「ひたぎエンド其ノ壹」 (Hitagi Endo – So no Ichi)
“Hitagi End Part One”

While I know quite a bit of people who don’t enjoy shows that are heavy on the dialogue and light on the action, I must say that Monogatari is one of those shows that just do it right. Be it the slightly insane characters or the ridiculous situations they’re put in — there’s this lure that takes things that would normally be boring and makes them oddly interesting. With that said, let’s embark on this odd journey with Suzuki and Senshougahara!

Actually, before I even start talking about the episode, there’s something I just have to ask. Did you notice how Kaiki and Mikisugi from Kill la Kill have the same voice actor? And if you did, did it drive you crazy to think how the nearly shirtless homeroom teacher who’s rather quite cheeky has the same voice actor as our dark and rather sarcastic con-man? All I know is that the moment it hit me that the two share voice actors, everything in the episode instantly became a little more fun to watch.

Getting back on topic though, boy was I happy to learn that somebody was trying to solve the whole Nadeko problem. Because in all honesty, not only would it have been a real shame to watch Araragi and his whole crew lose to a simple snake god but after Hachikuji’s tear-jerking exit I don’t think I could handle losing anyone else. Luckily though, it seems that the writers have covered everything and devoted a whole arc to remedying this problem! Unluckily though, it seems that the only person who’s able/willing to help the pair is the ever-depressing Kaiki. And as we’ve seen since day one, Kaiki is a logical man who’s main goal in life is to come out on top.

That said, I think we can all agree that Kaiki came off in a much better light than when we first met him back during Nisemonogatari. Instead of some creeper who was selling curses to middle school kids for chump change, you could almost say he’s become Oshino’s stand in. He’s someone who has knowledge of supernatural and how to deal with them, so skilled in deception that it doesn’t matter what he’s deceiving because they won’t even know they’re being tricked, and so perfect for the whole situation that it’s almost a bit eerie. But as I said earlier, he’s not Oshino — not someone who’d be willing to help others out of kindness, guilt, or whatever irrational emotion that exists. And when it boils down to it he weighs his options and logically attempts to figure out what’s best for him.

Which is why the scene of Kaiki in the bathroom talking to himself as he tries to weigh all of his options has become one of my favorite scenes throughout the whole series. The whole time that he’s in there, you really get the feeling that he’s really trying to find some reason to help Senjougahara. While it’s still unknown why he’d want to go out of his way to help the pair, you have to appreciate how he stands firmly behind his beliefs. Because when the idea of forcing someone into prostitution doesn’t even bring out a tiny bit of sympathy, you have to wonder just how important Gaen and Kanbaru are to him for it to sway his resolve!

With a bombshell of a start, I would have to agree that thus far Kaiki is providing the high quality story he promised in the very beginning of the episode. And while I have no idea just where things will go since Kaiki isn’t someone you’d normally let drive, I have no doubt it’ll at least be a fun ride!


ED4 Sequence

ED4: 「snowdrop」by 春奈るな×河野マリナ (Luna Haruna x Kawano Marina)

End Card


  1. Can’t believe we went the whole ep with Hitagi wearing those ridiculous glasses, then again monogatari doesn’t cease to bring the surprises. Also I was wondering what connection Ononoki has with Kaiki; That was them in the ED together wasn’t it?

    Best moment of the ep for me, quote by Kaiki: “Victory is mine!”

    1. Well, probably something like Kagenui lending Ononoki to Kaiki for a while?
      Or maybe a slight hint to the next arc Tsukimonogatari which focuses on Ononoki,
      when Third Season comes around.
      Though I never found a translated version to read, so I have no solid guesses.

  2. Senshougahara’s back and she doesn’t pull her punches! I must say, Senshougahara looks hot in those wacky glasses.

    And I must say, Suzuki’s rather cute. He has to be one of the cutest shady characters that I’ve ever seen

    1. What amazes me is that there are actually people who do not seem to welcome her return, considering how you’ve received as many as 5 downvotes at time of this post.

