「届かぬゆびさき」 (Todokanu Yubisaki)
“Unreachable Fingertips”

And that is why one must always take into consideration the possibility that things could work a little too well.

It isn’t really a shock when an anime OP or ED turns out to be prophetic, but that doesn’t mean one is always prepared for the implications. In Nagiasu’s case, it is the ED that has been giving me ominous vibes; it’s hard not to call a flag (perhaps not death, but a flag nonetheless) when there’s so much visual symbolism going on with just Manaka, and that seems to have come true as soon as Manaka switched places with Akari to save her. That being said, there has been plenty of foreshadowing up to this point. From the very first episodes, we have seen (and heard) depictions of the sea god taking sacrifices from the land; we’ve heard stories, seen tapestries of his taking a bride, watched endless panoramas of the concrete pillars, so on and so forth. The Ofunehiki is simply the ceremonial continuation of that practice, but without live sacrifice. Thus once Akari volunteered herself, something was bound to happen; everyone was just too naive to consider the true nature of the practice and what would happen if the sea god chose to take his bride.

Whether or not the whole hibernation still stands (and the impending disaster with it), the fact is that the tables have turned in an unprecedented manner. Uroko-sama is definitely not as allied with the villagers as they thought, though whether or not this was his plan from the beginning is uncertain. He certainly didn’t seem keen on the Ofunehiki when it was without sacrifice, but did he forsee the sea god’s choice to accept a live bride? Has he actually put Shioshishio under a hibernation spell or did he simply stop them from interfering in the ceremony? What’s going to happen to Manaka; will she somehow disappear or will she become like Uroko-sama, not quite human and not quite god?

As it always is with Nagiasu, nothing is without relationship drama, however. Manaka made a very difficult choice for someone so young, perhaps even naively; she gave up both Hikari and Tsumugu, her family and life itself, for the sake of Akari and her new family. It was brave, and that she did not express regret even after seeing Hikari and understanding what she’d done is quite mature of her, a far cry from the crybaby Manaka she was (and still is). It’s as everyone has always said, Manaka has always been a few steps of everyone else, even if she never realized it.

Then there’s Kaname, the understated rock of the group. We haven’t gotten to see as much into his turmoil as we have into Hikari’s and Chisaki’s, but in the end, he too is in the same shoes of adolescence, and he has the unfortunate gift of being perceptive and understanding far too well how his friends feel. That is why he’s the first to notice Chisaki going directly after Tsumugu when no one else did, and also the first to see how she looked at him once he was safe. If anyone understands the implications of that it’s Kaname, and thus Kaname who suffers silently, though it’s not even assured that he’s alive after the whole fiasco.

What we’re left with is effectively the aftermath of a storm, a cruel and ruthless one that’s been brewing over the course of the season and which has left everything the sea kiddos have seen and done on unknown shores. It’s entirely possible and very much plausible that a time skip awaits us, though judging by the preview I’d say it is minimal if it happens at all. We’ll have to wait until January 9th to see how things proceed from here, but I am as glad as ever to have chosen Nagiasu to follow; Thursdays would not be nearly as good without it.




  1. Kaname got the shortest end of any stick there is. Everything that happened in this episode felt predictable and killing Kaname seemed like a mercy killing to me because now he won’t have to suffer anymore.

    1. That surprised me, but they did have some really close moments together in the previous episodes.
      It could just be a misunderstanding. I mean, wouldn’t it leave a bad taste if she just jumpshiped after confessing to Hikari the previous episode?

      1. Yeah Chisaki and Tsumugu did have their moments together in previous episode, but I don’t think those moment were significant enough to show that their was some intimacy between Chisaki and Tsumugu.

        But yeah I too believe it was all a misunderstanding.

