「どうにもとまらない」 (Do Ni Mo Tomara Nai)
“Don’t Stop Me Now”

Going back to the topics I started on last week, Kill la Kill is increasingly looking like a series that seems more action-oriented than story-oriented. Because like many previous episodes, this week’s episode delivers on the action side of things—providing plenty of flashy fight scenes between the finally deployed Nudist Beach and the Student Council members and between Satsuki and Matoi as well. What does ends up being a hit and a miss are the story developments in between those however, and it’s a pity that this is the case. I love entertaining action series as much as everyone else—in fact, I probably love them more considering my affinity for Kawamori series—but it just feels like there could’ve been more here to develop considering the content and expectations put upon it initially. Don’t get me wrong though, this doesn’t make the series a bad one at all. It merely misses the mark somewhat—which still says a lot more than some of the series we’ve been given in the past year.

That said, one of the things Kill la Kill is really trying to emphasize is the friendship element between Matoi and Senketsu, and how their affinity for one another allows them to reach a power level normally unattainable for someone like her. In this sense, Satsuki’s regard for her Kamui is markedly different, and it’s also apparent why. After all, her involvement in the production of Goku Uniforms make the Kamui merely another piece of clothing to be worn, and her treatment of Junketsu clearly reflects this. And that’s fine. It’s a solid foundation from which to develop things from, sure, but there seems to be a missing component that makes this more than solid, and part of it stems from their inability to give a convincing argument against Satsuki.

Because as many of you may remember, a lot of us mentioned that Matoi was arguably the bad guy within this context—an anti-hero main character more than anything. She came in wielding her scissor sword, and essentially started wrecking things to try and find out information about her father. Meanwhile, Satsuki’s the one with an actual noble goal and a whole legion of loyal supporters—strong ones too—at her side that’d gladly sacrifice their lives for her in the face of any challenge.

Considering these initial developments, the fact that Matoi’s ends up accusing Satsuki of being too heavy handed this week ends up ringing a tad bit hollow—precisely because she was pretty much doing the same kind of carnage initially. Satsuki was the one developed as the paragon of virtue among the two, yet suddenly Matoi’s also one in the span of 2 episodes? It’s unconvincing to say the least—especially when you consider the methods she uses to obtain Satsuki’s sword. Not only that, but Matoi’s accusation that Satsuki is alone just because she doesn’t interact with her Kamui rings hollow as well. Yes, she’s alone in terms that none of her peers can match her skills or charisma and in the Kamui interaction context, but she’s far from alone in terms of allies. With the Student Council by her side, she has at least four people she can rely on when she needs to, and she’s had them for a number of years as well. Number-wise, that’s more than what Matoi has in terms of equivalent strength friends, and just one of Satsuki’s relationships is already longer in length than all of Matoi’s combined.

It makes you wonder if Satsuki wouldn’t have been a better main character instead… but I digress. In general, this episode ultimately ends up being similar to many of the previous. It’s far from a bad episode—especially in terms of action—but it’s also not exactly the pinnacle of the genre either. I will admit there were a few developments here that surprised me—such as how Matoi obtains Satsuki’s blade—but much ends up as expected, and even the ones that surprised me were a tad bit of a hit and miss. Next week however, does seem to hold quite a bit of promise. With the supposed revelation of details surrounding Matoi’s father upcoming, it could very well flip the entire series on its back, and I’m quite interested to what exactly those revelations will entail. Depending on how they do things, it could very well be a game-changer in many respects.




    1. I see that I have been downvoted to supporting Ryuko/Mako. Those downvoters could be rabid Gamako shippers, Sakura Trick haters, yuri haters, Ryuko haters, and/or anti-Ryuko/Mako crusaders.

      Insanity Peggy
      1. Actually, I think they downvoted you because you spammed almost every single post with you Ryuko/Mako ship. Usually people just mention it once but since you “screamed” too loud, it annoys people.

        I don’t really care about the shipping, though. Just here for the Laser Nipples. XD

      2. Ryuuko/Mako is my preferred pairing as well, but I downvoted your comments because I found them annoying. People are allowed to ship something different than what you ship, and popping up every time someone mentions shipping to say, “No, my ship is better!” is going to get on people’s nerves fast.

