“Don’t Look Back”

This week’s episode: my favorite thus far and is the saving grace that’ll keep me hooked on this show for another cour. What made this episode work so well?

It could be that the focus of this episode was clear and focused–instead of dancing around with other people’s side-stories in a half-hearted manner, we instead gained great development in the main love triangle of this series. None of this half-assed comedy that’s been more to awkward effect than light-heartedness–we received straight up drama that properly developed and set into motion some of the main conflicts that will thoroughly define our main cast. The clarity that this episode brought was refreshing in what has been a season of disjointed events that didn’t really add up–it nicely tied up all the events of the triangle thus far, propelling them into its current form for the next half to tackle.

However, it also probably had to do with the immense character development exhibited by Koko and Banri, for better or for worse. Koko gained major points this episode for her heartfelt struggle to be a good significant other to Banri. It makes sense now the conflict that she held in her heart–all that silence was all for Banri’s sake, to the point where she had faith that he would come clean in the end. Though we’ve seen similar efforts from Koko in restraining her obsessive energies, it was this emotional display that definitely nailed it down. She had every right to be angry at Banri and to leave him right then and there, but her faith in his words and her ability to reflect on the situation impressively lead her to act otherwise–a strong hugging display of affection that reflected both her uncontrollable jealousy and her immense hope to make this all work out. The crowning development here to top it all off was the admission of their current state of relationship–empty and eventless. As something that’s bothered me this entire series, it is great to see the show itself acknowledge the currently weak development of Koko and Banri’s relationship. I cross my fingers that this will reflect a stronger emphasis on Koko and Banri forming meaningful memories together.

Banri too had his own significant developments, though not all of them necessarily positive. Though he handled the fallout of being caught in a promiscuous position that was obviously beyond, “being along with a girl,” this event painted Banri’s losing battle against his past self–literally. His inability to fully let go of the past. His admission that his feelings for Linda return to him. His weak will to get caught in the moment. Banri’s faithfulness is something to be monitored as we continue the show through winter. As it stands now, it is completely in the air whether he’ll stick to his dedicating to severing the past. What if Linda finally cracks and becomes honest with herself? What if old Banri regains control again and unravels all of new Banri’s efforts?

As it stands now, Banri and Koko could live a happy life together (and undoubtedly will in the end), but what stands in their way of their future is the past, something that Koko and now Banri clearly recognize. The show has finally given us a clear direction as to where it wants to go, and that’s one thing–Linda’s struggle to let go of the past. Banri and Koko are happy to move on with their lives and discard their respective pasts, but what about Linda? Of all the characters in the show, it is Linda who has the hardest struggle of letting go of her past, though she’s the one who shows it least. From our perspective though, the constant flashbacks and visual cues (hidden eyes always hint at something more) hint at otherwise. It is hard for us to take whatever Linda says at face value, and as such a main focus of the next half of the show will focus on how Linda’s facade will eventually break down from pressure and how that breakdown affects Linda and Banri’s relationship. It’s a pretty predictable route, but having a clear sense of direction from the show is worth the tradeoff of having a fairly predictable outline. After all, it’s not so much the end goal, or even the path to get there, but rather it’s mostly about the theatrics done to travel the path towards said goal. How exactly will Linda leak her true feelings? How will Koko’s character continue developing and will we see her dedication falter from all the pressure? Will Banri, in the critical moment, choose his girlfriend over all else, or will circumstance cause him to act otherwise? These are all questions that are up in the air for the second half to reveal, and it is these questions that have allowed me to continue watching this show despite its flaws.

I have really flamed on this show more than most would expect and for long periods of time I did not look forward to blogging this show. The terrible filler, the disjoint development, the awkward character interactions, and above all the bad flow of story made covering this more a chore than anything else. For a J.C. Staff romantic comedy, I set my standards high, but those standards were quickly squashed beginning with episode three. With this mid-season end though, I have brighter prospects for the show if the development continues on like this. There will be significant roadblocks such as developing the rest of the severely hollow cast (I’m looking at you 2D-kun…why do you even exist in the story), but if the focus stays on what this show does well–developing the love triangle–then I believe things will work out just fine.

