「姉妹」 (Shimai)

Aww yeah, the penultimate episode of Ars Nova is here, and it’s every bit as epic as we expected it to be. Best of all? It wasn’t even so much about the combat as it was about the developments that happened during it. That’s not to say the taking down of 22 Nagara class ships in the span of 30 seconds wasn’t impressive—it was quite awesome—but there’s so much more to this show than just epic piew piew, and we get another great episode proving just that. Because amid all the fighting, we got Kongou breaking loose and prepping for her own carnival (turning ever more human in the process), and touching interactions between the I-400 series of sister ships.

What this goes to show is how the Fog no longer even need to have direct conversational contact with Gunzou and his crew to be affected by them now. Instead, they need only to be in the sights of a particular Fog vessel as a primary objective, and it highlights how our main cast have grown since the beginning of the series. Whereas they had originally been just a “blip” on the screen in the Fog’s eyes, they’re anything but now—both literally (in terms of size and gravitational readings) and figuratively. Their incomprehensible tactics, ability to survive despite literally having been sunk previously, and the ever growing additions to their crew… all of these have combined to make the Arpeggio fleet a mobile virus, or “error in logic” of sorts, and they’re able to cause issues in the Fog’s processors just by being on a mental model’s radar now. That’s just how incomprehensible they are, and they’re a threat that grows bigger and bigger the longer they survive and the more mental models they come in contact with.

I-402 (and subsequently I-400) end up being the latest to be hit by this phenomenon, and it’s not without irony that the Fog’s tactic of creating a mental model ended up being a double edged sword. What was made with the intent of understanding humanity has since turned their own members into human or human-like organisms, and it’s a perfect storm of events that could very well lead to the Fog’s demise. That is of course, assuming that Gunzou can fight back against his toughest challenge yet. With a powered up Kongou x Maya behind him, a huge fleet of American faction Fog in front, and the hope of humanity in his possession, it’s crunch time—right in time for the grand finale. And what a grand finale it’ll be.

That said, I can’t say enough times how spectacular this episode was. The entire episode was just filled with “awwwww yeahhhhh” moments—mixing together plot progression, character development, serious moments, and lighthearted fun. Takao’s “return” was a great moment especially—ALL HAIL THE TSUNDERE CRUSIER—and it’s added on to superbly with the continuation of Hyuuga’s Iona-obsessed antics.

Looking forward, it’s just full steam ahead, because there just isn’t any choice on the part of our main cast. It’s do or die time, and it’s only fitting that the best is indeed saved for last. While I completely expect Gunzou to maneuver his way out of this—perhaps by utilizing Kongou to his advantage—the fact is, even if they do somehow fail to survive the next episode, it’s already been a journey memorable for a whole range of reasons. It goes without saying that this series in general has vastly exceeded expectations—it’d be my choice for that category if we were doing the AOTY post today—and I’d just like to end things here to those viewers who have joined both Zanibas and I for this wild ride. One last episode to go.

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    1. I hope I’m not the only one who thought of this, but that scene also confirms the theory that just as the Fog ships’ graviton propulsion systems can be used to make a Fog ship submerge underwater, it can also be used to float–in air. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the graviton propulsion system can be used to fly into space! (Cue Space Battleship Yamato 2199 theme song)

      Fortunately, (yandere) Kongou is the only ship currently making use of the full potential of the graviton propulsion system. (Having merged with Maya and probably Kongou‘s own Fog fleet kinda helps.) One can only imagine the “oh crap” reactions humanity will make if the Fog ships decide to follow Kongou‘s example and float on air–not even landlocked areas will be safe!

      Anyway, I’m excited to see the Fog version of the Iowa-class BB. Bonus points if it turns out to be the USS Missouri.