      2. it’s kinda hard to think that it’s a misunderstanding when she hugs him like that
        after rescuing him, heck even Kaname was surprised at the sight

        if she just think of Tsumugu as a friend no hugs would ensue
        the most she would do is screaming his ears out to wake up, lol

      3. What we’ve learned from anime is that there’s bromance/friendship, many forms of love, and a whole lot of miles in between to go through. There’s the “I feel strongly for you too but no thank you,” the “I love you too but I am needed elsewhere,” the “I will do anything and die for my friends because they’re the most precious to me,” and the “I’m happy I was in love with you. Goodbye.” The list goes on. Chisaki and Tsumugu have always gotten along because there was no expectation from either side for the other. Their ambitions mutually benefit each other. She went after Tsumugu because her friendship with him was on the same level as her love for Hikari. Not the same. But on the same level.

      4. @Petitorenji

        There are not multiple forms of love. There is but one form of love, and that is the willingness to step in front of the bullet for someone. To say that there are multiple forms of love would be to say that there are people you care about that you can’t love. If that is the case, then that is a travesty. How in the world 14 year old Hikari managed to figure the secret of love out is beyond me, but he is the most mature character in a love story that I have come across to date. Amazing. His attitude is one I wish male leads would take. Your family, your friends, and your significant other are all precious to you.

        While your significant other/desires for a significant other are different, it’s not due to love, it’s the desire of commitment. Hikari realized this and admitted he wouldn’t let ‘feelings’ for Manaka get in the way of him treating everyone as precious to him. You go, Hikari! And a salute to Chisaki as well, to a lesser extent, for caring for her friends over her ‘feelings’ as well.

        It’s going to take one heck of a character to knock Hikari off as Character of the year for 2014.

    2. It was actually pretty subtle, but I noticed it quite a while ago. It was nothing bombastic or overly obvious but little hints here and there. The confrontations between the two are key. Many a time when a girl fights with a guy and says she hates him, and yet it’s only because the guy is making the girl face the truth about herself and take her out of her stagnant comfort zone, in the world of romance writing that’s definately an indicator of a future romance between the two. That’s sort of the nature of the relationship they had.

      Hikari was Chisaki’s childhood crush. It was one of those crush’s you have but then you eventually lose as you get older. Tsumugu is a more mature relationship, where we see Chisaki have small silent conversations with him, understanding him, caring about his background and family, she doesn’t like his advice but listens to him all the same. Their time together by the sea was actually a pretty big hint, and what why Kaname got a bit jealous that episode. Kaname is the most perceptive of the bunch and he can tell a couple’s statue before even they themselves do. He knew Chisaki liked Hikari years ago, yet he also knew that it was a crush that wouldn’t last. He knew that Hikari liked Manaka before he himself realized it, and he knew it was serious enough that he had to confess to her before the hibernation ceremony. I’ll bet he could tell the signs between Chisaki and Tsumugu, which is why he would give the guy looks sometimes, such as when he helped Chisaki when she was drying out, or when he went with the girls into town.

      As for Tsumugu liking Chisaki the only indicators were some looks he give her, the way he talks to her and shares things about his life, and that one time when he was so distracted by the memory of his time with her that he was about to burn some of the festival pieces by accident.

      As I said, it was all very subtle and nowhere near as obvious as Hikari’s feelings for Manaka. Those I realized in the beginning of the very first episode.

    3. Heck I didn’t even know that tsumugu exist lol…Every girls in this series secretly love Tsumugu XD

      But seriously…Poor kaname and manaka
      It’s definitely gonna leave a mark in hikari’s broken heart(if he’s alive too)

      Chisaki should just kill herself after witnessing Kaname’s death(?)

  2. Lots of ships sank both literally and figuratively.
    A new ship that sailed in particular (Tsumugu-Chisaki) felt forced.
    I’m not sure if that’s the way we are supposed to see it, or if it’s just a misunderstanding on Kaname’s part (or some viewer’s part) because of the situation the characters were in.

    So apparently that mist thing near the end of the episode was a barrier of some sort. Guess Chisaki is stranded on the surface, together with Tsumugu.

