「無垢なる…生徒会長選挙(クイーンメーカー)」 (Mukunaru… Seitokaichou Senkyo (Kuiin Meekaa))
“An Innocent… Student Council President / Queenmaker”

Silly me! Did I really think Nibutani would have become Student Council President? I mean come on, I totally should have saw it not happening rom like a light year away.

Nibutani and Dekomori

In my opinion probably one of the funniest duos of the season (which doesn’t say too much since I’m not watching a huge amount of shows yet), these two have such great comedic compatibility that whenever they’re not in some huge argument or fight it always tends to surprise me. But come on, who wouldn’t have been surprised when Dekomori, if only temporarily, accepted that Nibutani is the real Mori Summer?

What followed was probably one of the oddest but sweetest moments this series has given us that hasn’t involved Rika or Yuuta. As awkward as it was, Dekomori really showed us just what she’s capable of doing when her heart is set on something. And don’t get me wrong, I completely understand what can happen to someone when the person they’ve idolized for years suddenly appears in front of them. Which is why as strange as it was to not see them fighting, I couldn’t help but feel those butterflies in my stomach start fluttering around as their relationship started exponentially growing.

At the same time, I was so happy when Nibutani didn’t completely take advantage of the situation she was thrown into. She completely understood that she was the one being idolized by Dekomori, meaning the amount of power and control she had over her was absolutely ridiculous. Ridiculous to the point that she could have probably asked her to jump off of a bridge and she’d probably have done it! But instead of grossly abusing her power and in very rare instance of Nibutani showing her deredere side, I loved it when she opened her “sealed” box and put on something that she probably vowed to never even look at again.

Is that Jealously I see?

While they weren’t the main focus of this week’s episode, it just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t talk about my favorite couple of the season. Relationship hiccups and awkward hand holding aside, I think I’m beginning to see the start of a bit of a jealously streak coming out of Rika. As if she didn’t have enough problems in her life already, Shichimiya is doing a great job at pushing all of her buttons. The thing is, because we already know that she’s not out to get Yuuta (for the time being at least), I can’t help but laugh as she gets Rika all riled up over nothing. That and if last week’s episode was any indication, Shichimiya may be doing the best thing possible in order to get Rikka and Yuuta’s relationship rolling!

Nice job, KyoAni.

After changing up the pace and focusing on other characters, I thought KyoAni did a great job with everything this week. From the well timed jokes to the surprise end to Dekomori and Nibutani’s short lived “friendship“, I don’t think there’s much more you can ask for in a mere 24 minutes.

Random Thoughts

  • Isshiki, you are officially the running joke of the season. I bid you good luck in life.
  • Nibutani is actually cute and kind of tall apparently. Also, dat foot.
  • When will they learn that chunibyou isn’t a curse but rather something you can use to be more “creative”?
  • I said this on twitter, but when Dekomori was taking a picture of Nibutani in her outfit I remember going, “If this is an intricate ruse on Dekomori’s part to sabotage Nibutani’s chances of being elected president I’m going to kill something.” Because after a scene like this, you have to be pretty messed up on the inside to purposely sabotage someone.



    1. I wonder if KyoAni is watching Sakura Trick. This episode looks like it was (almost) inspired by that yurilicious anime.

      Anyway, a great episode dedicated to my two most beloved girls and my OTP of the show. Shinka Nibutani and Sanae Dekomori are the main reason why I watch Chuunibyou. They are such buddies and so cute together. Got to love how Deko tries to ruin Nibu’s hopes and dreams and that under the desk scene.

      This week sure is yurilicious. Chuunibyou features DekoNibu, Sakura Trick is Sakura Trick, and Kill la Kill has that…… wait, what? Never mind.

      Oh, and that stalker girl, I just noticed her in this episode.

      John Hayabusa
  1. This episode. Completely. I laughed so bloody hard at Nibutani’s classroom speech with Dekomori under the desk. It reminds me so much of the scene from Police Academy where Mahoney sticks the hooker under the speaker stand and she ends up sucking off the Commandant when he tries to make a speech. Except this time Nibutani just gets the feels having her knee blown on, drawn on, and leg physically manhandled.

    Also did anyone catch that stalker girl again? The same girl watching Dekomori, Nibutani, and Kumin them in the grocery store was also watching all of them again while in the McDonald’s stand-in. Guess we haven’t seen the last of the new characters yet.