      1. No offense, Zephyr, but I think you may have missed the mark a bit when Ryuko throws Satsuki’s solitude in her face. I think this series has been very clear about the fact that Satsuki is on a (literal…with lights shining/special music) pedestal above the rest of the cast; while she certainly has loyal allies and fearful followers, she does not have anyone on the same level as her—no peers, no equals, no REAL friends. Even the person that claims to be closest to her, Nonon, readily admits that her goal is to view the world from the same perspective as Satsuki, again illustrating that she is not yet at Satsuki’s level.

        Yes, Ryuko only has Mako and Mako’s family, but let’s not also forget that her original intension for finding her father’s murderer was to find out more about her father in general, and thereby grow closer to him. They’ve set up Ryuko to be Satsuki’s antithesis (foil?) in every way: whereas Ryuko values her friendships, Satsuki has no friendships, whereas Ryuko is a wild child, Satsuki is the paradigm of composed order, etc.

        I think the dialogue in that scene was really just to emphasize that Satsuki’s grand schemes come with a price—though she puts on airs as if she is a “hero,” she is, in fact, a tyrannical dictator. Yes, it was a bit hypocritical for Ryuko to call her out on destroying the city after Ryuko had just destroyed the school, but Satsuki is guilty of hypocrisy as well. Though she claims to want to bring order to the other schools, the ensuing chaos looks nothing like “order” to me.

      2. I did mention that though:

        Yes, she’s alone in terms that none of her peers can match her skills or charisma and in the Kamui interaction context, but she’s far from alone in terms of allies.

        The biggest thing is that it still doesn’t change the fact that Matoi didn’t have much of anything with her up until this point (and even now)—whether friends or anything. If you’re talking alone in figurative terms, Matoi was theoretically the lonelier out of the two (and theoretically still is) And if anything, Satsuki may not have any peer or equal and is alone in that sense, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have people who support her and want to be (or believe that they are) her friend/comrade. I’d hesitate to call that true loneliness. Even those without peers/equal at the top can have friends and support that makes them less so, or not lonely at all. At the very least, it’s better than Matoi and her essential solo streak throughout most of the series.

        That said, the bigger point I’m trying to illustrate is that it makes no sense that they’re trying to stretch this as a reason as to why Matoi’s grown in power comparable to Satsuki, because the latter clearly has a superior foundation from which to obtain power from in terms of willpower and literal means with the Student Council around her.

        As for the the order part… when you think about it… I don’t know about that. Satsuki’s proven herself willing to everything and anything necessary to ultimately obtain the control she wants, and that clearly included tearing down all enemies in her path to do so. The result is that she can then re-order everything under her, and it’s clear that this is end she’s been aiming for this entire time. In this sense, what she’s doing with the tri-raid isn’t hypocritical at all, because it fits exactly what her intent was (destroy and rebuild) and it’s intent that while noble, is not heroic by any means, and she knows it. But at the very least, she clearly has the resolve to carry it out, has always had it, and it’s something that should put her a leg up on Matoi, yet doesn’t.

      3. I agree that you might be missing the ‘deeper’ point Zeph, Satsuki and Matoi both started out alone. Matoi has built up a (admittedly) small network of true friends and ‘family’ while Satsuki has amassed followers and ‘allies’. In the traditional sense Satsuki is ‘alone’. I had a few people like that I knew in Highschool that seemed like they had a million friends but really they were just known by a lot of people and had ‘acquaintances’ with others- never really getting close to anyone though. Turned out they were very depressed and lonely people (until they broke out of that shell after highschool and told us how it really was back then). Matoi exists for the purpose of proving to Satsuki that while her goal may be noble, her methods are wrong. (and if thats too subtle just look at all the cross references between the school and naziism/fascism the show itself uses)

      4. I think the whole thing is about the understanding. Satsuki has no one that understands her, just people who will follow her. No matter how much Ira loves his Satsuki-sama, he can’t truly understand her ambitions and desires. Also, in that moment, I think Ryuko was talking specifically about her relantionship with Junketsu. She sees him as merely a piece of clothing, something to be used in name of gaining power, whereas Ryuko views Senketsu as a friend, as someone who will always support her and be one with (remember the parte of Before My body is dry that says “in your mind we come to be as one”? Yep. That). That same relantionship could be the one she has with the Elite Four and everyone else. Satsuki is, in the end, a version o Nobunaga and like him she’s someone who’ll put her ambition in front of everything else.
        Ryuko, however, struggled all the time to not be alone. Finding her dad, saving Mako, understanding Senketsu. All she did was for the sake of being together with others, to be equals with them, respecting and helping.
        Ultimately, it boils down to intention and to the symbolism of each of their journeys and relationships with their Kamui: Power x Friendship.