    Feeling sorry for Kaname now

  3. O_O

    I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting this level of drama from this series… It was well, pretty calm until the last bit; after that, I couldn’t get my jaw off the floor!

    I don’t want to believe they did that to Kaname. I really don’t.
    He may be the most mature of the group, Show Spoiler ▼

    Chisaki’s affection jumping from Hikari to Tsumugu without even giving Kaname a proper answer to his confession has actually made me dislike her character a bit. I’m hoping her feelings for Tsumugu aren’t mutual (because I’m petty like that).

      1. Yeah, after re-reading my comment I thought I should have changed that part. He didn’t actually jump, it’s more like he just ‘let go’. He had this resigned/sad look on his face when he was falling.

    1. Draw it this way:

      Manaka likes Hikari and Tsumugu. Chisaki likes Hikari and Tsugumu. Hikari likes Manaka. Kaname likes Chisaki.

      This is without the lolis(Miuna looks up to Hikari while that other kid is crushing on Kaname).

    2. Although I do have a preference for who I’d like to see paired , I’m not sure that these pairings are really the point anymore. Because it is like Manaka says ‘Everyone is precious to someone.’ and that can be in a whole variety of ways -family, romantic ,platonic, all with varying intensities.
      These kids all care for each other very deeply , it is just the nature of the caring that differs between them.
      I guess what I’m trying to say is , put aside the love polygon for now. It will probably clear up in its own time

      1. After pondering for hours trying to interpreted the massage this show is telling I came up with the conclusion that it not about who end up with who , it about having people you care about around you ; family , friends , teacher , etc . I would be content if it ended like this – Everyone was single but happy because they have each other.

        I think the whole chisaki and tsumugu shipping is a whole misunderstanding also after all that happen when she just confessed her feeling to hikari she won’t just fall in love with a guy she hardly knows ,her perfect choose would be kaname.
        I beleve that Chisaki is afraid her friendship with manaka would take damage if she get to friendly with him, which could be the reason why she was shocked/embarrassed when her arm bump into tsumugu .

        As a guy saying this is werid , but the scene where tsumusu resting in chisaki lap was heart warming , but than I saw the look on kaname face my heart exploded ,that face tell a thousands word “I love you” , “be happy” etc . Than he dies I couldn’t hold it in any longer , I started crying

        A question off subject , I know using logic in a fantasy anime is stupid but if they live under the water how can the be so many fat people? Maybe there trying to say “even though we come from different places people from the sea are the same as those who are not”

  4. Wow, this episode was really good and the best I’ve seen this week. The ceremony was breathtaking and the appearance of the sea god was awesome. However, it amazes me that they go through all of this to hope that the sea god listens to their prayers and yet when the sea god actually appears they suddenly panic that he’s going to do what they asked him to do? If you offer yourself as a human sacrifice, fully expect for the god to take you up on the offer.

    I think Uroko, being a part of the sea god knew that the problem with the sea ceremony was that they had started offering wooden dolls in place of the real thing and the sea god was tired of not being taken seriously. Which was part of why he was losing his power. A living sacrifice was what the ceremony originally required and why the sea god responded this time.

    Also interesting that only ones who go to help the kids and Akari isn’t her fiance or any of the adults but just these 4 preteen kids.

    I wonder what happened to the 4 of them, especially Manaka, Kaname, and Hikari? Also what happened to the people of the sea, are they all asleep now?

    Also next episode looks to be a timeskip of some sort, whether days, weeks, months, or years, I can’t tell. And what was the significance of the sea god knocking down the fisherman’s pillar? They seemed intent in showing us him destroying it purposefully, so I just wondered.

    1. I wonder what happened to the 4 of them, especially Manaka, Kaname, and Hikari? Also what happened to the people of the sea, are they all asleep now?

      Manaka was taken by the sea god, Chisaki is with Tsugumu and is busy being OTP with him. Hikari is MIA and Kaname got squashed by the column.

  5. If there’s anything that we can all agree on (I hope), it’s how cool the Ofunehiki scene was. I don’t know about you guys, but when it started up after Hikari’s yell, I got total shivers.

