“Trouble Party”

Adding Restraint to Awareness

One can argue that Koko’s been getting better this entire time, but this is the first time I’ve personally been pleased with seeing her growth thus far, starting with last episode. She still is the Koko we’ve been introduced with, but the self-control she’s been slowly developing has finally become noticeable enough to notice. Her needs of doing things with Banri become second to Banri’s actual needs, precisely because of her growing self-control coupled with the self-awareness that she’s always had. She’s always had the ability to reflect on her mistakes–we’ve seen that several times throughout the series–but rarely have we seen her stop her mistakes before they happen. When she visibly restrained herself from suffocating Banri with a strong desire to go, it was touching–she understands Banri’s desire’s for holding up his share of work, but she’d go to any lengths to have him come despite that. The way she pieced those words in that cafe, the way that she moderated between her own feelings and her considerate tone were great to hear. I consider it a great step forward in their development, since it reveals a Koko that doesn’t have to be so…reactive. In fact, both of them are working quite hard in their own ways to serve each other and it’s something that I eagerly look for in each episode. She still places her limits on Banri’s interaction with other girls in isolation–cheating as she calls it–but this fairly reasonable fault will regrettably be the trigger for the next series of events.

The Beach May Never Come

With the party right after those steps forward in KokoxBanri, we are now heading towards a course that drifts away from that happy ending, perhaps even to breakup. After all, Banri’s heart now yearns for two people now, which never means well…for anyone. Though we were all excited to see Banri and Koko just kick back and relax for once without interference from anyone else, perhaps that was not their fate. In the process of trying hard for Koko’s sake, Banri has instead landed himself in a hot situation that will not end well. Whether it’s the overwhelming guilt that Linda and Banri will share after this episode, or Koko finding out about this eventually, someone is going to have to do some explaining and face the ugly side of “cheating.” Frankly, it’s a terrible idea to have this kind of development before Koko and Banri can share some stable ground, since this already puts a strain on providing likability for a relationship that’s barely begun to come off the ground (though I can say that about almost every other bond except for Banri and Mitsuo’s). At the very least, we’ll see how maturely Banri can handle the situation and if he can be dependable for both a pressured Linda and a worried Koko when the time arises.

I’m crossing my fingers here for a clean resolution.




    1. Honestly, instead of me thinking of her as a clingy stalker, I’d rather say that she’s just loyal. If it was Koko, I’m sure she wouldn’t leave Banri’s side even if he got amnesia unlike *cough* Barbara-chan. In that respect, I give Koko my admiration 😀

      1. I wouldn’t consider her a clingy stalker either but while her extreme devotion makes her overbearing.I appreciate the fact that she’s self-aware and trying to change for the better,but she still needs a lot more work.Frankly,I believe everything would work out fine for her given enough time,but with Banri also being so insecure with having feelings for Linda,it looks like time won’t be on Koko’s side.

        I can’t really blame the guy either though.With him regaining a part of his memories & all,I feel that it would be wrong to put all the pressure on him and ask him to just man up & decide,as well not put a foot in the door whenever Koko’s so clingy,for both his & Koko’s sake – although that would probably be the best thing he could do.

        As things stand,both Banri & Koko will probably have to get through this the hard way.

  1. Banri is killing me here. How could he even consider “going to the beach” with Koko? She’s talking about offering him her virginity, which in the anime world is the second-most coveted item in existence (the first obviously being an Orbital Weapons Platform) – and he’s swaying like a flower in the wind. He himself SAYS that he’s awful, and I bet even Ghost Banri would agree – as would we all.

    Now Banri is saying that he’s still in love with Linda but also loves Koko. The problem remains that Banri doesn’t know who he is and who he will end up being as his memories continue trickling in. He’s becoming a hybrid Banri whose path in life diverged at one point and the paths are now trying to come back together, however the life experiences of the two have been so different that the dissonance is causing havoc.

    In other news: Baaah! Why oh why did I read spoilers for volume 7 of the LN? I hate spoilers, but I am compelled to click on them anyway – and I regret it EVERY time.

  2. Nana H has some serious cleavage going on in the preview (bigger than Nana sempai), that just made my day. Really, REALLY want a Nana H beach and onsen episode now. Just wish she kept her old ponytail though, that would have made my whole week.

    It seems Nana sempai is secretly shipping Nana H x Banri which isn’t really a surprise. I doubt it’s a good idea though. I get the feeling these three need to work things out in their own time without external meddling.

    1. It seems Nana sempai is secretly shipping Nana H x Banri which isn’t really a surprise. I doubt it’s a good idea though. I get the feeling these three need to work things out in their own time without external meddling.

      That’s what I’m wondering too.What Linda really feels for Banri has been kind of a mystery up till now but maybe Nana knows something we don’t.It might not be a good idea but Nana is Linda’s friend,not Koko’s,and she’s obviously a no-nonsense type of person who’d probably want her friend to speak out.

