「(躊躇(ためら)いの…筑紫島周遊(ツクシノシマ・トラベリング)) 」 (“Tamerai no… Tsukushino-shima Toraberingu”)
“Hesitant… Tsukushino Island Travelling”

After feeling like a rabbit that’s been taunted with a carrot that’s just barely out of its reach, the amount of happiness that this week’s episode brought is indescribable.

It’s official – like facebook official. They kissed <3.

After feeling a little shortchanged after the Christmas Special (well, depending who you were rooting for maybe you were okay), I’ve been eagerly waiting for the moment Rikka would break through that barrier holding her back from really expressing her feelings to Yuuta. Because once you look passed what the two have accomplished, there are some glaring flaws they haven’t addressed. One of the biggest being that they have some serious issues with handling their relationship around others which leads to them having trouble really expressing how they feel.

That is, until a certain school field trip managed to help them finally overcome whatever it was that was holding them back. While I originally thought that being thrust straight into a sea of their peers was going to set their relationship back a bit, it actually turned into a blessing in disguise. By somehow opening Rikka’s eyes and drowning out her embarrassment, it was able to help her come to terms with all those conflicting emotions she’s been harboring. Then again, I could be wrong and maybe all the she needed was the thrill of hiding from a teacher combined with the intense feelings of snuggling with Yuuta under the covers!

Dekomori and Kuzuha are the cutest kouhai ever. + Kumin-senpai

While they didn’t get that much screen time, how can we forget about the group holding down the fort back at home? Starting with Dekomori, I couldn’t help but giggle as I watched her fail to deal with all the free time she had just acquired. With no Nibutani to fight with, no Rikka to play with, and Kumin-senpai doing what she does best; how can you not feel bad for her?

In Kuzuha’s case, how can you not love an imouto who can handle just about everything? In addition to making meals and handling the household chores, she cares so much about her onii-chan that she’seven concerned with his relationship! And not in some “I’m going to break these two up” kind of way but more like the “I really want them to get their act together” kind. If you remember the short scene where she was discussing Yuuta’s relationship baggage, I kind of wish we could have been there as the trio tried to brainstorm theories behind Yuuta and Rika’s relationship. I can only imagine them concocting some sort of crazy plan to either bring them closer together or break them apart only to be dumbfounded later.

MVP and other random tidbits.

In my eyes though, Nibutani was definitely this week’s MVP. She was there to help Yuuta in his time of need (or rather help him, help Rikka) and got Rikka out of a pretty sticky situation. If anything, if Nibutani wasn’t there then that super cheesy yet cute kiss may have never happened!

Besides that, I’m at a loss for words. I don’t think we could have asked for a better time or way for Rikka to spring that surprise kiss on us. But if that’s any indication for what’s to come, I can’t wait to see what may be lurking for us around the bend. Because now that the whole “first kiss” nonsense is out of the way, I can only imagine just how deep down the rabbit hole we’ll end up going :3.

Random Thought

  • Remember how the other girls were grilling Nibutani about her relationship stuff? Can you imagine if she really was crushing on Yuuta?! That’d be such an extreme love triangle (square if you include Sophia) that I can’t even begin to decide who I’d root for. *cough* Rikka *cough*



  1. This episode killed my puny heart after so much extremely cute scenes. In the first season, when Yuuta was crushing and fantasizing on Nibutani, I actually thought it would be a potential love triangle. Guess not, then this came along and now, while it may be small, or not there at all, I think she does have some type of feelings for Yuuta. Probably. This could have just been them teasing her when it’s not true at all though.

    I did ship Yuuta X Shinka at first after all. Rikka, was painstakingly cute, Kumin was tired and cute, Kuzuha was imouto cute, Dekomori was bored and cute, Nibutani was, was you said, MVP….and hot.

  2. NIbutani had her chance, if she really did feel some kind of way for Yuuta. It’s too late! It’s all there black and white, clear as crystal! You gets nothing! You lose! Good day Ma’am!

    I expect Rikka to one up Mirai and kiss Yuuta in front of everyone!

  3. And here I thought the remainder of the season would be Yuuta breaking down the awkwardness and get Rikka to realize her feelings…

    When they were under the covers, I would think that every fan would’ve been like “oh snap…now kiss!”. When that didn’t happen, and we were left disappointed again, the last kiss on the cheek really came out of left field for me. Nice sweet way to end the episode. Sounds like the next episode is going to featuer Yuuta’s and Rikka’s date together 🙂

    Even if they don’t show a mouth-to-mouth kiss from here, at least it is one step more than what we saw from Tomoya and Nagisa in Clannad! Well…okay they did get shacked up and got a cute daughter in Ushio, but there was never a single kiss scene in that series between our main couple…

  4. Finally the romance part is beginning to gather steam.

    For those with yuri goggles, Kazari’s remarks concerning Nibutani’s love life (or so far lack of) may be referring to her and Dekomori. Speaking of which, Dekomori is bored like hell, most likely not because her Master isn’t around, but because Fake Mori Summer isn’t there for her to pick on. 😀

  5. If it’s one thing Kyo-Ani is good at, it is in generating anime tourism. This episode is a shamelessly great advert for the sights in Kyushu, sights shown this week include the historical stone-age village of Yoshinogari and the volcano Mt Sakurajima near Kagoshima.

    For anime pilgrims with VERY deep pockets, they might consider the recently opened luxury sleeper-train express “Seven Stars in Kyushu”, taking you from the northern city of Fukuoka around the island down to Kagoshima and back in four days.

