「未来への革命] (Mirai e no Kakumei)
“Revolution to the Future”

Having left themselves so much to do in 22 minutes, it really couldn’t have been expected that Sunrise would ace the final. But I’d certainly give them a passing grade.

Where does one begin to go in describing that episode? I can’t imagine the bulk of the viewership is going to be satisfied, not so much because of the content of the ep – which I thought was generally quite good – but because of the ending itself. There’s a lot that seems quite tragic and pointless, but what’s likely to be even more of a disappointment to some is that so much is left unexplained. There are a couple of real corkers in that department, which I’ll get to shortly.

It isn’t often (though by no means is this the first time) I say this, but I think if the final couple of minutes of the episode had been lopped off – basically everything from the ED credits crawl onwards – the whole ending would have held together better. In fact, in hindsight I think it would have been better without the timeskip altogether, because things got to a point where we had a memorable and well-done – if very sad – emotional climax, and the audience would have done just fine coming up with the rest in their imaginations. It’s that last bit – which those flash-forwards necessitated – that raises most of the continuity and character issues.

Things started out very well, with the aftermath of Amadeus’ being outed taking on an interesting turn. There was a nice Evangelion call-out – “The Magius are in their shadows, and all’s right with the world”. The Committee of 101’s plan to dismiss the whole incident as a hoax appears to be working well at first, although the ARUS President seems to be taking the opportunity to try and double-cross the Magius and consolidate all power around himself. Meanwhile the Royalists in Dorssia choose this moment to rise up (wisely, I would say) and a giant war of information and misinformation flares up, throwing the world into chaos. It’s good stuff.

I liked where things were going with Coffee and Sugar, too. Cain took to the air in Valvrave 002 – with Plue at its core – and it’s a nasty beast of a machine, proving more than a match for the fast-fading Haruto and Akira, and even the intervention of the remnants of the A-Drei squad less Q-Vier can’t turn the tide. X-Eins is the first to go, in an attempt at a suicide run to take Cain out in revenge for H-Neun, and it’s A-Drei himself who (at fucking last) takes out the irritating little homonculous Q-Vier (I know it’s not his fault he keeps getting cast in these roles, but no one can do annoying as hell like Kaji Yuuki). That leaves A-Drei himself as the last man standing – which is a good thing for the Royalists, as he’s also their leader.

The important point is that L-Elf finds Haruto after Cain blows him out of the sky, and suggests that the only way to beat Cain is with a body swap. I’d been more or less waiting for this moment, and I thought my wild guess about the flash-forwards might be coming to pass, but it seems Haruto’s runes are just as vulnerable even when he’s inside L-Elf’s body. The swap itself is a classic moment, especially when L-Elf emits a little “Erm!” when Haruto bites him – and Ryouhei Kimura turns in a terrific performance doing Ohsaka Ryouta’s voice during the several minutes Haruto is inside L-Elf’s body. I like the fact that it was only by combining their powers that these two could defeat Cain, and the reunion of Plue and Pino after Cain is finally put down in a spectacular clash of Valvraves is handled with real elegance.

It can’t be said that Haruto’s death (by my count every male in the series who piloted a Valvrave is dead) is in any way a surprise. It’s been hinted at in literally every episode, and all the more so in the second cour. If anything the only surprise is that it was so not unexpected that you thought they might just throw us a curve – but no, it went down exactly as the series has led us to believe. Truth in advertising, then – and it was a great moment, too, with Haruto waking up without any of his memories, even of his own name. L-Elf finally acknowledging Haruto’s courage and, more importantly, as a friend was something that needed to happen. It was a well-earned moment, the high-point of the episode and for me, the ending would have been better if the credits had started a silent roll after Haruto punched L-Elf’s shoulder and expired.

They didn’t, of course. Some would have complained if they had and no explanations were offered, but I don’t think the postscript really answered any questions anyway – in fact, it added new ones. Like the whopper – just why, exactly, is Shouko still alive? Not to mention just who did it with who to give birth to chibi L-Elf – there’s absolutely no indication that L-Elf himself paired up with anyone, and in fact he seems to be officiating at Takahi and Satomi’s wedding (A-Drei catches the bouquet). There’s also the question of how the relationship with the Valvraves – which now ask “Do you believe in human beings?” – has changed. Above and beyond all that, though, everyone just seems a bit too happy considering that Haruto has, you know, died for their sins and all. I know it’s hundreds of years later and you get on with life, but for us it’s only seconds – and it doesn’t feel right to me, somehow. And seeing a room full of busts commemorating the fallen heroes and Shouko wearing Haruto’s flight suit (is she Unit 1’s pilot now, too?) doesn’t change that feeling.

Will there be an OVA or even a third season somewhere down the line to clear some of this up? It’s certainly not impossible – Valvrave has been a decent if unspectacular seller on Blu-ray – but I’m operating under the assumption that what we see is what we’re going to get. I really wish there’d been another episode or two because I think that’s all it would have taken to “fix” the ending. Why? Because I don’t think the issues are with where we ended up, but how we got there – and unlike many two-cour shows, I don’t look back at Kakumeiki Valvrave and see a lot of time wasted on filler. The show has been busy and practically every episode has been plot-critical – they just needed one more to finish the job.

I guess, in the end, a mixed-bag of a finale is somehow appropriate for Valvrave the Liberator. I’m not going to look back on this series as a classic, but it sure was a hell of a lot of fun. The first cour succeeded mostly because of sheer bombast and an embrace of abject silliness, and the second mostly as a well-produced and tightly-scripted sci-fi thriller, though there were elements of each in both cours. For me the series had a very impressive growth curve, and as much as I enjoyed the first cour I wouldn’t have believed Valvrave could play it straight as often as it did in the second and still step up its overall game. This was Sunrise having fun with its own mythology and sensibility, yes, but in a way that was ultimately respectful of the body of work the studio has compiled in this genre over the last four decades.

