「魔法少女ペトラルカ」 (Mahou Shoujo Petoraruka)
“Magical Girl Petrarca”

Yahallo, covering Stilts for this week! Too bad that he missed today’s episode–while mostly fun and giggles, it did set up an important transition into more serious matters. It’s a perfect setup for us to begin the end, which unfortunately is now a mere 40 minutes of airtime away. In the meantime, let’s continue to enjoy what we have now and enjoy the makings of this week’s “homage” to many an anime.

Crime Edge. Evangelion. Yosuga no Sora. These are only some of the many series that today’s episode played “homage” to, and are only a tiny fraction of how many series this show has referenced in total these past ten episodes. Though it’s in no way an original idea, constant references serve to give credibility to Outbreak as a show that knows its stuff rather than as a cheap shot at humor. For example, this episode did a wonderful job at modeling the reactive nature of the otaku community when they over-analyze trailers and leaked footage for new truths. Thanks to the watchful eye of the community, rip-offs are quickly exposed and the smallest of details reveal a trove of information unintended to be released. However, just as marketers have gotten savvy in faking controversy to generate attention, so has Shinichi in fooling the community in a two-layered lie. However, mostly everyone wins from this fake movie. The Japanese public stays unaware, the Eldant public get a taste of cinema, many people get to see some sexy cosplay (or lack of it), and Petrarca…well.

Aside from the joys of this episode though, an important point is highlighted in the end of this episode–the Eldant Empire is at the whim of the JDSF. Although the self-defense forces were indeed defending for a good cause this episode, the sheer imbalance of power between Japan and the Eldant Empire is fearsome. Though Japan has exercised its soft power on the Eldant for some time, it is only a matter of time before tempting ideas of using hard force come into play. Perhaps that is why the preview for the next episode revealed little and hinted at dramatic undertones. What exactly is Matoba planning behind those fox-eyes of his? Throughout the series, his quiet will and behind-the-scenes work has been hinted on several times, but has never been the real focus in any episode. The question that remains now is: how will Shinichi save the day? Will his own sense of networking and the bonds that he’s made (both romantic and platonic) be able to save a possibly unfair situation? Let’s see just what this dark horse of the season reveals in its finale. Everyone, grab another seat and don’t be too embarrassed!

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  1. Well that was embarrassing. It was really foolish for anyone to think that wearing a magical girl cosplay and say mega-embarrassing lines like that that it won’t be something to regret.

    1. Considering the irony in the scene where he haphazardly walks into the womens’ dressing room not expecting anything and doesn’t even cover his eyes, I would be laughing hard if it wasn’t so obvious how much the fan service was forced and unnecessary.

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWIopKO6a0Q
      I made some easy to explain charts for all the references.


      Notice her fixation with Milky Holmes.

      The scene you’re talking about in particular is from the first season of Milky Holmes, where Sherlock tries to tame a bear that mauls her.

      Giorno Giovanna
      1. Its kind of interesting that Miusel appears to have a fixation on Milky Holmes. Last week’s character information for Miusel stated that her favourite anime was Seitokai Yakuindomo (or a parody of it anyway) and is a fan of Shino, who is the second-most perverted character in the student council in that series. I wonder if Miusel will start taking a page out of Shino’s book sometime!

    2. It’s the scene that actually converted me into LIKING Milky Holmes, that episode was epically funny compared to the earlier 3 that were borderline dumb.

      Also, the bear scene itself was a parody of Nausicaa, so this is a homage of a parody. XD

  2. At this point, I think we’re headed for a “to be continued” (even “cliffhanger”) type ending rather than anything conclusive. 40 minutes is not enough time to cleanly wrap up most, let alone all, of the outstanding issues. I hope that’s the case. I want a second season anyway and the show deserves better than a rushed, forced ending.

    This episode was entertaining as usual with some LOL moments and even some extra fan service (can Elbia try on Myuseru’s uniform…please! XD). Still, I’d prefer that the show hadn’t become episodic for so long. A couple of “side story” EPs is fine, but for me, the more “serious” plot lines have been left on the back burner longer than they should have for a 1-cour, 12 episode run. Having the JDSF show up at the end does seem to indicate that some of those issue will finally be brought back to the forefront.

