「一線を越えて」 (Issen o Koete)
“Over the Line”

Poor Yato. I will be your friend! You’ve suffered alone all this time and I want to be that person that helps you rather than the other way around. I didn’t notice until now, but being a God must be awfully lonely; especially when people don’t even know you exist. That’s probably why most of the Gods spend the majority of their time with their Shinki (they are their only companion). Luckily Yato has Hiyori and I’m so glad that she’s taken the step up to try and help him rather than watch from a distance. She can have such positive impact on him if she’d actually reach out to try and help him, help her.

I don’t know if this episode is straight out of the manga or if it’s original material, but I thought it resembled the first chapter of the manga very closely. The first chapter (which isn’t the first episode of the anime) is actually about Yato helping a girl who is also being bullied in class. Coincidentally, he also wrote his number on the girl’s washroom stall and he surprises her one day by showing up in the same stall as her after she dials. This episode reminded me of that first chapter so I thought it was a nice touch if it was original material. Regardless, I thought the situation was dealt with very well by Yato. It was a very dangerous approach to the ordeal, but nevertheless, it went the way that he hoped and this young boy learned from that situation (plus, he got the bully off his back!). I would think that the whole purpose of this experience was to make him a better, stronger person – not simply to scare bullies away.

Now the other purpose of the episode, was also to share a little bit of Yuki’s state of mind. I get that there are people that probably don’t mind him and they defend him because, well, his actions can be justified (to some extent). I don’t deny that what he’s feeling is realistic because I can empathize with his situation and yes, he is an angry, bitter, lonely little boy (who just wants some friends). But I say that his actions are only partly justified because even past all these raw emotions that he’s feeling, he has to have a conscience that tells him basic rights and wrongs in the world. He was human after all and he is not a God that is not governed by these laws. In my point of view, I see running away, ignoring people, even petty thief as a way to rebel and “live life and feel alive” as something that’s acceptable. Teenagers do that and I get that. Where that line gets blurred though, is when there are acts of violence involved and the conscious decision to do wrong. I don’t disagree that Yato is wrong too in this stance – like I said, Yato and Yuki lack a lot of communication between them but Hiyori has reached out a hand to Yuki as well and he’s sort of just… taken it for granted and left. The smashing of windows and the aggressive behavior is not something that’s normal for all teenagers and it’s at this point that I can’t give Yuki any more excuses for what he’s doing. He has to take responsibility for his actions and so far, it seems like Yato is just suffering the repercussions for him (with his life). I hope that this is the turning point for Yuki and it finally opens up his eyes to the situation that he’s put Yato in. I think it’ll also be the pivotal moment where we finally learn who he is and where he came from. This is the moment that we’ve all been waiting for…or maybe just me.

Backing away from the subject of Yuki, I thought the overall episode was very well done. I love where the story is headed and I actually like each individual character (except for Yuki) because they all have their own motives and they’ve all become established characters in a short amount of time. The only conflict is that the Gods don’t get along even though none of them are inherently bad or evil. I think the dynamics between Kofuku and Bishamon were interesting because it makes me wonder if Kofuku really does purposely create portals just for Bishamon to clean up. What is the purpose of Kofuku’s being anyway? She doesn’t seem like a God that people praise exactly, so why does she get a shrine when Yato has to work so hard to get his? I suppose that whatever Yato did in the past must’ve really hurt his reputation (amongst both humans and Gods) and it’s put him in a bad position to be picky about anything – friends, jobs and Shinki.




  1. I loved when Kofuku serious’d up and threatened Bishamon. And Yukine needs to man up. I agree with everything you’ve said about him, even if his (emotional) state may make sense, his actions are everything but right and justified.

  2. I really wanna see more of a serious Kofuku. When she was threatening Bishamon that was just epic xD

    But on a serious note, I still like Yukine as a character and I can understand where he is coming from but his attitude and his actions are becoming a little annoying at this point.
    I just want to ask how many out there still like the character or have you given up on him at this point?

      1. You really make me feel bad about myself , I used to be a person who forgive and kinda idealistic but because of some event in this past year , i started to change unknowingly and believe it or not , when i saw yukine and if i am Yato i totally would get rid of Yukine right away because of how egoist he is , i should talk to him and explain him about the world more but… i seem to remember what i lost now!

        On the other hand , I want to be the man with excessive good luck so i can counter kofuku bad luck and marry her , she is sooooo cute!