      1. C2710, I’d assume so. Then again, the Lexington started out as battlecruiser before being converted to a carrier in order to circumvent the naval treaty restrictions, so the ship might end up being the original battlecruiser prior to conversion given that we haven’t seen carriers in the anime yet. That said, the manga has introduced some carriers, so we might see a Fog carrier next episode. (for those who don’t know, the anime has diverged quite a bit from the source material to the point where the two aren’t telling the same story anymore)

      2. @ C2710

        If you watch very closely at the end you can make out the 2 Lex class ships are CVs. The superstructure is just off to the left with a flat flight deck being outlined as well. It stands above the rest of the ships so it stood out quite a bit during the episode. Pause at 22:08 if you get a chance.

        This should be interesting to see since I think this is the first time the U.S based ships make an appearance in the series as a whole. I hope they don’t simply turn into cannon fodder though, want to see if they differ from the Japanese and European ships.

      3. Very accurate assessment of the implications of the Fog’s graviton propulsion system. I think the Admiralty Code restricts the creativity of the Fog– they’re unable to think outside the box– so Kongou’s insanity and apparent disregard of the Admiralty Code makes her an even more dangerous adversary than before. Now, imagine Kongou surviving the upcoming confrontation and ‘infecting’ other Fog ships with her behavior…

      4. Yes, until now the Fog was hold in Line with their Admiral Code. But Kongo is on Rampage ignoring all the Admiral Code, and use their Potential to the fullest.

        She is now in Berserk mode, even Ignoring or sacrificing their Fog Army for Revenge. Looks like she sucked Maya’s Ship and her Mental Model

    2. Those ships were capable of shooting down a freaking satelite in orbit, there no place in Earth safe from them, the only reason humanity is still around is that the Admirality Code prevent the Fog from nuking them to Hell.

      By the way, let´s hope that Death Star has the classical weak point because if not they´re dead meat.

      1. Thats affirmative, it seems that both Sara and Lexie are present. And I’ve re-checked the horizon shot at 22’08” they are in their carrier versions. I wonder if their mental models will be as justice-formed…

  1. Iona watching her sisters cease to exist at her own hands was very emotional.
    One of her sisters was beginning to understand. Very sad.

    This series turned out rather surprising. Can’t wait for the finale.

      1. Quite probably because of their capacity as overseer and their design as intelligence vessel they possess ridiculous amount of computational power normally reserved for battleships. Note that even in manga, Kongou class only has single core processor. I-400 series has dual core which normally only super battleships has.

    1. I did say once the loli-subs deserved a spanking, but the way the Blue Steel Fleet carried out this corporal punishment, was hard to watch in the end, both by Iona and myself. In the very end just before her destruction, and just as she was beginning to understand her own emotions, I saw 402 as trying to comfort her sister Iona, maybe in the only way she knew how. It was especially heartbreaking I-400 & I-402 weren’t able to hold hands one last time in the virtual tea world.

      Even after what they did to Iona in Episode 10, I was still quite sad to see two of the triplet subs destroyed, before coming to an understanding with each other. Part of me wished Iona would’ve said something to Gunzou, and make them stop their attack before it was too late.

      Unlucky Star
      1. I thought the Anime writers did an excellent job of portraying that
        Iona’s decision was not based on loyalty to Gunzou’s cause, but
        rather that she didn’t want to risk the possibility of losing him
        as she nearly done before. It was love that was the foundation for
        her resolve to stand against her sisters, and not a decision she
        made lightly.

    2. Yes, when 402 was Curious, why 401 is doing it, and want to Understand, then there the “Virus” has spread.. You event Noticed, when Iona called them out again, that they blink their Eyes now…

  2. wow! that is one heck of a death star kongou’s got there. and i knew it! they won’t kill the tsundere heavy cruiser that easily 🙂

    one interesting concept i got here is the idea of errors in their programming causing AI’s to actually advance. this somewhat draws parallels to the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya movie, where Yuki Nagato’s accumulated errors (caused by the endless eight time loop) caused her to have more human emotions.

    now that the series is closing, there are a lot of big questions left hanging. for one, are the japan based fog ships the only ones to have mental models or are there more within the whole fog fleet? and they also showed that the american fog ships are of a different factions. so i am crossing my fingers that this will indeed have a season 2.