Sci-fi and mecha are no different from most genres in that they mostly succeed or fail based on characters, and this was a real strong suit for Valvrave. Not only were the main cast more interesting and colorful that in most series, but the supporting cast was far more relevant and distinct. I’m not terribly happy with the way most of these character arcs were brought to a conclusion, but they were still a strength of the series. There were strong moments in the finale – the aforementioned L-Elf-Haurto farewell, and also Saki’s rather ghoulish admission that she was actually glad that Haruto was losing his memories, because it might have leveled the playing field between she and Shouko. Saki emerged as an appealingly morally ambiguous character early on, but she didn’t have nearly as much of a role in the second season – one of the few respects in which I’d say it trailed the first. Shouko might be argued to have fared poorly in the second season as well, but I don’t think I’d agree. She did disappear for a while but in the end she was actually more relevant than Saki, and while I didn’t find her behavior over the last few episodes with respect to Haruto and her decision-making especially admirable, in a way it made her more interesting as a character.

The big draw, of course, was L-Elf and Haruto, with Ryouhei Kimura especially delivering one of his best performances as the former. Together they formed a sort of mismatched buddy cop team, “Coffee and Sugar” indeed. Haruto certainly had the more thankless role, but he filled it admirably, never transcending his limitations but gaining a kind of nobility by fighting on despite them. L-Elf got most of the money shots and best lines – “Shut up and enjoy the scenery” and the like – and it was the fact that he and Haruto were so opposite that made the story of destiny tying the two of them together such an appealing one. Haruto never got the chance to set things right with Shouko (talk about a doomed romance from the start) but at least he had a final moment with L-Elf to give his journey a kind of apotheosis.

That, then, was Kakumeiki Valvrave. Alternately spectacular and bizarre, hilarious and absurd, and ultimately a little frustrating. I think what makes Valvrave work is that yes, it doesn’t take itself too seriously – but it takes itself seriously enough. That’s why all this matters in the end, because Valvrave recognizes that for all the gloriously cheesy dialogue and mash-up of Sunrise tropes a series like this has to have a certain scale and sense of grandiosity. Kakumeiki Valvrave may be a kind of deconstruction of both its studio and its genres, but it understands those things encyclopaedically, and while having fun with them never makes fun of them. Both very modern and very old-fashioned, I think Valvrave is a series for people who really understand the history of science-fiction and anime and speak its language. Flaws and all, it’s a great ride and I’m glad I stayed on-board to enjoy it.



    1. Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on for a while. We don’t know if this is truly the end. Maybe a season 3 or an OVA? If that is the case then this is not a train wreck. A train occur when a train stops.

      In any case, I think that Haruto is still alive and this is a sequel bait. I might be right and I might be wrong.

      1. Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on for a while. We don’t know if this is truly the end. Maybe a season 3 or an OVA? If that is the case then this is not a train wreck. A train occur when a train stops.

        Please no…. I want out. I know they can bait me with Golden Seven continuation and quite possibly get my butt handed to me again like what they’re doing for the last couple of episodes. I would’ve liked to learn about the Golden Seven but this is really stretching it. It needs to end. They need to stop and I hope those sales will make them think in agreement.

        Some inconsistencies that I can’t swallow. Cain survived being gunned by VVV unit 1’s MG using his runes(?) as shield while the Magius at their home-court get #rekt by infantry rifles? This is just.. wow…

        Even if you say Prue was the one that saved his Gluteus Maximus I refuse to believe they don’t have some way to defend themselves against such attacks. Otherwise this council was run by monkeys who happen to be dancing around lesser monkeys.

        Also that alien end… I just can’t… You know what let’s just leave it at that…

        I thought KnK would end up taking the most messed up season closer for fall but god damn Sunrise cranks it up in full throttle.

      2. Sequels have been made with even less numbers. And I did not see Haruto’s eye going blank like Marie- he might be in a coma with all his memories lost. I think that the “prince” is Haruto jacked into a genetic engineered body with DNA of Haruto and L-Elf. Just look at the prince- it’s possible right?

    2. Even though I agree this was a train wreck as it left things unexplained. This still was a decent ending, albeit very tragic one, still you feel for the main cast and such tragedy, unlike THE train wreck that is guilty crown where it’s hard to care for Shu, while in Haruto’s case you feel that he deserves a better ending. Heck I really wanted him to live, even though his memories are fully depleted, I mean what was the point of his dad bragging that he was such a perfect specimen, etc? I thought he was special enough that he can pilot Unit-01, so really was expecting that he simply forgets his memories and not dying, man kinda disappointed.

    3. What is more surprising is how the Council of 101 got killed so easily. You would think, like Cain, they would go “super sayian” and easily defeat a military force with Runes, but that seems not to be the case.

      1. even without that capability like Cain, don’t they have an emergency plan or something? How did thnese people survive and remain hidden for that long when they seem to not have a back up plan in case their base gets raided.

  1. I really wish this anime wasn’t over ;_;. Ive followed Valvrave since it first started and I loved it. I do have some mix feelings about this anime but it was mainly the ending as it seemed rushed which it clearly was. We obvious have some unanswered questions like who did L-Elf have a child with? But over all I think it was good. The way L-Elf got so emotional when Haruto was dying, even brought a manly tear to my eye because he was so cold throughout the series and only cared for one person and now Haruto of course. I’m so glad Akira didn’t die since then we would of lost all the original Valvrave users and she seemed to have come out of her shell for good now. I was happy that Cain and all the Magius got exposed because they had that coming for a while. What I wasn’t expecting was for Shoko to actually take over for Haruto but it made a lot of sense. I love how the question changed at the end as well “Do you believe in human beings?” If plu is still inside the red unit then I hope he has gotten over his hatred.

    1. The Valvrave question changing is just one of many things that have changed. They have likely perfected the whole kamitsuki process after 200 years. In one future scene at the beginning of episode 12 (in the first season), Saki is shown to have a kamitsuki mark (the one that appears when they bite someone) on her thigh. That’s not something that was there in the present time, so it indicates that they’ve been further experimenting on themselves. Rune and memory loss is probably no longer a problem.

      They’ve also been wildly exploring the galaxy in that time (as the white haired prince indicates in the same episode by stating that Earth is at “the end of the galaxy”). If there is ever a sequel taking place in the future, it would have space opera elements to it, which could be incredible if properly done.

  2. I thought it was a fitting ending, except for the time skip which wasn’t explained properly. But it still doesn’t change the fact that Valvrave had been exceptionally entertaining as a whole.