    1. Being the least spoilery I can, up to and slightly beyond this point, I hated Yukine with a passion. But now I don’t mind him (speaking manga-wise).

      @Cherrie On the original material or not, it is all straight from the manga. So far, the anime has been remarkably faithful, in my opinion.

    2. When I was reading the manga by this point I wanted to punch the computer, as You said it makes senses the brat behaves like this but it comes a moment you to rip his head off and do Yato a favor, that guy is way too nice for the little bastard.

      1. It seems like Yato wants Yukine to figure it out on his own—to learn how to control himself and come to terms with his state of existence. Kind of like how Yato dealt with Manabu. But of course in the case of Yuki, that’s proving to be a much more trying endeavor, both for Yato and the audience.

    3. I still like him and I still feel for him, but it is starting to irritate me. It seems that the show will be wrapping up his issues soon, which is a good thing and for me one of the most important plot points for the show to see through. I think the pay off will be well worth it.

      This episode really bumped up the feels, too. And the best part is that after 8 episodes, the comedy has never felt out of place. I welcome it when it stands out on its own, or when it’s used as a brief tension breaker.

    4. Definitely think Yuki has redeeming qualities… I know I sound really negative in my posts, but overall, I think he’s annoying for a reason and that’s going to change later. I don’t think he’s past saving or anything =S I’m a generally optimistic person (anime or IRL) so I do think Yuki will change and hopefully we’ll see some of that sooner rather than later…

    5. i still really like him.
      he’s dead, he was clearly in denial from what we saw this episode.
      he longed for a life that he can never have anymore.
      we are asking a teenager to accept his death but keep watching from the side lines everyone be happy while he can’t. it must be really painful.
      also, i don’t think he understood that he was damaging Yato to that extent.
      i like the character, i think he’s well portrait. yes, this episode he went overboard, but the reasons for that were explained and I feel there’s really good developments for him ahead.
      i think someone should talk to him, help him. Yato was giving space so he can figure things out, but it’s not working.
      “The hardest ones to love
      are the ones that need it most” – Papa Roach
      he also reminds me of some of the villains i empathize with, which are some of my favorites.

  3. Damn this episode was intense. In fact, the show is steady getting even more intense!

    Don’t forget that Kofuku is the God of Poverty, which doesn’t really explain much expect how she “gives back luck to people around her” but so far we haven’t really seen her do anything like that since the episode she first appeared in, oddly enough. But I hope we understand a bit more about her if it means more screentime….. because SHE ISH ADOWABLE!!

  4. Reminds me of samurai X. People don’t realize the amount of suffering he’s been going through until it’s too late. Can Yuki die again and stay dead please? There’s no redemption for him. Age isn’t an excuse..

  5. The only truly original content was that brief flash of the anime original character a couple episodes back. Otherwise the content has all been from the manga, but with some reordering of events and combining storylines. Though there have been slight differences in how some things happened, Yukine being the main example. I actually think the anime has made him much more sympathetic than the manga did.

      1. Actually it’s listed as 12 episodes in most places. As you might expect this first manga arc will end soon so it looks like the anime original character will be the focus of an original arc for the last few episodes. There’s really not a great stopping point early in the manga, and given the manga writers designed that original character I’m guessing they agreed this was the best compromise for a one cour run.

        Also a fair warning, the OVAs are being released with the newest manga volumes so they’re not really hiding their intentions for the OVAs to be goodies for the manga readers rather than anime viewers. The second OVA later this year especially will spoil the hell out of things for anime only people. I’m trying not to give things away but also trying to let anime viewers not to get their hopes up regarding the OVAs continuing the anime. Treat them more like gifts for manga readers and not add-ons to the anime run. So make your own decision about watching that second OVA.

  6. Now this was a good episode. Looks as though Yuki finally broke through his solipsism and has come to the (partial) understanding that his actions have consequences. He’s not completely reformed, but that revelation is a good first step for his character. For all his selfish and immature actions, Yuki is still a more rounded character than Hiyori who remains quite ironically flat.

  7. I don’t think Yukine going on a rampage is supposed to be on the realms of sympathetic anymore – both in the eyes of the viewers and the characters themselves. Even Hiyori realized that he’s gone too far, and even regretted enabling him to do as much as he did. I still like him as a character (or at least, I understand him) but people do make mistakes, after all. Hell, all three of them do. It makes them more rounded characters. And now Yuki’s got a face full of the consequences of his actions, as they hurt both Yato and Hiyori. I’m guessing that this’ll force him to re-evaluate his actions.