    Damn, we have to wait till Jan. 9?! Crap. Damn this show and it’s cliffhangers!

    P.S. I highly doubt Kaname is dead considering (from how I saw it) he fell off the boat in the opposite direction of where the pillar fell. Also I thought he just slipped off the side of the boat, not flung himself off.

  6. Talk about getting hit in the feels. Akari looked like a perfect bride. It was so cute how Miuna was gonna start calling her mom. I knew the Ofunehiki wasn’t gonna go smoothly but the way things played out certainly surprised me. The Sea God definitely doesnt play along and Uroko even had me fooled. I wasn’t expecting Chisaki to actually care about Tsumugu like that. Her reaction and actions were a little shocking. I felt bad for Kaname but I do wonder is he exactly dead? I mean he can breathe and live under water so it is possible that he could of escaped the pillar from falling onto him though its like no matter what he did, he could never get Chisaki affection ><

  7. What’s the point of Uroko-sama and what does he actually do? Is underwater fire the only substance he gives back to his people? Does he control fish count? Does he balance the ocean-land ecosystem? Or is he really just a feudal lord who becomes bitter whenever his ocean people realize that his ocean town is sub-par to the one above it? Is he going to pull a “I’m sorry, I did wrong, I didn’t understand, please forgive me” crap at the end?

    On an unrelated note, Akari looks figure-less and neck-less in that traditional wedding dress/ritual costume/whatever it is. I never understood why all of them jumped after Akari when she got knocked into the water as she can breath underwater and just creep back up when the waters have been calmed down. And I’m surprised by the fact that all of these tweens can swim directly against the currents of large tidal waves and ocean whirlpools. Does their ena give them speed too?

    1. Uroko-sama is their provider, caretaker, and he’s the messanger between them and the sea god. I think it was mentioned in the earlier episodes that he’s one of the scales sent by the sea god to make sure that the sea people don’t make the same mistakes their ancestors did and to take care of and protect the people as the sea god’s avatar. He has a connection with the entire ocean since he’s a part of the sea god, so he knows what going on anywhere in that domain. That’s why Akari asked them to check with Uroko when Miuna disappeared to make sure she didn’t drown in the ocean. He told them no, he hadn’t sensed her. He provides them with sacred fire in which to live and protects them from natural disaster.

      He’s basically is an avatar and rapport for the sea god to keep an eye on his people.

      1. A caretaker? A protector from natural disasters? How ironic. I never understood what it meant when someone stated that he was a “scale” of the sea god. Now I know he’s basically a henchman-messenger parasite who received powers from a larger (and probably more benevolent) entity to do his bidding. Losing people to those on land via marriage probably looks really bad in his timely reports to the sea god. I knew he was a joke ever since he implanted that live fish head into Manaka’s knee. I mean, really?

      2. When they say “scale” they mean like the scale of a fish. From the pictures they show, the sea god looks like a large more impressive version of Uroko. If you notice Uroko doesn’t have just skin, he has scales too like a fish does. He is sort of his own being but he’s also just as much part of the sea god himself. That’s why they think and feel the same. Uroko has the powers of the sea god, just in smaller amounts, that’s why he can grant the sacred fire as well as has power over the water and can curse mortals who disrespect him.

        The sea god is a part of him and sees and speaks through him. So don’t worry about him hiding or twisting anything, that would be impossible. The sea god sees what he sees and knows what he knows.

    2. “What’s the point of Uroko-sama and what does he actually do? Is underwater fire the only substance he gives back to his people?”

      He’s the sea god’s avatar. All the sea god’s will is his command. Be it cruel or not, he has to do it.

  8. Kaname really needs to calm the **** down.

    Yes, you just found the girl you confessed to hugging someone else… but she did just drag him out of the ocean and isn’t sure if he’d drowned or not. Perhaps he should have taken a few seconds to consider this was an “oh hey, we’re friends and i’m glad you’re not dead” hug and not an “i want to have your babies right now” hug before he threw himself off the ship.