      1. That’s the sempai-kouhai thing, the two Nana’s are obviously close and its quite natural, and probably expected, that Nana sempai backs Nana H. Kouko is pretty much on her own so far but she does make up for it by being much more assertive.

  3. I am glad this season has some very nice and realistic romance shows. Between Golden Time, White Album 2 and, on a lesser extent, Nagi no Asukara, I am having a blast so far. Zani probably too 😉

    1. I know right?It’s probably the season with the best romance shows we got in a long time.WA2 is my unexpected favorite and GT is no pushover either.I’d enjoy Nagi more but I feel that lately they’ve been taking the “fate of the sea people” aspect of the show too far…

      1. WA2 is turning out to be very good! Too bad there is no cover for it in RC 🙁 I want to talk about last night’s episode damn it! 😛

        As for Nagi no Asukara, I don’t have a problem with whole “doom” story because, truth be told, I am already full of middle and high school romance (ok, this one would be romance with a twist, aka sea people vs land people). The impending “end of the world” scenario pits our middle school lovebirds in a very mature and adult-oriented scenario that is out of the norm for people of their age. Personally, it makes the romance antics than much more interesting and realistic.

  4. The Beach May Never Come

    Zanibas, please don’t crush our fantasies like that!
    the beach will come! this and/or paris!

    anyway, I love what’s going on between Banri and Kouko. they are establishing a relationship with all its good and bad things. we shouldn’t forget, although these two are now in college, in fact they never experienced a true relationship before. Banri was supposed to have this with Linda (or not?)but due to his accident he never really had a girlfriend. same goes for Kouko, but she just ended up realizing that Mitsuo isn’t her man. so she never was in relationship.
    so seeing Kouko desired to be with her love all the time isn’t surprising. it’s a feature of first-relationship. sure, it’s become unhealthy (especially if considering Kouko’s clinginess) but it’s somewhat natural. something that all couples have experienced. and should pass through it.
    that’s not the only thing, there is the issue of full trust and honesty. both haven’t reached that place yet. Banri is unwilling to tell(more like ask, since deep down he knows she has the picture) Kouko about Linda and picture. and Kouko isn’t asking him by herself.
    the issue now is that their relationship are like the snowball effect.

    however, they are both stand strong for the sake of the other.
    Kouko isn’t going crazy as we thought she would. sure, she has those looks of jealous and fury. and I bet she is totally confused (especially after Linda took so good care in Banri). but she is holding herself for the sake of her love. I think she really love Banri. and we see how she is struggling to change and achieve control as Zani said. little by little.
    and Banri?well he wants to..make Kouko happy. and he truly ready to do everything for her. I mean, it’s natural when you say a little lie to your GF in order to surprise her later. sure, I expected him to have some more of backbone telling her he is doing it anyway (he only go half way with that…)

    what about Linda and Banri?
    we still don’t know what’s going on in Linda’s mind. but my guess it’s exactly as it was in Toradora with Minorin.
    I kinda liked how she was embarrassed when Banri saw her like that. it shows that despite they are in college and adult, deep down they are still somewhat like little kids, embarrassed. but let’s admit it, it’s the friendship zone.

    sure, Banri is still confused from time to time about her. but my guess it’s the effect of Ghost-Banri. there wasn’t a visible appearance of him this time. but he’s there.
    when we see Banri’s struggling with what he supposed to feel toward Linda (like in this ep when Banri was in the train in his way to work). so Ghost Banri is there. inside him, like subconscious that arise from time to time.

  5. Is it me or do I see a Hatsune Miku cameo (not the regular Miku, but one of the many costume variations she’s had) at the masquerade party at ~19.38? (Walking right in front of the camera in front of the guys)

  6. One advice for Banri…run away from Koko as fast as you can. I have to disagree Zanibas, what Koko has shown in the episode barely counts as restraint. Its full on stalker mode now. Her refusing to let Banri work still shows that she is not considering his needs. Her rant about wishing Banri was tiny so that she could take him wherever she wants should be ringing alarm bells. If a guy said that to a girl, he would probably be behind bars or be nailed with a restraining order at least. Koko for Overly Obsessive Girlfriend of 2013.

    Right now I’m hoping it ends up as a Banri/Linda pairing, though I’m guessing it is unlikely to end up that way. As of this moment, I am still not sure if Banri and Koko really know anything about each other, as their relationship seems to be only for show and doesn’t have anything deep to it. Banri and Linda on the other hand has. Nonetheless, yay for devil Linda!

  7. Banri x Koko is an empty relationship. Banri x Linda is a relationship with content. Banri will end up with Linda, as the developments suggest. Koko will end up by herself, and that’ll be her growing-and-finding-herself time.

    PS: I’m still wondering what’s all the Nana cameo about.


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