「ぬくみ雪ふるふる」 (Nukumi Yuki Furufuru)
“The Saltflake Snow Falls and Falls”

If you had the means to survive the end of the world, but not everyone could, what would you do?

It seems the sea kiddos’ problems just keep getting worse and worse, no matter how many steps they take forward toward coexistence. It’s no longer a question of population loss for Shioshishio, though that’s certainly related to the problem. This is still overwhelmingly a question of survival, both in the long and short term, but it’s no longer just about sea people not wanting to lose their reproductive capabilities and culture to the land. This is about a not-so-far off imminent demise, of all humanity no less, with the problem of having few young to spearhead the issue. The more young people the village loses to the land, like Akari, the less chances the village has of making a comeback in population after going into hibernation; there won’t be a whole lot of people left after the end of the world, after all, and to the elders of Shioshishio, who already dislike the surface, they must see giving up their precious young to an already doomed culture a foolish move indeed.

I’m going to go ahead and imagine that Shioshishio’s problem is not something that only affects the land around them; if this were the case, the simple solution would be to simply get the people of the land to move away once the saltflake snow accumulated and covered the area in unnatural cold and darkness. If this is so, however, then the people of Shioshishio very literally have the end of the surface world on their hands, and not much of a resolve to do anything but survive it. Their priority now is to take the kids with them, regardless of what the kiddos want themselves; humans, after all, are a rather selfish lot with the instinct to protect their own first, and the people of Shioshishio certainly fit the bill. But then again, is that really such a distasteful thing to do?

Let’s put it this way: if we all knew the planet was doomed within the next fifty years (pick the apocalyptic event of your choice; I’ll go with solar flare event), and we only had one spaceship that could carry, say, a hundred individuals to establish a new colony somewhere out in the solar system, who do you think would get to go? Certainly not me, probably not you; it’s going to be the Haves of the world, whether that means political power, economic power, or maybe some sort of super power they developed that allows them to control whoever they want. No matter how much that sucks for you and me (and our families, I’m sorry future children named after certain anime characters), the fact remains that only a hundred of our billions strong race is going to get on that ship at any time, and the rest of us are doomed no matter what. Perhaps an even better allusion, if you’re familiar with Christian belief, is Noah’s ark and the flood, where only God’s chosen few get to survive and repopulate the world. It’s fairly close to the sea god and the people of Shioshishio, though Uroko-sama claims the sea god does not wish this, and is simply not strong enough to stave off the impending demise of the world above. Regardless of cause, however, the fact remains that as of this moment in time, only those with Ena are able to board the spaceship (metaphorically speaking), and everyone else has to be left behind, no matter how much they may or may not sympathize.

Unfortunately that does put the kids in a horribly difficult place. They, unlike the adults, have been living among the land-dwellers, and some, like Akari, Manaka, and Hikari, are bound to the people there by love and friendship. It’s enough of a moral conundrum, ignoring the death of everyone but the few chosen to survive, without having personal attachments to go along with it. Even worse, Hikari’s hope to fix the situation, by going forward with the Ofunehiki to strengthen the sea god, seems like it will never come to pass at this rate. The unfortunate truth is that the adults of Shioshishio are too bound by past insults and hatred to want to try for any mediation at all, even if there is a chance it could save lives. What the kiddos are looking at now is a choice, and a horribly difficult one indeed. Should they stay with their families and choose to live on at the cost of losing their new friends and connections on the land, or should they, like Akari, choose to go to their deaths with those they love? Is fifty years of torn happiness and coexistence better than ensuring the lives of your children and grandchildren at the cost of everyone else dying?

Note: Apologies for the late post, I’ve been ill with a cold and migraine since finishing a particularly horrid paper on Thursday. Thank you so much for your patience!




  1. Kaname continues to be the cool cat. Everyone’s freaking out at the thought of sleeping indefinitely while this guy is chill like a boss, and just confesses to Chisaki too. Because, YOLO.

  2. I’m getting the feeling the 2nd half of this show will be about a ‘new world’, or something like that, for the time after their ‘hibernation’.

    And… finally. The Love Pentagon is now official.

    Red HeartGold ZX
    1. That does plausible since the hibernation could bring about further development to how Hikari and the others respond to new surroundings and the death of the people on the surface. However of course, that doesn’t strike the possibility that the Ofueneki could be what really restores the Sea God’s power and just about save the day for everyone from the crisis, only time will tell(meanwhile, I’m wracking my brain, wondering how Chinami is going to respond to the confession; it’s going to be quite interesting to see how it goes).

    2. If it’s a 12/13 episode series, I’d say they will do something to restore the power of the sea god.

      There are 26 episodes however, and restoring the sea god’s power over 15 episodes seem a tad long. I’m with the hibernation route. It is still slightly fishy, the freezing event has hardly begun and it looks like the world can easily carry on for much longer; there is no need to hibernate just yet.

