「ひたぎエンド其ノ肆」 (Hitagi Endo So no Shi)
“Hitagi End Part Four”

After three straight weeks of amazing episodes, I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this week’s. With lots of talking going on without any sort of action to back it up, one could say that merely watching the episode was a bit tedious. However, for those of you who are part of Kaiki’s camp and love watching the guy do whatever cute and lonely guys do, like freaking out about someone messing about in his room, this episode was probably a godsend. But I’m sure that all of us, even the Kaiki fans, are wondering — what was in Nadeko’s locked closet?! (If it was a giant golden statue, I would just die.)

Secret closets aside, I can’t seem to get a handle over just what’s supposed to be going on in this arc. At first you had Kaiki and Senjougahara collaborating on a way to essentially save Araragi’s life from Nadeko’s wrath which would conveniently also save Senjougahara and all the other girls who’ve had the pleasure of making Araragi’s acquaintance. All of which should be super easy with the master of deceiving Kaiki holding the reigns, right? But with Ononoki showing up with both a warning and an accidental reveal behind Gaen’s plan you have to wonder just how important Nadeko is in the grand scheme of things. Throw in Hanekawa’s sudden arrival with that sexy stripped hair of hers (hnnnnnnnnnnnnnng) and you have three pieces of a puzzle that just don’t seem to fit together.

And that in a nutshell was this week’s episode. If you couldn’t already tell from the number of screencaps, there really wasn’t much that was brought up this week. After basically rehashing all the information that’s been thrown at us within the past month, it seems that we’ll have to wait until next week to hear how it fits all together. But with Kaiki sounding unusually enthusiastic about interacting with another human being and Hanekawa being the brilliant girl who just knows what she knows, it seems like we just might have what we need to get the ball rolling!

P.S. I just started and blasted through Ars Nova. And boy oh boy, I don’t know why I wasn’t watching it when the season started. That being said, I can’t seem to find any nice artwork to make a wallpaper from (even on Pixiv!) and I was wondering if anyone out there had something! If you could tweet it to me at @randomc_takaii or shoot it over to takaii at randomc dot net, I’d really appreciate it. ‘Till Next Week!


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  1. Sometimes it is a bit strenuous to watch these kind of episodes because if you direct your view onto something else for even one second, you can miss very important information that helps with understanding the story. However, characters like Kaiki or Senjougahara make it worthwhile because their personality just makes the conversation both funny and witty. I can’t wait to see how Kaiki’s visits will further develop the plan he has in mind.

    P.S What kind of wallpaper are you looking for in terms of color and style?

    1. Senjougahara admirer here, but I find that you have been unfairly downvoted, as unlike the other despicable trolls in this thread with their feigned moral outrage, you were not even trolling or disparaging Senjougahara in any way while explaining articulately why you thought Hanekawa is the best girl.

      So please accept an upvote from me. 🙂

      1. It might be because some people have stopped liking Hanekawa (or they never did in the first place) after her arc(s). I’ve read around that a lot of people think she is(was) unable to solve her own problems and always relied on Araragi and Black Hanekawa to fix everything.

        Anyway, I think her character had some pretty nice development and I like her as much as I like the entire cast (except Nadeko, I don’t really care about her).

      2. I don’t care about downvotes, the less people that want her the better; less people I’ll have to kill to keep her to myself.

        Also, let’s see, in Kizumonogatari, she was the only one giving support to Araragi in any extent, besides Oshino of course.

        In Nekomonogatari (Black), she was taken over only because of the huge amount of stress she had built up in keeping her perfect facade and being kind to everyone. In Nisemonogatari, she was the one helping out the Fire Sisters.

        In Nekomonogatari (White), she found out that in maintaining her perfect mental state she was pushing aside her emotions into original apparitions that she created herself based on folklore and stories she had read, effectively becoming a factory for world ending monsters each time she decided to maintain her innocent and gentle self. She only stopped because she realised that her friends would be in danger if she did not acknowledge the fact that she was envious of other people for having happy homes. In the end, she decided to confront herself because she realised that trying to be perfect at the cost of people she loved being in danger wasn’t worth it, even if she was the one going to be sad instead.