      1. Perhaps this is a Side effect of some RL “meltdown” of Age Old Ice between some Countrys… You know what i want to say…

        i only say 2 things: Hawaii, Barack Obama

        Why Hawaii? Is it not or was a important Island where Nippon’s made their Holidays or life there? And Barack Obama was raised there. Perhaps in his Time he saw them not as Enemy’s of the Past, just are Friend of today and Future?

        I do not need to talk anymore, i showed you the Door. It is up to you to take this change to change the Future for your Children’s

      1. No, the begin where she turn into Human, was when she was curious to know, why 401 is Different and walk towards Iona

        AI’s are not “Human” curious. They calculate possible Paths on how it could happen

  3. Sisterly love is rife with corrosive torpedoes. Iona, having obtained a conscience, attempt to reason with the twins. I-402 no doubt was the first to partially succumb to what I swear is gonna be called the Gunzou virus. I-400′s strict adherence to the code was her downfall, but I-402′s curiosity was hers. Unable to comprehend Iona’s non-answer, she attempts to force a reason from Iona, but quickly degrading into an abnormality, even if ever so slight. It’s a tragic tale of sisters fighting, especially now we can see the contrasts between the three. Iona’s emotional growth and obtaining what Freud might describe as her Id, ego, and super-ego. I meanwhile will just say that this Pinocchio just turned into a real girl.

    It diverges from the manga, but mainly because in the manga we already treated to a human-like Iona (seriously, she loves anime), and a greater emphasis is put into Gunzou’s quest for his father, the political maneuvering between Kita and Kamikage, the tsundere-ness of Hakugei III’s captain, and so on. But on the whole, we can expect that this is how Iona ‘grew up’. A good episode, not as filling as the one last time, but good nonetheless. Especially telling in this episode is the role sisters share. My two younger ones always fight, but in the end they love each other. no doubt this is what iona intends to do. Something I don’t think anyone understands, but every ship that has not actively resisted this…virus, has survived. I-400 had kept away from it and died. I-402 had a twinge of a growing soul but still stuck to the Admiralty Code, and died.

    Kongou is weird in that she is clearly off her rocker, but still believes in the Admiralty Code even if she was abandoned by it. Or rather, her existence is of no importance to the Code anymore, and freed from it, she’s scared and is lashing out at Gunzou for setting her free from her structured life.

    Whatever it is, I look forward to the series (or season?!) finale.

    It didn’t have the emotional impact, but for trying to cover loose ends, the episode attempted it. I just wasn’t that impressed with episode 11.

      1. That´s an interesting question Lou-san and it´s impossible for me to give you an answer, I don´t think there is anyone in the world that could imagine that situation with a sister. I´s like when parents don´t even imagine to loose their childs, it´s horrible to even conceive the idea.

    1. It is funny that you compare the Gunzou to a virus infecting fog ships. My first reaction was remembering Cogito Virus from the Ergo Proxy (great series, btw). I loved how Kongou symbolically has broken her chains. Sith code, anyone?

    2. Well, i love it. They use the Base Knowledge of the Manga, take some Strings out there, and create their own Universe. So the Manga Spectators has many background wisdom, but are curious like us Anime only Spectators, how the Story unfold… It is a Win Win Situation

    1. And so, in the very first battle scene with their new submarine-cruiser hybrid, Gunzou and co. manage to pull off what is essentially a drifting 360, whilst firing the supergravity cannon, destroying 20 of the 22 ships pursuing them.

      Cannot. Comprehend. The Awesome.

      Unlucky Star
      1. This is what we normally know as “V-Tech Just Kickin’, yo!”, or for this particular case, a-la Initial D, “Battlecruiser Drifting”: a full drift after the 360 sidekick.

    2. “She’s alive! She’s alive!” *cries tears of joy*

      Was there ever any real doubt? No way the show is going to kill off one of the (IMO, the) most popular characters.

      Still, glad to see her back so soon though. LOL – “Don’t go killing me off!” Frankly, I would have liked Takao to have more screen time in this EP. IMO, Takao’s scenes are the best part of the anime.