    And damn, Kofuku can be scary when she wants to. I’m guessing this is probably what led to her getting a shrine too – she’s a god of misfortune, after all, so people’d probably pray to make sure she never bothers them. Or they just get suckered in by her, also a possibility. Probably why she doesn’t mind hanging around a jobless war god either and doesn’t flinch from threatening a really powerful one – she’s doesn’t have to fear nor judge them.

    Also, Yato should really work on his entrances. Suddenly showing up in a girl’s toilet with a phone + camera in his hand? That’s a paddlin’.

  8. I’m glad they kept the part where Kofuku punks Bishamon in the manga. It’s just part of why I love Kofuku <3.

    Anime Yukine can go to hell, age is no excuse, especially since he is a teenager. He already knows right from wrong, he's just taking advantage of being dead and doing bad shit. Add to that the fact that Yato could've just let him get eaten by the ayakashi.

  9. Kofuku!!!!
    As her shiki said(forgot his name), totally fell in love with her when she stood up against Bishamon.
    Also, it seems like Hiyori FINALLY sees what’s going on and decides to take a stance on it. Yeah…… Yuki, hahaha, you totally don’t deserve any sort of pity from me anymore. Let’s just hope he’s not a lost cost.

  10. I’ve lost all sympathy for Yukine. Fuck him. He’s pathetic. I’m noticing a trend where whenever I see a character voiced by Yuki Kaji I just KNOW that I’m gonna end up hating him.

  11. one day you died then you were brought back to life to only see the life you could never have. It’d be abnormal to be able to control the bottled up feelings with so little life experience. The feeling of being so lost and without a purpose. If anything this is one stage he will have to go through in order to grow up.

  12. aaaAHH this series has seriously got me hooked! I ran to the manga right after the second episode (and now I’m dying for the next manga chapter hnngghh). There has been some reordering of events in the anime, plus a little more shelling out of Yukine’s character before his downward spiral, but overall the anime has been doing a great job with the manga material. I’m dying for the next episode since it was one of my favorite scenes in the manga, and judging by the previews it’s going to look even more awesome in anime form *v*

  13. I’m glad to see more people against Yukine now than 2 episodes ago where all his white knights were rampaging through downvoting anyone who shows negative comments towards him.

    Look, it’s great that Yukine became “tolerable” or whatever in the manga later. News-flash, most of us ANIME viewers DONT CARE. We’ll tolerate him when that time comes. But as of right now where the ANIME stands, we’ll continue hating him because he deserves it for being the prick that he is. End of story.

    I’m glad Hiyori finally woke up and left the white knight brigade. She was getting on my nerves just as much. Good thing she redeemed herself this episode.

    1. As someone who usually sees the anime versions before the manga versions (and who doesn’t necessarily go running to read the manga after the first episode airs either, rather I personally wait until I finish the anime and then MAYBE go look up and try to read it), I can agree. All people like us can do is take things in the anime and react to it as we go along as we don’t have the luxury of already knowing how the (“true”) story version goes unless we decide to spoiler ourselves on it (which many don’t).

      It’s similar to how so many complained about how the anime version of Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio apparently deviated from the manga version, but given I never read the manga version, I was able to enjoy the series for what it was.

      Even still, if the manga readers didn’t like it for whatever reasons, that’s their opinion and they can hate the anime version all they want, but likewise, it doesn’t mean that those who did like the anime version (whether they previously read the manga version or not) any less “true” fans of the series nor can those who haven’t read the manga version before really be held in contempt for not liking a certain character(s) at the time when, as said, they don’t have the luxury of already knowing how things will turn out in the future like manga readers do.

    2. From the looks of things, there are still Yuki fanboys and fangirls down voting everyone who criticize him to oblivion (or at least still trying to). You really shouldn’t mind them though. Those who are too stubborn to intelligently debate over any matters are usually a bore to begin with. Just enjoy the show the way you want and don’t end up like them.

      1. lol yeah, I can tell by all the downvotes that the Yukine White Knights have returned in full force. I dont mind them though, not gona waste my time with them. I feel pity for them and their brainless mob mentality and their inability to think more than anything.

