The Madara comeback trail continues, and it’s a trip down memory lane as Sasuke tries in vain to assault the “living fossil.” Of course, it’s not that we didn’t expect him to fail, but being able to just sit there and ignore the Amaterasu goes to show just how much stronger Madara seems to be. He might’ve sacrificed his immortality, but he’s since gained the Senju chakra courtesy of some of his older experiments, and it looks like he’s at a point where he can just sit there, take his time, and just savor wrecking everything. Well, even more so than he did when he was in his other body.

That said, the only thing that really ended up of note was how Madara said “he’d be lying if he said things were going according to plan,” and it was interesting considering my reference to Bleach in the beginning of last week’s post. Sure seems intentional to me… though I ain’t buying it that much, as it does seem like things do essentially end up going according to plan in the long run. Speaking of the long run though, this is definitely a fight that looks like it’ll be a long one, and I guess the rest of the year’ll be for just sitting there, buckling up, and getting some great Madara ecstasy faces. Because for all the issues the series has had occasionally, the one thing that’s been consistently entertaining are the Madara reactions/faces, and this chapter was no different.


    1. Considering how Madara just lost his Rinnegan, then I guess Itachi’s eyes will make a fine spare, especially if they can use Susanno. I feel we might see the words “forgive me” the moment when Madara put his hands on Sasuke’s eyes.

    2. It would be ironic, but poetic justice really; Sasuke’s whole path starting because of the Uchiha Massacre and avenging it by killing Itachi, only to find out the truth about Itachi, then it became all about “avenging the clan” (only against different people) and “the pride of the Uchiha” (though it was more his own ego than anything), so it would be ironic for his life to be ended by an Uchiha as well, and the most powerful member in its history, no less.

      (Itachi was called “the second coming of Madara” due to his prodigious skills, but I doubt, even if he didn’t die so young and was able to grow and develop his skills, that even he would’ve been able to hold a candle to Madara when he was normal and alive before, much less FAR more powerful like he is now. He may definitely last much longer than all but the strongest of other shinobi, but I still believe he’d end up killed in the end.

      There’s also the fact that Itachi’s kindness would probably hold him back a bit, so he probably would never gain the Mangekyo Sharingan outside of unavoidable circumstance, like Shisui, and even if he did gain it that way, we saw that, with his battle with Sasuke, he would never have the heart to take Sasuke’s eyes by force, if Sasuke ever gained the Mangekyo somehow if these events never happened, so he would most likely end up blind long before he’d be able to fully develop his abilities.)

      On the random thought on the Mangekyo Sharingan and the blindness; Does anyone else besides me believe that, by the end of this, Kakashi will most likely end up “losing” his Sharingan eye due to the inevitable blindness of the Mangekyo Sharingan? After all, early on, he did question the shape-shifted Itachi clone about his eyesight, so how could he possibly know about Itachi’s failing eyesight unless it was because of the Mangekyo Sharingan (that he obviously reveals later to possess himself) and having it affect his/Obito’s eye itself as well?

      It would also be a pretty symbolic thing too, like a way of Obito finally being gone and, Kakashi finally letting go of the past as Obito’s Sharingan was more or less a constant reminder of Kakashi’s “failures” (in his own mind) as well as a strength.

    1. Didn’t you see like the first few pages? He’s blind now. In his original body before he died he gave his Rinnegan to Obito who then game it to Nagato. After Nagato died Obito took them back which is probably why Black Zetsu possessed him.

      I’d call BS if he was able to keep his Rinnegan after he was revived. As for how he’s able to sense everything including the fact that Sasuke has EMS……….SENJU DNA!

      1. I remember Obito saying that he was “Simply taking back what was his” when he fought Konan while she was protecting Nagato’s body. But i forgot he was impersonating Madara at the time so i guess i got that mixed up.

  1. I find it extremely funny that Naruto…NARUTO is telling Sasuke….SASUKE that throwing around random jutsu isn’t the best idea.

    This is what I waited for. FUCK SHIT UP MADARA!!! (That last page was BOSS)

    Scumbag Madara returns

  2. Yes! Madara continues to save the story!

    What wasn’t mentioned in the summary is that Madara is apparently now a walking Samehada (Kisame’s, now Bee’s, chakra-eating sword) in being able to absorb chakra. Not solely in the sense of deflecting attacks with the Rinnegan like we saw happen a few times, but actually taking it and making himself stronger. So I guess that answers my question about no longer having “infinite” chakra after losing Edo Tensei, and about how he’ll be able to fight the Biju and the rest of the army (given the Biju are just pure chakra constructs). This also spells trouble because Madara will be able to absorb all of Kurama’s chakra that Naruto gave to the rest of the army, which would leave only what’s left in Naruto and Minato to collect so he will still be able to become the Jubi’s Jinchuriki, but just in a more roundabout way.

    It will also be interesting to see what Black Zetsu will do with Obito’s body in fighting Kakashi and Minato. And, in a sense, I was right in the whole Black/White Zetsu halves being Madara/Hashirama halves, even if it’s “his will”.