    1. He didn’t throw himself off the ship: he lost his grip when the ship was steered suddenly away to avoid the falling concrete poles. But yes, he was in a daze and may have saved himself from that fall if his attention wasn’t on Chisaki.

  9. Hmmm Chisaki might have the slightest attraction towards Tsumugu they have been talking a lot lately but i’m surprised how she held Tsumugu in her chest a regular friend would only be in the side trying to aid or revive him. Kanamae’s smile while being thrown back to the sea really ached my heart damn.. Manaka self sacrificing and Hikari is nowhere to be found. The feels of this anime..

    I liked how Manaka’s talking about her fascination of the sun and how she said that Tsumugu is her sun that she can’t reach and while walking back to her home she looked at the moon its as if telling us that Hikari resembles the moon and to Hikari Manaka is his world.

  10. Kaname and Manaka all of a sudden just MIA? Duuuude that totally sets up for Hikari and Chisaki out of nowhere…it’s like Final Destination only in a good way for some fans of that ship lol

    Jason Isenberg
    1. Are you insinuating that Kaname is actually the Sea God in disguise, and that what we saw was him just faking his own death? Well, it would explain the ambiguity around his character. (We never did get to see his parents, like the rest of the sea kids, did we?), and a twist like that in the story would be beyond epic, because no one would ever see it coming. I doubt it’s going to happen though, but it’s still fun to imagine. Sadly, it looks like Kaname was nothing more than a pretty face in the end, which always makes for good cannon fodder when you need to kill off a character to spice things up in the story. May the Ikeman rest in peace after being a victim of Chekhov’s pillar. (Definitely didn’t see that coming – that those concrete pillars would serve as something more than just part of the pretty scenery.)

  11. Miuna trying hard to call Akari as her new mom is so cute. HNNG

    Maybe it’s just me, but a massive time skip a few years after this traumatizing event, with a high school Miuna as the narrator, would work just fine.

  12. If there is something in Episode 1 that spoiled the events in Episode 13, it’s gotta be the ED.. Manaka sinking while looking at the surface, being frozen all over like a hibernating mammal in the winter, and the unreachable sun seen underwater.

    Red HeartGold ZX
    1. I know , right? The way the scenes in the episode so closely correlated with the ED image of her floating was actually chilling. But at the same time it was beautiful (I need to find myself a full-length screenshot of Manaka’s fall)

  13. So to recap this episode:

    The kids tried to do the Ofune-whatever festival to appease the sea god. Said sea god had other plans and is out for blood. Kaname reminds fatty tuna that he likes him. Their parents didn’t want them to pursue the festival but they did so anyway(Chisaki had her parents agree, Kaname probably killed his). So they went on to the festival.

    The day before, Manaka and Hikari talked and Manaka said that she has something to say to Hikari(LOL, what a huge deathflag).

    And so the hour of the festivites(or should we call it ritual/rite?) began. The sea people all fell asleep and Uroko started wielding sea god magic. Maelstroms and whirlpools came out and destroyed the ships and the festival. At first the sea god tried to drag down the supposed sacrifice(Akari). But Manaka exchanged herself for Akari to be saved. Hikari tried to save Manaka but was shooed away by the sea god. The sea god dragged Manaka down the sea floor(“Wah, sea god! What are we gonna do on the sea floor? Pomf =3”)

    In other news, Tsumugu was thrown off his boat and Chisaki tried to save him(Whoa!?! I knew she has a bit of feelings for him, whats with all the minor clues.) Kaname saw her hugging Tsumugu after they haul him onto another boat and suddenly, the feels of pain similar to that of NTR fill the fans and Kaname himself. A concrete column broke and as Kaname fell, got squashed by it(Goodbye Psycho-smiling blondie. I like you and was cheering for you and fatty. You didn’t deserve this but the author wanted someone die this episode, you were picked.)