  4. Well….. If George Lucas would redo the Death Star episodes having mental models… We now know how it’ll look like.

    IMO…. The highlight for me was actually the interaction between the triplets. Not so much of the fight itself. There’s something humane about their interactions despite 400 and 402 fervently denying it.

    I’ve got a younger sister. 7 years younger and we do fight occasionally but like what haseo0408 said is true. I’d go berserk if i were to loose her.

    I did a quick check on the classes of vessels and it seemed that its a “pure battleship battle group.” With Lexington class providing air cover, Iowa class being the most modern one and the rest being WW1/inter-war years relics.

    P.S. Takao must be very happy now that Gunzou is inside her and being all forceful and assertive….

  5. LOL’d at the “Isuzu farming” ! lol 22 nagara-class on 20-30 secs? OP, I401 (ver. 3) is OP. And now i see where the “Ars Nova” from the title comes from.

    The episode was a mixture of “wow”, “awww” “lol” and “….!”. I actually felt really sad at Ionna, having to sink/kill her sisters … I402 was starting to understand too…

    Haruharu: “Takao… losing her is a great loss”
    (sad instrumental music)
    Takao: (music abrupt stop) “HEY! dont talk like im dead!”
    HaruHaru: “oh? you are here?”
    Kirishima: “go toward the ligth”
    Takao: “Im not dead, ok?!!”

    OMG could help but LOL so hard at that conversation! also so glad to see Takao again… tho pity she didn’t get a “puppet body” for her mental model but still good to see her around.

    lol @ Makie spinning her around

    also.. i think her feelings finally getting to Gunzuo? even if a bit? like he went all startled for a second when she said she was glad he was ok.

    Takao is one of the (really really) few Tsundere characters i really like… mebe is cus she seems more dere than tsun.

    About the “deathstar” … iirc back in ep 4 or 5 Takao and a I500 were also kind of combined and they were floating too… same as kirishima+Haruna for their combined Gravity shot… i guess Kongou just went a step further …

    1. I generally stay away from tsunderes too but Takao won me over in a big way. Instead of a hard core “tsun till the bitter end” type I think it’s shes incredibly sweet when she gets flustered.

    2. Seriously, the way they trolled us with Takao’s death in the beginning was a little cruel. She wasn’t even shown in the OP preview. Thankfully as some had predicted (not me!), with her core intact, Takao exists as sort of a ship AI now. Though, it’s interesting how her seemingly only full-body projection screen is positioned almost directly in front of Gunzou. Perhaps it’s so Gunzou could easily push some of her buttons, and would have quick and easy access to all her inputs. *wink*wink*nudge*nudge* :3

      Regardless, I’m glad she’s still with the gang. Please don’t walk toward that light yet, Takao. 😉

      Unlucky Star
    3. I Noticed it too, when 401 was about to use the Gravity Cannon on Takao. Takao Ship and his Partner, was “flying”. I think that this is a side effect of the Cannon Tunnel effect. because the Waves even split the Water

      The the fight with Haruharu and Kirisma in the Harbor. 401 was “flying”, but i think that was a side effect of the preparations of the Big Shoot Cannon

      Well, in all case Graviton was at Play

  6. I don’t think the twins died. I mean, so far, have we really seen any mental model to die for real? Iona was able to survive underwater after being submerged; why can’t her sisters? I think the irony is that they ones who pushed Kongo so far are the ones who are going to join Iona and comrades.

    1. isnt that worse tho? being aware and sunk underwater as simple union cores for who knows how long?

      … but i think the cores were destroyed … I400’s visualization disappeared just as the corrosive torpedo exploded… was really abrupt. And I402 was gone once the rest of her body sank lower.. rigth after an explosion in her superstructure… i think both their cores were destroyed.. BUT then again we dont know if the cores are made with some super resistant metal/material able to withstand those pressures/explosions.

      In any case… judging by Iona’s reaction/plea i guess the gestapo twins are gone for good.

