「急げ風のように」 (Isoge Fu No Yo Ni )
“Ride Like The Wind”

Here we go. The Tri-City raid is here and it’s every bit as crazy as we thought it would be. Psychological attacks, guns that shoot money, composite meat armor tanks, football players, rulebooks as weapons, pomp and circumstance as an audio weapon—the list goes on. There’s a bevy of ridiculous weapons and defenses from both ends this time around, and I had quite the chuckle watching an episode that was more over the top than usual. Did I mention there were some fabulous poses too? You know, like this? I wasn’t aware I was watching Yu-Gi-Oh! either.

Raid aside though, the general outcome of the fight ends up overwhelmingly on Satsuki’s side as expected, which leaves the main purpose of this episode not so much the raid itself, but about Matoi’s return to the battlefield. Coming off of last episode, the pressing question many of us had about Senketsu was answered in the first few minutes—Matoi managed to keep the one piece that was him—and it’s a development that does leave me torn reaction-wise. Because whereas this revelation sets up nicely for Matoi’s return and emphasizes the connection she has with Senketsu, it’s an anticlimactic finish that didn’t fulfill a lot of the potential development we could’ve gotten here.

Even Matoi’s reclamation of all the Senketsu patches (minus one) was accomplished within the span of about 30 seconds, and it makes you wonder what it is they’re in such a rush to show. I mean, there probably is a lot to show considering the future involvement with Ragyo and Revocs, but it just seems like a waste that they’re not taking advantage of this opportunity to grow Matoi’s character. Instead, she’s suddenly a girl who has “changed,”is “no longer the same,” and was ridiculously calm considering the circumstances she found herself in the beginning of the episode. It’s kind of like they just wanted to do something that wasn’t expected or something of the sort.

Of course, all aforementioned doesn’t change the fact it was another fun episode, but it just feels like a pity that the series doesn’t seem to be hitting the potential it has. I will however, reserve some judgement for now, because we haven’t seen how they’re planning to develop things from here yet. It’s entirely possible that they make up for the missed chance here by incorporating development in the upcoming Satsuki fight, so I guess we’ll see how things work out from here. In the meanwhile, have some full-lengths.

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    1. Since Diebuster has been mentioned, I MUST link to this.

      Actually, the whole motorcycle part reminded me alot of Re Cutie Honey. Esp the random same-face mooks getting owned and bike-face riding. Hell, lots of things in KlK remind me of it(I think ReCH is made by Gainax as well?).

      Mako actually catching those bullet bills at point-blank range kinda makes her feel on par with the Elite Four, given how Sanageyama was doing the same thing(of course there were more machineguns when Sanage was doing it, just saying it gave me that impression).

      1. It might be a mix and match of different homages, like cutie honey but I think I saw a little bit of kamen rider in there, especially how she appeared from an explosion with a bike sound that echoes ever so slightly.

  1. I’m not surprised that reconstituting Senketsu occurred at such a breakneck pace. Kill la Kill has always been full speed ahead. Character development occurs in broad, sudden strokes not building slowly like Nagi no Asukara. Matoi wasn’t going to be spending 5 or 6 episodes fighting cannon fodder to collect the patches. As for plot development I am bracing for a sudden explosion of exposition from someone (probably by someone who likes to make lots of fabulous poses) explaining the backstory. Matoi’s entrance on the motorcycle wearing the scarf and yellow-tinted glasses was truly epic. That moment was what Kill la Kill is all about for me. As long as it keeps delivering those moments it has reached near perfection. BTW the OST track for the instrumental “don’t lose your way” is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivGK89pbcX0 (at least for the first 1:40).

    1. Yes, it’s always been full speed ahead, but it has had its moments where it slowed down a tad bit to allow for some development. I felt like this was one of the moments they could’ve done so. I’m not asking for 5-6 episodes, I just preferred something more than the 30 seconds we got here.

      Again, it ultimately depends on what they do from here. It’s highly possible they can get the same impact in a different way, which is why I mentioned that there’s definitely the potential regardless. Not saying what they did was terrible here at all. It just makes me wonder what they’re planning to do in the future.

  2. This is very much in vein of the earlier episode concerning the “Naturals Election” or whatever it was called (too lazy to go back and check :P). Not all that interesting plot-wise, but definitely a fun ride nonetheless.

    Yeah Kill la Kill is not really developing Ryuuko, but it’s now clear it was never about a serious story line or character development. This show is about pure, over the top action given at a breakneck speed with the occasional slapstick comedy piece to alleviate the suspense. Nevertheless there is “something” which remains plot wise we have yet to look forward to, there is no reason for rushing through the Tri-City conquering campaign otherwise.

