「フロム・ビヨンド」 (Furomu Biyondo)
“From Beyond”

You’ve got to be kidding me… this show is quickly turning into a joke for me. I just can’t take this show seriously anymore. The show has gone and taken another 180 degree turn and now it’s not about monsters taking over the world… but it’s about defending the planet from “The Beyond”. What is this “Beyond”? Well your guess is as good as mine. They resemble boss monsters that would kick King Torture out of the park. They also happen to grow exponentially and literally transform into giant versions of themselves when pushed to the edge. Not really sure where that’s headed either… but hey! Why not?

At this point, I’ve pretty much given up on the direction of this show… the plot or even the characters. It’s become so unpredictable and quite random that my impression at the end of every week is just confusion. It seems like the writers have also given up on the original cast and thrown in 4 new “Flamengers” to spice up the show. What ever happened to the Flamenco Girls again? Not to say that these new characters aren’t exciting, but I feel like the creators couldn’t do enough with the original cast. Aoishima Soichi (Morikubo Showtaro) is the only outspoken Flamenger so far (Flamen Blue) so I expect him to play a bigger role later on. The rest of the Flamengers don’t stand out to me yet as original characters but I’ll give them a few more weeks to grow on me. I just hope they don’t all die anytime soon.

Being the show’s mid-finale, I was expecting an episode that was a little more concrete or actually answered questions… but I see that’s no longer the case. If there’s anything Samurai Flamenco taught me, it’s to stop expecting things out of this show. Samurai Flamenco has come so far since the beginning of the season and I don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing anymore. It went from an above average show about a guy trying to save the world one step at a time… to a show about actually saving the world from “aliens” (because I still don’t know what they are). All this time, I kept hoping that the show would come back around and keep it realistic, but that’s long gone. I’m pretty disappointed as of now that they drove such a high potential show into the ground. Should I hope that the second half gets better? Perhaps, but I don’t want to hold too many high hopes anymore.

If there’s anything that I think the show still delivers well – it’s the humor and comedy. Since episode 2, I always thought that the show was very clever with the jokes that they delivered. The timing of them and the use of sarcasm is something that I can appreciate in anime since I rarely see it. Most of this is from Hidenori though, so it’s a shame that he’s not more central in the show anymore. He’s one of the main reasons I keep watching and probably the most grounded person out of everything. It’s almost like the creators are just stringing us along because everyone want to know who his girlfriend is… but it’d be great to see him playing a bigger role in Masayoshi’s conquests.

TL;DR – @RCCherrie: What the… I give up. This show is just confusion, randomness and madness all wrapped up O_o did that really happen? #idonteven #samumenco

Note: Thanks for everyone’s patience over the past few weeks. My laptop is still not fixed and I’ll be sending it to be repaired soon. Luckily! Samurai Flamenco will be taking a 2-week hiatus for the holiday season. Episode 12 is currently scheduled to air as early as December 31st, but a post will likely come out on January 9th. Happy Holidays everyone! =)


  1. It is time for everyone to just call shenanigans on this show.

    Barely know anything about her and yet she is instantly better than Mari. Why did it take 11 episodes for her to appear?!

    You can’t have a sentai group without a megane ;p

    Sold out so quickly Yoshi, why you no want to be Samurai Flamenco no more?!

    It’s just like when Mari tried to be the leader in the previous duo with Yoshi, but he didn’t completely accept it. Soon as he gets a team with almost the same amount as passion as he has, he quickly discarded Samurai Flamenco to become a part of the Flamengers like a sellout.

  2. To be fair to the show. It at least stated that these guys were the ones backing King Torture and gave him the cells he planned on using to turn into a giant monster. So they at least answered something for once. Even if it spawned a thousand more questions.