        Even in her kinky moments of weakness where she gets afraid of losing her original personality, she still has enough attitude to tease further instead of being depressed. Unlike Nadeko, who did the complete opposite of accepting that Araragi had Senjougahara. I find it funny that people call her worst girl when she’s now going all out of her way to ensure Senjougahara and Araragi are happy without even wanting recognition for it.

        She’s not even a pushover like some of the other characters are either, she knows that Koyomi is more physically attracted to her than Senjougahara and uses that as blackmail to get Senjougahara of all people to be obedient to her, but then realising that being able to incite lust in him would just interfere with their happiness and comes to terms with it. Also, regarding the apparitions that each of the cast were plagued by, hers is the unique case of her ego taking over the apparition instead of the other way around, due to her mental strength. Hitagi, Nadeko and Kanbaru were all afflicted by their respective apparitions but Hanekawa is the only one to have used it to make her stronger without any negative side effects.

        …And that’s why I like Hanekawa in a nutshell.

        Giorno Giovanna
    2. Lutain is typical of the extremist shipper, where it can only be black and white, their hearts not having the generosity to accept more than one girl, anyone besides their girl is a slut/bitch/etc.

    3. Here here! Is it strange for me to admit that Hanekawa is (so far and by far) my most favorite girl, yet I can separate my ability to passionately ship Senjougahara and Araragi as a pair? Because honestly, I can’t help but feel that some people just can’t distinguish between simply liking a character with their shipping or waifu-loving tendencies. >_>

      1. “Because honestly, I can’t help but feel that some people just can’t distinguish between simply liking a character with their shipping or waifu-loving tendencies. >_>”

        Well, that’s usually what happens when a story has any sort of romance element between more than two characters, no matter how good or bad the actual story is. Which is kind of a shame, considering this franchise is much more developed story- and characterisation-wise than to drown the whole thing into juvenile shipping wars, and waifu-worshipping to the degree one flat-out ignores other characters in a franchise where there’s focus on fleshing them out.

        But to be on topic: I can understand why Hanekawa is not that popular given she’s not that lulzy or proactive compared to the rest (altough she can be funny a lot when she gets knocked out her rythm, like facepalming at Senjougahara’s proposal to sleep together, or her reaction when she learns who the Fire Sisters’ boyfriends resemble to), but she’s a very down-to-earth, likeable character who fits the term “genuienely nice” really well. I liked it a lot how her story in general wasn’t afraid to admit and point out that her behaviour was just as much of a part of her problem as her surroundings were while not going to the degree of turning her character into one of those “she appears nice, but is actually a calculating, pompous son of a bitch” routines either, and it also helps matters a lot that the story wasn’t afraid to show the two outcomes of her situation, namely she reaching the point where she can’t take it anymore and wants to die (Kuro), and she reaching the point where she realises what she did wrong all along, and makes effort/sacrifice to change her life (Shiro), which ultimately results a well-rounded story IMO. As much the story talked about her “perfectness”, the fact that this is her human failing when she just wanted to be a normal, reasonable individual (without a single ounce of superiority or self-stroking ego, no less) makes her character more adorable and respectable in my opinion, and it also makes her family/home-themed story much more effective and genuiene, Neko:Shiro is actually the closest thing in years to make me cry when it comes to non-RL things (with Uchouten Kazoku being close second.

        Similar things can be said about Kaiki as well: he’s not exactly the incarnation of an angel given money usually speaks louder to him than his own feelings (in a more concious manner than Hanekawa’s similarly strong, albeit much more instinct-leveled self control), but he’s a fairly more emotional individual than he believes himself to be, and his antagonistic vibe ironically makes it more pronounced that he’s not as much of a bad person as he appears to be, and his heart can be in the right place . The fact that he took the job in order to protect Kanbaru already shows things, and him being touched by Hitagi’s crying and thanking words also points towards this direction. To be fair Nisemono already showed that he’s not antagonistic enough to be considered 100% stereotypical evil (he gave credit to Karen’s sense of justice even if he still outright admitted that childish behaviour like hers made it easy for him to scam so many kids), but this arc emphasises this side of his a lot. It’s a small thing compared to these, but him being pleasently surprised by Hanekawa’s catchprase (and also by her efforts to save her friends, no matter how much she can contribute to it) also shows that he can give credit where credit is due, altough this isn’t that hard of a thing for him when his upperclassman and superior is someone who doesn’t have a single ounce of humble or modest behaviour, and enjoys being superior to others.