      1. Some of the comments I’ve seen think she might be another “follower” of Morisummer like Dekomori was. Unless Nibutani has a sister that’s what I’d guess.
        If she’s Mori Summer follower, maybe Dekomori’s new rival/Nibutani’s minion? To take on the role Dekomori had in this episode.
        Or in a weird twist, she’s a fan of Kumin-sempai?

  2. Nibutani for all her protestations actually is a big sister to Dekomori. She took care of her when she was heartbroken over Rikka and treated her kindly when she was so overjoyed at meeting her idol. But then, like sisters, they fight like cats and dogs. But, I think if someone bullied or hurt Dekomori, Nibutani would tear them a new one.

  3. To be honest I was really, really, really hoping that they would actually end up in a more benevolent relationship, but as the episode went on I pretty much lost hope. I saw the “betrayal” (she probably saw it as more of a test) during the speech coming a mile away…oh well. We still have that kiss from the OVA to go off on lol

    (now imagining yuri in my head instead)

    Also, that stalker! Mysteries.

  4. Until the support speech, I was really under the impression that those two will be along together, in a better way. But is all good: no loss for Rika, no loss for us.

    However, I’m in love with Shichimiya. What a perfect timing in the las two episodes.

  5. I’m surprised that class and teacher allowed Dekomori to stay under that table, unless she talked her way into it. Also, I wouldn’t say Dekomori deliberately ruined Shinka’s chance for the presidency. Maybe she was so caught up in the moment that this is the way Dekomori wants to show everyone how great her beloved Mori-Summer is. Though I gotta say the moment I saw that phone take a picture of Shinka, I immediately thought something was gonna go wrong.

    1. I definitely don’t think she did it intentionally, yeah. I thought it was obvious that Dekomori just wanted to share her beloved Mori Summer’s teachings with the world, and thought the entire school would immediately see how awesome she is during the speech and convert to Mori Summer-ism, which would win her the election …

  6. I knew Dekomori was going to troll Nibutani in the end. It was only a matter of when for me and oh my was it glorious XD.

    Keep fighting the good fight Isshiki, maybe one day you will be able to rule and have power over all the students of your class, but Kumin will be the final boss and you will fail. Being the King for a little while is better than not being a King at all.

  7. Crunchyroll is being a bit weird. They been delaying the uploaded subs of this and Kill La Kill until both are uploaded at 12 AM on Friday (for me), due to a rumor that previous episodes have been leaked in the past weeks. I’m a bit miffed about it.

    1. I saw that when trying to find the sub for Chuunibyou Wednesday afternoon. Strange response for a supposed leak. Seems more like a superficial attempt to put a wrench in Horrible Subs’ ripping of Crunchyroll’s subs and seeding them for free.

      And it’s affecting KLK too? Explains why I cannot find a sub for that tonight too apparently. Oh well, back to waiting for that Sakura Trick sub to come out 😀

  8. The best episode of the season so far. I loved it. NibuMori is the OTP of the show.

    Nibutani’s slow but steady descent into the chu2byou is just a delight to watch, especially with Kuumin as the secret evil mastermind pulling the strings in the background. Really, that supposedly ditzy airhead has Last Boss qualities. If she ever really awakened to the Chunibyou she would be the ultimate heel.

  9. Contrary to what others say. This episode was not a complete status quo. Also I’m glad they didn’t become THAT close with the season being so early in its stage. That was too sweet but sooooooooooo wrong. At least though it was a perfect setup for any more of their scenarios.

    I’m not really expecting a solid yuri pairing(though I do ship these two. :P) nor do I consider them canon, so I’m not really disappointed with the outcome.

    Quite to my surprise she really didn’t believe that Nibutani was Mori Summer up until Shichimiya showed her a picture. Back in season 1 I thought that Deko was just someone who liked to mess around Nibutani for dropping her Mori Summer persona. Now it’s clear she just likes to pick a bone on her because Nibutani resents Mabinogion. Oh well, hilarity ensues!

    What’s clear now is that Dekomori is a mix of Rikka and Shichimiya(after all she is modeled after her). To me I would bet that Deko had no malice about that presentation at Nibutani’s campaign in the end. I think just that she really has the same intense case as Rikka and it happened to kick in at the wrong time. The difference between her and Rikka is that she is a more sociable/approachable person like Shichimiya. Oh and not to forget, very diligent with her school work.