Golden Time from here on out is on break until January 11th, leaving us a good chunk of time to digest this first half. It’s still in discussion, but Guardian Enzo may or may not sub in for me for the second half of the series, since his tolerance for the show’s fault seem to be much higher than my own. It all depends on what the winter lineup is like and what shows we respectively wish to cover. Stay tuned to the Winter 2014 schedule for more details. Either way, thank you dear reader for following thus far, and it’s been a pleasure reading all of your thoughtful comments for this series. The show has garnered a polarizing response from what I’ve seen, so it has been my privilege to see various people voice their praise and/or criticism for the show thus far. It reminds me of how diverse we all are in our tastes and tolerances, and reading your responses has helped mature my own view of the show. Thank you again for following along and commenting, and I hope to see most of you guys next year!

Happy New Year and Happy Holidays,

Zanibas ^_^




  1. I’m calling Banri “Houdini” from now on. First a double friend-zone escape and now getting away with being caught in a compromising position. Well done that man.

    Nana H’s habit of self sacrifice is getting old. There is self sacrifice for the right reasons and because it’s expedient, she’s constantly taking the latter option. In this respect Kouko is scoring points, she may be clingy and pushy but at least she’s someone who will speak frankly. Nana H is suppressing herself too much but I still love her.

    1. I can only say Banri is making all the right choices – he confronts the matter as quickly as possible, severing ties with Linda, and saying truth to Koko. It might hurt her, but at the same time it made her sure he is honest with her.
      I am not saying he has chosen the right person – actually Linda might have been better for him, who knows? But he acts decisive and stops the matter from festering too long, a staple of anime romances, sadly.
      As for the Linda, I can say sometimes you just have to face loss with dignity. The way she LITERALLY tore up her past relationship with Banri was extremely cool.
      And Koko gets some real positive development. She really tries hard to become better girlfriend than her pushy, jealous side.
      On the lol side of the things, Mitsuo rocked the party!

      1. I wouldn’t say Banri is making -all- the right choices but he is at least handling the situations more head on than most protagonists. I was fully expecting some stutter-filled density when confronting Koko but he manned up. Koko took the news fairly well, though I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t “do it” because the moment kind of screamed it. The kiss, however, was well received.

        Very shocked how Linda can really turn up the seductiveness. Holy crap, when she was posing with Banri for the photo shoot! Pushing out her chest and bending more at the waist then her facial expressions. WOW. Totally didn’t expect that from her.

        Banri also surprised on how assertive and smooth he can be with her. The whole scene where he grabbed her by the waist, straddled her with his thigh AND sat her down on him before leaning her back.

        Way to go Banri. Totally sucked for Koko but at least I know he can handle women without being a spaz that often befalls almost all male protagonists that have a girl interested in them.

  2. since his tolerance for the show’s fault seem to be much higher than my own

    I picked up White Album 2 mid season, and to be perfectly honest, it made Golden Time look like a kid show for all the forced drama.

    The show has garnered a polarizing response from what I’ve seen, so it has been my privilege to see various people voice their praise and/or criticism for the show thus far. It reminds me of how diverse we all are in our tastes and tolerances, and reading your responses has helped mature my own view of the show.

    White Album 2 is far superior in the romance/drama department in my books.

      1. Although I hate the guy for doing what he’s did as much as everyone else, I gotta say all have been victims of the author.

        All 3 characters are pitiable but Touma has shown much more depth than Setsuna. My friend watched it and suggested that Setsuna was a sacrifice for a deeper story and it does feel like so.

    1. While I’ll agree that WA2 is far superior(and that’s not just me being biased because it’s my favorite show of fall and because I’ve been waiting for a romance anime of ef: A Tale of Memories & Melodies’s caliber for a long time) but I think you guys are being a bit too harsh on GT.At the same time though,you do have a point.

      Personally,I see GT as a show that’s becoming more & more dependent on it’s ending to decide whether the journey was really worthwhile.How things progress in it’s 2nd half will probably make or break the show.

      1. I just watched the first episode of White Album 2. And wow, it was BREATHTAKING!

        No wonder people were defending the show so much. It really puts Golden Time to shame (and this coming from someone who loves GT).

  3. At first, I was rooting for Koko – I was like, “Linda senpai who?”. As the episodes went by, Koko’s psychopathic (sometimes) behavior put me on the Linda ship. Her party outfit during the last 2 episodes helped as well! But after witnessing Koko’s character development and hard work on suppressing her own nature for Banri’s and their relationship’s sake, I have to say Koko is winning most of the points at the moment and I honestly believe she is the best choice for Banri. They are getting along TOO well sometimes!

    I will say something that a certain Stilts would suggest: Koko during the week and keep Linda for the weekends!

