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Happy Belated New Year! Here’s your late Christmas present: a podcast with a new format! After failed uploads, lost data, fumbles around the new format, acts of god, and competing with end of year posts, it’s finally here!

We are currently in the process of changing up the podcast format for a few main reasons. First, we’d like to distribute our podcast content as something that appears more bi-weekly or monthly rather than as something that comes up every mid-season and end-season. Second, we’d like to be more flexible in what topics we decide to discuss, rather than being locked into discussing a set number of shows every podcast and a miscellaneous topic. Lastly, editing 2 to 3 hours of content at once is taxing on the editor (either me or Xumbra)–by splitting up the podcast, we’re able to focus on editing the same material over the course of the season, which hopefully will result in better edited segments.

Of course, this is not going to be good for those of you who prefer to listen to a continuous track, so we’ll keep that in mind in the future as we continue to polish this format. Future endeavors include two-person mini-casts on current topics of the week, as well as posting to iTunes (finally) and possibly bringing in the occasional guest to discuss with us from time to time. Please help us out by providing feedback–we love doing these casts for you guys, but we’d love it even more if you helped us improve it as we go!

As for the actual podcast, hope you enjoy it! The material is relevant mainly for last season, but we hope you still gain some knowledge from our analysis and a lightened day with our hijinks. I’m especially proud of how much we screwed up with the format this time, as it provided a nice blooper reel to present to the public! Join us as we reflect on 2013 as a whole and discuss the shows that we felt deserved discussion at the end of the year.

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The 2013 Year in Review | Duration: 51:21 – 96 kbps [flv:rc_podcast_13.mp3 350 0]

Download 160 kbps (59 MB)


Terrible Bloopers | Duration: 21:30 – 96 kbps [flv:rc_podcast_13_bloopers.mp3 350 0]

Download 160 kbps (25 MB)


White Album | Duration: 22:04 – 96 kbps [flv:whitealbum.mp3 350 0]

Download 160 kbps (25 MB)


Kyousogiga | Duration: 13:00 – 96 kbps [flv:kyousogiga.mp3 350 0]

Download 160 kbps (15 MB)


Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova and 3D CGI | Duration: 25:00 – 96 kbps [flv:arsnova.mp3 350 0]

Download 160 kbps (29 MB)


Ace of Diamond | Duration: 08:11 – 96 kbps [flv:aceofdiamond.mp3 350 0]

Download 160 kbps (9 MB)



  1. Glad you guys decided to make more podcasts. Listening to you guys talk about it beats reading it sometimes cause of the emotion and reactions. And that mean I can listening to you guys while I’m doing work. 🙂

  2. I’m really enjoying the podcasts. My only minor qualm is that I found the music during the discussion pretty distracting. Regardless, thanks for taking the time to present this.

  3. Rather than expectations, why not just call it hype? Because trying to predict where any of these shows are going to wind up quality-wise is a crap shoot.

    Even if the PV is good, even if the source material is good, it can still wind up as a big giant animated turd. (Coppellion, IS2, etc. etc.)


    Nyanpasu~! (Non Non Biyori is great to watch when you have a bad cold. So is Acchi Kocchi for that matter.)

  4. Zanibas,whenever I read your perfectly legit complaints about Golden Time I was thinking like: “Daaaaamnnnn,WA2 doesn’t suffer from any of the issues GT has. He’d love it so it’s a damn shame he isn’t watching/blogging it.” Then again,if you were doing that you might’ve dropped GT sooner because it’s almost inevitable to compare the two.

      1. He means a direct download link. Mediafire puts ads in your way for several clicks before you can actually download anything, and tries to make you sign up for a service.

        wget is the name of a command-line program for downloading files. It’s a command-line program and non-interactive, meaning it doesn’t display any pages or buttons for you to click on, so ‘wget-able’ is sometimes used by old-school programmers to mean ‘a direct link, like wget could use, not one where I have to click through a bunch of stuff first, or make a new account, or whatever’.

        If you actually want to do that, I’d suggest signing up for Amazon S3 – go to It’s wholesale-priced server space, literally; I know and have worked for profitable software companies that serve all their content and data from S3. There’s an in-browser console you can use to upload stuff, and it doesn’t require any specialized technical knowledge.

  5. Guys you have to do something about your accents, it’s extremely hard to understand for which anime you are talking about. Try to use timestamps with titles or something. It’s not that your at fault or anything, you have the accent from your own countries, but add this to the varying quality of microphones you’re using and listening becomes really troublesome.

    Also “mea culpa” is used wrong near the end, check wikipedia.

    1. Mea culpa is still approximately meant to be “having made a mistake.” It may not have been “something that could’ve been avoided” (though, theoretically you can say it could’ve been if we gave certain shows a higher expectation level) and doesn’t fit the definition completely in this respect, but it has been and is used in the manner it was meant in the podcast.

      1. Don’t worry so much about latin, the gerenal idea was correctly understood, but the redundant clarification was wrong. It’s OK, we (primarily including myself here) learn by our mistakes. The audio though is an issue, most of the time I found myself guessing from your guests’ comments about which anime they were talking about. I think that it would be relatively effortless to include some timestamps on your blog-posts’ descriptions, and your podcasts would be more appealing to a wider audience not interested into a certain country’s popular culture, when discussing another’s. Whether I and others agree or not with your opinions, you should understand that a lot of people are interested in your perspective, and it would help a lot, if you consider us too, and not just certain distributors that pay up now your ads 😉

  6. Geez, I really love how social you guys are though. Instead of just being a couple of writers on a blog that don’t know each other really, you guys are pretty comfortable with each other. Woo for great dynamic!

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