      1. Having read the manga, I can easily tell you the Fleet of Fog ships and their cores are a lot tougher than you think, and can’t be destroyed that easily, even if subjected to the crushing pressures of the deep ocean. So just because I-400 and I-402’s visualizations disappeared at the moment their hulls exploded/imploded, doesn’t necessarily mean the cores themselves were destroyed. Remember, like the hulls of their ships, Fog mental models also are made of nano-materials, and are susceptible to damage if left exposed. However, as long as the core is intact, they’re fine, even if they end up losing both their hull and mental model. Also, if 400 and 402 did survive, they wouldn’t be stuck on the sea floor for long, as Fog cores give off a unique signature that can easily be detected by other Fog ships. Think of them kinda like a black box. They’re designed to survive all but the most extreme conditions. It makes sense when you consider how crucial they are to the Fog as living entities. There’s no way their cores would be as fragile as glass. I’m pretty sure 400 and 402 are still alive (or maybe I’m just being a hopeless optimist because I can’t stand seeing such a cute loli duo being killed off like that). Maybe we’ll see a scene of them being recovered and revived at the end.

        This is how I see it: They didn’t show the actual cores being destroyed, so as far as I’m concerned, 400 and 402 are alive and well, and until they show evidence to the contrary, that’s what I’m going to keep on believing.

      2. Well, even if their Cores are Intact…

        First someone need to find them, to bring back their Mental Model Body’s, guys….

        As if they can send Radio signals or establishing the Link where they meet in VR.. And what Power Source is keep them running?

        They not living in a Ram World like Tron… if their Core is out of Power, all bits and bytes are Lost

        or someone has a Backup “BIOS” of them

        (is it not a better explanation for the Anime Deaths of them?)

      3. @mark

        The story is greatly diverged from the manga, so whether or not 400/402 are dead is irrelevant to this version.

        Show Spoiler ▼

      4. Throwing in my 2 cents here. Taking the scene at face value, I don’t see how the loli-sub twins are still around (whether in core form or not) since they disappeared from the virtual team room. However, one of them (forget which) said that it took some processing power to participate in the tea room conversation during battle… and then both proceed to continue said conversation during said battle. Quite prophetic (ironic?) since just a few minutes later, I400 or I402 is destroyed because she doesn’t have enough processing power to make the Klein Field adjustments in time. (The moral of the story = do not have tea during battles.)

        Anyway, point = the disappearance might have been because their cores simply couldn’t spare the CPU power anymore. Rather than be destroyed (as one would logically conclude given what we saw), they escaped and are now in some defensive “sleep” mode. Consider how the show handled Takao’s (troll) “death”. Personally, I would not take any scene like that at face value unless you actually see the union core being destroyed (or the MM is a minor character/unpopular)

        If the show does get a non-reboot 2nd season (a “reboot” isn’t technically a 2nd season as it’s not a continuation.) I can easily envision some FoF sub or ship recovering the I-400 cores – most likely under orders from a certain, so far MIA, supreme flagship.


        @Bear: Shhhh! Dont’ use the “m” word! 😉 I agree with you about the two most likely being irrelevant to the story at this point. They served their purpose already, but theoretically, the two could make a grand/time reappearance during the final battle, or director/writers setting things up in case the show gets a second season. See above scenarios.

  7. Oh lol at the tsundere “ghost in the hull” Takao, Hyuga’s submissive antics, and general comedic side of the things. But Iona facing her sisters and being forced to sink them was truly dramatic. She finally starts to understand the drama of war, being forced to kill.
    And, the blue steel fleet (for now comprising just one ship but with tremendous firepower and computing courtesy of on-board mental models) runs into US section of the Fog. Iowa is probably most formidable, but other battleships are not to be trifled with too, and I wonder if Lexington is in its initial project as battlecruiser? Because so far no carriers whatsoever were observed in the Fog. And in the rear newly-independent Kongou catches up.

    Speaking of Kongou, her chain-shattering, Death Star version has made me instantly remember:

    Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    The Force shall free me.