  3. did that really happen?

    who knows…maybe this is all Masayoshi’s dreams or delusions 😛

    well, as expected from samurai flamenco, once again it shows us how much it’s unexpected 😛
    ever since Gorilla’s case I am not surprised of what samumenco has under its sleeve. besides, after the Gorilla, we quite guessed it would develop into super-sentai show. that OP was the clue. so to say I am surprised?no, because I knew it would come to form a group of super-flamenco. but yes. it happened so damn fast. one moment he exposed himself, the other, in a flash, he was taken by red-axe to fight WTF in WTF. not to mention mega-zords, more crazy flamngers like him ans so…is that even possible in 20 minutes eps?well, with samumenco it’s possible.

    this episode demonstrated some of samumenco issues. and mostly it revolves around the characters – I am very upset for not seeing Mari this ep. especially after what she’s been through lately.
    same goes for Hidenori..why is he out of the loop all of a sudden?
    I believe that’s because we got 4 new characters into the cast..so introducing and interacting with them took time.
    but the problem here is the inconsistency in characters development. and that’s happen because there is no balance. because samemnco has become crazy all the time. I mean..unstoppable craziness.
    I hope we’ll see Mari and Hidenori next time. maybe it’ll help the series regain some of the balance after the last shake.

    speaking of craziness, while it’s true samumenco is totally unexpected and it’s part of the thing. but the fact it’s become unstoppable..like losing control. I don’t care coming blind to episode..not knowing what is going to happen is great, but also ’cause too much confusion to the viewer – it’s hard to watch a show that lost control and you are not so sure it wants to achieve. and I am having troubles to connect..what the hell it wants from me?what happened during its first-third (8 episodes, before Gorilla case)?why was that for?

    I believe this is aimed toward Japanese audience. especially those who are familiar with super-sentai or kamen rider.
    I am not japanese, nor I am a fan of super-sentai or kamen rider.
    yet, despite that, and despite samumenco’s issues I mentioned above, I think it’s a fine show. it’s not bad. sure, maybe it’s not that good either..I am still uncertain how good samumenco is…but I am not suffer or something, I am having good time watching samumenco (even though it’s hard for me to say how much good it is and what it wants from you).
    is it because it’s that funny?maybe..it’s true samumenco has become comedy/parody more and more. but I don’t think this is the main reason for my enjoyment. it’s simply fun-to-watch. even without being familiar with so many references and all.

    thanks for blogging. happy holidays. happy new year. to you and all RC staff (:

  4. ok, WTF is not enough to describe how I feel about this show anymore… it won’t be as easy to call it all a dream at the end and everything is back to normal… whatever might be the case, I do have to argue that even though the show lack some sort of “real” direction, at least it is done in an entertaining way… maybe the lesson to learn is to throw away all expectation and just pretend to be a bored kid looking for some fun times… lol, at least I felt I was thoroughly entertained the whole episode haha…

    and as always, thanks for blogging, Cherrie, and have a great winter holiday season!

  5. I have no idea how people can still think it’s “Just a parody of super-sentai”. I mean, there is obviously something fishy going on: there’s no way alien villains would broadcast their own trailers to the world. There’s no way people can honestly pilot a five-part mecha in this day and age. There’s no way the villains can say something as cliched as “The one you defeated was the weakest among our Elite Four!”. This show has a secret deep below its exterior, and I can’t wait until it’s revealed.

    And for what it’s worth, the next episode seems to have the old cast return – at least Ishihara-san won’t let Masayoshi ignore her any longer.

    1. People are easily distracted. So distracted that they miss important plot elements such as this.
      jouji and the prime minister are also suspicious as hell

      In my opinion, people are too focused on how ‘illogical’ the story is, that they miss certain things in the story that may prove to be important later on. I’m not saying that my theories are correct or anything, but for god sakes just think people. It doesn’t hurt to analyze things even if they may seem too crazy at first glance.

    2. Because IT IS a parody of the Super Sentai franchise and in general, Japanese superhero shows, the same way Akibaranger is an official parody to the Super Sentai franchise. For starters, when the Gorilla MOTW was first introduced, he debuted the same way most Japanese superhero evil organizations make their debut, they will look like a great threat only to be defeated week after week. In the next episode, we learned that Samumenco and the Flamenco Girls fought monsters every week, in the same abandoned warehouses and quarries most Japanese heroes fight.

      Fast forward to the current episode, show just went full Sentai and if there is one thing I learned in Super Sentai, they never explain in full detail how stuff works in each series and if they do it, kids will get bored, drop the show and the housewives will stay just for the cute guys. That’s reason why Go-Busters is not that popular in Japan, the show is too realistic that they have at least 50 people to maintain a single robot in good condition while in average, it will only take 1-10 people doing the job.

      tl;dr Samumenco is already heading the Japanese superhero tribute way since day 1.

      1. I completely agree. Hell, the Flamengers up the Super Sentai parody almost above Akibaranger levels!

        Also, the show name dropped Kamen Rider in the first episode, so I kinda had the sneaking suspicion that we would hit full parody land at some point.

