「ニッポン壊滅」 (Nippon Kaimetsu)
“The Destruction of Japan”

Doom’s day is finally here!
But the episode never goes as you’d expect it to… And this week was no exception. Sometimes I wonder why I’m still even watching this show and then I remember. It’s because it never fails being unpredictable. I won’t lie, it’s not the most entertaining show; especially after
Mari and Hidenori’s absence, but it sure knows how to keep the story going. Samurai Flamenco has come such a long way since it’s premiere but now that it’s more than halfway done, I’ve got to say, it’s pretty d*mn crazy! But is it a good kind of crazy? I’ll let you know…

Unlike previous weeks, this episode was fairly well balanced and straight forward. Masayoshi warned the public, public good crazy, monsters arrive and fighting ensues. The only problem with that is that I hate when travesties get resolved so really. This episode was just filled with so. much. cheese. It was just too much for me because Samurai Flamenco still borders that half spoof/half serious drama line. I’m not sure if it’s trying to be realistic with the government involvement or if this arc is just trying to wrap itself up for the next chapter. I didn’t mind that Masayoshi decided to post a public announcement but in real life, nothing can be that easily resolved. It would’ve made for a better fight if the civilians turned into “heroes” themselves to defend Japan. I guess having other heroes show up is close enough.

This has got to be the first episode I’ve seen (since the first 5) that brought up the theme of heroes so prominently again. And in a good way; not the joking manner that makes fun of The Power Rangers. I can appreciate how they try to link everyone together and how you CAN make a difference by being one individual. It’s cheesy as well, but somehow I can accept that given the overall direction of the story so far. So the big guy doesn’t end up leaving the Flamengers to rot (as interesting as that would be) bit instead he gives them hope. Seeing your childhood heroes come to live must be such an inspirational feat to someone like Masayoshi. I can’t imagine what Japan would be like after this, but heroes are no longer a rarity it seems. I don’t want to ask too many questions because I’ll just drive myself mad, but now we know why “heroes” are so readily accepted by everyone.

What’s really caught my attention this week, was that awesome cliffhanger Who saw that one coming? I’m not usually one for doppelgangers, but for some reason, I’m (probably wrongfully) hopeful for this twist. Aliens aren’t on the top of my list anymore but a twin brother who has super powers and wants to destroy Japan? That sounds like a great story for good versus evil – and isn’t that one of the reoccurring themes here?

TL;DR – @RCCherrie: What are you doing to me #Samumenco?! Such mixed feelings… But that cliffhanger was pretty good I’ll give it that =P

Note: Apologies for late post! I’ll be away for the next week and unfortunately that means my posts (for Noragami as well) will be delayed. Hopefully not for more than 48 hours but no promises =( Regardless though… Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


  1. “It’s been a while… BROTHERRRRRRRRR!”
    (Hope someone gets the Metal Gear reference)

    Anyway, this keeps making less sense with every week (how can those monsters be so dangerous if they can be beaten up by simple civilians? why didn’t they assemble the robot parts from the beginning? why not make heroes like Harakiri Sunshine fight every time if they are so powerful?), but I agree with Cherrie: it’s so unpredictable that I can’t wait for the next episode to see how more ridiculous it can get.

    1. Bonus points if evil twin’s plot turns out to be some way to get a nation for himself. An ‘Outer Heaven’, if you will…

      But yeah, storywise the thing is so full of holes you might not even bother pointing them out anymore. The entire thing reminds me of the plot of Super Smash Brothers Brawl or something now. Every hero on tv ever really is a superhero? Sure, whatever. And no nation has as much superheroes as Japan does? Of course, Marvel and DC are making big business out of stories about flower gardeners instead!

      Just…just bring it, Samurai Flamenco. Come on, give me your best shot. Show me what happens when the writers are off their meds. Smite me, oh mighty smiters!