  3. In retrospect, the show DID unveil the truth of the world and how the Empire originated from the Module. So there is some finality in that respect.

    The ending(and some other parts) just need more elaboration on certain plot points to make the expereince truly complete.

    At least no one can say the writers won’t have any material left for any future sequels.

  4. I’m puzzled on what significance the new Valvrave activation question ‘Do you believe in
    humans/humanity?’ has relative to the show’s events, and how it is meant to
    contrast with the old ‘Do you resign your humanity?’ question.

    That said,I’m surprised Kriemhild never came under Cain’s predictive suspicions considering she was actively working behind his back as a Royalist.

    And H-9 was written off just like that? I really thought he’d come back considering we never saw his body.

    1. Same.
      I at least expected them to find his corpse completely drained of runes to give some kind of finality to what happened to him. Another detail lost due to lack of enough episodes to fit all of the story, I guess.

  5. It’s always hard to predict another season of a show. People point to Blu-ray/DVD sales, but that isn’t always vital to the decision to make another season. Look at Gargantia, for example. It was never a high seller, and never something that was widely talked about in Japan (other than UroGen’s involvement). Yet it has received another season.

    And the timeskips throughout the series seem to have been made with the intention of continuing past the second season. They could have actually tied things together neatly even without the extra episode or two Enzo mentions, but they chose not to on purpose. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the ideas for another 2 cours of the series were already made, and waiting for a green light from Sunrise executives (which might or might not come).

  6. The ending was bad and Sunrise should feel bad.

    To the very last episode none of the other valvrave pilots lost any memories or had any other side effects. We get the Magius Titans showing up in the Hall of Heroes trying to start shit so the guy Saki was fighting during the timeskip, was he a Magius or just some regular asshole?

    It’s sad when you can’t even have an actual original anime with all loose ends tied together nowadays

    Shouko Connor was a part of the resistance, but now she is the leader of the resistance! She’s definitely in a Yuri relationship with Akira now, Saki probably joins them from time to time duhuhu.

  7. Also, the worst part of the episode was the decision not to use “Boku Janai” (1st ED, first season) anywhere as an insert song.

    “Soba ni Iru yo” (2nd ED, first season), which was used, is a great song in its own right, but NOTHING compares to “Boku Janai”.

    1. I bet to differ. The song was perfectly describing Haruto’s situation, trying to hang on to his memories when they are slowly disappearing. And ultimately his legends live on in everyone’s heart.

  8. I think the TM Revolution x Nana Mizuki openings (esp. Kakumei Dualism) were the best J-pop songs to be associated with Valvrave. They were even top 10 hits in Japan in the 1st few weeks !!

    Stayed for the unfolding mystery/conspiracy and Katsura Hoshino’s designs.

    1. You know, your comment just reminded me of something that had been in the back of my mind for a while:

      Did they ever release a complete version of the 1st season opening animation, with Akira shown as a pilot? I really want to see it, but I haven’t seen it uploaded anywhere. One would think it would be a bonus on the Blu-rays or something.

      1. @Tre
        I’m not sure if the bluray has it, but AFA’s 2013 anisong concert for the last day had TM Revolution+ Nana singing together and they did show the complete opening in the background.

      2. It’s a shame no one has uploaded that performance yet, from what I can tell. They don’t seem to show the OP animation in any other live performances of “Preserved Roses” that I’ve found.

        Guess I’ll have to wait until the Vol. 6 Blu-ray/DVD of the first season is finally uploaded by someone (I’m guessing that’s the one that will have the complete animation included; Akira is even on the cover).

  9. As much as I enjoyed this series from start to finish, this episode FUCKED UP my Thursday. (I went to sleep as soon as I watched this episode.) The fact that Haurto died without resolving things with anyone, not to mention he died telling Inuzuka that he loved Shouko, yet never confessed, as if leaving a promise unfulfilled. Not being cut a break even until death is something I truly HATE in anime. It just leaves a bitter feeling for me for the rest of the week.

    Saki Rukino remains best girl.

    1. Wow, I was afraid that I’m the only one who feels so devastaed after the ending. Just thinking about Haruto makes me sad and angry. I wonder for what was all these hints for romance with Saki in first season, when they didn’t use them later, in second season? The same with confession, which you’ve mentioned.
      Also I’m angry that there were many interesting stuff in preview for second season and they didn’t include them in the end…
      At least I’m glad that fans are not happy because of Haruto’s death. I was afraid that since he had so many haters, there would be many people satisfied with his death here.

      1. I can’t say I liked his character much but I still didn’t wish for his death,at least not like this.This is one aspect of Valvrave that I really didn’t like: when a character goes through hell from start to finish and in the end dies without doing resolving ANY of his personal issues.I didn’t even wish for Shu in GC to get the end up the way he did,despite liking him even less than Haruto.

        The fact that Haruto wasn’t exactly a great character and didn’t grow up that much actually made it easier to accept his death.It’s MUCH worst when it happens to an awesome character that grows a lot and really makes an effort in order to get a happy ending that you become very attached to.

        I swear,some writers are so cruel…

    2. I did feel for the Haruto. I expected him to die due to rune loss, but not before he confessed to Shoko and/or made peace with Saki properly.

      The one saving grace is that Shoko knows without him telling her. She has access to some? all? the memories in Pino as unit 1’s pilot & metaphorically carries Haruto’s memories. A fitting burden to bear IMO.

      1. I take this as “we planned to make a lot of loose ends on purpose”. I’ll remember Valvrave as the only anime where the main character rapes the best girl, out of spite.

        Just like how I’ll remember Code Geass as the anime where only side characters have lasting happy romantic relationships, kills off the main character, and leaves everything open ended…oh wait

      2. I see. It’s probably not Saki because she doesn’t talk to him like she’s his mother; it’s not Akira since she’s his godmother; it’s probably not Takahi since he doesn’t resemble her or Satomi. If his mother was a major character, that only leaves Shouko or Kriemhild.

        You know, for kids!
  10. This was a trainwreck, but what a glorious trainwreck it was. From the start Kakumeiki Valvrave (KM) seemed to want to desperately emulate Code Geass in the “things are more than they seem”; I gave up taking it seriously around the infamous rape scene. KM was nothing more than a bit of cheesy sci-fi melodrama, good for wasting a weekly 30 minutes, not good if you’re looking for critical thought.

