「アイドル生徒会長, 攻撃アイテムビクッビクン」 (Aidoru Seitokaichou, Kougeki Aitemu Bikubbikun)
“Idol Student Council President, Attack Item Throb”

Are all my shows on a roll this week or what? Because if this episode of SYD* didn’t get your blood flowing even a little bit, I think you may need to see a doctor.

Triple Booking.. is for real?

While I’m sure all of us know that it’s Shino, Suzu, and Aria singing their respective lines during the opening sequence, I’m sure there’s at least one person out there who didn’t notice (or catch) that the credited group for the song is Triple Booking. And even though it’s the same name they gave to the group of girls who sang the opening for the first season, I always just thought it was just a random name.

But then comes GoHands, taking the best path possible and giving us one of the greatest two-for-ones. A joke in a joke, you have to love how they went out of their way to point out the obvious to us. From Shino and Shiho to Suzu, Aria, Tsuda, and Yokoshima-sensei all reprising the roles of their respective clones, I loved how stupid funny the whole thing was.

Shino, the Idol Student Council President with a crush

Even though it was all just a dream, Shino did a great job rocking the whole gravure idol gig. Despite her lack of cleavage and slender body, she managed to look stunning in a ton of different outfits. What you have to wonder about though, is just how managed to control that raging imagination of hers. With various media outlets interviewing her and numerous idol performances shooting her popularity through the charts, it’s tough to believe she wouldn’t accidentally let something dirty slip out in public.

The other thing I wanted to hit on was the ending to the whole dream sequence — once again hinting at the romantic feelings Shino’s hiding for Tsuda. Even though I’ve beat this idea nearly to death, I can’t help but feel a little more optimistic that maybe something will be coming down the pipes in the future. I mean, Shino became an idol because of Tsuda’s encouragement and who knows what might have happened if Shino #2 didn’t appear?

Androphobia — Making a girl’s life tougher since 1999

Even though she’s just a side character, I think Kaede has been one of those diamonds in the rough. She’s not as innocent as Mitsuba but tends to get caught up in the less dirtier situations. So instead of watching her be the straight-man, we get to see her just do her own thing. And even though I’m not really a fan of all the androphobia jokes, it’s awfully cute watching her get all flustered trying to deal with Hata’s bullying and Tsuda’s kindness. Now that I think about it, I think Tsuda got two girls all flustered this week…

The Future looks like its full of squid

Rounding things out with not one but two episodes of sticky white goodness was just fabulous. While we’ll have to wait at least another week to find out just what’s covering Aria’s precious vase, I’m sure it’ll be something that completely catches us off guard. Until then, I leave you with some full-sized caps of Shino in Idol Mode. Till next week!

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    1. An interesting tidbit I got from Yahagi Sayuri’s (Suzu) recent radio session in NicoNicoDouga:

      For the OP of the first season, they had to get into their Triple Booking voices to sing the song. For the second season, however, they were being their seitokai selves, despite the credit going to Triple Booking.

  1. While I love Shino and she and Tsuda is really cute and I like their scenes together and would not mind if they got together…

    in my heart of hearts I will always cheer for Mitsuba

    bury me, for I am trash

      1. too bad that the main character powers overwhelm chemistry between the protagonist and side characters…. so…..if he end up with someone it will probably be shino.

        At the first season i saw mitsuba fellings but when shino started to have feeling too i knew it would be impossible for mitsuba.

  2. There are also references to season 1’s ending songs. The two stamps of the transfer scene before Aria’s skit are actually lyrics from that ending, roughly means “daydreaming is my hobby” and “I am common person”. Also when Kaede’s face turned blue Hata commented “Aoi Haru Desu Na”, while “Aoi Haru” is the name of season 1’s ending, literally meaning “blue spring”.

    They did go through season 1 for this episode.

  3. Everyone in the idol agency (in Shino’s dream) sounded exactly like her schoolmates, with one of them even remarking how she and Shiho sound alike and have similar sounding names. What a way to cut down on VA costs and still capitalizing on it for maximum comedic effect. XD

    Anime harem rule: Only a harem master protagonist may awaken the romance within the heart of an androphobic girl. 😀

  4. I’ve finally caught up! 1 chunk of my backlog defeated :).

    This is one of those rare anime where I like all the characters. It makes it that much harder to have an absolute favorite. Not even a top 10 would do any justice.

    I actually believed the idol thing was real until the moment Tsuda mentioned he had a girlfriend lol.

  5. This episode was hilarious, and possibly even the best one so far. It pretty much hit it out of the park with every sketch. The long Shino sketch gave some great gags, callbacks to season 1 and another manga entirely and hints about her feelings. Then watching Hata troll Kaede made me laugh out loud, and of course the horrible yet hilarious awkwardness of the squid and Takatoshi gags. Especially the final one, where the girls go on a rampage with their fantasies because there’s nobody around to correct them.

    This anime really is one of those shows that knows exactly where its strengths lie and how to capitalize on them, so even after all this time there hasn’t been a moment I was bored. Next episode, gothic lolita Suzu! Awesome!

  6. I expect to be lynched for even suggesting this but I figured ‘slender’ is the perfect frame for an idol, considering that it’s suitable for a very wide variety of outfits and the toned muscles and lack of extra burden is more suited to all those choreography.


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