  4. I liked this episode a lot. It really surprised me though I’m still wondering how exactly Koko knew where Banri was lol. But seeing him and Linda taking pictures like that I thought it was gonna escalate into something which is probably could have if Koko never showed up. As much as I think Koko can come off some time I think she was justified when she slapped Banri but of course the moment he check his phone and sees all those texts, I couldn’t help but feel for Koko ;_; It was cute of her to worry like that though of course she went a little overboard >< I am glad that they are still together and made up but I can't help but feel bad for Linda :/ I never thought Banri would break their friendship up again. It was already hard for her when he lost his memories but now he remembers at least his feelings and wants them to pretend that they know each other. I hope this plans backfires and they can be friends again.

  5. How exactly will Linda leak her true feelings? How will Koko’s character continue developing and will we see her dedication falter from all the pressure? Will Banri, in the critical moment, choose his girlfriend over all else, or will circumstance cause him to act otherwise? These are all questions that are up in the air for the second half to reveal, and it is these questions that have allowed me to continue watching this show despite its flaws.

    The suspense is almost killing me to know what happens until the end o(>.<)o!

    After all, it’s not so much the end goal, or even the path to get there, but rather it’s mostly about the theatrics done to travel the path towards said goal.

    This is what I think reading shoujo, lol (^o^).

  6. Man, Zanibas, I’m in complete disagreement with you about Tada and Koko.

    That “forget the past” is different from the usual aspect of trying to move on. It’s a lot more dangerous.

    Koko wants to stick her head in the sand like Linda is doing, but she wants to drag Banri with her. It’s ugly, it’s exactly what her dad told Banri she’d do.

    Their relationship is pretty unhealthy.

    Honestly, the only person Banri has a deep, healthy relationship with is his best friend Mitsuo. Chinami, NANA and 2D have good ones too, but he’s not as close to them as he is to Mitsuo, Linda and Koko.

    Koko and Banri’s relationship consist of running away from problems instead of solving them or glossing over them. Kinda like putting a band-aid on.

    They’re going to crash and burn at some point, I know it.

    On a happier note, Mitsuo owns that stage haha

  7. Despite whatever people been saying about Koko and Banri’s relationship, I love Kouko no matter what. When i mentioned how Linda deserves a better man, i take that back. I cant take it anymore, the hurtful frustrations that Kouko and Linda keep on holding inside them.

    Linda should go back to Banri and stop all the chain of misery, and Kouko should be with someone thats better than Banri, someone who deserves her dedication and faithfulness. Maybe the reason Banri and Kouko look good with each other is because Banri can tolerate with Kouko’s attitude, but he doesnt deserve her commitment. Though the drawing quality doesnt show it, but the silences and the seiyuus’ tone made it clear that Kouko, Banri and Linda are not being honest here. These three are holding back something bigger than a storm. Its because they are already young adults, its only natural that they release it bit by bit because they know what danger it would cost. Though Kouko may seems honest with Banri, but i can see that she still got something within her that sealed deep inside.

    After this episode, Kouko of course winning herself as best female character. I’m hoping Linda could be honest already, i’m getting irritated with her silence and denials. She maybe thinking its the best, but actually, the one who’s hurting a relationship here is her, and second goes to Banri. His sweat during the “false” confession said it all. He doesnt want to forget Linda. Kouko doesnt deserve to be hurt more further, so she should let it go already.

    funny how Kouko reminds me of Hanekawa and Sawachika Eri so much…she’s the combination of the monster with pent-up jealousy and snobbish-demanding ojousama XD

    onion warrior
  8. best episode so far of GT.

    looking back at the episode, from the first minute we had the feeling “Kouko is gonna find Banri, that is for sure” now the question was when/how?I wasn’t entirely sure it’s gonna be in the classic-bizarre way we all know from movies and so.. but GT isn’t of afraid to “strike a kinky pose” and man..although I did expected this, they did that good. the atmosphere and performance of that scene was conveyed very well.

    but it’s not about it. for me, executing the climax only isn’t enough. but what happened before and after and how it’s done. and this why I liked this episode so much.
    before the climax the scenes were rolling between Kouko’s searches and texts to the Banri at the party (one night stand?kinky pose?luckily he wasn’t like Yana) and little by little it was getting more intense. until..well shit happens 😛
    and after that, GT didn’t lost it. it reminded focus on the point – the relationship between Banri and Kouko. although seeing both of them apologizing to each other didn’t appeal to me much, at least not that dramatically. but seeing them both release their steam of emotions with such honesty, they do love each other. and the execution was really god in terms of romance-complex. it was based on everything we had been through so far.