      5. And again, I did mention the fact that it can be said that Satsuki is alone in that respect. But my question is, does this mean that the Student Council following her mean nothing? And are you telling me that Matoi’s few month friendship with Senketsu is something strong enough to overcome the fact that Satsuki’s had the charisma and resolve she’s had for multiple years now? That one friend whom you’ve just barely patched back up your friendship only a day prior is suddenly enough to overpower the sheer willpower that Satsuki had to possess to get to this point? I don’t buy it. There’s not enough development on Matoi’s part for this to be equivalent in my opinion. I understand if you don’t feel this is the case, but that’s just how I see things.

        – – –

        On that note, I’m glad that the fascism element was mentioned, because there seems to be a misconception here. Fascism by itself is neither good or bad. Nor does it mean any and all fascist regimes will become or is equivalent to what the Nazi’s were. There seems to be a tendency to see fascism as automatically something that’s a “bad thing” because many fascist regimes throughout history have done many atrocities that we remember to this day. This makes sense. But at the same time, this does NOT mean the fascism concept IS actually inherently negative. That’s just historical bias.

        Furthermore, it has to be noted that a lot of these negatives were because a vast majority of fascist regimes strayed from their initial goals and added things like genocide to the agenda, and this is important, because whereas Satsuki did level most of Osaka, she did not kill the people living there despite being given the chance. Furthermore, she has shown that she actually will stick to her original intentions even when tempted to stray (the fact that Matoi gives her back her blade assuming she wouldn’t take the chance to strike again proves this), and one cannot say that a regime led by her would necessarily be a bad one for its citizens.

        So if we’re going to bring in fascism to the discussion, let’s not put in historical biases into the equation. Because if we’re going to say fascism is inherently bad, then we can also say communism is inherently bad, and the flip side can also say democracies are also inherently bad. It’s just not true. There are positives and negatives to every political system. It depends on who’s running it, how they run it, whether or not they stick to the original intent of the system, and which side you’re on whether it is negative or positive. And from my perspective, a regime run by Satsuki wouldn’t exactly be the worst thing in the world, considering the alternative of Ragyo potentially running the show instead. So let’s not automatically say what Satsuki’s doing is a “bad thing” either.

        ***And before anyone accuses me of being a fascist supporter or some ridiculous thing like that, let me clearly state that I have no affiliations to them at all. I’m just making an objective point about beliefs in general.

      6. What this argument ultimately reveal is the difference in the leadership between Ryuuko and Satsuki. Fascism in this sense is one side of the coin of leadership. Satsuki is the Fuerher, the leader ultimate. She can neither be challenged nor questioned because to be the leader is to be at the level of god. She is not as much an individual as much as the personification of utopia and what the state should be. Clothing for Satsuki (i.e Jenketsu) is simply the trappings of homogeneity, the means to bring men together under one collective. She doesn’t control Jenketsu, but she definitely directs its focus. It’s a subtle difference that can be related best to Hitler’s and Mussolini’s reign. Both dictators weren’t as much in control as they dabbled in what interested them and simply gave the rest broad goals to work towards how they saw best (working for absolutes rather than specifics). Best example is Generalplan-Ost, Hitler’s grand scheme for post-war Russia. He literally left everything bar the final result up to his inferiors. Therefore in this sense God does not deal with the comings and goings of mortals, but he definitely directs their primary focus.

        Now Ryuuko represents liberty and freedom, the capacity to do what you will with the risk of having to take full responsibility should you fail. You thus have full control over what you do, but cannot blame it on others should you not succeed. Her leadership is symbiosis and compromise, coming together to be stronger than the individual units are alone against a common threat (see the war between Persia and ancient Greece). Each sacrifices to acquire this state, but each then benefits more than they would alone. Both Ryuuko and Senketsu each must sacrifice some individuality to acquire power, but in return gain that power needed to combat Satsuki.