      Yes, the Monogatari series is all about Araragi and his interaction with the girls, but OTOH, the charm of Senjougahara is what draws most of us towards the series in the first place, and I for one am glad she is back to wrap this season up.

      1. It is more that he (and you) are insinuating that people watch Monogatari because of Senjougahara. He managed to stay somewhat PC about it, but you went all in to dismiss the rest of the cast.

        It is an insult to a great cast of characters.

      2. Now you’re putting words in my mouth.

        This must be the first time that I’ve heard where voicing one’s admiration for one character equates to insulting the other characters, something which I find absolutely absurd.

        I like Senjougahara, I admit that, but why would that mean me dismissing the rest of the girls? In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the previous arc with Araragi in absolute bliss in the presence of three lolis.

      3. I’m just glad that Senjougahara has made a return. I have been charmed by her since Bakemonogatari episode 1, and she has been my favourite character since.

        I also didn’t think echykr’s comments were “insulting” to other characters. Frankly I find it impossible to insult such a great cast anyway.

      4. What annoys me about Rag’s response (and the amount of upvotes he received for that matter, though good thing just as many disagreed with him) is that, deliberate or not, he grossly twisted the meaning of our professed affection for Senjougahara’s charm as a declaration of war against the other characters, attempting to put a guilt trip on us which was totally uncalled for and undeserved.

        Since when has liking different characters become mutually exclusive of each other?

      1. I’m with you dude. How is her boyfriend supposed to feel? Araragi should dump Gahara after this. There is something wrong with her. I don’t like Hanekawa, but she looks like a much better choice right now.

      2. is not that im endorsing her actions… it just shows how serious she is on getting Kaiki’s help if shes considering underage prostitution to get the money.

        ALSO is imho an attempt to guilt trip him.. because IIRC Kaiki knows she used to have a crush on him.

      3. dear lord, she mentions selling herself to save her boyfriends life and now all the butthurt moralfags come out. where were you last week when araragi was, oh i don’t know, actually cheating on her? gtfo with ur stupid double standards. fuckin punks.

      4. OH WAIT… Araragi could kiss every girl in this show (even loli girls) and it’s fine… and She said one word by joke and is she a whore? PLEASE… Men who think so are despicable…

  3. well, with no recap this week, it means Koimono gonna be 6 eps, namely until ep 26. it’s gonna be quite a ride. Nadeko’s problem must be solved, it’s the final act for this season. I can’t wait for the finish.

    yeah, finally we got to see Kaiki’s side, much better than in Nisemono. his monologue in the bath was great. it’s those things monogatari knows to do best.
    I was intrigued how he solved the motive-problem, calling Senjou and Araragi his “rival”.
    even Senjou’s willing to sell herself..damn shaft/NisiOisiN – don’t make me angry

    but how lovely to see Hitagi once again. THO only with those toy glasses XD
    I guess Kaiki won with his bizarre show XD

  4. …he’s not Oshino — not someone who’d be willing to help others out of kindness, guilt, or whatever irrational emotion that exists

    Oshino helped people for money – we even get reminded in this episode that he charged Hitagi ¥100,000 for dealing with the weight crab. Not a huge sum, perhaps, but a lot of money for a schoolgirl whose family had been virtually bankrupted. He charged Araragi a lot more than that.

      1. Oshino is a balancer remember, so equivalent exchange for services rendered is what he goes with. He doesn’t just help people out of the kindness of his heart, there was the whole mess in Kizu with his ambiguous stance on the situation. He is not without his biases either, see Hanekawa, whom he used in Kizu as well.

  5. Really intrigued about why Kaiki would be willing to go through with this request simply because of Gaen and Kanbaru. He doesn’t give a damn about almost everyone else so why for those 2 would he? Will be really interesting to find out…

    And Senjougahara’s hairstyle right now really does make her look cute. Though it does seem that she’s copying Hanekawa XD. Personally, I’ve always preferred girls with long hair but Senjougahara and Hanekawa have made me waver in my preferences with their current looks 😛

    PS: That “Victory is mine” moment was just comedic gold 😀

    1. He in fact gives a damn, just in an unusual way. As I understand him, Kaiki thinks that being an idiot is bad for your health, therefore he teaches everyone around how not to be an idiot.