    Unlike the other mecha dramas KM lacked any sort of conclusion. The ending was nothing but half-assed, never explaining properly how the “Third Galactic Empire” arose except to those thoroughly enamoured of the series (see the comments section of myanimelist.net for a good description). Characters were there to propel a plot and sell mech figures, developed only so far as they met basic guidelines. Haruto was your typical martyr, L-elf your standard bad guy-turned-good. Shouko had almost NO major development beyond “maybe Haruto was not lying to me…” while every other character was a 2D image helping to disguise the limits of the others.

    Was anything of this a problem? Not really, with KM you knew what to expect from the start: a cheesy show full of melodrama and over-the-top action. Unlike some other shows this season KM was at least willing to show its true form and embrace it in its entirety. For that reason alone I give it the “above-average” grade of 6/10. A trainwreck, but what a glorious trainwreck indeed.

  11. Having left themselves so much to do in 22 minutes, it really couldn’t have been expected that Sunrise would ace the final. So I’d certainly give them a failing grade.

    Next project : Buddy Complex
    Beware!! Animation by Sunrise.

    1. I agree, 22 mins is to short a time to finish a series with so much unexplained things leftover. They probably ran into scheduling issues like with what happened to Code Geass: R2. They might fix it in the DVD/Blu-Ray ver. or do an OVA or something like that extended last episode of Gundam SEED Destiny. But im thinking they needed at least 2-5 more episodes to explain everything properly.

      A few questions I had were:

      – Why arent the other pilots loosing their memories?
      – Who’s the mom of the mini L-Elf?
      – If the Magius are immortal, why can they be killed with guns?
      – What happened to the dead students of Module 7?
      – What caused Haruto to rape Saki?
      – What’s up with Pino?

      And My personal questions:

      – Can we see Shouko and Saki’s reaction when they initially learn Haruto is dead?
      – Why is Shouko still alive?
      – Will there be a Shouko x Akira yuri paring?
      – Will the humans ever realize that they are commiting mass genocide?

      Anywayz, good show but half-a-train-wreck ending

      1. my guess is that the soldiers who found them filled them up with so much lead, they ended up dying because their regeneration couldn’t catch up to the wounds inflicted upon them, and as Liselotte mentioned to haruto(and in turn, us, the viewers) that NOT ALL members of the councils are magius, some of them are humans who can use runes thanks to mentorship

  12. I think we can all more or less agree that no one went into this finale expecting Haruto to pull off a Lelouch-esque death (and really, who can?); but even so, it came off as surprisingly mundane and boring to me. Contrary to Marie’s death which hit quite a bit closer to home for me, it almost felt as if I were watching the whole thing all over again.

    That aside, Shoko appearing after the time skip definitely threw me for a loop. It just didn’t make any sense, and not just for the obvious reasons. Presuming that she is indeed the Hito’s new pilot, how are we expected to believe that? Where was it shown that Shoko had even the faintest potential of being able to kill someone, let alone shouldering the burden of protecting an entire country? Nothing personal, but this IS the girl who essentially failed at protecting essentially anyone and everyone around her throughout pretty much the entire series.

    Ah well, a decent watch when all’s said and done, I suppose. It certainly had its high points (Episode 10 shall, simply by virtue of the unrestrained despairification of its characters, always be my favorite). Onto the next series!

    Ryan Ashlight
    1. Well, according to the story, Valvraves run on runes, which are memories. If there’s still memories remaining within the Pilot, the Pilot won’t die.

      So assuming they don’t fight enough to deplete the memories, or/and if they generate new memories faster than they lose them, it seems like they would survive based on what we know from the story.

      If you force the writers to give you more info, there’s probably more to it. Haruto did wake up and technically he did generate new memories… the 1 minute of dialog between L-Elf and Haruto. He died anyway. Zzzzzzzzzz

      1. The whole memories equal runes thing is bullshit. You make memories with literally everything you do, like going to the bathroom, eating breakfast lunch and dinner, walking somewhere, etc.

        Even if you lose the memory that you moved your arms, you can just move your arms again. That’s some Kingdom Hearts logic.

      1. You’re thinking of the Golden 7 thing in the future scenes, right? Initially everyone thought that meant that there were 7 original Valvrave units, but there was never any confirmed Unit 07 in the series. With 3 original pilots dead, and 3 of those Valvraves destroyed (Cain’s Unit 02 is the third), the Golden 7 likely refers to something else that happens later on.

  13. I imagine the characters after recording this:
    Cain: So I only fought twice in the entire series?
    Pino: So nothing about me is revealed!?
    Shoko: I’m meeting aliens?!
    Saki: So Haruto dies. I’m left alone, I don’t even feel sad about it and I go to a wedding to celebrate. Who wrote this?!

    Plot holes, plot holes everywhere.

      1. You forgot the reactions from our dear Coffee and Sugar.
        L-elf: So who is that mini-me? A child of mine? With who?!
        Haruto: ….At least I didn’t rape anybody this season. By the way, why did I even do that in the first place?

    1. How I imagine Code Geass Characters after watching this.

      Lelouch: Wha – What, so my successor happens to be someone that looks similar to Ouma Shu.

      C.C: So Shoko is supposed to be a more happy version of me, with a mix of Kakashi (naruto)?

      Suzaku: Rough for L-elf, we are in the same position, we both lost the love of our life and we later live in the world of peace that is created by our best friend.

      Shirley: Is Saki supposed to be an Idol version of me?

      Kaname Ohgi: Wha- what, aren’t those kids supposed to be too young to marry?

      Kallen:Ichirō Ōkouchi…..WHY DID YOU GIVE ONLY ME THOSE SUFFERING PERVERTED SCENES WITH THE BUNNY SUIT AND CONSTANTLY BEING SEEN NUDE??!!!! And HOW is it that you could kill off the main character again when he has romantic interests?!

      Ichirō Ōkouchi: I’m sorry Kallen, I technically couldn’t imagine anyone that would look good with Bunny Suit. And for why I killed Haruto, well hey there is a reason why mini- L-elf has Haruto’s eyes.