    Can’t be the only one too who laughed at using meat for a protective barrier for the pseudo-T-90 MBT obtained by the Kyoto school. ‘Murican football and perfectly marbled beef, has to be an American joke in there somewhere.

    1. You kidding? If you seen enough anime eventually the infamous Kobe beef will make an appearance 😛

      Except this time f*ck eating it, let’s use it as ARMOUR, because ‘Murica.

    2. It may very well end being a show about pure, over the top action, which is fine. I love my over the top shows as much as everyone else, and this show in particular has definitely been of the “entertaining variety.”

      I’m just felt like this show could’ve been the entire package, ya know? But yeah, again, if it turns out to be an over the top action, I’ll be fine with it. Just for now, while we’re not 100% sure, I’d like to think there are things they want to do here aside from that.

    3. You’re not the only one, I wanted a good storyline to go along with what were obviously excellent philosophical themes (one of the few animes recently to even venture into that territory) and the Arnie class action we keep getting treated to. The problem is how KLK seems to be backing away from that promise as the uncertainty over the plot reveals. Whether that is due to Trigger’s budget or hesitancy in biting off more than they can chew, beats me.

      I am holding out hope though our theoreticizing regarding Satsuki’s mother as the ultimate antagonist holds some truth as it would be a shame if all KLK offered was over-the-top action.

    4. Considering the writer said this before the show aired:

      “Initially we were making a battle-manga type show, but it changed to character drama. The battle-show planned for a complete story ended up becoming a work where regular characters’ development/drama will be thoroughly explored. The work coincidentally became much more interesting from there.”

      Or the CEO of trigger said this:

      “The core of Kill la Kill is in its second half; during our scenario meetings, we were constantly laughing and had fun while coming up with the first half of the story, but as we approached the end our expressions became more and more serious and our faces paler and paler (laughs).”

      That would be some really false advertising on their part if all we’re gonna get is silly over the top action.

      1. And the thing is that they’re doing a lot in terms of introducing concepts and things they seem to intentionally want to talk about, but they also don’t seem to be exploring it past a certain level. Makes you wonder if they intend to go deeper at some point or are going to continue with it the way it is.

        I mean I’d be fine if they kept it the way it is, but I can’t help but feel they’re hinting at stuff here but not quite giving us the whole story atm.

      1. Mako is the kind of character where she can side with the antagonists and I’d still be 100% for that, because she’s just an entertaining character! She can do whatever, and no one will have a problem.

  3. This episode was awesome, as usual for Kill la Kill. Zeph, in case you haven’t noticed, this series has been paced fast since the first episode. It’s just the direction of this series. Stip expecting some slow ass plot development, you’re watching the wrong series. Getting real tired off your bitching and whining every post.

    1. Then feel free not to read them. I see no point in censoring what my thoughts and feelings about an episode and most people would agree that there would be no reason for me to do so.

      Furthermore, you don’t seem to know what bitching and whining means, because none of my comments are doing that at all. It’s merely me saying there was a venue to develop something here and it’s interesting that they decided not to use that chance. You’ll note that I point out the potential of it being done differently, and that future episodes may show exactly why they chose to do things differently, and that’s why I’m reserving some judgment. So it’s not as if I said this was a terrible episode at all, and I even said it “was another fun episode.”

      So please. If there’s any bitching and whining, it’s coming from your end. Just because it’s not a glowing positive review doesn’t mean it’s automatically a negative or bitching/whining review either. Let’s not let your bias skewer what was written and what my intent was.

      EDIT: To add on, you clearly missed the fact that just last episode I wrote a pretty positive review, and that I’ve been generally positive throughout most of the series. So >”whining every post.” Two posts with some negatives does not “every post” make.

    2. Yo asshole. I LOVE this show. but I also don’t 100% agree with his opinion, BUT I have the maturity to see where he, and other posters are coming from with their Criticisms (which ARE VALID)

      Stop being a vapid fanboy and ruining it for all the other fans of the series, if you don’t like Zeph’s opinion, you can serve yourself a can of Shut the Fuck up.

  4. In a sense this episode is THE anti-thesis to all those “long journey” arcs that lasts episodes or even the entire duration of the show’s run. Even the raid’s preparations lasted longer than this.

    Anyway, who else is glad that not everything is going as smoothly as it seems for the 3 raids (ie. the Osaka raid’s at a standstill)?

    1. It may have been, which could be very daring decision or hmmm.

      And yeah, I was actually surprised the raid didn’t work out as smoothly in Osaka than the other places. Satsuki actually airdropping personally was particularly surprising, though both of these were pleasant surprises to say the least.