    1. You can also say she has the potential to be Gaen II,
      though they would be polar opposites of each other.
      Hanekawa being humble at all times (I only know what I know),
      while Gaen is proud at all times (I know everything.)

  2. The forgotten tears that I shed,
    Overflow our memories beautifully,
    That winterwinds is the same as it is,
    Both of our time unravels together,
    The mistaken me yesterday is still lost.
    Fluttering sentimentals apart,
    The fleeting sadness lost forever,
    Once again, and never again,
    Those unwanted words,
    The shallow naive us, and the kind,
    scattered memories rejoined,
    Once again, and never again,
    Even now, I still cant answer,
    The sad, and unchanged things,
    The only warmth left is forgotten by time

    Name (required)
  3. This may be a bit more dialogue-heavy episode, but hey, isn’t that a staple of the series?
    I still found this episode quite interesting.
    Senjougahara’s interactions with Kaiki is getting more playful over time as seen in the first few moments after the OP sequence :p

    S: Hey Kaiki. Are you feeling lonely? You keep calling me night after night.
    K: Senjougahara, I’d like to ask you something.
    S: What? I’m wearing blue underwear today.
    K: Wake up, Senjougahara.
    S: I am up! Mumble mumble…(Japanese vocal for the mumble part being “munya munya”)
    K: Don’t give me that.
    S: Zzzzz (She pronounces each Z individually)
    K: You’re not even sleep-talking anymore. You’re just asleep!

    On another note, that shirtless Kaiki is all damnnnnnn, he’s buff.
    I wonder how NisioIsin’s doodle version of Oshino, Kagenui & Ougi would look like too…

    Btw Takaii, aren’t some of the Ars Nova Endcards good enough to be a wallpaper for you? 😛

      1. NO , there is no love involved in araragi’s case(he is just playing with his loli friends, a ghost and a corpse like ononoki.You can’t date a ghost,you can’t date a corpse).Gahara is still in love with kaiki so it’s like cheating.Beside talking about your underwear with a person who is not your BF is like cheating or flirting.

      2. …What the hell?
        Are you really saying that cheating is only bad when love is involved? So playing around with other girls is totally okay as long as it’s because being horny and/or feeling lust? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, holy shit. It’s been awhile since I read so much crap.
        Also, give me a proof where it was ever stated that Gahara loved (or still loves) Kaiki.
        And please, stop using words like “cheating” and “flirting” when you don’t even know the proper meaning of them.

      3. Judging by your name, I’m assuming you’re female. So you wouldn’t mind if your boyfriend was very touchy-feely with a young girl, kissing her, feeling her up constantly, as long as he says he doesn’t love her? How trusting of you.

        I don’t know about you, but I’d rather see a high school girl (allegedly) flirting with an older man than a high school guy doing the same with an elementary schooler. If you’re gonna be all uptight about Hitagi being Hitagi, you can’t just blow off Araragi’s actions as “he is just playing with his loli friends”. Just saying, child molesters could (and undoubtedly have) claim the exact same thing. At least be consistent while upholding your “morals”.

      4. When Araragi was all this time busy sexual harrassing little girls (sometimes) behind his girlfriend’s back, nobody bats an eyelid.

        Yet when Senjougahara engages in some toyful conversation with a guy she’s hired to save her boyfriend, it’s considered cheating.

        rosa, your hyprocrisy disgusts me.

  4. I wonder if they replace those spaghetti pasta like things in the opening with snakes in the BD version. 😀

    Well the first half was kind of meehhh if you know what I mean, I dont have any problem with the lot talking (I wouldnt watch any monogatari other way) but it was kind of too much, well they put a lot “service” in, Even if all happened in the room, well Senjogahara in the background was nice I had to agree.
    And Hanekawa back, I was really happy to see her since there was no good picture from her in the Tiger Arc and I was really interested in her new look.

