「偽りの…精霊聖母(モリサマー)」 (Itsuwari no… Seirei Seibo (Mori Samaa))
“The False… Spiritual Virgin (Mori Summer)”

After two whole episodes of constant relationship development on the Yuuta and Rikka front, this week took a slight break to focus on our other favorite duo.


While I’m not 100% sure if this girl is the mystical Stalker-san everyone’s been talking about in the comments, I have to say that she gave off a pretty bitchy attitude. Not only did she completely lie about being the real Mori Summer but to go and tell off Nibutani in front of all of her friends had me nearly frothing in anger. I clearly remember hoping that Nibutani would have slapped her across the face for spouting such nonsense. It’s a shame it never happened!

Nibutani and Dekomori

If there’s one thing this second season of Chu2Koi has been doing right, it’s definitely how they’ve been throwing the harshness of realty at us. We all know that deep down inside, Nibutani and Dekomori cherish each other. While they may share an awkward Senpai-Kouhai relationship where social norms and respect have been thrown out the window, it’s clear that through the strong bonds they’ve developed with each other fosters a certain amount of mutual respect. A mutual respect that pushes them to go out of the way for each other when the time calls. Which is why I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Nibutani as her beloved kouhai just tossed her aside for a fake. Slowly sinking in a sea of depression, a majority of the episode felt pretty hopeless.

But with enough prodding from everyone else, Nibutani was able to get back up and once again became Mori Summer to help Dekomori get through some tough times. In typical Chu2Koi style, we were given one of the flashiest chuunibyou battles to date and got an awfully heartwarming speech from Nibutani to wrap things up. All in all not too shabby for two people who say they “hate” each, right?

That said, I still wish Nibutani just smacked the crap out of the fake Mori Summer to prove her point. Alas, even though it didn’t happen I suppose I shouldn’t be too bummed out about what actually did go down.

Rikka and Yuuta

Even in an episode where the focus was on everyone but them, Kyoani did a great job at reinforcing some of the things they painstakingly taught us last week. First and foremost I am so happy that there wasn’t some random “reset” on Rikka and Yuuta’s relationship. With Rikka actively thinking about how to act more like a girlfriend and doing things like initiating the sacred act of hand holding, it feels like things are going smoother than ever.

Second but just as important was how she handled her feelings of jealously. While it seems like she’s still trying to figure out how to deal with Sophia, there’s no denying that she put that aside and asked for her help because she was the best one for the job. Basically showing us that even when Rikka’s stuck with making a hard decision, she’s matured a bit where she can actually make objective decisions even with her feelings on the line.

Kumin-senpai and Isshiki

Not wanting to be left out, Kumin-senpai was back in full force this week. Even though she may be one of the more “sidey” side characters, you have to hand it to her for seeing straight through Nibutani’s facade and noticing just how much the fake Mori Summer wanted to touch Dekomori in all the wrong places. As I’ve said time and time again, you have to wonder just what Kumin-senpai could be capable of if she stayed in serious mode all the time!

Who’s Isshiki again?

Looking Ahead

With everything in a rather stable position, I haven’t the slightest clue what could be in store for us. The only thing that seems to make sense is that maybe we’ll get hit with some new girl who tries to throw a wrench into one of our two duo’s relationships. That or maybe, just maybe Isshiki might get a surprise episode that finally liberates him from the dog house (yeah right).

No matter what happens though, it looks like everything is in place for a grand finale. And with Kyoani doing a great job behind the wheel, I’m confident we won’t be disappointed when the time comes!

Random Thoughts

  • [13:59] jagster: takaii
  • [13:59] @takaii: takaii is kind of here — hi
  • [14:00] jagster: cant believe you didn’t catch the hint that Rikka might be losing her powers
  • [14:00] jagster: I think thats where the next few episodes might head
  • [14:00] jagster: or maybe just next episode at least
  • [14:01] @takaii: i thought about it a bit but I just chalked it up to giving us a good reason to bring sophia in 😐



  1. Well that explains what the stalker cameo was all about. And yes Takaii she was the stalker, same cross hair piece on her and both appearances earlier in the cour, if slightly different hair style. Doubt we’ve seen the last of her too.

    1. Episode 2 in the supermarket creeping on Nibutani, Kumin, and Dekomori and in episode 4 watching all of them when in the McDonald’s stand-in. Pretty much from the start of the cour yeah 😛

  2. This episode is just full of epic WIN!! That sums up everything, I don’t need to say anything else. As seductively hot as that fake was, I wanted Nibutani to smack her. Meh, Nibutani is hotter anyway. Not to mention a great friend….why can’t I find a girl like her? 🙁 On another note it’s nice to see that everyone’s efforts aren’t going to waste. Seems like Rikka is finally taking the initiative. First a surprise peck on the cheek, a “I love you”, NOW KISS!!!