    Now… I TOLD YOU GUYS! I TOLD YOU ABOUT HUMAN SACRIFICES!(Yeah, it wasn’t Chi-fatty, but still…) All hail the sea god! It’s either he kills Manaka, makes her his avatar, impregnates her so someone who can inherit the position of sea god will be born, or just plains eats her(he can also just let her go, its performing the festival that counts, but where’s the fun in that?). And to solve this problem, someone has to convince the sea god to let her go, or just plain kill the sea god.

    OMG this is getting exciting! If this continues on the path there is a huge chance we can get Miuna x Hikari should Sea God x Manaka remains permanent since Kaname is dead fish and Tsumugu x Chisaki OTP now. That heavy chest feel after watching this just makes me excited for what’s next. 10/10 episode! My type of suffering!

  14. I didn’t know what to think when this episode ended but I know I had those thoughts in mind:
    1) It was always obvious that Tsumugu was somehow looking out for Chisaki though I never related it to romantic feelings. Though I would have to say that Chisaki is misunderstood here. When Tsumugu fell down, she knew he was not a man of the sea and he would eventually drown and die so she rushed to save her life and she was holding on to him because he might have been dead (we still don’t know if he’s alive or dead, do we?). We can however still assume he’s alive.
    2) Nothing broke my heart like Kaname, and I don’t want to talk about (crosses arms), Na-uh. I hope he has not died, I know he did not, but that smile man…. it was perhaps the smile of a person who knows he will never be chosen no matter how life turns out. For those of you who watched Anohana, a little bit like Tsuruku when she cried on the bridge to Anaru. It is those kind of things that kill me emotionally.
    3) What happens to Hikari?
    4) I hope there’s no time lapse, though I am 80% sure there will be one, though since Miuna is still wearing the same outfit, I would say a couple of months. (I don’t think she has anything in her wardrobe besides that so maybe I’m wrong too xD.)
    5) What did Manaka want to say to Hikari? the moment she went back up those stairs I knew, 100% that Manaka was not going to be (the same) by the end of this episode.
    6) I will rewatch it again, because I like the emotional ride this episode gave me.

    Sorry if I wrote a alot but damm this was a wonderful episode, both music and action.


    1. So , I’m not the only one who didn’t think that Chisaki’s motives for saving Tsumugu were romantic. Although (despite the fact I prefer Tsumugu and Manaka as a pairing) , if I look at it from a distance , I can see why those two would make a good pairing.

  15. I actually wouldn’t mind at all if Tsumugu and Chisaki ended up together, I mean they do make a good couple and plus there were a lot of hints that they might like each other in the previous episodes so I don’t see why not. :3

  16. well, I can’t say I didn’t see that coming. we were waiting for this event to happen for a couple of eps. and finally it did.

    we do must examine the different in tone between this ep 1st half and 2nd half.
    the 1st half serve quite as a reminder of what we’ve been through this season. how much Hikari has grown up. of course, along side the others too. and how far we reached this very point – in the micro-level (romantic complex) and macro-level.

    then comes the 2nd half. which was eventful. little by little things have become intense until the burst of climax. it was very beautiful but we didn’t have much time to be impressed by this (even though we had the entire cour to be moved by the animation). things happened, a bit fast, but that is how it should be.
    Uroko turned out to be con-man. well, he was suspicious since the beginning, but scamming behind the chief (Hikari and Akari’s father)? what’s with him exactly? it seems like he is doing his duty as sea-god’s scale. but is it really for the benefit of the sea-people?
    there is also another thing I thought about – is he really a “messenger” of the sea-god?what if he isn’t?