    3. I’ve never read the manga and don’t hate him. 😛 I certainly don’t claim to love him specifically because of how he’s been acting, and it’s clearly the creator’s intent to make the audience dislike him. However, like I’ve said in other posts, I’m reserving judgment until we do (or don’t) get character growth out of him, which also clearly seems to be one of the main point of all this. In my opinion, he’s nowhere near past the point of redemption. It’s just a question of whether or not I can still feel for him when it’s all said and done.

  14. I don’t know if this episode is straight out of the manga or if it’s original material

    directly from the manga. all of it (the case at school, the running to Kofuku, Kofuku-Bishamon interaction).
    and yeah I too think this case resembles the first chapter, other chapters and episodes too. like the “nonstop falling” episode (which is actually based on Noragami spinoff manga first chapter) or the episode in which a student almost committed a suicide on the railroad.
    Noragami keeps touching and scratching that concept of depression among school teenagers. they aren’t showing it as that depressing, but they give a feeling that it’s there, under our noses, and we shouldn’t ignore it (like we “don’t notice” yato’s presence) and I think Yukine’s case is also somewhat like that too. of course, with him it’s much more complicated.

    Yato approach with the school kid Manabu is kinda similar to the approach he took with Yukine all this time(and also with his other cases we saw). he isn’t the active guy or the “let’s talk about it” type.
    it’s kinda like he “brings the problem to the edge” as he keeps his involvement to minimum. on the one hand, it’s a good thing because it lets things be and work out almost naturally like with this kid. on the other hand, sometimes it accumulates like snowball and in this very case, Yato didn’t stop Yukine on time. he didn’t deal with the problem in time, resulting in him on the verge of death.

    Yato and Yukine indeed lack of communication. but they simply can’t communicate. it all back to what Yato said that Yukine is “at a difficult age”. and Yato isn’t the kind to just explain the whole point to a kid (it’s not like it would have worked with Yuki) so the whole communication problem can’t be solved this easily by “talking to each other” because those two are too stubborn. thus, by “bringing the problem to the edge” (with Yukine finally understand what he seeks the most and that he hurt Yato all along), Yato can make Yuki understand. that’s why he allowed himself to suffer so much. but it’s two-edge sword as Yato kept bearing the burden and is now on the verge of death.
    although he wanted Yuki to get down the point, this is kinda irresponsible from him. imagine if it would’ve happen to that kid Manabu?sure, he monitored the situation, but it was also a risk. what can I say..this is Yato’s approach. it has advantages and disadvantages.

    as for Yukine, well once again we see that Yukine’s action are wrong. he turned to violence and did unacceptable things. he did it all time but never noticed.
    I feel his pain and I understand where this is coming. all the confusion of what and why the hell he is back into such a world where he is stuck in the middle. especially now when he looks around and thinking for himself.. he understand the source for his frustration, which is justified. poor kid. but actions has consequences.

    Hiyori did her part really well this episode by staying in the sideline of the Yato-Yuki problem at the beginning. she was still worried, but wasn’t so actively involved. and when it was already necessary, she did the right thing and put everything she has to help Yato and made Yuki finally understand.

    it was a fantastic episode. Bones keeps doing such a great job of this adaption.
    Noragami’s story is so solid and the development is progressing so well ever since the start till now (even later on). this is a great combination in the right touch of supernatural, comedy and a bit of dark but meaningful elements behind it.
    last week, it was announced that Noragami’s manga gets license. I think it’s really great news since this show and its material is indeed great.

    BTW, FYI, Noragami 1st OVA is out. it’s typical Noragami and BONES, which make it a good OVA. recommend watching, but later on (at least after next week episode) after this “Yuki arc” is done. although it doesn’t really matter if you watch it now, it’s still better that way IMHO

    1. It’s great that they’re sticking so closely to the original material then =) Although I think at some point, it’s got to be repetitive? Even I’ve noticed this pattern of depressed, lonely teenagers who are either suicidal on the brink of doing something really bad… I guess that’s a foreign theme though because a lot of teenagers go through the same thing.
      I think everyone can especially relate to the stress of school work and pressures to do well (from a few episodes back). Anyway, very thoughtful comment, I’m sure it’s a major issue that they’re going to bring up again when talking about Yuki in the future.