        Before the downvotes start know that Zephyr is right, fascism by itself is not inherently bad. It is simply one means via which society may choose to govern itself. When compared to another system we may view it as bad, but that is because we possess certain biases that cause us to favour one system over another. Humanity is inherently subjective, we always view that which gives us the reward as best system, forgetting that there is ALWAYS someone given the short end of the stick. Although I am personally for democracy, I could as easily form an argument for why we should have plutocracy, anocracy, authoritarianism, totalitarianism, republicanism, theocracy, or any other form of political order you can imagine. What Kill la Kill shows is how each choice is corrupt no matter what you choose. Both Ryuuko and Satsuki possess key faults that detract from their idealistic cause. What answer ends up being correct depends both on who is the winner of the conflict and the personal biases of the observer. Like many before us, Ryuuko and Satsuki are in a fight over just what the best system is for humanity to govern itself. One is for liberty, another for security, and like all previous answers neither will ever come out as victor.

      7. Let’s just put it this way Zephyr. Under a fascist government, this blog might not even exist. Kill la kill would be banned. Would you think anyone who visits this blog might even consider fascism to be a good thing?

        Also, you said that ” And from my perspective, a regime run by Satsuki wouldn’t exactly be the worst thing in the world, considering the alternative of Ragyo potentially running the show instead. So let’s not automatically say what Satsuki’s doing is a “bad thing” either.”

        That was what a large segment of people considered when the States attacked Afghanistan/Irag. So I would wonder if America were to attack and conquer North Korea and establish a democratic government there, would you support this kind of foreign policy?

      8. Actually, under a facist govt, RC might be the ONLY blog to exist. Again, you’re taking historical context to imply that facism is inherently bad. Zephyr is saying that the institution isn’t bad, but that it HAS been used for terrible ends. In KLK’s case, Satsuki has a “noble goal” in mind and (likely due to her raising and her family’s legacy) that her idea is infallible. It’s not 100% known what her goal is (because KLK has so much secrecy) but I honestly don’t think Gamagoori and Sanageyama would join her cause just because she was more powerful. I really believe the two of them are at their core too pure hearted to continue to follow Satsuki if her goals were truly evil. It’s very likely that Satsuki wants to make the world a better place (or at least her IDEAL place) and understanding that it takes overwhelming power to achieve your goals, has decided on a facist route to ensure it comes to fruition. So in this case, this would be noble facism. (sounds oxymoronic but its not.)

  1. Nudist Beach mechs reminded me of Star War’s Walkers…also, Jazukure’s solo destruction of their base camp seems to be a homage to Luke Skywalker’s destruction of the Death Star?

  2. Whoever said that episode 16 is the actual midway point looks to be right since we will finally get some form of explanation for what happened. Hopefully it gives some more meat to the story here because there are quite a few episodes left. Action wise it still is pretty amazing just how far Trigger has stretched their funds, this episode would have be damn awesome if they were able to throw more cash at it.

    Interesting part of this episode was Satsuki’s claim that all men are driven by fear. Begs the question of just what she is really trying to accomplish (what fearful thing she is trying to remove). Come on Trigger, make Satsuki’s mother the ultimate enemy, you know you want to.

  3. Well, this show just admitted that its all flash. Straight from Satsuki’s mouth “you’re all flash and no substance”. That said, it was entertaining (especially those oddly eye catching glowing nipples) but by the end I just shrug it off and move on.

  4. Ryuko+Satsuki OTP please?

    On a serious note even though I love to ship those two characters together (opposites attract you know?) I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to happen. Though at least on the romance side we get a few good ships going with Jakuzure and Inumuta, and possibly Mako and Gamagoori that have been shown some love in this episode.

    The Episode in itself was enjoyable, the anal rape of that Takarada, the true companionship of Ryuko and Senkutsu, and the fight scenes, it just wrapped up very nicely though truth be told. However I am not looking for next weeks episode since it has the potential of becoming a broken base moment for this particular series.

    There’s a lot of people on the fence with this series, given it’s unusual style, philosophy and storytelling aspects that either makes you love it and just plain hate it at the same time. I personally love it, but I can sympathize with Zephyr feeling like it just didn’t hit the mark, I guess it’s matter of perspective in more ways than one.