      Time-skip or otherwise, looking forward to the next episode!

  3. Well, I would not scratch off the surface side of the humanity yet. Once the climate change is going to cause real troubles, expect the whole technological might go overdrive into finding solutions, from technological hibernation to space flight, to controlled environment or domed cities. Sure, not everyone is going to make it, but mankind is far too resourceful to just die out to such a slow-motion apocalypse.
    The whole mystical component with the Sea God doesn’t sit well with me as it is being literally Deus ex Machina, whether for creating the apocalypse or averting it.
    Other than that, way to go, Kaname! Your coolness factor has just exceeded 9000 with that simply stated, yet powerful confession.

  4. There is a consensus that Tsumugi’s character is a bit wooden to analyze, but I’m increasingly buying into the theory that Tsumugi actually has the feels for Chisaki more than Manaka, based on his few conversations with her, which seemed to get under her skin a lot.

    Perhaps sensing the threat from a fellow Ikemen, Kaname decides to make his move before it’s too late. Nothing like a man to get things rolling.

    This leaves Hikari in an uneviable position of being “FOREVER ALONE(TM)”, after getting dumped by Manaka in the cruelest manner imaginable. At least he’s raised a significant number of flags with Miuna-chan, leaving him with a “Loli Consolation”. Even if he’s not the lolicon type, he only needs to wait a few more years for Miuna-chan to grow up into a fine lady… (Provided the Land People don’t go extinct thanks to the coming End of World event. ) 😀

  5. am i the only one who thinks the way Manaka talks is so damn funny and cute?? from ecchi to “boko-boko?!”…hahahaha…owh you cutie pie XDD

    man, i got this feeling that Manaka will change her course. there is no wayyy a girl who recently got hugged or confessed could ignore his feelings just like that, especially when she’s still under raging hormones. Manaka will be confused…unless she settles it by facing Hikari.

    Chisaki, on the other hand…dang! Kaname! “I love you, Chisaki…” that is sooo kakoi of you! He’s definitely sensing the threat from Tsumugu…since its the last day of school, why not confess?? lol…the first and ever confession made in this series (while the rest is still hesitating)

    onion warrior
  6. you’ve nailed the situation with the upcoming Apocalyptic scenario.
    Noha’s Ark is a great example of those mythology and folklore stories in which a civilization is brought to an end.
    I don’t think the question here is about “who will survive?” or “who will enter that ship/Ark and survives happily ever after”. the thing here is quite different. some can survive, others can’t. it’s like in the dinosaur’s age – if you are a dinosaur – you are the weakest link – good bye.
    and here is an interesting fact. evolution. dinosaurs didn’t survive the meteor because of evolution, they could notadapt quickly enough to the environment’s changes (they didn’t have Ena HaHa :P)
    and what if this whole “Apocalyptic scenario” is just a mere fairy tailtale? maybe it’s a climatic phenomenon as Tsumugu’s grandpa implied? and maybe the only thing that matters here is evolution?? sure, it’s quite weird since Landies evolved from sea-people so you are probably saying “it’s not an evolution, ’cause Landies suppose to be superior”. but in fact, evolution is also about the ability to adapt to changes in environment (and flooding the planet would be hard (is anyone else beside me thinking about gargantia??:P)

    let’s stick with either evolution and divine’s power (too bad Divine isn’t here..would be funny XD). the sea-people now they have what it takes – Ena. be it evolution, or god’s will. but they aren’t willing to tell any of the Landies. Hikari sees it as wrong, which I agree with him. but even Hikari is inexperienced and lack of perspective. you can’t just go there to children at school or others like Miuna and bring some Apocalyptic prophecies. you are making a panic, not to mention the trust of people you need (but he earned that. maybe thanks to weather changes).
    we have been talking a lot about NnA as a series that provides a good view to the maturation process (from childhood to adulthood). but bringing this strong feeling of “waking up tomorrow or not” (namely – dead or alive tomorrow) is kinda harsh.
    in Manaka case it’s more bearable ’cause she has the means (aka Ena) to survive, yet, even with the means, all of us are afraid of the unknown.

    speaking of Manaka, it’s not a secret she might be the “chosen” girl like the one who went to visit the sea-god. I will find it an irony, if indeed it turns out that Hikari leading the Ofunehiki in order to make peace with the sea-god, but instead, sending his beloved Manaka away…it’s highly implied something like that might happen.

    we also have Kaname confessing to Chisaki at the end.
    oh god, this series know to combine between all those things – maturity, the difference and similarities between the two societies, love-complex, fantasy element..altogether combined here in NnA. and surprisingly it’s under control. now is the question when someone will lose the grip here *ahem Okada ahem*?will it be timeskip?agressive rush of feeling?of course, I hope not. but it’s like on a tightrope. yet it’s possible.