  15. Well, maybe seeing Yato on verge of death will make Yukine snap out from his self-centered little world. Also, they both have a friend in Hiyori!
    But for now it seems the blight problem is so serious even Kofuku has decided to just quarantine all of them away beyond a barrier. Will she leave all of them to rot?
    Anyway the best part of the episode was the bullied kid, making good revenge on one of his tormentors yet not losing himself to teh “dark side”. Good job Yato, and the kid himself too!

  16. I went on and read the translated manga chapters and even skipped over all the available mangas and this is one of my favorite animes / mangas currently.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    This show just keeps getting beter and better and I just want to see more of if 🙂

    1. Well it’s most likely going to end anime original. The revelation of that new character at the end of Episode 7 and the slightly changed OP in this episode basically confirmed that.

      Personally I’ll feel better if it’s a filler arc that leaves an open-ended ending so that Noragami may get a second season, but I’ll be heavily disappointed if it just ends. The manga has many strong arcs that I feel should be animated and I’ll be really sad if the opportunity never arises because Japan doesn’t get that no one likes a Blue Exorcist or Soul Eater.

      And from what I know it’s also only one-cour (though that could be wrong) soooo I doubt that Noragami can pull off an FMA in three episodes. If they can though…whatever.

      1. Japan doesn’t get that no one likes a Blue Exorcist or Soul Eater.

        The absolute unembellished truth. They don’t get it because their only objective is to milk the franchise and promote the manga (As if people in japan didn’t read enough manga already.)
        So yeah..That’s why it’s best to stay away from anime based on ongoing material, unless you don’t mind that or know it to be a spin off/standalone story.

        Helvetica Standard
    2. If you’ll notice the OVA that was recently released is taking place AFTER whatever this series cover in the manga (at least that’s what i was told from a manga reader). Perhaps the series will continue through OVAs and then leave it open ended.

      1. I heard that too but I also heard that there was only two OVA’s being released, so I don’t know if the story will advance with an anime original ending with the second OVA.

        The first OVA really was a blast though.

  17. I don’t know how Yukine becomes any more tolerable in the manga (since I haven’t read it) but from what I gather from the anime, he is beyond salvation. Just because things don’t go as he wanted doesn’t place him on a pedestal. His logic is circuitous as well.

    i.e. Yukine laments at how he was unable to experience the good things. Thus he attempts to destroy others from experiencing the good things. But if those others are prevented from experiencing the good things, then they would be in the situation as Yukine, being unable to experience the good things. Thus, by Yukine’s logic, it would entitle others to attempt to prevent Yukine from experiencing any of the good things, and the cycle goes on.

    In contemplation of those who downvotes this post, in essence, those who disagree are basically arguing that Yukine is right in believing that he is the only person who suffers and that it automatically entitles him to cause others suffering.

    1. I partially disagree with you partially only because at this point when I was reading the manga I didn’t feel that he was “beyond salvation.”

      I’m not saying Yukine was making the right decisions; he should be punished. But you know, if I were a pre-adolescent teenager going through puberty, mood swings and all, and then I was dropped into a homeless world where I found out I was dead and I essentially realized that I may have to kill people like little girls, then…yeah. It’s still annoying, but it’s realistic. He acts like a teenager mostly would if they found out that they were essentially dropped into this life! And there may even be some undertones of his past life still remaining in him; it’s sort of obvious his life wasn’t the best when he was alive either.

      Yukine is completely in the wrong and he’s irritating me as well, but he does have that sort of leverage. If he can get past his new life and understand that he’s doing terrible things then I think he isn’t beyond salvation. He’s just being an annoying prick right now with no consideration for others. But you know, that’s life.

      But I totally agree with you that he’s barely tolerable. It seems they made him even more unlikeable in the anime so all these negative feelings are flooding into me again. *shudder*

  18. Remember that Yato said “You’re just hating someone like you” to Yukine? I feel that we – the viewers – are similar to Yukine in some way. We hate him to his core and thinks that he needs to get his act together.

    It feels as if he is the most realistic character in the anime; no matter how much we try to deny it, we are exactly the same as him – be it now or be it the past. Like Yato said: “There is no place for Yukine.”

    If you knew there you don’t belong anywhere, do you want to live? Why would Yukine even want to be a regalia when he doesn’t even have a place to belong to? Why was his opinion never asked by Yato?

    Think about it in real life. Your parents gave birth to you, yet they punch you in the face everyday and complain about how you should not have been born. Your classmates bully you and teachers looks down on you. What would you feel like doing?