      1. seem the timeline is after 200years.. my speculation could be saki x haruto’s kid with unknown girl x L-elf’s kid and finally we get mini L-elf ( where he got Haruto’s eyes and L-elf’s hair)

  14. Even as focused as this half was compared to the first, there’s no denying that it was still disjointed as hell. And so much of it seemed like a repeat of both CG and GC.

    -Happless teenage high school boy in future Japan gets alien power that makes him all powerful, but has to earn the balls to use it
    -Teenage boy is afraid to use power because he’s afraid to be austracized (this one’s exclusively GC
    -Teenage boy makes pact with insanely intelligent partner who saves his ass a lot
    -Teenage boy gets into love triangle (or more) that only adds unnecessary drama
    -Numerous characters with very minimal characterization die for the sake of shock value, but they’re somehow more liked than the ones that live
    -Everything is being controlled by an Illuminati-esque organization that has existed for centuries and knows all about this power the hero has, and they control the main government that has all the bad guys
    -Teenage boy’s dad is either dead or missing, but did something in the past that got the main character involved in this. They’re either an asshole (CG) a Scientist (GC) or both (KM)
    -There is a big “liar revealed moment” near the end where everything the hero kept secret gets out in the open and he reaches his lowest point
    -Main character dies or gets maimed in the final battle, and even if they live, they’re a shadow of their former self
    -the epilogue leaves leaves a ton of shit open and doesn’t feel very conclusive at all

    And I’m hoping Buddy Complex won’t end the same way, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

    Overall, a fun trainwreck, as expected.

  15. Some things I liked:

    1. X-Eins fighting for his friend
    2. A-Drei fulfilling his revolution
    3. Q-Vier staying in his battle-crazed mentality to the very end

    Some things I wanted:

    1. Backstory for Plu and Pino. Plu still has relatively little meaning. They complained about being trapped in the Valvraves but to the average viewer, I think they didn’t really mean much since their backstory was virtually non existant? (correct me if I was just oblivious to it)

    2. More about the so called galatic empire whatever. They teased us in the third episode showing some suit vs. Saki 300 years in the future. I kind of want more on that.

    3. More explicit meaning for the L-Elf type prince. I think it is A-Drei and either Krimheid or Saki’s offspring, since A-drei caught the flowers and Saki/Krimheid both reacted to that.

    Some things I want explained:

    1. Princely L-Elf. Well I mentioned that above.

    2. More of the aftermath of the colony. I was REALLY interested in who went immortal and lived for 300 years. doh

    3. So, what happened after Pino and Plu got reunited? I know I wrote I wanted more backstory, but man, I felt like those 2 had such big potential for a story but they ended up being nothing meaningful.

    With all that said, I still think Valvrave was pretty epic… :)…. 😐

  16. And to think people still trust Okouchi Ichiro, even with all the evidence against him.

    I guess you could all try to wash the aftertaste of this show with Buddy Complex, but beware: a novice director is at the helm, and they’re back to mixers for the original concept and for the writing (under the pseudonym of Hajime Yatate, as is traditional of Sunrise). So remember to give it the 3 episodes taste test and to take them with a grain of salt.

  17. The Animesuki forums translated some info from a Valvrave fan event pamphlet that elaborated how JIOR got the Valvraves.

    20 years prior, JIOR discovered a crashed spaceship which contained the 2 Valvraves, Pino and Prue. Its scientists researched the tech and eventually found out about Runes.

    Shoko’s politician father approved the weaponisation of the Valvrave tech to provide JIOR with a military deterrent to prevent ARUS and Dorssia from attacking them.
    And we all know how Dr Tokishima’s involvement in this.

      1. Yeah I mean it was something that one could have suspected easily, but it still would have helped to include it even in the show even just as a passing mention or one minute flash back scene when Haruto was talking with his father.

        Kaioshin Sama
  18. Haruto deserved a better ending than this. I felt that this was such a lonely ending, forgetting the memories of those you love and dying not knowing who he is, where he is, and what he’s even doing in the first place.

    I bawled when he left a smile and a sparkle in his eyes when L-Elf called him his friend.

    Rest In Peace Haruto.

  19. I liked this season much more than the first. It wasn’t as ridiculous and over-the-top(the random musical episode comes to mind), and it was actually story-driven. Also, no rape in this season, so that’s a plus.

    1. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion of course, but I personally admired Sunrise for not shying away from darker subjects like rape. One of, if not the most emotionally tinged part(s) of the entire series, and one I’d have loved to see them explore a bit further than they did.

      Ryan Ashlight
      1. The main problem with the rape in Valvrave s1 is that it wasn’t really relevant to the plot and the reason behind it didn’t get explained. The only thing it was useful for was traumatising Haruto a bit more, so it comes over as a random and gratuitous thing to include for the sake of shock value. If the issue had been explored further then maybe there would have been less complaints of that type. (Although alongside that, there would likely have been even more complaints about rape being included at all.)

      2. On the contrary, I think they did shy away from the rape. It had minimal relevance to the main plot and little consequence so to speak apart from traumatise Haruto more.

        Seriously, if Haruto was so worried about him hurting anybody again after the rape, he should ask other pilots to lock him up straight away. Instead, he actually went to the meeting with saki during which he is very likely to attack the later again.

        The lock up did happen, but not after two episodes and a season break. Even then, Haruto rated biting to male students as darker sins than raping saki.

  20. TL;DR so I apologize in advance if I said anything stupid.
    IMO, of COURSE they would not “end the series” by closing everything..they “want” more moneysequels…
    It’s a trend recently to have everything in a sense, end with “hooks” I guess…

  21. good ending =D yeah it left opening..but sometimes novels do that. sometime their the no tie everything down the end. haha =P but i guess i can see a ova or a movie coming out..because..heck in one episode the one girl is talking to that little kid in some room. and the after credits ending show a lot of little things.

    so i am guessing something going to happen..maybe.. but i dont feel he is dead.. i think he just will his memories are gone. but yeah maybe they show it a little bit rough.. i get where ur going..if they would have shown it little different of how they move up. i think that would do better =P

  22. I thought Haruto was going to end up stuck in L-Elf’s body after the final battle with Cain, and then have a kid with Saki, which would later turn out to be the white-haired prince. I never considered the possibility that he would still have his Runes completely drained even while possessing another person’s body. That’s just cheap. Haruto deserved a lot better. I liked his character a lot because it kept the emo to a minimum, and he had no problem getting things done when the situation required it, instead of crying in the corner and being unable to do anything.