        (It makes me sad that Japan didn’t like Go-Busters, since I really enjoyed it…)

  6. I do not hate the random turns Flamenco made/is making, but I am disappointed about it. The potential of its original premise (whether this is all a dream or not) really appealed to me so much. I had so much expectations on his life as a model. I was expecting the civilian side of Masayoshi to grow into something that would cause a conflict to his superhero identity/principles. I was so SURE that was the direction the show was going eventually.

    1. Although I STILL haven’t picked this show up(but still reading bits here & there) that’s kind of what I was expecting too.I’m all fine with the “WTF?” factor but throwing character development into the gutter(along with some of the characters themselves) is never a good sign,no matter how crazy you a show wants to be.

      I’m considering if I should still watch now,but I’ll stick to reading a few more episodes.

  7. Maybe I’m the only one that thought Kaname’s line, “That was a lie. But a beautiful lie,” was significant? I’m really starting to see how people might think that he’s pulling the strings here, especially with all his “trips” he goes on when things go down with Samurai Flamenco.

  8. sadly i enjoyed the anime since king torture, then overlook tiny bit but this new arc is to much
    don’t know what 2 do
    drop, put on hold or just continue watching for the fun of it and overlook the power ranger outfit and the “aliens”
    the beyond rolf

  9. I believe that this is also work of human for the sake of entertainment. My guess is that the prime minister have to do with this. I mean, Red Axe has connection with him; and there was always some weird aura on the higher up meetings. In addition, what is the point of a monster broadcasting CG about their monsters and attacks? Things feel way too out of place but i can’t get how they can plan stuff like that with the fact that real people are dying.

  10. Man. This is just dumb. Its so dumb I feel dumber for even wanting to comment on it. Here is a great premise, with interesting characters creating real drama, and then BAM! NEVERMIND THAT GUYS, LOOK AT THE GIANT SPACE ALIEN MENACE! This is giving me flashbacks of the Oblivion (movie with Tom Cruise) plot and these aren’t pleasant at all.

    The only saving grace could be if Jel is correct above and Red Axe is the mastermind. I mean, that would be a sweet mind**** honestly. Even then though, its like, how did we go from King Torture and Mari’s pained singing to this drivel? Ouch. I mean, the entire ED is the Flamenco Girls. Did Manglobe just forget that? Lord help me, I’m going to go watch some Monogatari to get this taste out of my mouth. 😛

  11. The problem with Samurai Flamneco is that it was supposed to be a deconstruction/parody of the hero genre, but in the end, it didn’t care about deconstructing ANYTHING anymore.

    The plot was supposed to be about wannabe heroes and villains struggling to exist in the normality of the real world. But after a few episode, they just made it possible for things like monsters, alien technology and secret organizations to exist in what we thought was our ordinary world.
    And isn’t this the most common premise in every work of fiction?

    I can’t believe how stupid this got. This probably doesn’t have proper executive directions anymore. Also, sudden drops in animation don’t help.

    Seriously, the only thing I watch this for is Goto (and his girlfriend, of course). It’s like he’s the avatar for the whole audience, watching the show and thinking “What the fuck?”

    1. I’d like to request the source of the authors telling what this show was/is supposed to be. Otherwise, we should wait and see instead of making assumptions of their intentions.

      Also, the drop in animation was strangely appropriate for the episode that went full-on 80s cheese.

      1. The thing is, this is not something a la Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Mild spoilers warning (well, not really, since it’s common knowledge after this much time) Show Spoiler ▼

        In the beginning, Samumenco was executing this fine too, with the gorilla episodes. But after that, it’s become less and less believable with each episode.
        It’s RAPING our suspension of disbelief.

        After this episode, it doesn’t fell like the writers were trying to deceive us; rather, it looks like they’re constantly having second thoughts about the direction the show is meant to take, cause they don’t know either. And the drop in animation might be symptomatic of last-minute production, which could be the result of poor directing planning. Of course, this is speculation, but I think that’s not so far off the truth.

      2. I suppose we can’t disprove each other’s ideas with the information we have right now, so let’s put this discussion away until we do.

        And speaking of Madoka, I think too many people were not surprised at all by the genre shift. At least the ones who knew about Urobuchi Gen.