      + He’s tsundere. He speaks one thing and does another.

    2. I thought the whole interaction With Kiaki in the mirror, trying to convince himself that he should help, and also throwing hot coffee on her when she suggested going into prostitution —all points to him being a big softy. I don’t even think he has much to do with Kanbaru family, far as I know… I think it was just supposed to be sorta funny that he chose such a far out person to the situation and said, ok for her it’s worth it to step in.

  6. Some trivia related to this episode I spotted on MAL
    The places depicted in Koi episode 1

    Naha Airport

    Royal coffee shop in Naha Airport

    Stained glass in Naha Airport

    Okinawa-soba shop Tenryu in Naha Airport
    Read more at http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=694387&show=40#qs8OsqP4fROj7GFv.99

  7. I thought the most hilarious scene was when Kaiki thought to himself: “Victory is mine”, that was irresistibly funny. As a side note, somehow, Senjougahara looks pretty good with those glasses and moustache.

  8. That disguise getup is better for Hanekawa than Senjougahara., and I can’t believe Kaiki talks about Hanekawa going such lengths for Koyomi and even thinks how he can ask money from Hanekawa’s parents as well.

  9. I’m not really good at recognizing voices so I didn’t notice it while I was watching, but

    “how Kaiki and Mikisugi from Kill la Kill have the same voice actor”

    I can’t stop giggling now

  10. So that’s what Senjougahara was planning all along when she haggled for time from Nadeko. Omnipotent Nadeko may have become, but mentally she’s still a naive middle-schooler, meaning it only takes someone with wits to outwit her.

    At first Senjougahara was her usual confident self, though as the episode progresses with Kaiki seemingly unmoved by her proposal, we do get to see a rare glimpse of her anxiety and desperation, to the point of her offering her body.

    Though credit to Kaiki, this mere suggestion seems to have offended his dignity as a conman, if conmen have any self-respect to begin with.

    Unlike his companions from the exorcist circle in college (Oshino Meme, Kagenui Yuzuru, Gaen Izuko), Kaiki uses his real exorcism knowledge to con people rather than do any actual exorcism as he reckons it’s more profitable that way.

    Which means he’s actually still capable of being a badass exorcist if he so chooses to, and we may actually see a chance of him doing so against Nadeko.

    I do wonder what it is Kaiki wants from Kanbaru? What is Kanbaru’s relation to his mentor Gaen Izuko besides being relatives that so grabs his attention?

    1. I’ve seen a lot of people asking about Kaiki and Kanbaru. You’re actually supposed to learn about that in Hana, which was released before Koi, but SHAFT SHAFTed it from this season.
      If anyone wants to know here is the spoiler from the LN, nothing big or as devious as you may assume from Kaiki:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      Thanks John
  11. Pfft with haters hating on Gahara. Tell me people, “prostitution” makes you hate her? Gahara is trying to save a situation. She’s not waiting to be killed, she doesnt have ridiculous power, so this is the least she could do. She’s not like most of the people there waiting for Araragi to help them, she’s trying to help Araragi. Why cant you tards seeing this point in her instead of getting yourself “disgust” for the petty “prostitution” words here. Are you people trying to be sexist here? Becoming one of those otakus who only believe that girls should be pure like motherfuckers?! Men are welcomed to have harems and getting all sorts of problems with his girls and still gets away with it? Well im utterly disgust with you people.

    Araragi playing around with his harems and lolis, praising all to him. Senjougahara suggest the word “selling ma body”, burn the witch!!! <– you dont see the big picture here. go get your loli's goggles fix.