    1. Well,Nibunati & Yuuta often seem like parents and Rikka a kid but alas,as much as I like Nibutani I don’t want a love triangle here(between anyone for that matter). KyoAni wouldn’t handle it well,I’m sure of it.

      I want to see progress in the romance between Yuuta & Rikka since it gives this season a purpose but the show still needs to be kept it light & humorous which will then naturally lead to making their relationship look cute & heartwarming. And Chuuni can easily do that,those are it’s main strengths after all.

  6. Nibutani is this week MVP? Nope, she is this series’ MVP.

    Every scenes of her are just glorious, and most of other characters’ great scenes are usually also caused by her interference.

  7. FINALLY! This episode renewed my hope a bit that this season actually has a purpose.

    Even now though,Nibutani’s carrying the show so hard for me. She’s taking the tittle of “best girl” to another level.

    Now let’s just keep our fingers crossed that things won’t regress to how they were like after episode 3,which was also quite promising. But I suppose we can be more hopeful now as it’d be really,really stupid of KyoAni to use the same lame trick twice.

  8. Yay Nibutani!

    I have to confess my guilt and was slightly perked when Nibutani was questioned about her relationship. Died off soon enough, not that I mind. The girl’s is probably the best wingman (wingwoman?) anyone can have and definitely one of the best characters in the show thus far. Loved the scene when she went into Summer mode again as it made for a good laugh.

    I don’t ship YuutaxRikka as hard as most people, but this episode really takes the cake. That was an awesome finishing move by the Tyrant Eye, and possibly the first key to unlocking the seal on Dark Flame Dragon. Just can’t help but cheer for the terribly shy girl in her stage of adolescence. Go Rikka! (As a sidenote, if you need some horror effects for a haunted house for the school festival, you know who to look for).

    Of course, it’s kinda hard to find an awesome boyfriend like Yuuta as well who embraces her Chuunibyou and letting things run their course.

    Lastly, that bed scene…And that kiss. THAT KISS. Thanks for the tease KyoAni. 🙂

  9. What I loved about the episode:

    – Incredibly cute moments
    – Lots of blushing Rikka
    – The fact the rest of the class teases them bout it
    – Some development in their relationship
    – The scene under the covers, SO MUCH D’AWWW left my mouth during that scene XD
    – Nibutani helping them along (without a certain annoying blonde twat spoiling everything)

    What I didn’t like in the episode:

    – Dekomori appeared more than I had hoped
    – Dekomori spoke more than I had hoped
    – The fact that Dekomori did not fall out the window cracking her skull (was cheering for a fall the entire scene despite I knew it wasn’t going to happen)
    – Dekomori’s voice
    – Dekomori’s face
    – Dekomori’s hair
    – The thing’s hanging from Dekomori’s hair
    – Dekomori
    – Dekomori
    – And I suppose the fact that I have to wait another week for more romantic moments between Rikka and Yuuta

  10. Of all the things that went on in this ep, i think the thing that shocked me the most was the fact that the idea of sex wasnt portrayed as some forbidden taboo amoung teenagers that makes them super flustered at the slight mention of it. Yuuta’s boys had pretty much already assumed that Yuuta and Rikka had already had sex and were genuinely surprise to hear that they havent even done it, going as far as asking “so when did you guys do it?” as if they probably should have had intercourse already. It was really refreshing to see that.

    1. KyoAni can be berated for many things, but relationships between their shows’ characters is not one of those things. They have the most down to earth interactions, even among these tertiary characters and Yuuta. As you mention it’s refreshing to actually have the guys act how they normally would when alone: ribaldly asking about the sexual advances between Yuuta and Rikka.

      It builds upon what is ironically one of the best examples of a romantic relationship to come out of anime as of late between Yuuta and Rikka.

  11. What do you mean first kiss?! That was not a first kiss! Still adorable, but not a first kiss.

    Also, like you, I was wondering why they brought up Nibutani potentially liking Yuuta. Nibutani needs some romance in her life!!

  12. OMG MY HEART, I CAN’T HANDLE ALL THESE HGNNNNNNNS!!!! But KyoAni still amazes me with their amazing animation, the background of the tourist spots were breath taking and the animation is just superb, and not to mention when rikka and yuuta was hiding under the blanket, and when they kissed, it was just so amazingly animated, this is truly amazing. And finally we see some progress with their relationship which is so crucial to this second season of Chunibyou and this really got me pumped for the next episode :3

  13. HNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! as always…d’awwwwww XDDDDD

    Yuuta and Rika is freking kawaiii that its killing me for that almost kissss under the blanket…but on the cheek is kinda ok for a start. Funny how Deko, Kumin and Yuzuha gathered and talk about the couple’s progress…kinda seeing Deko in her normal mode without those eight-grade syndromes of hers.

    Anyway, i was like afghsfdfnsfsjgjk when the girls question about Shinka’s relationship with Yuuta…hngggg! I know it may seen impossible, but c’mon KyoAni! Give Shinka some boyfriend already…really wanted to see that! XDDD

    damn, i need to check my sugar level again. lol

    onion warrior
  14. I agree with all the guys that say Nibutani is MVP, but I have too add: she’s unbelievably honest and has been rooting for that couple by two seasons! I want a friend like her. Yuuta is the coolest guy. And Rika is just the sweetest thing.


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