    “Kill them all.” – Isn’t that what you would think? “Why am I alive?” “Why is the world so unfair to me?” “If I don’t deserve happiness, then none of you do as well.”

    Yes, Yukine is annoying to watch, but we have to bear with it. Accepting this character is also accepting how spoiled and how insane you were in the past before. 😀

  19. I suppose that whatever Yato did in the past must’ve really hurt his reputation (amongst both humans and Gods) and it’s put him in a bad position to be picky about anything – friends, jobs and Shinki.

    Everyone who knows from the past him calls him a scary War God. Yato calls himself the Delivery God and wants nothing to do with his past. There’s a disconnect there that’s rather telling.

    Side note: before they brought the past aspect in I thought he was going to be an example of a “new god”; the 20’th century spawning an avatar of the deliveryman 🙂

  20. What is the purpose of Kofuku’s being anyway? She doesn’t seem like a God that people praise exactly, so why does she get a shrine when Yato has to work so hard to get his? I suppose that whatever Yato did in the past must’ve really hurt his reputation (amongst both humans and Gods) and it’s put him in a bad position to be picky about anything – friends, jobs and Shinki.

    Well, to answer one thing… Yato was a WAR god. Post-1945 Japan was not exactly the type of country to provide much sustenance to him…
    I can understand Kofuku having a little following as a god of poverty/misfortune, but Yato would be essentionally useless in times of prolonged peace. It seems he was most busy during the civil wars period before Tokugawa shogunate took over…

  21. I hope Yukine will change his attitude after seeing first handed the direct consequences of him being a real pain(literally). Yato gave him enough chances and leeway as it is.If he still doesn’t, he is indeed a lost cause.

  22. How I interpret it: Yukine wants to be human, but understands yet cannot fully accept that he is no longer one. I admit if I were him I’ll probably feel less need to follow human rules of right and wrong if I were already dead; not like the police can get me now.
    Being brought back to life then being told to appreciate it, and having to follow Yato around just because he “should” probably causes him to think of Yato as less than a friend (or so I would think), making him feel more lonely and resentful then ever.

    Still I think he’s going a little off the edge now, and while I don’t hate him yet it gets a little annoying 🙁 though I still feel sad for what he has to go through. I hope he redeems himself soon since there’s a lot of chance for him to change for the better. The past is in the past, therefore I will probably like him a lot more when he finally redeems himself (hopefully soon). I’m still very hopeful for his character even if it seems bad now 😀

    I’m definitely liking Yato more and more =x Kofuku too <3

  23. In Chinese customs, you placate the gods that bring misfortune, disease etc stuff that you don’t want so that they stay away from you.

    Also known as bribery.

    And as such, sometimes during periods of disaster people rationalize it as the gods of misfortune punishing the people for complacency and neglect.

    This explains why Kofuku is able to sustain a very comfortable existence.

  24. I don’t hate Yukine himself. I do , however , hate what he is doing. I think that’s an important distinction. The bad things he does are not who he is , necessarily.
    And random question : Who’s the little girl (in the kimono) with Kazuma in the preview?She looks adorable.

  25. Pshh, I already went through the someone-please-hit-Yukine-on-the-head-with-a-frying-pan-or-maybe-an-axe phase reading the manga, so I can’t really bring myself to hate the kid again. It’s too much work? lol. If anything, all the bad stuff he’s done so far just makes me kind of sad (but not really) or want to hand out early intervention pamphlets or something.

    More importantly, I’m kind of worried about how they’re going to handle the next few episodes, seeing as they’re introducing anime-original stuff… I’m hoping that they will at least let the anime ending be inconclusive(?) enough for the possibility of a second season. Well. We’ll just have to see, I guess.

    Btw, (and sorry if someone’s asked this already) Cherrie, are you planning on covering the OVA(s)?

    1. The OAD came out a while ago and I was intending to cover it… except real life got the better of me (and you can tell from the lateness of my posts =( especially my double post). So… unless there’s an overwhelming response from people that would like to see a post, I might just lump together both OADs into a single post later on.

  26. How does Bishamon get more clothes with less Shinki?

    I’d like to point out that yes, being a god can feel lonely… when you have little to no followers. I honestly don’t think that Tenjin would be that lonely even without his Shinki, since so many people come to his shrine every day. Makes you look at Yato’s motivation from a different angle, doesn’t it?


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