    GT isn’t a perfect show. it’s not romcom at best (not much of “com” as we’ve said a few posts ago). but it sure is very intriguing to watch the complex in terms of romance (not much in terms of drama..but it contains this aspect in a reasonable dose). even though the complex is very a like Toradora, it’s intriguing. since it’s intense and evolving to new horizons all time. in some way..I didn’t have that dynamic feeling from Toradora.

    after things cooled down a bit we can’t finish it without Linda. and oh..poor Linda.
    Banri went to talk to Linda in order to relieve himself of the guilt. and it worked. but ghost-banri, his inner-voice/subconscious of old-feeling has aroused too. I was like “oh god, he is gonna lose it again and yell like that night”. but in fact it worked. Banri was relieved. or forced himself to relieve. but I think seeing Linda tearing that picture made a pang in his heart (not to mention mine..HaHa).
    she is doing everything for Banri’s sake. and getting a declaration like that from him. it’s kinda sad for her. but I think Linda is in fault at her situation. she repress her feeling, she keeps things in stomach, she doesn’t know to let go…it’s accumulating and it’s become so unhealthy for her. it’s painful to see her like that, but man, it’s Linda we are talking about, she is presented so strong when Banri is in passive-mode. but so weak in other scenario. poor girl.

    what’s ahead of us?I am not so sure. although things between Kouko and Banri have come to balance, but for sure it’s not the end of story. same applies for Linda.
    taking a break now came on good timing for golden time. it’s half of the series, stopping at good point in terms of course of events, which also fits the viewers.

    I hope you aren’t giving up on GT, even though it’s not an easy show, and even if you schedule circumstances will prevent you from blogging this.
    it was pleasure to read your thoughts, Zanibas. Thank.
    happy holidays and happy new year (:

    what are you saying about Yana’s interest in Linda?this guy…first Chinami now Linda…I am not willing to that kind of shipping yet!

    1. I concur 🙂

      @yana: What is up with him? He is single and male 😉 thats both an observation and an answer at the same time. I think i used to be no different first year of university.

  9. I used believe that Kouko & Banri would overcome their disfunctionalities with each other’s help and in doing so strenghten the bond between them.Lately(especially with this episode),I’m kind of starting to think that their relationship is a unhealthy one and they’d both (especially Kouko) need some time to sort ouf their own issues before commiting themselves to relationship.She keeps saying that she’s trying hard but I’m not seeing any signs of improvement from her besides being self-aware and we’re already half-way through the show.

    Now,they still have to see further improvement but as it stands,I’m finding it harder & harder to accept Banri x Kouko as a good couple.I want to see reasons WHY we should accept them and time is running out.Suffice to say,I’m VERY curious(and at the same time,somewhat worried too) how the 2nd-cour will go.

  10. “If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.”

    ^Banri’s situation.Past’s longing for Linda, present’s love and guilt for Kouko.

    Sorry, just wanted to say this.

    onion warrior
      1. No,you don’t need to watch the first one at all.There are only a few minor references to a few songs that some characters sang in that one at most.

        That “2” at the end still seems to be the show’s main problem,as in that it’s keeping many people from watching it because otherwise,I don’t see how anyone who likes a great romance anime(one that you really don’t get very often) wouldn’t enjoy it.

  11. TBH, Kouko really scared the shit out of me this episode. Naturally, she had every right to be furious at Banri deceiving her, but the way she bombarded his mail box was just scary. O_o

    I really feel sorry for Linda’s lack of luck, but let’s not take away Kouko’s effort for at least fighting tooth and nail for her right to be Banri’s girlfriend.

    1. Totally agree! I would’ve run away from her. I see koko as all I hate about needy women. She is extremetely needy and it doesn’t matter what they do to make me like her… I just can’t. Not that I like Barni for doing what he did (although, it was sooo hot)… I’m not liking them as characthers… I like Linda and Misou and hope they end up together!

    2. Not sure, but… I don’t see anything out of the ordinary on that one. I mean, I did the same thing to my girlfriend before when I got too worried when she didn’t reply to my texts and all. Turns out that her train had to stop and that her phone has no battery. I guess Koko doesn’t have the right to be worried especially that she’s suspecting a relationship forming between Banri and Linda? If someone’s willing to search for you in the middle of the night, then don’t take that person for granted, else you have a replacement similar to him/her.