    Clock Work
      1. oh, then what are you suggesting? Go one on one with Nadeko? Rob the bank to get more money to pay Kaiki? Run to the end of the world into hiding? Become Homura and kill Nadeko? Please, you see how the Snake beat Araragi and Shinobu…you forgot how Gahara negotiated with Nadeko to give them time, and also pleading Kaiki to help them though she doesnt have much

        plus, whoring herself? hmm, what’s wrong with that word? there’s tons of women out there whoring themselves to help their families, kids and debts, and even to help their men. Desperate, arent they? What options do they have, can you tell me instead? If she’s whoring herself to help her boyfriend, so what? you got problem with that?

        pfft, and here i thought most of Monogatari’s audience here are matured enough to accept that idea consider the age rating for this anime. Looks like you guys are just a bunch of denial kids

        Clock Work
      2. jesus christ dude, not sure why you consider prostitution such a shameful venture? way to take the moralistic slut-shaming approach to sexuality. and, yeah, the double standard of araragi/gahara is disgusting and incredibly toxic. yay sexism!

    1. Clock…. With any series… There’ll always be 2 camps. And yes, I am disgusted by these people.

      Though in this case, I don’t understand why the hate for Senshougahara.

      Granted that prostitution is “not the way out” (to satisfy the moral police here) to which extent I agree. One got to look at her family and financial situation. Prior tp Kaiki, her family’s pretty much was swindled of all their wealth and the injury prior to Kaiki aggravated it.

      To put Senshougahara down because of this comment is not fair of us. Compared to the other girls, I must say that Senshougahara’s the most level headed and proactive one. Seeing her do all this just makes me love her even more than how much I love her at the moment.

      So to all those who down vote comments regarding/referring to Senshougahara….. I implore you…. No I beg you…. No I plead you…. No I implore you…. Yes I implore you…. Kindly enlighten us why the extreme hate for Senshougahara so we can better understand and respect your opinions

      1. Ah, finally…someone’s getting the whole point out here. Thank you Cruiser…

        Yea, i agreed. I dont hate any of the Monogatari characters, none of them, even Nadeko who turns into Snake. But the sudden hates and disgusts towards Gahara just because she SUGGEST the idea to prostitution, man! She hasnt even done that yet and so much hate?! Its just some goddamn suggestion!

        If you are seeking someone to hate, hate yourself instead. Gahara’s act to even negotiate, maybe i shouldnt use that word, PLEAD Kaiki to the extend of desperation, to save them is much heroic than any characters here could have done. She’s not asking him to save her, its to save Araragi at least, so that we wouldnt have that ending with no Araragi in the scene.

        If you people would still hate her because of her “suggestion”, I’m done reasoning here. Hate all you want for hating the wrong person in the series.

        Clock Work
    2. Even without the prostitution part, I really dislike her actions. I despise self-sacrifice because I feel that it’s, quite paradoxically, selfish. She’s just thinking about what she can sacrifice to save Araragi, but she isn’t thinking about it from his perspective. You think he’d be happy surviving, knowing it cost Hitagi her life? Or if she had to prostitute herself to save him? I doubt it very much.

      Instead of this, trying to become a martyr, bullshit, how about they try and figure out things together. If Kaiki is the only option, then convince Araragi and take him with you to the meeting.

      And anyway, why the hell is Nadeko so strong? I feel like they made her into some kind of final boss, just ’cause. There doesn’t seem to be any good reason why a little blood-sucking and vampire action wouldn’t solve this issue.

      1. The way I saw the whole, “prostitution” part, was just Senshougahara thinking out loud. With how much she has developed since Bakemonogatari, I take her for a much more cunning type in her own way. Like, how Kaiki in the bathroom was going through ways to convince himself to help them out of atonement or debt, she was just pondering (out loud) ways she could pay back Kaiki. Prostitution, he knows she would do if it came down to it. So the question of whether or not she could secure the money became null at that point. So Kaiki went back to the topic of doing it for free.

        Overall, seriously, she really played Kaiki at his own game. She may be desperate, but she is still cunning and I think she struck the right chords with Kaiki.