      1. It seems US section of the Fog, Hawaii blockade force includes:
        one Indiana class
        first modern US battleships, pre-dreadnought, BB-1 to BB-3
        one Iowa class
        last produced US battleship class, superdreadnought, BB-61 to BB-64
        two Virginia class
        BB-13 to BB-17 , pre-dreadnought
        one Delaware class
        BB-28 and BB-29, dreadnought
        two Lexington class
        CV-2 and CV-3, fleet carriers,both present!
        So really eclectic mix of old and new and first carriers Iona will face…

    1. Perhaps we will not worry about the US Fog Fleet. Kongo’s Deathstar and her “Beserker Mode” will taken care of them…

      Gounzu will surly outmaneuver Kongo’s Main cannon, into cursing between the US Fleet for cover. So Kongo will not let the US Fog kill her Prey. She reached the point, where she even kill Allies when they touch 401

      Well, that will shorten the Battle sequence time and Animation… But then, how they will defeat Kongo in Midair? Perhaps the US Fog Fleet see Kongo like Iona, running out of control and need to be eliminated, and they shoot her down

      Well, that would be my idea for the rough episode sequence

  8. Kongou: “Maya… this is… our… carnival!”
    And thus her unhealthy obsession has now become her decent into madness.

    So Kongou does go mad, but not quite bat-sh*t crazy. YET. As for the ending, what the actual hell? I’d make a Death Star crack here, but that’s been done to death already. Though I can honestly say I never saw that one coming. Apparently merging is the current fad in the Fog. :3

    Unlucky Star
  9. My guess is that Darth Kongou will sink the American ships and attempt to take the I-401 by herself. Driven into a corner, Gunzou will have no option but to shot her down with the vibration warhead, but why bothering about a prototype when they have Makie, the weapon’s creator herself?

    Who knows, maybe they will leave a catch for a second season and bring in all the characters from the manga who were not invited to the party, or give it the FMA/HxH treatment and follow the source material in the future. But for that to happen, this series must sell a ton of BDs/DVDs and it all depends on how much the Japanese buyers will crave for this one. I had seen several good series canned because of failing to reach enough home shelves (including some that sold above the dreaded “Manabi Line”).

  10. I’m Death Star Kongou will Alderan the American Fog ships. Leavin just her and her 401 obsession.

    I don’t know what Gunzou will do. But if he wanted to Logic Bomb Kongou, he could send Iona is cute skimpy lingerie to the tea room, have her seranade Kongou then plant a wet kiss on her! And blow her whats left of her mind!

    Then do a classic Kirk and tell her “I am lying”

    Then sit back and watch the fireworks!

    Moonlight BlackCat
  11. Feels rather rushed this episode. Maybe they’re going to end this show completely the next episode (A new arpeggio season might increasingly end up as a reboot) . Can’t wait for the final episode though, the US fog fleet + Kongou + I-401 fight.
    End card with the quest and shop musume……I thought they might have an end card of Isuzu after Gunzou carried out one heck of an Isuzu farming.

  12. I don’t think its going to wrap up nicely next week. I’m guessing (hoping) there will be a 2nd season so most likely they will get past the fleet in front and above them and it will continue next season. Too many questions and loose ends to be a wrapped up in 22 minutes.

  13. Havent read the manga yet, so I’m kininarimasu about the Fog carriers in the manga. Do they function like their real counterparts (ie launching Fog controlled planes), or are they just a missile spamming platform?

    1. @John
      The manga only revealed 1 carrier so far (either Shokaku or Zuikaku, I’m not exactly clear), and she’s described to be an assault and suppression ship, it hasn’t be shown whether she can launch fog-controlled planes. But her laser range is insane and it can be fired in all directions. Even though the only thing she’s done is to escort Takao back to Kongou/Hiei/Ise’s patrol fleet (a.k.a Gunzou annihilation fleet) (again, I’m not too clear because Takao is seen stuck aboard one of the ships in the fleet after she met up with Shokaku/Zuikaku)

      1. @Kai: Please put this type of information in spoiler tags. While john may not care about being spoiled in terms of the manga’s story, there are others plan to read the manga after the anime has ended and do not wish to be spoiled for the manga.