      3. Well yeah, I’d say they didn’t know “when” and “how” it was gonna happen (at least, that’s how it was for me), but of course, they didn’t expect the whole series to be like the first three episodes.

    2. I don’t see Samumenco as a deconstruction of the Japanese superhero genre, but more like a loving tribute to it. When I first saw the first episode and saw Masayoshi dressed up as a superhero, he reminded me of Akibaranger’s AkibaRed, a 29-year old superhero otaku, who lives with his mom and has a 2D waifu. When he learned that he can become a superhero in his delusions thanks to Hakase (played by Chuu2byo’s Maaya Uchida), he grabs the opportunity and becomes a hero with two other deluded otaku (Yellow is a fujoshi cosplayer and Blue is a closet otaku).
      (If you are interested with Akibaranger’s premise, it’s fully subbed by Over-Time)

      Back to Samumenco, unlike Nobuo who is fighting monsters in his head, Masayoshi is slowly becoming a hero in his own terms, and as time went on, the stakes started to become higher and now, he is basically living the dream, a hero who will protect everyone, something that Gokaiger’s Gai Ikari/Gokai Silver (played by Majestic Prince’s Junya Ikeda) ended up into after being acknowledged by the ghosts of dead Super Sentai Sixth Heroes.

      What I am trying to say is that aside from the little references and comments they made about Japanese hero shows and what’s happening in the production of one, everything that is happening in the show is something that I already saw coming. I mean, if they want to be a full tribute to Japanese superhero shows, why not go over the top? And that’s what Samumenco did.

    3. You DO realize that you can see the 5 Zords in the background of the official series poster released before the series even began airing, right?

      Sorry, bud, but fighting giant monsters in a Megazord was always the plan.

  12. While watching this, I just had to say… What the… Voltes V/Daimos/Mazenger Z! And Super Sentai/ Choudenshi Bioman references all written over it. It seemed like the forgone days of the 70s and 80s anime came crashing in.

    Any Asian kid growing up in those eras can instantly connect the dots of SF as of late. And mind you, those days looking back one can say wow, those shows were crazy, and lots of random plots everywhere (especially the super sentai ones).

    Nostalgia galore, and maybe for the audience which it seems to be directing itself at (as a mock parody/satire of the shows of that era) – it can bring chuckles (and cringe worthy reactions like – oh my gosh, did I love that sucky show before, and me playing and pretending myself to pose as one of those heroes of those shows?)

    Well, exception of Voltes V, I loved that show (voltron was a poor imitation of it)

  13. This show is is most definitely one of the most unique shows out there. I am sure it took Manglobe a lot of effort to turn a brilliant show to bad and then to abysmal.

    To quantify it, the show had decreased from 9/10 to 1/10 in a mere 3 – 4 episodes.

  14. This is the kind of show you can’t judge until the end. Regardless of what anyone thinks of where it currently stands, one has to try to get to the end. Whether it all ends up making sense at that point is what will make or break the show.

    1. While there is truth in what you say, a series is comprised of episodes that air weekly; they might pull an awesome ending, and then those who followed it till the end will be rewarded, but that won’t change the fact the some episodes, like this, were painful to watch. It’s not just that they are confusing-they’re not entertaining at all. And that’s a big fault.

    2. Perhaps the ending is great. But a series isn’t judged purely on its final episode – it is judged on all episodes, collectively. The current direction this is headed is absolutely dreadful to watch. It may be better to keep the good memories of samumenco (i.e. the first 6 or so episodes) and drop this show before it completely ruins even those good memories.

      1. Of course, however the final episode can repaint the whole series in a new light. hindsight is 20:20 vision as they say. It can be like the whole series has been following an arrow, up until now we’ve been drawing it from what we’ve seen of the plot in one specific direction. Some people haven’t liked that direction, others have, however a well-crafted final episode can game-change things completely so that the arrow is in a COMPLETELY different direction that none of us saw before, that means the whole series makes perfect sense. It’s happened before and I think it can happen again. There will be a huge twist at the end of the show where everything will make sense. This will lead to ALL PREVIOUS EPISODES being reinterpreted around this new premise. The whole series is influenced by each episode individually and all together, and not just as one stand-alone after another.

        So yes, the last episode could change everything for the better.

  15. Can’t decide if this show just full brilliant or full retard.
    I have some reservations about what might be going on underneath the surface of Samumenco so I’m not going ragequit just yet but the whole Super Sentai thing does really rub me the wrong way… guess I’ll have to wait and see.