      Geez…. GT’s realism sure scares me.

      1. She either was responsible for you or she must like you a lot. Just saying. In excess of 20 messages that’s shows deep emotional concern for well being…or she’s just that good of a friend to everyone.

  12. Watching this episode reminded me of a very funny (IMO) episode of Futurama where Fry tried (unsuccessfully) to explain the concepts of love/dating to Dr. Zoidberg. Out of frustration Zoidberg exclaims: ” Ohhh, it’s all so complicated, with the flowers, and the romance, and the lies upon lies.” [the whole skit is really funny] Show Spoiler ▼

    Banri lies to Koko, Linda lies to Banri, and Koko lies to herself that Banri really loves her. It’s a recipe for disaster. Frankly, I’d also add that Linda lies to herself in that she will be able to hold back her romantic feelings for Banri. I suppose anything is possible, but if Linda truly does bury her feelings (why she likes him in the first place is completely beyond me), then what’s going to fill the next 12 episodes? It would be great IMO if more time was spent on the “side” characters, but I don’t see that happening.

    The trend for me the past few episodes is that my opinion of Koko improves while for Banri it deteriorates (and my initial impression of him wasn’t that great). At this point, I just don’t like the guy. Considering that he’s the focus point of the show, it’s a problem. For those who like the show, I hope you enjoy the second half, but I’m going to pass.

    1. I’d say it’s more complicated than standard lies. We’ll call the current memory-less Banri CB (Current-Banri). He loves Koko. Unfortunately PB (Past-Banri) loves Linda. So you essentially have one person whose different selves love different girls.

      Unfortunately for Koko, CB is becoming too aware of Linda and we could end up with CB developing true feelings for her. Linda, however, is lying to herself flat out. Koko loves Banri through and through but is scared that she’ll lose him like she did with Mitsuo. However, her openness with her feelings and thoughts despite being a little crazy is what is really keeping things in perspective with Banri (which in my mind makes her an awkwardly perfect girlfriend – I mean, how many girls actually tell their boyfriends FLAT OUT how they feel).

      Both Koko and Linda are suffering internally but Linda is at least strong enough to hold her own. Koko, however, is still very fragile.

    2. mm they are all have issues… their main “issues” could be summed up as:

      -Koko: insecure (shows on her overdoing things. Afraid of being “inadequate”)
      -Banri: indecisive (if he were 100% sure about Koko he would go see a Psychiatrist)
      -Linda: Lies (she lies to Banri, to Koko, to her brother, to herself)

      1. IMO both Koko and Banri could use some psychiatric treatment. Koko is clearly co-dependent which isn’t too surprising given the way her father treats her. The reason that my impression of Koko has improved lately is because she realizes she has issues and successful or not, at least is trying to over come them.

        Banri isn’t helping her do that by lying to her/hiding his past. IMO, he shouldn’t have confessed to her (or any other girl) in the first place until he had his own issues resolved. Clearly he’s still suffering after effects from the accident and needs to resolve those issues before entering into any relationship. Since he seems unable to do that on his own, time for some professional help.

  13. Expecting Koko to win out in the end but it’s going to be tough and try their relationship very hard. Still got 12 or 13 episodes left so it will be a very wild ride.

    I think he’ll maintain a close but distant relationship with Linda at the end. Close by meaning they’re still friends and distant in that she’ll probably leave and go somewhere by season end. I really like her and it’s hard to choose between them both but unfortunately Linda falls into the archetype of the “childhood friend zone” where she COULD have transitioned to girlfriend but her insecurities held her back and now she lost her chance.

  14. I’ve been watching basically everything Anime since 2001 and 100s of shows… and honstley it has been some years since i had such strong feelings for a show. I think we rarely see such believable characters.

    About the episode.Personally i think Tada is being quite the douche lately. As it stands he is just hurting everyone around him. First he hurts Kaga. He was already suspecting that Koko had the photo of him and Linda. He should not have worked at a night Club with Linda. Should have left right when he saw Linda. Kaga would have heard about the job from someone eventually afterwards anyways. Staying there was inviting trouble..and he knew that and i think part of him choose to act against all reason deliberately.
    His later reactions may be heartfelt, but Banri should not have let it come to this point.

