feeling they gonna go all crazy lol (almost never happens too… but i still get that feeling , always)

    15. Just as Iona doesn’t know what she really wants, Kongou isn’t aware of her biggest weak point: curiosity. She was amused of having a real hot tea, the fact that she bite some of the BBQ and that sultry smile that was oh-so-tempting. As I read before, maybe a crushing defeat can change her POV and fear of changing (for good), specially since Kongou is so confident that her use of tactics can outsmart the Master of Tactics that is Gunzou.

      As one that have read the manga, I think that Ars Nova is a real treat. Instead of just advance full engine ahead with the story, is taking his own pace to develop it’s set of characters, something that the manga is somewhat lacking. Even after taking out characters, is well made, and I expect a second season for 2014.

    16. just when you think it’s all said and done, you get an ep like that and you find out more. this ep had some interesting interaction between the characters. mostly it was between “gunzou’s team” and the “fog team” (basically Kongo), but actually each character has its own “agenda”, reflecting different philosophy, which yet contributes to the main theme.
      Gunzou is kinda different, for the real first time (at least IMHO), he is talking about the “mankind” and its “survival” (if we really can call it that way).

      yes, we got some nice “piew piew” (you really stick to that Zephyr XD). not to much, but next gonna be some much more “bombarding”, I am sure.
      I guess Gunzou has a plan, otherwise he wouldn’t waste time chit-chatting with Kongo, while his human fellows probably prepared the exit route for them. too bad for them, they didn’t get to eat from the barbeque 😛

      but I wonder where is this all going to?what’s the real point of the series?
      let’s not forget, we are talking about 1cour series, and aside all the moe-ecchi stuff, it tries to make a point. what I mean is…we are entering the “final act” of this 1cour season. and I don’t think plot on larger scale gonna kick in. for example, I don’t think we’ll see implications on the fog as a whole, or something that far reaching in larger scale of the world itself. maybe on Kongo, ’cause after all she was the “villain” of this season..but I don’t think it’s…”enough”, even if it’s only 1cour season. so I wonder if after Kongo’s defeat (and I assume she’ll be defeated or something, THO who knows beside you manga-reader :P) there will be something beside that in the “big picture” of..everything that the series talked about so far.

    17. [insert 007’s character theme music]
      Chihaya, Gunzo Chihaya *Suave Stare*

      watch out Kongou, seems all the ladies can’t resist that look

      What in god all mighty is this, that a spackling tool is needed?

      Though I’m hankering for some for some Navel Oranges. Anyone else?

      1. Hmm, should I post it? Naah, I shouldn’t post it.

        Screw it, I’m posting it. *ahem*

        Well, I wouldn’t mind having some freshly squeezed juice from Hyuuga’s Naval Oranges. :3

        Ahahaha! …I’m so going to hell.

        Unlucky Star
    18. First and foremost – abit late but none the less, kudos needs to be given from myself as first time poster but a prior reader here at Randomc

      To Zephyr
      Thanks for your time in doing this write-up on Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Ars Nova as the series progress. Thumbx2.
      Also thanks go out to Zanibas for the caps. Keep up the good work, looking for more from you guys on this show.

      @Croos – Damn you all to hell [As I stare at the Statue of Liberty sticking out of the sand on the beach in a post-apocalyptic world while wearing a loincloth] for that “Someone really needs to make a Nya Nya Da Da version of this” link. I can’t get that damn song out of my head.

    19. Arpeggio Mini-Theatre: Haruna buys a new coat!

      Makie: “Haruharu, here’s a bunch I think would look nice on you! Try some on in the fitting room over there. I’ll wait out here.”
      Haruna: “Thank you, Makie.” *walks inside*

      … …*sad violin music*… Shakii~n! … …*sad violin*… Shakii~n! … …*sad violin*… SHAKII~N!! … … …
      *long silence*

      Makie: “I think she found one she likes.”

      Unlucky Star
    20. Too bad you didn’t get a screencap of Hyuuga’s Iona-figure collection (plus a model of the I-401), neatly displayed in illuminated display niches.

      I was surprised she didn’t have a wall-scroll nor a dakimakura (perhaps she put that away to keep it away from Maya’s boots-on-the-bed).

        1. LOL That’s what that poster reads? How the heck were they able to have a serious conversation in this room?!
          I guess that further proves the point that this show isn’t taking itself too seriously 😛

          Unlucky Star
        2. “Iona-nee’s and Hyuga’s Love Room”….eehhhhhhh?Oh the innuendos

          Well at least Hyuga put away the Lava lamps, Barry White and massage oils before the meeting.

          Not ….not ….that I would know anything about that sort of thing…..ummm…excuse me. I need to go and straighten a room….[whistling while leaving]

    21. I think the biggest difference in this anime adaptation is the lack of Papa Gunzou’s presence and the other human(s) that have control of Fog ships. It simplifies the story to only the i401 crew which is not bad for a shorter anime story, but leaves some plot holes if they ever want to do another season.

      1. That would explain, the suddenly “Contact” with America trough Japan. In the last Episode. there are 2 Ways

        They weak the Fog Fleet between USA and Japan, that Radio Contact was possible again for a Short time or more, or they have infiltrate the Fog fleet someone, and turn them on their Side

        See… “and the other human(s)” what can do? 🙂

        1. If in USA is someone like Gunzou, and have control over some Fog Vehicle, perhaps we can see a other View of this Anime, where he successful send or established the contact with Japan

      1. and Basically, these Mental Models, could all be T1000 Models… Yes, this “i’ll be back” ones… Terminator 3

        But it surly will not fit in this Show. But there are so many Abilities with a Body, that can bend on Will. In this case Core AI CPU

    22. Timbo_1
    23. i think arpeggio “not taking itself seriously” is somewhat similar to how majestic prince managed “not to take itself too seriously” in that the humor is actually used to further give weight to the serious themes being tackled by both shows. in MJP, the antics of the zannen 5 highlighted their desire to be just normal kids, despite being treated as no more than weapons by the higher ups, while here, the adoption of the mental models of rather peculiar behavior shows their growing understanding of human nature.


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