  16. At this point, I’ve pretty much given up on the direction of this show… the plot or even the characters. It’s become so unpredictable and quite random that my impression at the end of every week is just confusion

    My working theory: It’s Gurren Lagann for Japanese super heroes.

    Longer: the directors are pretty clearly taking a nostalgia trip through the various ages/genres of the superhero from a Japanese point of view starting with the “crime fighter”, moving on to the lone superhero who runs around fighting monsters Kamen Rider style on his bike, on to the Sentai Super Team, and probably 4-5 episodes from now they’ll take another sharp turn down the Anti-Hero path, have a bunch of foreign Superheroes “invade” the scene for contrast, or whatever else slots in over there. There may be a deeper thread in there, everything past the first phase could turn out to be a dream or drug haze, and you could debate the implementation of the whole story but at it’s core I’m pretty sure that’s the game plan.

  17. I understand the frustration of many people are boggled on what was suppose to be “hero” in real life. But I think this change was necessary in other to further devolve the “japanese hero” analysis.
    The beginning allowed the hero exist along with the police. In all hero shows

    When king torture arrived we were able to see ridiculousness when the public has come to a point of weekly enemies where they don’t care anymore.
    I think the whole flamen rangers thing will make fun of the team dynamics of the heroes. It was already hilarious when everyone wanted to be red. what other stuff do team heroes have to worry about.

    I think this show was never suppose to be serious to begin with. I love this show because it is bloody ridiculous. Reminds me of Arakawa under the Bridge.

    Am I the only one who found it funny that the first team died? That was ridiculous.

    Jack Vojack
  18. Also, there’s this theory (copy-pasted from a different forum):

    This show is perfect. Its making fun of entertainment and viewers.

    Episode 7, 8, and 9 all make fun of monster of the weeks, particularly how they are used in toku shows. In episode 9, the media is completely uninterested in SamFlam, and the fights with these beast cyborgs have become just become background noise. This is similar to how people react after watching, say, 7 – 9 episodes of Kamen Rider. Episodes become so formulaic after a while, and while it may be slightly amusing, its more like something that plays on TV to make you feel comfortable, not really something that keeps viewers engaged.

    With each season in a show like this, there’s usually a big bad, and this is no different. Because people were quickly getting bored of the same tired monster of the week, they had to have SamFlam fight the big bad, King Torture, or else people would drop this altogether.

    And now in episode 11, they’ve completely jumped the shark. Characters are acting totally out of nowhere. Goto, Mari and Konno have become meaningless. Apparently, they even have a guest director for this episode? That definitely seems like something producers would do to gather back the fans. The pacing was completely off, the background on the flamenco squad is totally nonsensical — the group is based on samurai flamenco despite existing before him? Its very apparent that Hazama is going through the same “what the *** is going on” as the viewers.

    I hoped this show would have continued on with its examination of the entertainment industry. I particularly liked how all the heroes were celebrities — models, singers, actors — and how they had to keep up their media coverage to continue being famous. It really seemed to be going that way when Mari’s producer wanted Torture to continue doing what he was doing “for entertainment”. Maybe he’s behind all of this? Maybe he contacted the aliens?

  19. I agree with you rufe, I think this entire ridiculous From Beyond and Torture King were all just part of a television show. I mean, how come the citizens of the city aren’t freaking out about the monsters, and no one has died since episode 7. I think this anime series has some similarities to the Truman Show, and perhaps Masayoshi, and Goto have no idea they are in a tv sentai series. Come to think of it I vaguely remember Masayoshi’s manager handing him a document about a possible new TV series for him to star in way back around episode 3 or 4.

    1. Although it was not explicitly shown that people were killed, you could suppose that people did die or are severely injured. Take the scene when the ground collapsed when the poison guy expanded, or the scene when the jelly thing were amalgamating, absorbing things on the way.

  20. I’ve spoken to some fans of the sentai genre on Tumblr, and they apparently love the change since the show is much less a love letter to sentai than it is a traditional sentai show animated now. I’ve come across the new meme, “Welcome to sentai, anime nerds!”

    Maya Stryker
    1. Pretty much what I’m seeing here. All these kids who don’t know a darn thing about Tokusatsu getting their panties in a bunch about homages to something that is big in Japan. They are surprised anyone would dare homage something thats part of Japanese media in Japanese media. It’s not half bad but totally alienated anyone who doesn’t understand it too well.