    But damn I am angry since last week the episode ended with Kaiki looking in the closet but there was nothing about that. 🙁 🙁 :/

  5. i liked the episode … then again i like the Kaiki + Hitagi interaction, an as Techim posted before now that Hitagi is more relaxed their banter is more friendlier too.

    also we got Hanekawa back! (and yeh she looks so cute with that striped hair ^.^ )

    PS: gosh that opening gets me everytime , i only have 2-3 of the Monogatari series openings downloaded “Kogarashi Sentiment” is one of them xD … wish we had had a opening for Shinobu time tho.

  6. what was in Nadeko’s locked closet?! (If it was a giant golden statue, I would just die.)

    you meant maybe Araragi’s golden statue? 😛

    it was indeed godsent episode of Kaiki. true, you may say it cause a halt in plot progression. especially when half of the episode was a lot of talking between Kaiki and Sunjou. I think that the funny part here is great and bear some meaning considering it involves 2 polar characters like Kaiki and Hitagi. and it’s part of the point here in this arc (as can be seen from that bizarre hilarious opening). besides, this arc suppose to give a full side of Kaiki, and that’s what it is doing. plus,the music in the background when Kaiki is on-screen, especially those “sherlock holmes” scenes like in the beginning is so awesome.
    actually besides the comic part, those scenes will sure have meaning with the plot progression later or even has now (with mentioning Hanekawa all the time, leading to their meeting). as we’ve seen previous arc, what we see now are the layers that assembles the plot as a whole. especially since we don’t know everything and Kaiki is acting like Mr. detective Conan in his own way.

    that aside, I am still confused over Hanekawa. she suddenly showed up (god, her new hair style is so great, I love it that way), saying she is abroad (but not really) only to hide from Gaen. once again that comparison between Gaen who knows everything (as she stated in ep#4 “there is nothing I don’t know..I know everything”) and Hanekawa that “I know what I know” as she likes to declare every time.
    what’s Gaen motive here?why is she involve here? what Hanekawa knows that Kaiki doesn’t?hopefully, those and more will come next ep (I really hope..considering we still haven’t been told about what’s in Nadeko’s closet, but maybe Kaiki will tell Hanekawa. or so I tend to believe).
    I can’t say I am fully surprised about the meeting between Kaiki and Hanekawa. we had a lot of clues along the way this arc when Kaiki wondered about that “Hanekawa”. it reminds me the way Hanekawa came to know Oshino in Kizumono. it was like that in Kizu..full of clues to meeting, in which leads to understanding some mysteries we didn’t know about

    Kaiki can be more awesome?he can visit Nadeko 100 times without climbing the stairs for 100 times 😛
    he is like the Chuck Norris of anime. I mean..he can do everything.

      1. because they are M!
        and M can be a lot of things..monsters, masochist. I personally prefer mad-scientist 😛 which kinda fits the image I have in my mind about them HaHa

        speaking of AOTY, monogatari should stand somewhere on top since it never ceased to amaze us for half year. Shaft did an amazing job with this season in all aspects, as expected of course from Shaft. even the recaps doesn’t feel so bad when I think about it (well, maybe a little). I believe this is the best monogatari so far.
        but let’s finish this arc and reach final impression to say all those things in details(:

      2. I only started regularly watching anime since March (Spring Season) & few frm Jan-March,
        though I did make a personal list of what I watch…its around 45 anime I think…
        Notable ones that caught my interest & enjoyed, & I think is rather popular if I frequently come across some related news, Good Smile Company merchandise annoucement or cosplay:
        *I left out some titles since I don’t think they’ll rate that high in the polls anyway..