    Also, I think there may be another series set in the Valvrave universe coming. I have a couple of magazine scans depicting a couple of unknown characters (pink-haired girl and blue-haired boy) close to the original ones in scenes that took place in the show, like Saki’s idol performance on stage and Shoko’s discussion with everyone in the gymnasium. I think it’s going to be called Kakumeiki Valvrave: Undertaker. (But then again, it could be a game, but I don’t see a platform mentioned anywhere… Maybe a crossover of some kind? I’m not exactly sure what to make of it, though there’s a name with a bunch of stats: Gou Nijikawa. Is that the name of a character from another Sunrise work? Anyone know?)

    1. Valvrave: Undertaker is a spin-off novel, there are a few chapters out already. The blue-haired guy and pink-haired girl are the main characters, and they pilot remote-controlled Valvraves called Kagerous. L-elf supervises them.

    2. Why would you assume that? Okouchi said many times the idiots of Jior are hopeless without L-Elf. Haruto was fodder. After the battle was done, anyone could replace him. L-Elf was necessary for their survival and their friendly relationships with the new Dorssian leadership.

      L-Elf >>>>>>>> Haruto as character and popularity too. Haruto was going to die. He was a death seeker after episode 22.

  23. The protagonist is Haruto. He died. So why bother with another season? Sure make another one the protagonist but I was invested in Haruto. I hate sacrificial endings. I felt the same way at the end of Witchblade.

  24. Even though I knew this would be a sad anime coming into it, and that everyone would probably die (My favorite characters did not, thank goodness <3Akira<3 <3Saki<3) simply due to the fact that this was being written by one of the writers from Guilty Crown, I still found this ending to be slightly a let down. The one conclusion for characters that was actually given in the epilogue between girl that I don't even care to remember the name of and Renbokoji, whose name I only remember because of his sister, was so insignificant to me that I didn't even care at that point. You're already made aware of A-Drei having a kid that looks like L-Elf since they refer to both A-Drei and the boy as princes at some point or another not to mention A-Drei catching the bouquet. But all in all the epilogue felt very empty to me. I wanted to see more of what happened to the entire state of humanity, and more about the valvraves and the pilots themselves. Instead, all I get is some dumb busts (no offense busts) and shoko talking to some wacky aliens. I can understand what point they were trying to drive home with this encounter, but rather than giving some information on humanity's direction for the future, I wanna know how they even got to that point! -pouts- What even happened to New JIOR? I'm assuming the end takes place in it, but does it become a recognized nation? Do they make peace with the other major nations? I don't mind making some assumptions but it would've been nice to have some tying of the knots on certain subjects. Like there's no way the magius are dead.

    Now if only Q-Vier could have died sooner.
    Akira X Shouko forever.

  25. The Hakotoshokan site gave their take on what the new Valvrave question means.

    Quote,”…the new question… matches very well with Pino’s, and maybe even Prue’s, new outlook. There was a time the Magius were afraid of trusting Humans, but Pino saw first-hand from Haruto and his experiences how not all humans are alike; that some of them are nice people and are willing to accept others regardless of who they are. That brings us to this new question: “Do you believe in humanity?” Pino can only entrust this amazing power of a “holy spirit” to those who hold the same ideals that Haruto poured his life into.”

  26. it was a fucked up ending….why was shouko still alive? and who was saki fighting in that flash forward episode in season 1?? and i kind of hoped that haruto would stuck in l.elf,s body and marry saki. there better be a new season or an ova explaining these flash forwards.

  27. Really nice concept and certainly an entertaining one nonetheless. However the problem of the story was that there were too many concepts, too many ideas that they never fully explored. You can’t blame the team fully for the cluster f*ck if an ending, I mean Bandai has to look at it from a more safe investment perspective. The concept is there, but Bandai wants the test the waters so the first season was very directionless. When they have the direction set for the second season, it was already too late, too many subplots and concepts have been introduced, but there was not enough time to tie up all of them. If only Bandai had more confidence and took the risk in the dying mecha industry, this show might have ended up with more dignity.

    Just A Random Guy
  28. Valvrave was far from perfect and probably isn’t one of the best there is either.
    But being flawed isn’t automatically bad, it was entertaining as hell and that is what’s most important.

    Post time-skip still didn’t make any sense, but everything before that really was great.
    It really felt to me like they made use of every second they had (bit rushed but not horribly so). Especially that last goodbye between L-Elf and not-Haruto, them feels ;^;

  29. I went back and looked at what I wanted to see in this season when the last one ended

    What I wanted to see this season:

    * The other 3 Dorrsian pilots get some character other than just “the bad guys”.
    – It happened! I was sad that H-Neun died, but I really couldn’t bring myself to care about X-Eins or red-hair psycho. Also, why is it that red hair in a mecha anime automatically means you’re evil? I don’t mean orange, I mean actual red hair.
    * Kyuuma and Thunder get some actual character development instead of simply being spot-fillers
    – Noooot really. Their standard personalities shone through, but they didn’t really develop that much until they died.
    * Haruto’s condition worsen and turn him into more of a beast (one slip up is not enough)
    – They did the memory thing, but that’s not what I meant. Plus as many people have brought up, nothing happened after the rape, so that scene ended up being pretty much pointless.
    * To NOT see how this happened: https://randomc.net/image/Kakumeiki%20Valvrave/Kakumeiki%20Valvrave%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2043.jpg (Seriously, is that supposed to be hot? Dammit Japan.)
    – I don’t even remember what this was for.
    * To see Shouko grow the hell up
    – Nope. She actually ended up being an awful Prime Minister.
    * To see Akira grow the hell up
    – Yes!
    * To see Saki grow the hell up
    – Nope. Also was absent from a lot of the season, which was weird.
    * To see Haruto to grow the hell up
    – Yes! Though I saw the death coming the moment he let go of his limiter in Ep 22 and that seemed just there for the drama.
    * The Valvrave team have some actual scenes together that’s not just a group shot
    – I think this happened at some point, but I’m not sure.
    * The Valvrave team have some actual chemistry
    – Nooooope.
    * More L-Elf.
    – Yay!