  3. So like,am I a bad person for especially wanting the Biju to get their asses kicked by Madara for the fact that they,extremely powerful & dangerous beasts of chakra,ended up being some poor creatures that just needed someone to reach out to them and thus succumbed to talk-no-jutsu?

  4. I still feel bad for Obito! I dont think things did not go as plan a little it might have cause he had a back plan in regards to Obito first plan & the fact that he use the black Zetsu he was really think his strategy!

    I like the end were Madara stop sensing the tailed beast which I want to know does he have plans for them? Will they still go with there original plan to bring back the 10th tail beast? Im guessing Madara thinks the beast want revenge, how will those beast help Naruto will they enter his body or at least the 6 beast since 1 tail & 8 tails still have a host!?

  5. I wonder what Madara meant that Sasuke was on borrowed time. It might be a price of using his infinite eye burners, like shortening his lifespan or could reference the modifications that Orochimaru did too enhance sasuke’s ability. After all, Orochimaru has too change bodies after 3 years when they start to burn out. Or it can be another random plot twist pulled out of the authors nether regions.

    Besides that, I do hope Madara totally rips all of them a new one. Was nearly vomiting at the near disney ending before Madara saved the day. With that said, I am sick of the ridiculous power levels we are reaching. This is DBZ level of silly.

    On a side note, has it EVER been explained how the reanimated dead can have infinite energy and constant regeneration in the first place? It has bugged me and was never explained.

    1. Or he could be referring to how Itachi saved Sasuke from dying with the rest of the Uchiha clan. Or simply smack talk about how he’s going to win everything soon. We’ll see.

      I’m not even expecting the power levels to make sense anymore. We’re now firmly in “power as the plot demands” territory. At least it’s still pretty.

      That aspect of Edo tensei was never explained and deeply offends my inner physicist. Kishi needs to re-take physics 101, conservation of mass/energy dude!

      1. @Tez Actually, it has been so long in the background that I totally forgot about it. However, I thought it meant something specific, another plot twist was about to be revealed about sasuke.

  6. I think for now the only way to counter Madara is for a tailed beast to team up with a Shinobi/Kunoichi in order to hold their own against Madara Uchiha until there is hope that someone can stop Him once and for all, and what I have in mind is.

    Gaara and Shukaku – Originally, they were once bound together and now that they are united
    again, it would be nice for them to team up again for old time sake
    and form a stronger bond. Gaara and Shukaku both share an affinity for
    sand and when combined together will create a jutsu on a large and
    powerful scale.

    Temari and Matatabi – To be fair it may be arguable that A should be Matatabi’s partner
    because Matatabi was Yugito’s tailed beast a Kunoichi from the
    cloud however in my opinion Matatabi and A is an unimaginable pair.
    So I wondered what Kunoichi(it had to be a Kunoichi) would best be a
    better partner for Matatabi and Temari came to mind. With Temari’s
    wind power combined with Matatabi’s fire power the two can produce
    an awesome offensive jutsu against Madara.

    Mei Terumi and Isobu – Teaming up a tailed beast of the former Mizukage and the current
    Mizukage isn’t unimaginable at all unlike A and Matatabi. In fact
    they make a great partnership, Mei’s water nature and Isobu’s
    affinity for water are in sync to produce a jutsu that is powerful.

    Ooniki and Son Goku – I didn’t pair these guys up because Son Goku aka the four tails
    originally belongs to Iwagakure, I paired them up because they
    might have known each other because according to Son’s and Roshi’s
    last conversation Roshi was just as stubborn as Ooniki so I just
    paired them up because of their hard headed personalities. It is a
    match made in Heaven.

    A and Kokuo – No particular or special reason why I would pair up A and Kokuo
    besides the fact that Kokuo’s last jinchuuriki(Han) was just as
    strong and powerful in physical strenght and it wouldn’t be fair
    if A becomes the only Kage that doesn’t team up with a tailed beast
    while other Kages are teaming up with a tailed beast.

    Tsunade and Saiken – Why I paired Tsunade up with Saiken up is for Her to partner up with
    a Slug of a different kind and just this once to feel what is like
    to have a Slug like Saiken who is like an advanced level of Katsuyu
    kind of like six times Katsuyu. I truly believe that they are the
    best team up without one of them being affiliated with the others
    village or one whose jinchuuriki comes from the other’s village just
    two different guys with one special thing in common.

    Shino and Chomei – Alright I know these pair sounds funny and even unthinkable but let
    us be honest here I mean what does Shino and Chomei have in common.
    I pondered for minutes who would best team up with Chomei and at the
    end I settled on that partner being Shino since Chomei is a mighty
    bug and Shino is a bug boy. They both are the second best two
    different guys with one special thing in common after Tsunade and

    There is no need to discuss about Gyuki and Kurama since they still have their jinchuurikis.

    Well that’s it and thanks reading it

    K C M
  7. I want to know what’s going to happen to Hashirama since Madara released him is he going to dissapear just like that or was it just his chakra and 1 more thing whatever happened to Yamato?


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