        Goodwill Wright
      2. ” I despise self-sacrifice because I feel that it’s, quite paradoxically, selfish ”

        LOL! What part of Araragi do you not understand? Or is it ok for him but not a girl? Cuz Araragi has spent most of the story all up in that self-sacrafice bizniss.

        On the whole “she sucks cuz she said prostitute BS, please kindly recall that she has been rather infamous throughout the whole story for saying all kinds of outrageous, unlikely things. Usually with good reason.

        Danny the dog
      3. Yes Danny, I wonder why there seems to be a strong double standard at play here. If you’ve watched any part of the series, you should know Araragi has always been self-sacrificing. He’s literally the last person who has a right to complain about someone else being self-sacrificing for his sake.

      4. sacrificing something for a friend is not really selfless .. you do it because of a friend, because YOU care about them and you worry of their well-being: having then be ok would make YOU be ok. (even if it would traumatize and sadden everyone else, even the person you saved)

        selfless sacrifice would be like do the same you would do for your friends for anyone. and Koyomi doesnt do this.. he would sacrifice A LOT (including his life) but only for his friends, not some unknown random people. In essence his sacrifice is not selfless.

        Selfless sacrifice is tied to the idea of selfless love… and we dont see this in Bakemonogatari … actually all the examples are “selfish” love:

        Koyomi: would kill himself for Suruga (and BY Suruga herself) … would he do the same for kaiki?
        Shinobu: would destroy the world for Koyomi … you see her doing the same for Nadeko?
        Senjougahara: would sell herself for Koyomi … would she do the same for Gaen?
        Nadeko: would kill everyone for Koyomi … would she do the same for Ononoki?

        Real selfless sacrifice in anime is actually not common … can only think of Madoka (from PMMM) at the moment. (im pretty sure there are other examples, they just elude me atm)

      5. Yea,damn that selfish Senjougahara bitch.How dare she take the initiate and do whatever’s in her power to save herself & her beloved instead of waiting to be saved!How dare she not use her supernatural abilities to solve this issue through more noble means!

        Oh wait.

      6. indeed, shes selfish in the sense “i will die so he can be ok” … but..does she ever stopped to think what HE would feel if she went along with it and she died? dont you think Koyomi would rather he died himself than let Senjougahara come to harm?

        Her idea is good tho: getting help from specialists is the right call, just saying the reason behind it is not as “pure” as everyone seems to think it is; i actually like it better this way: makes Senjougahara more “human” and less “two dimensional” (shes a tsundere, selfish, cynical, violent, and several other things.. but shes inlove..so she will go to extremes to protect that one special person)

      7. Self-sacrificing, which was the topic of discussion, is not the same thing as selfless sacrifice, which you brought up, inanis.

        From dictionary.com:
        sacrifice of one’s interests, desires, etc., as for duty or the good of another.

        No one is saying that she has noble and pure reasons for going to Kaiki, when it’s pretty obvious that her main motivation is her selfish desire to save (at least) Koyomi. And he cannot legitimately use the argument that she should consider his feelings before sacrificing herself without being a giant hypocrite.

    3. oh man. i think i’ll cry reading these negative comments about senjougahara. There’s no more time to make money you know? the situation is desperate and she’s just showing how desperate she is.(i think)

  12. I was under the impression that a troll invasion was underway, but maybe not? If you guys are being serious, I sincerely hope you moral guardians are actually paying to watch the show via CR or whatever. Since, you know, you guys wouldn’t have any trouble making however much Kaiki would want in 74 days, surely a few bucks a month isn’t out of your budget.

    If you had to make money to save your loved one and yourself, you do what you gotta do, and if your body is all you got, why not offer it? Beats becoming a bankrobber or however else you suggest earning a lot of cash quickly as a high-schooler.

    Just downvote the trolls (calling jav and edo, among others), and if you aren’t actually trolling, try explaining your opinions beyond “wow what a whore i hate her”.

  13. Indeed.
    While hitagi isn’t really one of my top girls in monogatari, I dont hate her like some of these guys. Heck this episode actually admire her more, going to such lengths to save her boyfriend. Guys please remember that she has a trauma of this, the fact that she offers it shows how desperate the situation is.
    Plus she said “IF it came to it”, meaning its a last resort.