        From Winter (Jan-March)
        Maoyuu (at first but the gradual rushing & bad finale ruined it)

        From Spring (Apr-June)
        Date A Live, Hataraku Maou Sama, Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko, Oregairu, Suisei no Gargantia, Railgun S
        Oreimo (at first too, but well, most of us all know the controversial ending by now..)
        Shingeki no Kyojin (surpisingly I’ve only watched until ep13, but after the recent OVA, I’ll catch up soon)

        Summer (July-Sept)
        Blood Lad, Danganronpa, Prisma Ilya, Gin no Saji, High School DxD New, Servant x Service
        TWGOK: Goddesses Arc, Monogatari S2, Rozen Maiden

        Autumn, Current (Oct-Dec)
        Ars Nova, Coppelion, Golden Time, Unbreakable Machine Doll, Kill La Kill, Kyoukai no Kanata, LB Refrain, Log Horizon, NouKome, Outbreak Company, Strike The Blood, Tokyo Ravens.

        My personal favourites so far would be Hataraku Maou Sama, Suisei no Gargantia, Gin no Saji, Servant x Service, TWGOK, Monogatari S2, Ars Nova, Golden Time, LB Refrain, Log Horizon, Outbreak Company..

        With all the hype & number of cosplays I’ve seen at every anime event around my place, I’d say Shingeki no Kyojin would take top spot though…

  7. I’m starting to think that Kaiki is similar to Araragi in many ways. Perhaps vaguely possible but still, what if Kaiki is actually Araragi from a different timeline or some sort and… oh geez, I think I need to sleep now.

  8. It’s been a while since we last saw Hanekawa (in her very trendy hair thanks to her merging with her cat self).

    I do wonder if there’s any point in her returning “in secret” if Gaen is as ridiculously omniscient as NisioIsin makes her out to be (to the point of readers calling her a “Nisio Deux Ex Machina Clone” ).

    Perhaps Gaen KNEW Kaiki wouldn’t back off due to whatever reason it is he has with Kanbaru, and thus gave him a choice. The overall outcome would probably be still the same, but individual wise, Kaiki may end up with consequences for his actions, and that’s what she’s been trying to warn him about.

  9. Now how will the gahara tards defend her ?

    the first 5min were full cheating.. then she was jealous of nadeko!!! and of course she talked about how he “used her and threw her” in a romantic way.

    really araragi you should know about all this shit and dump her.

    gahara’s fetiches are weird.. an old men lover….?

    1. Which part of “Senjougahara requests help from Kaiki to save her boyfriend Araragi, and will do whatever it takes to assist him” do you not fucking understand?

      If she is going full NTR, you think she would have given a damn for Araragi?

      And for some reason, all you Gahara-bashing trolls seem to not use caps. I do seriously suspect that you’re all the same person samefagging. Rosa, Luna, Yozora, is that you?

      1. After this episode they don’t even remember who is araragi dude.It’s pretty clear that they are ejoying their calls and meetings like a couple.

        And nope, I’m diego and I don’t care about the rest that’s why I give my name, and you are an anon.. so you can’t judge.

      2. “After this episode they don’t even remember who is araragi dude.It’s pretty clear that they are ejoying their calls and meetings like a couple.”

        Seriously? You actually believe that?

        Further proof that you’re a attention deficient faggot. And don’t get me started with spelling mistakes and lack of proper capital letters.

      3. i just see them being friendly, nothing bad with that.

        Hell .. Araragi got WAY MORE “friendly” with Mayoi (R.I.P.) or Shinobu, or even his sister Karen… if anyone could be considered “cheating” it would be Araragi , NOT Hitagi.

      4. “And don’t get me started with spelling mistakes and lack of proper capital letters.”

        Oh really? English is my 3rd language,how many languages can you speak genius ?

        @Inasis , I don’t like araragi lolicon tendencies but there is no love involved there.Gahara is still clearly in love with kaiki so this game they are playing is like cheating.

    2. Most of people here would probably beg to differ, but I agree with your assessment. Araragi is a pervert but he does not romantically love other girls, mostly. Senjougahara does seem to have something going for Kaiki (at least visibly, at least in his retelling).

      It’s no surprise given that he was indeed her first love apparently. And the novel is not called “Love story” for nothing.

      Though, I disagree that this makes Araragi “a good guy” or Senjougahara “a cheater”, and if anything, I think it’d be all sorts of better for SG to dump Araragi and move to Kaiki.