  2. It would’ve made for a better fight if the civilians turned into “heroes” themselves to defend Japan

    but eventually this is what happened. maybe not the exact same way, but close enough – the people go out of their hideout and started to beat the bad-guys. and of course it was because of the hope and inspiration that was brought by Red-Axe and the other heroes.
    I think each one in the massive crowd deserve being called hero. this is what Masayoshi wanted them to understand…isn’t it? (:

    cliffhanger was definitely awesome. it proves that samumenco never stop surprising and continue to be unpredictable. and it was so funny and best moment in the episode.
    now, yes, we didn’t see this coming. but I was happy with the way it came out. because this is like one of the really old-school and known cliche in the book that samumenco kept under the sleeve, but the timing of bringing that up and the performance of this part was great.
    and this is all about samumenco. always being surprising and funny with old-school cliche. and if there is any big cliche that samumenco didn’t use up till this moment is the twin-brother cliche. and no surprising he is like the black ranger ended up in the bad guys side because of who-know-what.
    what’s more interesting IMHO is that it might bring back the story behind Masayoshi’s parents and maybe past. can’t wait for samumenco’s surprises in that direction!

    beside that, as for the episode itself, I think it was pretty good. I mentioned that last week episode was good, and this one definitely continue in the right direction – developing the hero’s hardship and tough moment in battle and beyond (from beyond LOL), keep developing (in its own way) the characters, and the fights.
    the fights were really under control. the battle was nice and didn’t push too much the super-sentai stuff. the exact dose needed. under control…lovely.
    as for the characters. well Mari and Hidenori are still weird mystery, not to mention her attitude toward her fellow friends (poor Moe). but it was lovely to see brave Hidenori resolved to keep his duty. and what’s with his look toward Mizuki?maybe?maybe??
    there was also Konno and manager-san. and if konno return to stage, we have Jun the stationary scientist moment , I hope to see him more next time.

    TL;DR – great episode, pretty solid and stable as the previous one. I hope to see samumenco keep going in that course. and of course – awesome cliche cliffhanger.

  3. I still think Mizuki might be the mystery girlfriend. There have been a lot of subtle little clues. I just don’t know why they would hide it to this extent, doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  4. So much cheese? Have you ever watched Power Rangers? I think you’re missing something here lol

    this show continues to be brilliant and shameless in what it’s setting out to do. the fact that it plays everything so seriously is part of the spoof

  5. So, Masayoshi has a relative who belongs to the race of aliens capable of growing in size, among other abilities. Do I smell an Ultraman arc coming? It’s the only iconic super-sentai show that SamuMenco didn’t reference so far.

  6. So I’m starting to get sick of Samurai Flamenco, like sure I can enjoy the lovely references here and there (I did love the moment the other heroes arrived) but it’s starting to reference far too much if you get what I mean. It’s like there’s nothing left of the show that we saw in the beginning and now it’s just pure fanwank.

    Like even that brother twist, it’s just probably a reference to Kamen Rider Black. Which would be cool if it wasn’t just thrown in from out of the blue. There was no tension leading up to that scene and it just blarghhh.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I don’t know jack about sentai or tokusatsu shows, but this is no affectionate parody anymore… It’s just bad writing (paired with fairly ugly art, if you ask me). Why did they even bother putting Gotou on the promotional posters? In the beginning, the duo dynamics were fun to watch; now Gotou gets maybe one minute of screentime each episode, and he’s BY FAR the only interesting things about the show (if you don’t count the hilariously ridiculous plot developments and don’t want to classify it as a “So bad it’s good” kind of show)

  7. You thought that it’s an awesome cliffhanger then you realized that next episode is just another nonsense(85% of it)

    I know it’s kinda late but Hidenori x Mizuki can be a great pair

  8. I like just how inspired Goto looked when he saw Harakiri Sunshine had saved them and then him and his fellow officers started hitting those monsters from behind. They needed the courage to do what they can against these monsters who can stop bullets with ease, but suck at hand to hand combat.

    These monsters are also the most WTF yet hilarious parts during the serious moments. Miami Ballerina, Nice Rope, Gasoline Boy, and even the one that’s a party popper.

    After feeling slightly bad for Mari since I understood her situation last week, now I’m just mad cause of how she spoke to Moe, the girl who was willing to sacrifice herself for her.

  9. -There’s a hero for everyone. I see a pretty sailor scout and other knock-off power rangers.
    -They should have went with the big robot as plan A first.
    -Mari is still unlikable this episode.
    -Evil twins always bring the drama.

    random viewer

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