    1. OTP-level ships: Ryuko/Satsuki = Ryuko/Mako = Satsuki/Nonon
      Okay ships: Nonon/Houta = Mako/Ira
      Comparison: Ryuko/Satsuki = Ryuko/Mako = Satsuki/Nonon >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
      Nonon/Houta = Mako/Ira

      Insanity Peggy
    1. Slow down, son. It’s like you watched your very first episode of KLK. Ryuko and Mako have been together far more than Mako and Ira. Come on, show some love for Ryuko/Mako.

      Insanity Peggy
  5. After rewatching the entire series, I actually noticed something peculiar.

    Whenever Matoi transforms into half naked super siyan mode, she actually looks a lot like Satsuki’s mother. Coincidence?

    I’ve also noticed that men with glowing pink nipples is the latest fab nowadays…. I’m so behind the times T.T

      1. I think you’re getting the wrong idea in here. Although the fan-service (because all the pairings in Kill la Kill are just that, blatant fan-service) for Ryuko/Mako was the first one to appear, the relationship they share relies, at the end of the day, only on the opinion of the fans. Let me explain myself; Kill la Kill, in the most plausible scenario, will end up with no real/cannon pairings. Maybe there’d be some hints onto what some characters may think about others, but I’m pretty sure there is not going to be anything concrete on the romance level. So the only ones who can decide who ends up paired with whom, that’s us, the fans, which means that you can enjoy all you want your Ryuko/Mako (keeping in mind that these kind of anime -action/fantasy based- do not usually approve of homosexual pairings, although there might be loads of fan-service to make it up to the fans, as it happens in Naruto, Bleach, etc.), but at the same time, you should obviously respect the rest of the fans’ opinions, and remember that OTP is SOMEONE’S “one true pairing”, not everyone’s. Ryuko/Mako might be your OTP, but it can’t be THE OTP, because that simply makes no sense. If it was THE OTP, that’d mean that every fan would like that pairing, and as you could have noticed it by now, it is not quite true.

        Now you can start supposing that I’m a yuri hater or a ryuko/mako hater or something among those lines. That’s what immature fans tend to do. But if you can actually open up a bit, I could tell you that I’m actually a hardcore yaoist (:D), and have nothing against yuri. I myself have seen Ryuko/Mako as a cute pairing at the beginning (knowing that their relationship was an obvious fan-service), and, to add up to this, Mako is one of my favorite characters in KlK. But, as you might have guessed by now, MY OTPs (see that I’m using “my”) are Ira Gamagori/Mankanshoko Mako and Aikuro Mikisugi/Matoi Ryuko. Yes, pretty mainstream I’d have to admit, but I love them, and I don’t hate or wish to exterminate other pairings, no matter how bizarre they might seem to me (I’m personally not much into incest “SPOILERSPOILER AHEAD”, so Satsuki/Ryuko is a bit bizzarre for me xd)END OF SPOILER. But, hey, the world is big, and we’re too many human beings living on Earth, so sharing the same likes is practically impossible. But peace and freedom of choice and speech is based on the understatement among us people, and the comprehension of the fact that we’re all very different, and at the same time, similar enough to live in a community. Open up and be free, Insanity Peggy! ^^

        OTP's should be better understood
    1. Until you realize the first fifteen minutes didnt matter to the plot, Ryuko spent minimal effort to regain the pieces of Sanketsu, broke the ‘rules’ by not actually even needing all of the pieces in the first place, and miraculously gaining new abilities and a ridiculous amount of power for Sanketsu without a thought. Yeah, was PRETTY intense.

  6. After that awful ep 14 this episode was Valhalla.

    Loving how much expression Satsuki showed this ep: surprise, fear, anger, mocking – a whole array of expressions from her usual calm (the noise she made when she heard the bike and Ryuuko came flying was just awesome).

    When you think about it on a story level this show is a failure. We’re finally getting some sort of idea of what direction it’s heading at episode 16 out of 25?! Wow! Probably even worse than Shingeki no Kyojin in terms of dragging things out. Except this show is waaaaay more entertaining and a whole of a lot more gorgeous to look at.

