「上手いこと いってやったぜ, 君を照らす大きい存在, 見たまんまたれ流し」 (Umaikoto Itteyataze, Kimi wo Terasu Ookiisonzai, Mitamanna Tarengashi)
“I Made a Good One, A Big Thing that Lights You Up, As You can See I’m Leaking”

Toning things down after a couple weeks of raw jokes, things felt pretty relaxed this week in SYD*.

Suzu, you’re so cute.

Being my favorite character in the show, you can bet I love it when Suzu gets some time to herself — especially when it goes and highlights some redeeming feature about her besides her tiny body. This week did a great job at reminding us even with that tsundere attitude of hers, she’s a freaking genius. From dirty slang about private parts to various constellations and their names, it’s quite impressive just how well rounded she is.

But no Suzu episode is complete without her in some sort of cute outfit, and this week was no exception. With two great shots of her in a cute dress and a sleeveless blue hoodie, what more could you ask for? (Also, I’m sure all of us watching wouldn’t mind holding Suzu like a Dutch Wife…)

Fanservice Everywhere!

After liberal use of the chibi throughout the past few episodes, I was happy to see the return of some awesome looking full character shots. Not only did it provide some prime opportunities for some awesome full-length screencaps but I’m glad to see that the entire budget wasn’t blown on the first few episodes.

Do you prefer Nopan?

After bringing up the topic numerous times over various episodes, I think it’s time we all talked about it after that awkward camera pan toward the end of the episode. Is Aria really going nopan? While the show has heavily alluded to the notion that she’s as free spirited as they come, there was that one episode where they showed her wearing bloomers under her skit. Throw in the fact that she tends to joke about whether or not she’s wearing certain pieces of clothing, and I think you have a good basis to question it!

Uomi and the Future

After an episode full of Suzu, I was surprised to see Uomi’s sudden appearance. Being second on my list of characters who I wouldn’t mind meeting in real life, I certainly appreciate it when she gets some of the spotlight. While I may have made a bit of a jump in logic in a previous post saying she’s a carbon copy clone of Shino, you have to love how she has all of Shino’s awesome personality features with the added bonus of being able to become super cute on the fly. What I am confused about though, is when she was hugging Suzu at the pool, just what was she looking for? Unless I’m mistaken, school swimsuits don’t have any clasps on the back, right? And who the hell would wear a bra to the pool!?

And that’s it! A rather lighthearted episode for SYD*, but super enjoyable nonetheless. Judging from next week’s preview, it looks like we’re going to have a beach / test of courage related episode! Hopefully meaning that there’ll be a lot of Suzu time c:

Full-length images: 21, 31, 35.



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  1. Dammit, why did they have Suzu in gothic lolita garb for only one gag?! I’d have loved to see Tsuda’s reaction!

    She had plenty of other good moments this episode though, as did Kotomi and Uoumi. Though not on par with the funniest episode so far, the show did amuse me as per usual and is really is kind of relaxing to watch. Man, I’ve grown so attached to these characters that I’ll really miss them once this show definitely ends at some point.

      1. You’re correct. The running joke here is that Uomi hugs Suzu and pats her back to see if Suzu is wearing a bra b/c Uomi (like many) has a hard time believing Suzu is really 16/17 years old.

      2. I knew something was bothering me from a couple episodes ago, but I finally realized it. One of the gags had Suzu tsukkomi that she doesn’t wear a bra, even though this running gag with Uomi implies that she does.

  2. I like the scene in which Tsuda said that he also tried for Eiryu (Uomi’s school), but decided on Ousai due to being more close to home. Just seeing Uomi reaction to it was adorable.

  3. Shino (toying with telescope): 20s (acute angle), 30s (gentle angle), 40s (near flat)…
    Kotomi (taking over): Taka-nii’s a meat cannon (vertical)

    LMAO (And then Aria arrives and does the same as well. )

    Probably the best hidden-innuendo joke this week without making any direct mention to what they were referring to.
    (The WXY doodle is second, as it took me some time to get it. )

    Poor Uomi, Tsuda would have been hers had he not decided the slope up her school was too bothersome.

  4. Concerning Uomi’s flag got crashed, this is what I saw on Japanese website and I would translate it as follows:

    Being among the first male students of Ousai Academy, Tsuda is noticed by Shino and became vice president, that’s why he had the chance to make friends with Uomi. Due to his personality, if Tsuda simply attended Eiryu he won’t have the chance to get into student council nor get noticed by student council members, and thus he would just spent his life as a ordinary student. So, it would impossible for Tsuda to make friends with Uomi.
    What’s more, Uomi getting loated with the saying of “so you also crushed my flag” is in other words the proof of her care for Tsuda.
    In conclusion Tsuda erected the “crushing my flag” type of flag.

    That sounds reasonable.

    1. That sounds fairly reasonable, though it was Tsuda’s sloppy attire which drew Shino’s eye to him. Had he been neatly dressed per school code, he very well could have gone unnoticed by her.

      Fortunately, not only is Tsuda a sloppy dresser by nature, but lazy as well. He turned down the opportunity to go to Uomi’s school because it was further away and there were hills to walk up and down along the way. “Close to home” is the reason both Tsuda and Kotomi wanted to attend Osai.

      I also agree that Uomi has some sort of interest in Tsuda given the “flag crushing comment.” There’s some other stuff, but too spoilerish so won’t bother unless people really want to know.

  5. @Takaii …I’m glad to see that the entire budget wasn’t blown on the first few episodes.

    You and me both. There were some comments about how quality might slip after the first episode, but so far, things have looked great to me. Very happy with the visual presentation this season. In fact, it’s been so good I want an upgrade of season one to the same high standard. With seven episodes down, I doubt we’ll see any degradation from this point on.

    Seems like many have a favorite character, but I honestly don’t know if I have one. I do like some more than others, but I couldn’t really pick one over all the others. There’s too many good characters, which IMO, work best when they interact in some form of boke and tsukkomi format.

    Lastly, was I the only one who was surprised at just how good Dejima looked in her bikini? No wonder she has a steady stream of clients. XD


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