  14. Also its a funny and ironic fact that several of the guys who’re saying this whore thing are actually “fans” of hers. The ones who believe she should remain pure and stuff like that.
    Do you guys want your girl to live?

    1. NO, you are missing the point dude.She is NOT virgin(Nise and in bake almost raped) so we don’t care about that

      we are saying that she is a selfish bitch because she did all this behind koyomi’s back and isn’t thinking about it from koyomi’s perspective. You think he’d be happy surviving, knowing that she had to prostitute herself to save him?

      selfish whore that just wants kaiki but she can’t.Pretty sure she is happy to see him again.

      1. “Almost raped” means it didn’t happen.
        And I think I remember Hitagi saying somewhere that she is a virgin.
        Though she’s just afraid of having intimate contact now.
        Can’t remember exact episode, though I think its the episode in Bakemonogatari where she & Araragi are lying on the grass at night staring at the stars)

      2. Calling out Hitagi for going behind Araragi’s back, when that’s been his MO pretty much the entire series? Did you forget the end of Mayoi’s arc, when Araragi was willing to wander the Earth as a lost man for years, so that Mayoi wouldn’t disappear? Did he consult his girlfriend then? Has he ever considered how others felt about his self-sacrificing actions?

        Seriously, I doubt most of you people would say a word if it was Araragi meeting, for example, Kagenui, and offering himself up in order to save Hitagi. There’d probably be more comments along the lines of “way to go Araragi, another one for the harem” then ones raking him over the fire, like you guys are doing with Hitagi.

      3. actually everyone was pretty busy during this time:

        Hanekawa: went to look for Meme.
        Show Spoiler ▼

        Fire sisters: unaware
        Hachikuji: gone

        so really the only one of the “harem” that was in the position to actually do something was Senjougahara, of course Koyomi doesnt know she went specifically to Kaiki… he would have opposed the idea , but he KNEW she was gonna do something to help.

        Personaly i would have gone to Gean .. or Ononoko/her master .. but likely Senjougahara went to Kaiki cus she knew him and knew his personality… likely she was banking on this to convince him. sadly Kaiki doesnt care about anyone Show Spoiler ▼

        . we will get more on his reasons to help later.. i think it was in Hanamonogatari… or Tsukimonogatari.. cant remember..it been a while.

        PS: im actually mad they didnt include Hanamonogatari on this season… then again it happens like 6 months (IIRC) after koimonogatari so likely gonna be OVA or saved for the 3rd season.

      4. edo, shame on YOU. Only a sick mind like yours would have thought of any sex. If the author never describe anything of the sort, doesn’t mean it did happen.

        Leave such fantasies to the authors of H-doujins.

  15. The trolls are definitely wrong to knock Hitagi on the rather clever way she got around his tsundere nature, although it was obvious to everyone she is not some perfect person, she was scared and hopeful he would help her out, despite how he works.

    But the other side of the argument is odd too in saying she was the only one of the girls who helps Araragi, we have had no shout outs to Hanekawa for going out on her own to find Oshino.

  16. It is weird to see all this hitagi hate she didn’t draw me into the series and isn’t even one of my favorites but after this episode you gotta like her now she is willing to do anything to save her bf. How can people watch this much of this series and have the nerve to call her a whore lol?

  17. Senjougahara has never been my favourite character in the series, but without her and her amazing interactions with Araragi in the early episodes of Bakemonogatari I would never have gotten hooked on the series in the first place.

    Hell, her interactions with ANY character in the series tends to be top notch.

  18. That was one hell of an episode, I was totally blown away with the weird yet unique dialog going on between senjogahara and kaiki. Honestly, monogatari is the only series I know where a whole episode of dialog can be more interesting and fun to watch than an action packed episode. Kaiki totally made an epic impression on me as a really unique character and I am looking forward to see the connection between him and Kanbaru and how he’s going to deceive a god like a boss XD


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