      1. Kaiki’s cool. He’s pragmatic, level-headed, turns out he doesn’t lack empathy. He says that “he likes it when people hate him because it makes things simpler: they don’t rely on him, they don’t feel indebted to him, and their actions are predictable.” Araragi on the other hand is idealistic, young and all about making people like him for doing basically nothing (introducing to Oshino, calling Oshino).

      2. Look at SG acts around both of them. With AR she acts as an equal, even maybe more dependable figure. That is a good state of things for an adult, but she lacks childhood. She has never seen the happiness of having someone to rely on. She in fact chose Araragi just because he didn’t refuse to help her.

      When she’s with Kaiki, she acts like a kid. Just watch her expression, it’s so unusual because she’s being herself. She feels at ease because she’s around someone she can trust AND they know what they’re doing.

      1. well, thats the problem with great heroine ended up with such MC in anime. Sometimes it made us brawling about the ships and at the end, its because we love the heroines, not the MC. Araragi is not that much for Gahara, and the reason why her fans raging in the internet about some haters deliberately attacking her is because we love Gahara as a character, and not Araragi.

        Take Macross Frontier for example, Sheryl’s ship and Ranka’s. How about Alto? I honestly dont feel much about him except the final act (the 2nd movie). Golden Time? Linda lovers and Kouko’s. Banri? Hmm…until he made up his mind and heart, victory for the heroines. The only few MCs that got people really into them were of course Ryuji from Toradora, Tomoya (Clannad), Kai (Ano Natsu) etc. Why? Because these MCs are faithful with their choice, they dont have second opinion or playing around with some girls and made us feel like the female casts are irritating cuz of their drama.

        well, surely cant argue much about harem genre anime. thats what we get from them. so dont expect the word FAITHFUL if you’re watching one. CHEAT is all you get. :/

        Clock Work
  10. Remembered what Kaiki said at the start of this arc… He’s a liar and may not be telling the truth. I’m up for some mindbending last minute twist now that we are approaching the end. Can’t say I haven’t enjoyed it though, Kaiki is a good story teller \ o/

  11. I clearly do not understand with these Gahara haters. I mean, if you dont like it, dont watch it. Simple as that. No one is forcing you tards to spend your precious time to even consume everything that happen in Koimonogatari. Just download the last episode if you’re just wanted to know the ending. And why even bother posting some fagging critics in here??? Do you guys have nothing better to do? Pftt…fags.

    Clock Work
      1. Carbon, uranium, nitrogen, tritium…..

        Ouch that stings a lot.

        To say that they’re a compound made up of fluorine and silver doesn’t seem to cut out for you?

        Harsh it maybe but what if they’re made up of a compound containing molybdenum, sulphur, oxygen and hydrogen?

        Than again that rare compound can always say nobelium and not watch the show

    1. i just lol`d read comment the hater
      if i can say, they have opinion in their view, they have freedom of to say that

      just to say
      kaiki said, senjogahara just a kid so he dont give a damn what senjogahara said, so funny when i remember it

      *where can i get OST when kaiki investigation, is so good

  12. Well, as an Outsider (i not watching, only reading here), this Show has a beautiful Art Design. It feel like Modern Art, right in Place. Even the Colors are perfect fitting for the Mod at hand…

    I am Impressed. Why i am not Hooked? because the Storyline dont lite a Fire inside me, sorry. I am trying to give Honest Opinion, even if if hurts sometimes

    1. That’s the great thing about anime and other media in general — you pick what you like. Some people like Monogatari, some people don’t. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment though.

      But I totally feel you about the Art Design — this week specifically had some amazing building and interior design that I really liked so I made sure to include some of it. There’s a comment up there with links to even more I think.

  13. I’m tired of this arc… it’s dragging too much.

    To think that araragi rejected hanekawa because of gahara..

    what kind of woman talks about her underwear with an older guy ? what a horrible woman.poor araragi,he deserves better.

    1. Well, it is interesting to consider why Araragi chose Senjougahara in the first place because she barely had enough screen time and we never got to see what she was thinking during the times that she appeared except from how she talked and such. I can see that how Senjougahara talks can seem crabby or strange, like as you point out, no normal person would talk about their underwear with an older guy. However, she isn’t a normal person, because she was pushed about by forces she could not control, like how her father is a workaholic and her mother was a cultist; these kind of aspects in her life led Hitagi to snap back at others and second guess her trust in others until she met Araragi. They are a strange pair and a person could consider Hanekawa better, but in a way only Araragi could complement Hitagi and in return, I think Araragi loves Hitagi because she puts a lot of trust in him.