    Huh, 5/11.

  30. OK, I think perhaps the most important thing this series underscores (besides the usual questions about humanity and transcending/abandoning it) is that in the modern, electronically interconnected world it is becoming increasingly hard to run a secret conspiracy council of 101 style. Look how hard have fallen regimes in so many countries since 1989, most recently in the Middle East. The scenes where people worldwide commenting on the events unfolding and taking the initiative themselves is almost mirror to so many revolutions of the real life.

    As for the final episode, I must admit the fight against Cain was epic, complete with “gattai” of L-11 and Haruto, and self-sacrifice of Haruto himself, and reunion of Pino and Prue.

    The fate of the alphanumeric commando squad was handled pretty well too: X-1 goes down in the blaze of glory trying to avenge H-9, and even earns commendation from Cain himself (A-grade performance!). Q-4 dies being his omnicidal maniac self to the end, happy to fight strongest opponent ever. And A-3 is the one to take him out, and lives to become probable founder of the new dynasty (nice catch with the flowers, literally!).

  31. If anything was good after the ending credits it would have to be that I personally thought everybody’s hair looked fabulous at the wedding. Though I have to say….the f*ck you doing there Iori…Inori…-I don’t care anymore- being all happy and whatever? I liked the fact that her friend actually told her “did you actually see Haruto kill your dad?” FACE!!! Plus this may seem bad but I’m going with Enzo…I’m glad Q-vier is dead. You may say he’s a trouble child and whatever but I don’t care…his voice and attitude annoyed the living daylights out of me and he killed freaking Thunder.

  32. I really liked the show.
    While I agree about what you said in your last paragraph Enzo, I have to say though, I never really asked myself when watching the show whether something was supposed to be serious or not, intentionally funny or not. I just enjoyed the show. I think it’s sad that some people seem to be unable to do so.
    Not that I liked him, H-neun was my favorite, but I’m actually pretty happy Q Vier survived until the last episode. Usually he’s the kind who gets killed first.

    1. The writer himself has said it’s supposed to be a mystery, and he’s not telling. So suck on that… My guess is A-Drei is the father (I think we’re supposed to believe L-Elf has renounced pleasures of the flesh and become sort sort of priest) but who knows.

    1. L-Elf and Shouko was still deepen sadden by Haruto’s death and since both lost someone important. So as they got close and comfort each other out popped a baby. She manage to break free from her sorrows and from there she turned immortal after having her child.

    2. As far as I’m aware, there’s been no suggestion that kamitsuki are infertile and no hard proof that kamitsuki and humans can’t breed. So it could be anyone’s kid. Or grandkid or great-grandkid or something. Kid might even be descended from Haruto and Saki.

  33. Feel really sorry for Haruto he is one of the protagonist I don’t want him to suffer anymore in the entire series and have happy life (with saki).
    Also big salute to every supported cast who died many of them were too nice to die.
    Rest In Peace, ;__;

    ps. Hope Super Robot Wars decide to take Valrave in and make optional or true happy ending for them.

  34. – Jewbro dies to ensure that Haruto and Shoko will eventually find their love for each other. Haruto successfully becomes resolute about his love for Shoko after his sacrifice, what he does with it? Fights fully aware that he is losing his memories and is going to die without confessing anything to Shoko.

    – Realizes that the whole issue with the series in itself was the fact that he hid the main story from Shoko to begin with What does he do with this revelation? Explains nothing to Shoko and dies, losing his memories before explaining anything.

    – Haruto, on the moon decides to himself that if he is going to die, that he should do what he wants to do because he will die either way. What does he do with it? Did not confess love to Shoko, did not explain anything to Shoko, did not solve matters with Saki, did not apologize for hiding the truth from Shoko. Did not apologize for killing her father. Jesus.

    What a waste of everything good they could have built up about Haruto..

    This episode was a terrible ending. I mean terrible as in, not for the characters, but it nearly ruined the whole show for me. Come on sunrise…what was the break in the cour for

    1. Haruto didn’t want to confess to Shoko, he only wanted to leave a mark in the world to make his existence meaningful, change things for the people he cares about. That was what he resolved in the Moon. He accepted he was going to die but not before changing them. He fulfilled his promise to L-Elf. They had a promise to unveil the truth to the world and Haruto only died after helping L-Elf doing that. His romantic feelings with Shoko were just pointless drama fodder to make him look noble, nothing substantial.

      Who is “Jewbro”? Dog?

  35. I barely ever watched crazy shows like this and I will remember Valvrare being the one that made me realize how much fun they can be.I started liking season 1 more & more with each passing episode and the 2nd season was honestly my most anticipated show of fall(that was also because nothing else caught my eye from previews back then too though).

    The 2nd season of Valvrare took a much more serious & darker aproach though which I personally really enjoyed.It didn’t take me too long to accept this more serious version of the crazy Valvrare I knew because I felt the 1st season was already going down that path.This has actually been my 2nd favorite show of fall,until this ending.I’ll be honest here: at some points in this season I forgot that Valvrare was a show where you shouldn’t ask too many questions and just enjoy the ride but this is most likely the case with a lot of viewers.My inexperience with crazy shows such as this still showed off though and as a result,I ended up being not just disappointed but also a bit angry at this ending.

    In the end,I can’t say I didn’t have lots of fun watching Valvrare but MEEEEEHHHHH!I’ll need a bit to get over this lackluster ending.Still,it was a damn fun ride,Sunrise.From now on I’ll be watching more of these types of shows but I’ve learned my lesson not to expect much in the long run.

    As someone on another blog said: The best part about a trainwreck is the wild ride, the worst is when it comes to an end.

  36. There are more plotholes in the ending than swiss cheese here… I actually liked the ending initially, this was a heck of a second series… But seriously, open endings are nice, but don’t mistake them for plotholes.

  37. Perhaps the Module 77 government members decided to all become Kamitsuki to build and keep the peace seen in the future? They’re the only ones capable of piloting the remaining Valvraves. Although, I would imagine that would cause some issues from the view of the “normal” humans, but maybe they were given some amnesty when backed by the Royalists and maybe even the president.