    Anyway this episode was great. Diabeetus, busted guts, and not mention lots of genuine 2nd hand shame! Oh and
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Here’s one of the desk scenes viewed with very tight yuri goggles.

  10. This must be the first time where I laughed so loud at an anime episode that my neighbour actually complained, in broad daylight. (To hell with him BTW for daring to ruin my enjoyment)

    It was a golden opportunity missed. It could have been the icing on the cake after that Christmas kiss. Instead both Nibutani and Dekomori totally misread each other’s intentions, the former thinking Dekomori would at last be the cute junior that would listen to her, the latter thinking Nibutani would at last return to her Mori Summer persona when the opposite is true.

    I’m beginning to like Shichimiya more and more, not only is she the Dark Flame Master’s mentor (in turn making her the Tyrant Eye’s grand mentor), she’s also acquainted with the great Mori Summer. She might just have a whole list of Chuunibyou contacts waiting to serve her if she so wishes.

  11. I was kind of dissapointed by how predictable this setup was, myself. Episodes where the two rivals/enemies make up and hang out, only for it to revert back to status quo at the end…yeah, seen those a thousand times before. Not to mention that Deko kind of came off as an idiot here – I got the impression so far that deep down she knew Shinka was her idol, but here she shows no such subtlety. After all, she’s back to calling her fake Mori Summer by the end, with no remorse for what she’s done. You’d think she’s try to understand her idol instead of clinging to the book, because the previous season did show she has some lick of common sense, but she showed none of it here. Especially because Shinka does come off as being rather unsure and conflicted because of this new relationship, showing a wide variety of emotions when dealing with it, whereas Deko is portrayed rather one-dimensionally. While I didn’t expect the situation to stick, I did hope we’d see some progress on the whole Mori Summer front, anyway.

    Well, rant over. Because it was still one of the funniest episodes so far. Shinka’s ‘oh shit’ reaction when Shichimiya showed up had me reeling – didn’t think they’d know each other. With her knowledge of Shinka’s antics she’s a bigger threat than Deko to her. Not to mention Shinka blackmailing Yuuta, the antics of Deko under the desk, Isshiki the failure and Rikka’s jealously. It also shows that the cast has a far bigger chemistry than a certain other Kyoani show that aired last season. Now this is how you do it right.

    Also, can’t help but wonder what the flowers symbolize. First there was a shot of them in Shinka’s room and later at the end as well, in several stages of blossoming. Too bad they weren’t lilies…

  12. Yuuta – influenced by Shichimiya
    Rika – influenced by Yuuta
    Dekomori – influenced by Nibutani
    Shichimiya – influenced by Nibutani

    So if you check who the source of all this Chuunibyou, now, it would be Nibutani!!

    1. Shichimiya transferred halfway from Yuuta’s school to Nibutani’s, so she was already CNB to begin with when she met Nibutani. Shichimiya is only half-influenced by Mori Summer at best, and most likely vice-versa.

      And don’t Nibutani also had two other CNB former classmates from her junior high. Compared to Yuuta’s school, it’s Nibutani’s school that’s full of delusional kids. LOL

  13. I’m quite frustrated with this season… It feels like it wants to move ahead, but it’s to scared of changing the status quo of what made it good. Case in point: this episode. I felt like they were finally getting somewhere… And then… Ugh…

    I’m still trying to figure out why Rikka is still putting on her chunibyo facade when the main reason she put up such a facade was put to rest last season. All it is doing now is complicating a whole many things with Yuta and Shinka for no good reason.

    1. her chunibyo facade

      That’s easy, IMHO.

      It’s the only way she can communicate with Yuuta –
      that common ground, provides the segway to interact
      with him, so to speak. I’m hoping the writers will
      build on that and she’ll discard that crutch later on…

      1. I think it’s related to the story in the LN (which is only vaguely connected to the anime’s).Show Spoiler ▼

        Rikka’s relationship with Yuuta was through her chuunibyou personality. It’s not just communication, I think she’s afraid that he might not like her if he saw her as just a normal girl.

  14. Nibutani has my vote. Never tell me the odds!
    Also, Nibutani X Dekomoeri FTW, whether you see it as beautiful case of frenemy, or thru Yuri goggles.
    Sometimes it takes pushing few jealousy buttons to move stagnant relationship, but it can misfire badly. I hope Shichimiya will do it right.


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