  21. OMG there are Flamengers. At least these new characters really do want to help people and change the world for the good. Save us from invasion, Flamen Reds! (It’s funny that they finish their poses before realizing what’s wrong.) And they are holding off of the Manager’s wrath until next time – can’t wait. I hope the new OP/ED will be great.

    random viewer
  22. I think my, and most other people’s problem with this series is that we weren’t expecting a traditional sentai hero show, were expecting what we got from the first 6 episodes. Had I from the first episode been excited about a sentai hero show and week after week kept waiting for it to make the transition, Samurai Flamenco would have been the greatest series ever for me. A sentai hero that actually earned his red suit one step at a time through his unwavering sense of justice, not just a guy being chosen by a mystical force. Because our expectations were so far from the reality of what happened, it feels like a we got Satoshi Kon-ned or something, like this is a dream, it just can’t be real, the rules of the world are being changed as it goes along. I feel like once we know more about the truth behind the “aliens” things will start smoothing over.

  23. LOL!!
    ‘From Beyond’ knows how to make a promo CM for itself!

    Kind of weird how Red Axe got everything prepared.
    Hazama really set many crazy otakus off.

    Enter Flamencoman 😛
    Ok, Flamanger.
    Oh man, this is good!

    Wow, this makes the vigilante and King Torture arc a prologue!
    Somehow I would like a japanese live-action version!

    Another batch of otakus getting to live their dreams.
    All red sentai, lol.

    They need to upgrade the Flamenger suits.

    Oh man!! So full of win!
    I can imagine those sentai fans in Japan shedding a tear.

    No more Flamenco Girls?

    Kaname Jouji, quite the mysterious liar 😛
    What if he turns out to be the mastermind?

    Following the sentai formula there should be a sixth ranger sometime down the road.
    And another mecha combination.

    Maybe its time to change the OP and ED as well?
    Or they will do it after episode 13?

    1. Ok some things to add on from the official site:
      – Flamen Green is a university student studying for the bar examination
      – Flamen Black is an ex-mercenery

      Nothing else said about the others.

  24. To be honest, I kind of like the direction that this show has taken.

    Well, at least hear me out. We went from Kick-Ass to Kamen Rider and have now hit Super Sentai/Power Ranges. Really, it’s a natural progression (I’m gonna place bets that we’ll be seeing either more Metal Hero and/or Ultraman references in the future [probably no Garo ones though]). I can honestly understand why anime fans would get frustrated at this, really I do, but I had the sneaking suspicion that we wouldn’t stay with the slice-o-lie superhero antics for long (that might’ve been easy for a 1-cour show, but 22 episodes? No way).

    …and I just had so much fun with this episode! It’s like if you took Akibaranger and went in the opposite direction that it did.

  25. isn’t anyone as lost as i am? i have no idea what this show wants to be. it’s not a show about how cynical people are towards heroes, it’s not about how fruitless acting like a hero is, it’s not a realistic take on wannabe heroes facing actual dangerous villains, and it’s not a parody. it’s all of them in different episodes and it’s not so much that i’m confused by it but that i just don’t understand it at all. the cop has gone from being an authority figure to an enabler, the erratic pop idol has been absolutely drained of her will to fight (they even went so far as to make a disturbing ED with her dancing half-dead on stage), and samurai flamenco is taking all of this in stride even though he himself was able to realize how ridiculous trying to be a hero was in the first few episodes.

    this episode but the whole shit on spin, samurai flamenco is a full-blown power ranger now and it’s weird after seeing them fight with stationery as weapons and watching the pop idol be broken by king torture. i forgot this was a 2-cour show so that’s the only reason i came this far but i think i’m stopping here. this show had its funny moments but the messages it tries to send are so cliched. the setting and moods are transforming at a ridiculous speed these past few episodes and really, how long are you going to put off seeing your girlfriend??

    i don’t see how people who enjoyed the super sentai rangers stuck around so long to see this one episode dedicated to them. it’s been kickass and sadistic vigilantism up until now.

  26. The show is a general parody of a real life superhero (in the first place) based on a japanese backdrop. From kick-ass to a kamen rider and finally super sentai, I am not surprised either. I just wonder what the next parodied theme will be….Transformers???? Space Mechasss????

    adas 2.0

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