  14. I have a hunch most wont like the coming ENDING. Also highly doubt there will be a S2. A long shot reboot maybe feasible if there is interest in doing so. Also highly doubt it as it would need a new production company. As this current production company seemed to just made Ars Nova a filler anime.

    1. Filler is the term used to represent episodes that are additional material to the original story (which implies that the anime is consistent with the source material). It has nothing to do with how good it is. Ars Nova is telling a different story from the manga. Best example off the top of my head would be the remake of Battlestar Galactica compared to the original. Plots start from the same point but wind up telling a very different story. Doesn’t say anything about how good either version is. The anime is just a very condensed alternate story compared to the manga. I would have preferred the manga version but this is what it is.

    2. Meh, still catching up on shows. IDK if “filler” is the word I would use to describe this anime. I definitely wouldn’t call it “original” as it is based upon the another work rather than something new. It’s certainly not an adaptation IMO considering the very substantial changes made to the original story.

      I forget who it was, but someone described it as a “fan-fic”. While it’s not technically a fan-fic, I think that as a concept, it is a good description because like a fan-fic, it’s a substantially different alternative version of an already established story. There’s probably a term for it though it eludes me. The anime reminds me of TV shows/movies where you see a caption in the title screen “Based upon xyz” (e.g. “Based upon the best selling novel”).

      As for the ending, I think if people like the show so far, they’ll like the ending (how much I can’t say). As for a second season… let’s just say I’m hoping for an FMA Brotherhood/Hellsing OVA situation (i.e. “reboot” that closely/faithfully follows the source material).

      1. yeah couple episodes back i called it a “fan-fic” anime… thou i should have called Ars Nova an “Alternate Universe” (or or maybe even an “Alternate Timeline”)work… much like Battlestar Galactica Re-imagined, the Star Wars Expanded universe, Star-trek and all its spins offs, Rebuild of Evangelion, Rozen Maiden, and many others.

    3. There is nothing if anime followed true to its source or decides to use source and make it into original anime story. Problem is when they rush it, don’t bother to polish it, find and fix flaws.

      1. I get the impression you might misunderstand my point because I agree with what you posted – though IMO it makes more sense to animate the original story before going into alternative versions. That’s kind of putting the cart before horse. Regardless, I agree with you. The quality of the story and presentation is the most vital factor.

        My point is that if one likes the show after 11 episodes, then either don’t they see the flaws someone else does, or don’t care they exist. They have a certain set of criteria and the show as is meets that criteria. With only one episode left, unless the show deviates substantially from what it’s done so far or somehow implodes (neither which I think will happen), I don’t see why someone who likes the show up until now would change their opinion.

  15. Perhaps the Time for 401 Secret Weapon is near, no not the Graviton Cannon. That is salvage from Hyuuga anyway. No the Secret Weapon why this Kind of Submarine was build from the Start. Yes, they could hold something Big inside the Hangar. Perhaps 401 will use it, against Kongo’s Death Star

    They have many Core’s on the Ship anyway. But Takao is the Subship (mix of Submarine and Ship) OS or AI, she cannot leave or take Control

    Haruharu, is only Protecting the Girl. Kirisima is a Teddy bear on her lap

    So… there is only 1 Left…

    But, is Gounzu capable of Air Fighting? Well they must Improvisation, it is nearly the same like Underwater. You can go Up and Down… But here, if you to slow, you fall from the Sky. But then, the Graviton Engine is the Key.. It can float in the Air. Denying ever Physical Laws from falling (Gargantia Mecha alike). Only difference is the Speed.

    Well, if you need an Inspiration. Use this… Hope i can help. No Problem, you give me my Daily Anime. it is a Win Win for both of us.

    But the US Ships, should have Anti-Aircraft Weapons. Or they are in Human Control, something like Iona with Gounzu. That’s why they could send the radio Signal to Japan


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