  7. I honestly can’t blame the sea dwellers in this case, because even the people on the surface the kids do tell about it don’t seem to care if they end up dying out. Some of the kids even passing it off as their future childrens problem. Only Sayu, Miuna, and maybe Tsumugu seem to care about it at all.

  8. Come on Manaka… grow up lol
    If you don’t like hikari then say it to him…… Don’t really care about kaname but if manaka chose tsumugu then chisaki must go to hikari…. cuz hikari really deserve some love(xcept from miuna) lolz

    It feels like ….that hikari is the only one who is trying his best to save the people of the land ;c

    go go hikari

  9. ?????? was my reaction to this episode.

    I like this show but this a bit much to take.So the Sea God doesn’t just control the fate of his own people,but the fate of the entire world?If there’s a Sea God,shouldn’t there be a surface god too?

    Can’t say I’m liking these developments but oh well,on to the next episode where Hikari & friends will probably save the world through the Boatdrift Ceremony(you know they’re gonna do it).

    1. Per the backstory, all humans are either of the sea or the descendants of sea people. The sea people who chose to live on land chose to leave the protection of their sea god. No need for a surface god.

      Danny the dog
  10. Scary to think that Hikari’s happiness is now in the slimy hands (or whatever passes for hands) of a red-bellied gastropod. (Better hope it’s not the trolling type that’s also into NTR stories.)

    It’s about time Manaka finally noticed who has been by her side all along supporting her in whatever capacity that he could in order to keep her happy. Tsumugu may have saved her once, but in my opinion, that alone does not qualify him to be with her. And although Manaka’s still interested in him, her feelings seem to have changed since the beginning when she was actually contemplating marriage and leaving Shioshishio at one point, because you no longer see any of that. (Well, that’s how most crushes usually go. They may start out strong, but eventually these feelings weaken till the affected person moves on.) I still suspect Manaka’s crush on Tsumugu is going to turn out to be nothing more than a catalyst in the end that pushes Hikari forward to take back his precious osananajimi. Honestly, some people were way too quick in writing him off as the tragic childhood friend. As the saying goes: “It ain’t over, till it’s over.” Hikari may not have realized it, but he inadvertently chose the smart strategy by continually drawing Manaka’s attention with his kindness and selflessness (see episode 7), which are the same exact qualities that first drew her to Tsumugu. (Well played, Hikari, well played, even if most of it was actually unintended. Now go finish the job by giving Manaka the boatdrift ceremony that she wants, which just might be enough to reinvigorate the Sea God and avert this whole end-of-the-world scenario, leaving no further doubt that you’re the dominant male character of this story. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for our bishounen Kaname. Is he ever going to get any real character development? They could’ve completely omitted him and it wouldn’t have made any difference. All he is at this point is a pretty face and a replacement target for Chisaki’s affections, so she doesn’t leave the party empty-handed.)

    1. It’s about time Manaka finally noticed who has been by her side all along supporting her in whatever capacity that he could in order to keep her happy.

      ‘Tis the fate of the childhood friend to be left, nay discarded for the newcomer. Especially with the ‘awkward encounter’ and the “you’re unlike anyone I have ever known” trope.

      Hikari has about a saltflake snowball’s chance in hell of ending up with Manaka. However, I’d be more than happy to slide up to the dining table and eat my words if they did get together.

  11. Hoo boy, here we go. What will Manaka do? What will fatty do? Who will be sacrificed to the Sea God(I’m still crossing fingers)?

    The thrill is killing me, I need the next episode now damn.

  12. Well, the World we know, needs Water to survive. Water raise to Clouds, Clouds rain over the Land, on Land the Water let Plants and Life grown.

    Human Body’s even made of 80% Water. But then, We need Oxygen to breath. Even the Fish need Oxygen to Life, they filter the Air with their fish scale

    Sp, Water and Air are the Ying and Yang

    But then. Both needs the Sun also… The World is build around many Things…

  13. Kaname is just a badass. He Yolo’d the hell out of Chisaki like a boss.

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care who Manaka chooses? I’ve always found her annoying and she’s obviously one of my least liked characters besides the douchebags male sea and land leader adults. I just hope Hikari doesn’t turn emo or anything that stops him from being awesome if he isn’t chosen.

    The sea god can go to hell, if I was in that situation, if humanity dies then so does Uroko and the Sea God. I’d probably drop a ton of oil into the oceans and pull some Coppelion level radioactive waste all in the seas if the Sea People decided they’d just hibernate while everyone else dies.

  14. So, I guess I’m the only HIkari x Miuna fan? Seriously, they’ll make a great couple once she gets a little older. And even if they just share a brother/sister relationship, it’s still a relationship, and he has four guy friends. Hikari’s about as isolated as a cheerleading captain

  15. Am I the only one who thinks that the question Manaka will ask the sea slug isn’t to do with Hikari at all , but rather the issue of whether or not she should go to sleep along with the other sea-dwellers?


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