    Just the next morning he invites Linda to a talk, gives an horrible excuse, and just tells his best friend to just forget him and treat him like a Stranger. What Kind of reaction does he think a friend would have to that. He is again escalating a Situation. It would habe been sufficient to say, “lets stay friends, yesterday was a Bad move on my part. i love kaga”.

    Two pretty dick moves IMO.
    At this point i actually feel like koko which i didnt really like at first, should not End up with banri who is such a jerk. While her initial crush may have been mean, he was not deliberately undermining her spirit.

    I think that in the end it just shows how similiar banri is to linda, who also would not own up to her feelings. may have even harmed him? – now hiding that fact from him to not “hurt” him..making everything worse with each day. Very similiar IMO. Maybe they deserve each other 😉

    Maybe just maybe the Outro/Intro is just a ffluke.

    1. ehem…I think you’ve got it mixed up. You see, Banri wants Kouko in the first place, and that was wayyy before past-Banri showed up. Kouko wanted to remain friend, but Banri cut her off by saying NO. Kouko wanted a slow relationship, starting from friends. I know she’s kinda confused with “friends” terms since she’s pretty awkward and proud. But Banri doesnt want that, and said if Kouko cant accept him as a lover, they might as well end the whole relationship. So you know what happen. Thats why their relationship doesnt look natural.

      And its past-Banri that wants Linda, not present-Banri. These two characters kinda messed up abruptly cuz Banri is confused with his feelings right now. But meh…

      onion warrior
  15. I’m inclined to side with Guardian Enzo on the matter of where this show needs to go. I don’t see Koko developing yet. She seems to be more cyclical than actually developing. She does something abusive and then apologizes. She admits that she’s wrong, but she does nothing to change it. She’s forged through half the battle, but she hasn’t even attempted to get through the other half. It’s almost like beaten wife syndrome, and the only reason Banri keeps coming back is that he doesn’t want to face his past.

    I’ll be disappointed if they try to end this on Koko x Banri. As I see it, this is a relationship between two bombs.

    Koko is a nuclear warhead. Upset her, and she not only takes her boyfriend of the week with her, but she manages to get their friends caught in the explosion as well. As Enzo put it, what happens if the next time she attacks with a knife instead of a slap? Koko can apologize, but how does that make things better? I mean, this whole issue happened because Koko decided that somehow she can control Banri and make him not find a job to fund a vacation for the two of them.

    Banri? He’s a time bomb. He’s not the time bomb that Linda-Senpai identified him as, where he could blow up and burn bridges left and right with his past entirely. If anything this episode proved he’s a time bomb of memories and emotions relating to Linda. We’ve seen that his memories can return to him. He’s also admitted his love for Linda is returning to him, even though his memories aren’t. If this is true, He’s going to have to return to Linda. If that happens, if Koko hasn’t changed, then the fireworks will be spectacular.

  16. Have to agree here that this is probably the best episode of GT yet. 😀

    Also I am continually surprised about all the hatred that Koko gets, since I have the complete opposite opinion. I’ve seen multiple reviewers call her ‘crazy’ and ‘a ticking time bomb’, all the way to ‘potential abuser’…but I don’t see that. I see someone who is clearly trying to get better and, while hitting snags, is improving. While she is clearly in the wrong in not agreeing to let Banri get a job (when he did give her his reasons) or trying to improve relations with Oka-chan, any improvement is some kind of improvement. But even when she’s clearly just as hurt by a situation, all the haters just say she deserves it. …kinda unfair much?

    Like when Banri finds the 62 texts from Koko, clearly indicating how worried she was. What’s everyone say? “LOOK AT HOW CONTROLLING SHE IS! INSANE! INSAAAANE!” Sure, 60+ texts is really too many, but if your significant other wasn’t answering you at all, wouldn’t you be worried? I’ve had that situation come up with me and my boyfriend and it’s damn scary. Hell, she even admits that she realizes that they don’t have a complete connection/have many memories together and wants to change that, and yet she’s still in the wrong to most people.

    (Personally I think that Banri should be heading to a psychologist to deal with all his amnesia problems, but…probably not gonna happen, huh? I’m also starting to think that the Banri/Linda relationship needs a massive kick in the pants of getting rid of Ghost Banri, since it seems like he’s only ever going to focus on Linda, and I have the feeling that if he surfaces again, but stronger, he’ll screw up Current Banri’s life.)

    I’m not trying to White Knight Koko (really, I’m not), but it almost seems like an unwillingness on the part of most fans to just call her crazy and ignore any developments that she makes on her part.


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