    It’s hit me that I probably won’t be rewatching this show for YEARS to come since it isn’t very deep content wise, even if the remaining episodes produce a mindblowing plot.

    All that filler just to get to the good stuff? Not worth it.

    Good episode to a noticeably uneven show.

  7. Aw yeah, I was waiting for this post to happen so I could look at people talk about Gamagoori and Mako’s interaction this episode. I personally ship them together, but I think they’ll be equally great as good friends! Just saying.

    I might be a minority, but despite Kill la Kill’s flaws, I still have a soft spot for this anime, and it’s a nice way to spend my Friday afternoon laughing and yelling at the screen.

  8. “Satsuki was the one developed as the paragon of virtue among the two”

    Satsuki is a huge hypocrite and so are her followers. Everything she and they accused Takerada of doing wrong was something they did at one point or another.

  9. Satsuki is fascist, her rich kid rival is a plutocrat.
    She respects nothing but raw power. And money doesnt equal power. (see, lost hand of certain Lannister…)
    Matoi is individualist/libertarian, hence closest to her and potentiall allies are Nudist Beach rebels. They differ on the means though, since Matoi accepts use of Senketsu, while Nudists reject all life fiber based weaponry…
    And people, OTPs? in an hardcore action series? who even needs that?
    (Though, the thought of Mankanshoku X Gamaagori does strike me as, well, interesting. She is the proverbial average student Gamaagori once sought to protect. Might weigh on his loyalty to Satsuki eventually…)

  10. I feel like the majority of the budget went into the Mako Satsuki fight on the tower, because that was freaking awesome. This leads me to a big problem I have with the show, especially in the animation department: it’s just too inconsistent. Sometimes the animation is flowing and action packed, the rest of the time it looks like it was animated by someone learning how to use Adobe Flash for the first time. I know the show’s budget probably isn’t that big, but there are better ways to work around it. All in all, it’s not a bad thing, just distracting (to me anyway).
    I actually really liked this episode because, like TTGL, it’s a lot better when it focuses on the action (don’t get me wrong, I loved TTGL’s story and characters). Also I feel like the episodes match up with TTGL’s theme-wise; episode 4 was throwaway comedy with a downgrade in animation, and episode 15 was the big battle vs the big (but not final boss) villain. If the show can continue this trend, both in animation and story, this could end up being a pretty decent show.

    Also Makogoori FTW!

  11. Well regarding the difference between Satsuki and Ryuuko as far as friendship goes it all boils down to their mentalities.

    Ryuuko accepts help and support from Mako and Senketsu, she doesn’t consider herself better than them, she is a human being with flaws and weaknesses and is capable of admitting it.
    Satsuki on the other hand strives to be a perfect, peerless leader, she tries to surpass herself and be always on top. She simply does not let anyone near her, no one supports her emotionally and she bears all of her burden, she doesn’t share it with anyone.
    That’s the main difference, Ryuuko interacts from the position of equality while Satsuki from the position of superiority. She never really had any Real friends because she never allowed it. To have a friend means to support each other, share problems, thoughts, doubts. Satsuki never did any of that, she carries all of her burdens by herself and in that way she is truly alone.
    That makes her both much stronger than Ryuuko but also much more vulnerable. Because… what will happen when she’ll lose? When the burden will become too much?

  12. Ah, I’m a bit late for the show. Sadly. Still, action-oriented is good.

    What I have to disagree with is statements such as “Satsuki’s the one with an actual noble goal” or “Matoi was arguably the bad guy within this context”. Yes, Matoi is a chaotic hero, but chaos doesn’t mean evil, and wanting to impose order isn’t equal to be good. TAs if it wasn’t clear enough, the whole series started with a lecture about how the Nazis came to power, so that’s been my reading since the beginning.

    As for Satsuki being alone, it really begs the question: does she consider her elites true friends or just useful tools? That she appreciates their loyalty and is pragmatic enough not to discard them with the typical “You have failed me” doesn’t mean true friendship. Since Satsuki has been always on top, she has always been giving the orders. The moment of truth will came if she loses her golden throne.

  13. I know everyone is all “Ooooh, Gamagori/Mako” and “awwww Ryuko/Mako!” But personally, and I am aware that its weird sounding, I like Uzu x Satsuki the most xD


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