      I guess in the long run, it would have been better if we could get more insight to why Araragi loves Senjougahara right now; but I think its because of their strange relationship is why their relationship is uniquely fitting. (Plus if I remember correctly, Hitagi would just kill Araragi and herself if he ever dumped her so…)

      1. I’d recommend you to read the Bakemonogatari novel if you want more insight. Shaft cut a lot of Araragi’s thoughts and inner monologues away, which lead to confusion about why they suddenly start dating and how Araragi feels about all this. But everything was much clearer to me after I read the Mayoi Snail arc (the arc is translated on baka-tsuki). It’s quite funny to see how his feelings towards Hitagi slowly turned to love without him really noticing it.

      2. I must agree, the book is the book.

        well I’m glad that i’m not the only one who find gahara talking about her underwear to an older guy who is not her BF weird… (and I agree that she is not normal because of her past)

    2. Hey, Edo (rosa, diego, et all), read Kuro black. It makes it clear Araragi rejected Hanekawa before he encountered Hitagi if the anime wasn’t clear enough to you.

      BTW, it’s not possible to hide your posting style. You might as well stick to 1 handle. And perhaps you should find a different show to be outraged about. This one is clearly too much for you to handle.

      Danny the dog
  14. For all their problems Araragi blame himself and only himself. He was very lucky that he has such a girlfriend who rescues him. And if she has to walk the tightrope, then Araragi must blame only himself. He had to less flirt with Nakedeko. I did not notice that he cared, and even thought about Hitagi all previous series.

  15. What happened this episode? Not much. We didn’t even get to see Nadeko drink the Sake. It was a very nice surprise to see Hanekawa show up though. It made it all worth it. The only person that I suspect left the note for Kaiki is Ougi. She hasn’t shown up at all this arc. I could be just grasping at straws though.

    Seriously dat end card.

  16. wow, looks like there has been some arguments going on.
    Well, I personally thought it was a pretty interesting episode.

    I think this is one of the most interesting arcs of the Monogatari series so far, so I’m really excited to see how it ends.

    Now,this episode made me wonder about some mysteries.
    First, is Kaiki really going to say that Gahara and Araragi died by an accident? Because I don’t think Nishio would easily give away the plot like that(or will he?).
    Second of all, what in the world is Meme doing? This has been an question for a long time but this episode made me wonder even more. I feel like he hasn’t gone anywhere and is just hiding for some kind of reason(Could it be that Meme was actually following Kaiki when Kaiki felt the presence that he was getting followed by?).
    What was the thing that Ononoki was not allowed to say to Kaiki? What is Kagenui’s plan?
    And after all, who is the second person who is trying to stop Kaiki? We know Kagenui wants Kaiki to stop, and it couldn’t be Gaen because Kaiki denied that(or could it be? Maybe Kaiki is wrong). Then that would bring it down to Ougi and Meme.
    And I don’t feel like listing all my questions.(I do understand that some of these might be answered if I go thoroughly watch few episodes back again but I don’t have time right now XP)
    But I’m really excited to see how some of these might wrap up together by the end of this arc. Man, next episode, CANNOT WAIT!

  17. looks like some idiots still take what the characters say at face value…

    if you’ve even followed monogatari since the beginning, you should know how the characters tease and make fun of each other. they say a lot of things jokingly and are hardly serious, even with serious expression.

    seriously guys, araragi has asked the girls a lot of “unreasonable” stuff(like having his sisters be fondled to “protect” hanekawa from his grasps) with a serious expression through it all.

    you either should have stopped there(or much earlier like araragi implying sexual harassment to mayoi) if you’re uncomfortable to it even if it was a joke, or continued on with the show laughing it all off.

    so dont say that monogatari, or senjougahara, has reached a new low, when all of these other “stuff” have been very low already in the normality department, maybe even more low than “cheating with an older guy”.


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