    2. I’m glad too. I’m a bit tired of Satsuki being presented as the uber-perfect villain, so I have to admire a bit the Osaka guy for forcing the Lady to get her hands dirty (in her Life Fiber dress and with a piece of Senketsu too, no joke).

      Ironically, the Osaka guy has many similarities with her. Family that owns a powerful company? Using their family’s money to control their high school, even the whole city, and raise and army? “Screw the rules, I have money”? And according to the preview, he seems to have his own kind of transforming uniform. Interesting.

      1. Indeed, he does have quite a bit in terms of similarity. He’s basically the “uncultured” version of Satsuki if you will. Whereas the latter can mobilize the masses on force of personality and not need the money she has, the former pretty much tosses away his personality and relies only on his money. Yet both are able to mobilize the masses in one way or another, and it’s interesting that they decided to put this in there.

        Makes you wonder though. Part of me does expect him to be quickly dispatched next episode, but I’m also getting the feeling Matoi may step in before that happens. In turn it could lead to the Raid failing, and set up a pretty interesting chain of events as a result.

      2. Well, I’m not sure about the Raid falling, but after reading your post I began wondering about it. That Kansai was the only place outside Satsuki’s control was hinted before in the series, so the Raid must have been planned long ago. But since then, Ryuko has been a Spanner in the Works:
        -Those tracksuits look jarring until you remember Ryuko trashed most clubs beforehand.
        -The Naturals Election ended with the Elite Four losing their ultra-powerful uniforms.
        -The Senketsu patches allowed them to win their fights in the first two high schools… but not in the third one, and now Ryuko has recovered all of them but one.

        But maybe I’m thinking too much about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Satsuki or that Osaka guy strikes back with a gian shark gun or something xD

  5. Everytime they introduce a conflict that would be solved in many episodes, they solve it within one! And then introduce more unexpected twists, then finish THOSE, and introduce more! This show keeps on bringing the surprise genre busting! I wonder where this will get them all by the end!

  6. This was single-handedly the most boring episode of the whole series.

    In fact every episode with heavy emphasis on fighting (6 and pretty much all of the naturals election arc) has been boring.

    It was said this show was supposed to be a “character drama” between Ryuuko and Satsuki. Heh. As if.

    They really missed a chance here I think and are beginning to show so many plot inconsistencies. What was the point of the data collected on Ryuuko if the schools they’d be trying to conquer were so weak? If Ryuuko is the only one that can hear Senketsu what was that nonsense in the beginning about Aikuro making a voice impression?

    The fights have been sooooo uninspiring. It really was the character moments that made this show. Ryuuko’s interactions with Satsuki, Mako, Aikuro, Gamagoori – that was where the fun and interest lay (IMHO).

    Ah well, the series isn’t over yet.

    1. Well, Mako’s eyes is strange.. Perhaps she is a Artificial created Human Life form… With Memories of the real Mako?

      How knows, right now i only see this kind of Eyes only on Mako.. Is it not strange? I just wondering that no one see this little detail…

      And Ryuuko let had Mako have Senkestu Eye/Mind/Soul. So she is not that bad.

  7. The only thing that bothered me was when Matoi showed up to each school to collect senketsu patches (at world record speeds) and the same generic music plays each time. Felt like I was watching the same scene multiple times.

  8. STOP TRYING TO FIT THIS SHOW INTO A MOLD! It can’t be! Just jump on for the ride! Just when you think they are going to do something they do the opposite! That’s the point! Nothing is obvious about this show! There is so much story left to tell. For anyone to have watched this many episodes and not realize that the writers have everything well planned out should stop watching now and move to that beach front property in Arizona! :-p

  9. Hold up, hold up, hold UP!

    The last piece of Senketsu that Satsuki has is the glove?!

    What the actual fuck? Wasn’t that glove given to Ryuuko by Aikuro?!

    The school uniform was what was ripped to shreds. The glove, an accessory for giving Senketsu blood, isn’t directly part of the uniform! So just how is it the final piece of Senketsu (besides, you know, getting blood to the uniform faster?).

    Also why did Mako react to Ryuuko and Senkestu’s conversation (when Senketsu says the last piece of the uniform was with Satsuki)?

    Again why did Ryuuko think Aikuro was mimicking Senketsu when she’s the only person that can hear him?

    I know this show is supposed to have a sparse plot but damn, you’d think with a sparse plot continuity would be easy.

  10. Thanks for being open minded about this show Zephyr and not giving up on it for not being extremely emotionally resonate or profound.

    I agree that it could be more, but we’re this far in and writers seem content in having a ball with their budget.


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