    I wasn’t surprised at all by Manaka’s sacrifice. what happened to her?god knows. to be precise, the sea-god knows. but there is the question of the motive behind this. I mean..the sea-god wanted someone as a sacrifice, a living sacrifice. he didn’t take the doll, and it wasn’t important who will be sacrificed (after all Manaka “replaced” with Akari). so why a living sacrifice all of a sudden?and how it’s connected to the hibernation?
    the god’s ways are sure mysterious, but we’ll have to understand a bit of what’s behind this.

    and there were the other MC characters involved in this incident.
    as Hikari stated in the beginning how much everyone is precious (my preciousssss) to him, everyone demonstrated that.
    mostly I am surprised by Chisaki. screaming for Tsumugu all of a sudden and trying to save him. sure, being brave and all is fine. but it seems like there was more behind it.
    Kaname came to assist. but ends up..well I don’t think he is dead. he can swim, right?
    but in the end, the whole situation between this trio (Kaname, Chisaki and Tsumugu) is kinda came to enlighten our character’s mind and it came in some sort of contrast to their feeling on the 1st half of this episode (which is carry a lot of feelings from the previous 12-episode).
    I think, at that time, Chisaki finally noticed she didn’t truly love Hikari. it seems like she is starting to understand that it’s Tsumugu for her. with how much she cared for him and the interaction between those two. they are totally fit to each other. but then Kaname fell and the look on Chisaki also changed. I still think that Kaname is simply a very dear friend for her.
    Manaka and Hikari aren’t out of the loop in that matter. Hikari came to realization sooner. and Manaka too, THO we don’t know how she’s really feeling. but I think her sacrifice speaks for itself.

    now the big question is what’s ahead of us.
    timeskip is definitely valid next time. I believe it’ll be for a short time period. a couple of months, maybe a year. no more.
    I think most viewers don’t wish for a timeskip. but I’ll keep myself open for this. if the timeskip is short and the events after that will justify it, I have no problem.

    speaking in general, it was beautiful to watch. moreover, I think the course of events was really good, intriguing, some of it was surprising too. so generally it was really good, THO not perfect.
    I am really looking forward next episodes.

    1. Uroko just refrained from telling them the truth, that the sea god was only going to respond to a living sacrifice. Those wooden dolls weren’t cutting it. He didn’t tell them because they would go all nuts and everything over the idea of human sacrifice, and as he said, he’s a part of the sea god, and so think as he does and has desires as he does. He’s not a human, nor does he think or act like one. He was doing what he believes is right for the sea people.
      Also, the human sacrifice thing wasn’t new, it’s what they used to do all the time. However, as they began to do more symbolic festivals, and then none at all, the sea god began to lose strength from the fact that they were ignoring him and treating him as if he wasn’t real. So, the return to the human sacrifice probably gave the sea god more power, and he was waiting for them to take him seriously again and he would accept the living sacrifice.

      However, Akari and the others really only have themselves to blame. Uroko told them time and again to forget the ceremony, but they were stubborn and wanted to see if they could change the sea god’s mind by doing a maiden sacrifice ceremony. And yet they were surprised when the god actually takes them up on their offer?

      As for Kaname, it would have been the force of the pillar crushing him that would have killed him, not drowning.

  17. I’m having the feeling Tsumugu and Chisaki will end up together and I’m fine with that cause they would make a good couple but I want to know what happens to hikari, Manaka and kaname.

  18. Lord…how could you do that to Kaname! Oh maa god!!! and here i thought Hikari is the “Taichi” of NagiAsu, turns out that Kaname had it worst!

    When Chisaki hugged Tsumugu and Kaname had that look on his face, my eyes started to tear up; and when Kaname accepted the fall, both in literal and metaphoric ways…i was ;______; all the way til the end.