    SIGH. Why is every girl in this show so damn lovable?

    I don’t know what this “Isshiki” is that you speak of Takaii, but it sounds like a funny, enjoyable version of Yamcha that I would like to see more of.

      1. Actually don’t listen to me, that’s the sleeping club girl from episode 5. I’m pretty sure it’s either Koshimizu Ami or Nakahara Mai though, it’s not credited as far as I know.

  3. This was one of the best episodes so far, in my opinion, and washed away the bad aftertaste of the previous Shinka and Dekomori episode for me (where the characters were holding the idiot ball).

    No wonder, because snarky Shinka is my favourite character in the show, and her rivalry with Dekomori never stops to be amusing. So watching her reevaluate that relationship and then fight to protect it, with Dekomori finally stepping in…awesome. And plenty of ship-teasing too. Rikka and Takanashi aren’t the only two that should just kiss already, is what I’m saying.

    Besides that, I liked the other subtle developments in the episode as well, like Rikka and Takanashi visibly overcoming their awkwardness or Rikka’s developing relationship with Shichimiya. Not to mention the jokes in this episode made me laugh out loud. I just lost it when Shichimiya started listing the stuff Shinka did back then, like eating random herbs off the ground or drinking tree sap. Hahahaha, wtf? No wonder she freaks out trying to forget it.

    Now that stalker girl is defeated, I also wonder what’s in store next. There’s still a few episodes left, after all, and most big conflicts have been resolved so far. Maybe a new one will pop up, though I hope it won’t cause a mood whiplash.

    1. Personally I’m guessing it’s going to stay on the SoL track all the while laying the groundwork for what everyone is wanting: the kiss scene. A little late in the cour now for any major new arc, but 4 episodes is more than enough to finish fleshing out Rikka’s and Yuuta’s relationship.

  4. I think the next problem has been clearly hinted this episode. Rikka was unable to go all chuni to train Nibutani. Which leads me to believe she’s going to reach the same crossroads as Shichimiya. Her delusions or her love?

  5. having too much face palms watching this episode! totally pity Shinka for having her identity stolen…though she doesnt want to go back to her “Holy” phase anymore, but for having something that you created yourself taken away from you, thats it! ><

    sometimes i do hope they (Deko and Rika)stop throwing Shinka on the floor anymore. I mean, thats hurt y'know…and amazing Shinka having that great patience to tolerance with that! huhuhuu

    anyway, im happy for this episode~ XDDD more screen time for our Mori Summer <3

    onion warrior
  6. I can kind of see why Nibutani was so upset by the fake Mori Summer. Sure she wanted nothing to do with that persona anymore but the fact is that image is something SHE created herself. She spent hours upon hours developing her own unique style. And even if she despises having done it seeing someone take credit for your work can be irritating even still. It’s like if you wrote a story and thought it sucked so you gave it someone else who made absouletly no changes to it and they end up getting famous for it.

    I’d piss you right the hell off!

  7. There can only be one Fake Mori Summer. lol

    Yuri flags everywhere. (Goggles on) There’s Nibutani being vexed (or is it jealous) that Dekomori is paying attention to another girl besides her, then she tells herself to not care (though she must be conflicted), which in turn leads to Dekomori being depressed that her Fake Summer is not paying attention to her.

    Finally, our good Kumin-sempai persuaded Mori Summer to be true to her feelings and enlist Sophia, the only person who knows her true potential, to temporarily unseal her powers so that she may defeat the Fake “Fake Mori Summer” and rescue her love. 😀

    Double whammy for the Fake “Fake Summer” that our lovers revealed (more like Yuuta and Rikka) that they’ve already kissed. XD

  8. Gotta give credit where credit is due, this is a damn fun show and as always the art and animation are off the charts, typical Kyoani greatness; but I have to admit, that bromantic foil (TROPE!) they are so fond of has become unbearably grating.

    I realize this is a show about cute girls (and main guy) doing cute things, as is most of their work, but I find it hard to believe that they couldn’t give Isshiki….SOMETHING. As much as I adore Kyoto Animation, when they are forced to round out a cast with more than one male, they just completely drop the ball. (Rare exceptions being Haruhi, Free and a few others).

    I mean, it’s like they aren’t even trying.


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