    Not sure what Matoba’s plotting or exactly how Shinichi will “save the day”. A big question for me is how Minori reacts. Will she follow orders, or will she side with Shinichi if (when) he refuses to go along with whatever Matoba’s plotting? Very much looking forward to watching how this all plays out in the final two episodes of the season.

    OT: Seeing the JDSF reminded me of Gate – Thus the JDSF Fought There manga. Someone on RC recommended it early this season. Whoever it was – thanks. Enjoyed reading & now following the manga.

  3. Shinichi’s Logic: Holy crap! Myucel is naked! This must be embarrassing for her, so I must cover my eyes immediately!
    *covers entire face, except for eyes*

    Shinichi, you are truly a God amongst men.

    Unlucky Star
    1. Myusel is also stepping up her game as she didn’t explode like before, but atually gave him a better look. She was also taking notes about what he may like. Seems like she is about to make a serious move on our hero.

  4. I know there are a lot of good scenes her, but for some reason, my favorite part was when the JSDF repelled the dragon. Maybe it’s because I’ve been wanting for a scene where the JSDF used their weapons in this series.

  5. So far i see Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, Yosuga no Sora, Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! references. Anything I missed or have wrong?

  6. The ease at which the JGSDF repelled the dragon did not awe the Empire as much as scare them. Bad. And it was entirely unintentional. I agree that we can expect to see a cliffhanger ending this cour, likely something to do with the real reason behind this little one way culture exchange.

    Of course we could all be wrong and OC simply goes out with a hilarious reference-filled bang. After all, every single SERIOUS MOMENT so far has largely been solved within a single episode or two. Not that i’m complaining, too busy laughing at Shinichi’s rosy red left cheek.

  7. Although this is a good show, people should know that there are much better shows out there this season. So for your consideration and after much research I have compiled a list of all the shows that are far better than Outbreak Company:

    1) …..
    2) …..
    3) …..

    Ok, I’m done.

  8. I really thought this episode would have taken the opportunity to sour relations between the kingdom and Japan, due to the sudden revelation of just how much firepower Japan has had. Instead they just glossed over it in favor of the film festival.

    I guess we’ll see if they get back to it later.

  9. The series never ceases to amuse with “homages” dropping left and right, and effortlessly driven humor (the reasons for the dragon’s rage…). But behind this cheery face there is serious thought. Everyone in the higher tiers of Eldant government – save Petrarca of course – was definitely quick to understand the firepower of modern technology after it has effortlessly driven away the fierce dragon. Implications are pretty obvious.

  10. The part near the end, where Petralka questioned if the voice in the movie was in fact her’s, reminded me of something.

    A while back, when I learned Mai Fuchigami also does the voice of Iona from Aoki Hagane, I was surprised at first. Petralka and Iona have such opposing personalities, where Petralka is very emotional, and Iona is usually void of emotion. But during the movie screening, I could actually hear a bit of Iona coming from Petralka’s voice in the movie over the loudspeaker.

    So when Petralka asked “Whose voice is that? It can’t be mine!”, I was like: “You’re right, it’s Iona’s!” 😛

    Unlucky Star
  11. To those of you that are liking this anime (like me) I recomend this manga or light novel:


    It started publishing before Outbreak Company. The premise is the same: A portal to a fantasy world opens in Japan. But, being a seinen, is way more brutal. The japanese protagonists are JSDF soldiers.

    Really worth a look.

  12. It was a pretty funny episode as always. Petrarca’s reactions at the end was pretty adorable and hilarious at the same time. Although to be honest, I’m a bit disappointed in how much fan service they put it in this episode. Some fan service here and there was good, like the beach episode, but I felt like that dressing scene was completely unnecessary. It was strange how Miusel just showed her naked body to Shinichi willingly (although embarassingly). Just last episode she would of blowed him away with her magic. 😮 Looks like next episode will be start tackling more serious topics.


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