    My goodness Chisaki, you’re a total mess right now. I mean, wow. From Hikari–> Kaname–> Tsumugu, i really dunno what to say except, wow…that’s freaking lol of you dear. You’re triggering flags everywhere =_____= (except for Hikari). I knew Tsumugu had a thing for Chisaki, but kinda not expecting her to have a few. Well, she’s still my fav girl in NagiAsu regardless…(but funny how i kinda moving slowly to Manaka; i cant decide)

    I knew it wont end just like that. Uroko-sama really meant by the chaos. If it wasnt for Manaka’s sacrifice, i wouldnt be surprise if the surface got destroyed by tsunami or sinking deep into the ocean. NagiAsu is killing everyone here, and breaking everyone’s heart. These kiddos shouldnt be taking all of these, they have soooo many dramas and romcoms to make! what will happen to their pentagon of love??? please dont end it with someone’s death! D;

    And before the winter series reach it ends, i just wanna say that…Hikari and Kaname deserve to be the best and manliest male characters of all winter animes (though they are 2 cours). No one is more courageous and truer than these two kids. They bravely confessed, went the distance and years for their sweethearts, accepted the rejections and still staying faithful for them. plus they’re just middle schoolers! how kakoii is that?! they dont deserve to go through with these all. someone please give them a kiss or hugs!

    onion warrior
  19. As for Chisaki liking Tsumugu, in ep12 she gasped when her arm happened to make flesh-to-flesh contact with his in the clothing store. There was also their intimate conversation on the train, with Manaka asleep against Chisaki’s shoulder, when Chisaki said that girls don’t like guys who are too intuitive. That meant the opposite, of course. None of that made it likely that she would dive in to save him, but it was at least an indication of her feelings. Earlier in the series, I also remember a time when he showed some feeling for her — more than he had for Manaka, it seemed to me.

    On the other hand, I saw no special bond between Manaka and Akari that would have led Manaka to sacrifice herself for her. And I thought Tsumugu was a smart guy, too smart to dive into the water when even the sea people were having trouble in it. I loved the episode, but some of the drama seemed a bit manufactured to me.

  20. Whoa…I haven’t watched something that gave me such a bad feeling in like a long time. I actually clenched my teeth (on a napkin- nah~) during that chaos.
    I don’t want to jinx it, but next episode looks like a flashback episode of everything that happened so far.

    random viewer
  21. Omgsh That Moment When Kaname Falls… Did He Die I Hope He Dint Omgsh Am So Sad After Watching This Episode Yesterday… Also How.Manaka Got Sacrifices Like Hikaru Is Going To Have To Save Her And Tsumugu With Chisaki A Major Noooo… Like Please You Started Having Feelings For Tsumugu And Dint Care About Kaname… Dam Rhis Was So Twisting But Best Episode So Far

    akrixs radilla
  22. I was not prepared for all of this o.o
    My eyes were bigger than the characters eyes by the last 5 minutes of the episode. I saw Chisaki liking Tsumugu from a mile a way, but for the love of God I was not expecting this level of..just damn.
    All I know is that this anime is definitely my vote for aoty. Jesus…..

      1. I’m torn as to what I want: That pic being a fanart or it being official. I like most of the implications but there are things I’m a bit against.

        Oh well, we’ll see after the holidays.

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Woah!! this picture alone tells a big story (regarding about the love triangle turning into hexagon lol)

        Tsumugu seems to look at Chisaki and Miuna’s friend (idk her name sorry)looking all shy while placed beside Chisaki and Kaname. Miuna looking at Hikari and Hikari smiling back at us maybe indicating smiling at Manaka.qsa

        It seemed that Hikari and Kaname didn’t aged a bit and Chisaki and the others aged the way they should be Chisaki has tits now.

        I’m just so excited for season 2 i hope there would be development within the other characters and esp i don’t want Kaname and Tsumugu looking like shadows.

  23. Kaname was one of my fave characters and knowing that he may be gone forever just makes me so sad especially, with the feelings he has for chisaki and that she may never return those feelings. Chisaki going to rescue Tsumugu. I really didn’t saw that coming and the expression that was on Kaname’s face.
    Everything that happened in this episode with Manaka sacrificing herself and all the unrequainted love i just can’t wait for the next episode.

  24. I’m not rlly surprised about Tsumugu x Chisaki things , since I see how Chisaki feels embarrased when her arm bump with Tsumugu’s arm in eps 12. But seeing Kaname’s expression , I want to burst into tears , Kaname fell yet smile hurtly T_T‎


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