    That could also explain why the prompt changed the question. Those who believed in the future shown became Kamitsuki.


  38. Not sure if any of this was mentioned earlier because I’m already late for class and can’t read all the comments but:
    The kid can’t be L-elf and Shoukos ’cause if it’s happening after a several hundred of years of timeskip (they have gooey aliens, after all) and the kid is around 8-12 (hard to rate age in anime) than L-elf had to be immortal as well, which he can’t be.
    Also, this:
    I saw some more official magazine artwork (SFW ofc) with these guys but I only saw the girl once as part of a background crowd. So what was even the point of promoting new characters if they’re not even going to use them?!

  39. While, yes, this ending was not great (I honestly expected it to suck after all of the build up left one 22 minute episode to resolve everything), I don’t think the whole show was any less enjoyable to watch. Yes, the show did not take itself as seriously as most sci-fi mecha dramas, but you know what? I didn’t take it that seriously either. That made it that much more entertaining to watch. Of course I could go and analyze the shit out of everything and start pointing out faults, but that would make me feel like I’m criticizing a cubist painting for having unrealistic proportions. I think there are just some show like this that we have to take at face value. Take it as seriously as it took itself, and Kakumeiki Valvrave is way more enjoyable. If I took this show more seriously than I did, my laundry list of “WTF that doesn’t make sense, etc.” would just ruin everything for me and I wouldn’t have enjoyed the ride for what it was.

    TL;DR Sometimes you have to throw on the stupid cap and take the show as seriously as it takes itself to enjoy it fully.

    As for the timeskip stuff, I already explained what I think will happen with the Valvrave series in my comment from the last episode here. Essentially I view it as a prequel of sorts to a greater universe if Sunrise so wishes to expand upon it, otherwise it would also stand on its own as a series.

  40. Season 2 exceeded all of my expectations. This was a wonderful ride on all accounts. It did what most series are scared to pull off. Each death hit harder with every episode, but no one died in vain. Haruto’s was especially tragic. Kira from Gundam Seed was supposed to go out in the final battle against Rau, but they turned pussy at the last minute and kept him alive. The drama between the characters and the stories really felt real. This was an epic end to the show. I didnt think they were gonna finish it with one episode but they did. Notice how none of the other pilots lost their memories. Its cause only Unit 1 sucked out runes. Everyone that complains about how it ended needs to sit down, shut up, and watch it again. There are a bunch of fags on RC complain for the dumbest reasons. Valvrave is one the best shows of the season and one of the top mecha/sci-fi series hands down!

    1. Okay, what did Valvrave do that “most series are scared to pull off”? Do you mean the rape? Because when other shows try that, they usually HAVE A POINT TO IT besides shock value.

      Other than that, there is NOTHING that sets this show apart. It’s a crazy-ass ride, and it was fun at parts, but this is nothing new.

  41. Man that sucked. This series had a lot of great things going for it but also a lot of the most stupid things. Still I enjoyed it for what it was, I was really hating first season until I just accepted it as it’s own thing and not take things too seriously.

    I liked how sunrise got to experiment here and hope they learn what made valvare so entertaining and apply it to better projects(mostly their great cast of character interactions). Kinda like how kawamori used Aquarion to experiment and he turned out some amazing stuff after that series.

    Anyway I had a lot of fun with Seishun and guardian Enzo providing their input, it was part of the enjoyment with this series that made it more fun. So thanks to RC for covering the show.

  42. So, I’ve really enjoyed this show throughout pretty much the entire two seasons, but what disappointed me was 1) we never got to know who Haruto would end up with. From the first season, I really wanted him to be with Saki, especially with all those scenes, but when we got to the second season, there were pretty much no hints whatsoever, and that disappointed me, because what I love most is romance. 2) How it ended. (Ofc, im pretty sure a lot of people were also upset with how it ended….)

    Other than that, everything was great 🙂

  43. in the end,its has been a wonderful ride and it will have been more awesome if haruto didnt die.(seriouly sunrise why…..i mean WHY!!!)but hey,the prince? third season? i surely hope so and i wish to live long enough to wastch the third season or ova if they make so(….lol?)

  44. Honestly the end has too many unanswered question we did see the revolution to fight the concil but how did they know who is who? Also how can they kill the council we saw how there wounds healed in the bodies they posses unless there whole body is gone but from the end pic there so many blood….

    Also how did the students stand gain recognition after what happened I dont think the world would have easily accepted them even it was a too shock & conflict to all.How did the others became immortal? unless they use the Valrave which has only had 3 units & seeing Shouko in the future she took over to Haruto. Also the statue of the knights that protected there kingdom were more than just a few people, did fight another battle or are those the student who were killed that day?

    Too many unsolve question they might need a OVA or a special to wrap this up properly…. as the prince we know that they will never going to tell us *sign* on the other had I love Adrie catching the flower that was nice & all the girls was piss^^

  45. I sort of liked s01 more. It was wild, throwing wicked curveballs and totally breaking out of the mecha/anime tropes many shows fall victims to and recycle. Then ending was fitting, wasn’t it in s01 that we see Saki explaining about the hero’s who sacrificed themselves? I’m not sure why people get upset when the main protagonist dies, he gave his life for a cause he believed it. Who the hell can complain with that!?

  46. Ok, all ends well?
    Would be nice for Prue to elaborate on his relationship with Cain.
    (Prue…RAVE :P)

    Wonder how far in the future is the final scene?
    What is the how much time did the ED sequence span?
    I suppose the ‘Holy Spirits’ age much slower?

    Shoko reminds me of some Jedi trying to befriend aliens or something.

    Yup, theres the mystery of the Prince still left unsolved.
    And there seems to be lots of empty space to slot in other tales.
    The council folks are all masked, unmask one and he or she can be an antagonist in a side story.

    Has the Valvrave anime set up a viable platform for further tales?
    Somehow it seems to be missing something compared to the Gundams and Code Geass.
    Wonder how is the UnderTaker alternate story like.

    Perhaps the viewership isn’t good therefore it rushed to conclusion?

    A sequel?
    Perhaps in 6 years like Eureka 7? 😛


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