「錬金術師の帰還篇II」 (Renkinjutsu Shi no Kikan Hen II)
“Return of the Alchemist II”

After last week, I’m quite sure most of us had the same question coming into this episode. They did a decent job keeping us in suspense for a little bit longer, but I’m glad to say that Asagi’s alive after all. I REPEAT. Asagi is alive. No issues. God’s in his heaven and all is right with the world. Wait, we’re not watching Evangelion you say? I could have sworn Akatsuki almost pulled a third impact moment there…

In any case, Asagi survives as expected—I could imagine the rage if they killed her off at this point—making this whole incident actually a key plot development. We got Nina Adelard inhabiting Asagi’s body now, and it’s quite nice how they managed to even make this moment relevant in the scheme of things. The fact that Nina’s pretty cool in her own way just adds icing to the cake, and it’s no wonder Akatsuki ended up doing this as a result. He might be a primogenitor, but there ain’t no way anyone living would be able to keep on drinking coffee while staring at that. It’s too bad his coffee was probably pretty darn bitter, because you know, HE FORGOT THE MILK.

But no matter. The important part is that Himeragi might get punished for breaking her master’s shikiga—wait that wasn’t… Ahem* The important part is that Amatsuka seems to be after the revival of the Wiseman himself, the man who seems to have been the original foundation for the liquid metal body/waste-like object. Considering that he seems to have successfully done so, the fact that Wiseman’s armed with heavy metal particle cannons—this reminded me quite a bit of a certain scientific railgun for some reason—doesn’t bode well for our heroines on their trip, and it looks like things may take a pretty dramatic turn soon enough. Then again, when is this show never dramatic in regards to its action scenes? I mean, look at that pocky stick moment! Look at that mosquito smash! Such quality scenes!

Jokes/sarcasm aside, it’s really unnerving how consistent Strike the Blood has been. The second Asagi’s confirmed to be alive again, it’s right back into the usual pace, and many shows could learn from how this series easily shifts from one moment to the next. At this point the only one missing who should be involved in this is La Folia (and Vatler?), and I fully expect her to appear quite soon. At least, I hope she does. It’s been far too long since we saw her, and if she doesn’t show up when her sister’s in trouble, when else would she show up? I need some portable holy gun sword awesomeness… and Asagi could probably use a new bra. As for ya’ll reading this, you can have some full lengths.

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  1. Thx Zeph!

    Not that I want any of the girls dead, as I love them all (more than Koujo does), but… hey, first cliffhanger with dead Akatsuki, then with two dying girls at the same time, and now this? Isn’t the author repeating himself too much?

    1. BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The dreaded anime girl haircut is the single most vile thing in the history of mankind. Ruining character designs since God knows when.

      How dare you suggest such filth!

      *finally gets the joke*

      Oh… well…

      Maybe I can make an exception just this once…

      1. It’s not an upload. It’s just when you put in RC image links normally, the code changes how it is displayed. Just try not to put too many such links in a post, or else your comment auto goes to spam. Lol.

  2. It’s been far too long since we saw her, and if she doesn’t show up when her sister’s in trouble, when else would she show up?

    Aunt. When her aunt’s in trouble.

  3. I think what makes Kojou so different from other male harem leads is the chivalrous masculinity of his character and behaviour(unlike the passivity/pushover of others).

    When you couple that with the usual aspects of heroism, selflessness and bravery associated with harem leads, I can see why all the girls want to come to him. (^_^)

  4. Observations:
    1)If Yaze works as BOTH a Lion King observer AND a special agent/commander over Itogami Island’s army, I wonder whose side he’s actually working for.(`_´)ゞ

    2)Mogwai’s getting very suspicious. If it withheld info about the Blood from Asagi to ‘protect her’, then it’s TOO smart to be just a regular advanced AI.

    3)I recall Kensei saying in the Angel arc that the 4th Progenitor’s power was needed to face an ‘approaching disaster’. I’m assuming this is backstory material again.

    1. ED. 4)Kou said it would be unfair for Kanon to be the sole survivor. The Angel arc mentioned that Kanon was the sole survivor of a deadly accident at Nina’s monastery. I’m seeing a connection here…

    2. 1. Yaze’s family is a big investor in Itogami island and all of its affairs, that is why you see Yaze commanding the island guard. His apparent role is to “observe” Kojo, and thus he is messing with Kojo and his harem… So I don’t think he is technically working for lion king org. But of course he does share that “relationship” with certain someone…

      2/3 Both relates to the grand story that is still ongoing. Mogwai itself is not what’s really suspicious (he/it is the strongest AI lol), but rather what he claimed… Asagi won’t die as long as Itogami island stands, so that by itself should raise questions. As to 4th promigentitor, the reason why everyone seems to be interest in him/it is precisely because it is special. There are supposed to be only 3 promigenitors naturally, so the existence of the 4th is a mystery to start with. Even now there are still a lot of unanswered questions in the LN.

      ps. sorry about last week with the misinformation, I got a little too mad at Asagi scene back then.

    1. Yukina looks beautiful as always in the cover! Vatler still manages to cause trouble for Kojou and Yukina even when he´s hald a world away. By the away, I heard Chaos Bride rules Ameruca but exacly which parts form the Chaotic Territory?.

      1. 1st lost warlord rules Europe, 2nd foul gazer rules middle east I think, and 3rd chaos bride rules central to south america I think. Of course there could be a 4th dominion soon haha 🙂

        As to the death lord’s bride (I don’t know if that is her name or what), a clumsy girl in Itogami Island? definitely another Kojo harem mate, but when would Kojo finally bite Asagi??!!

  5. With Asagi and Nina sharing the same body, Kojou gets a great deal of two for the price of one. (I just couldn’t resist. 😀 )

    So the business exec guy who Akatsuki duped into merging with the Wiseman’s Blood is still alive as a sentient mass of liquid metal-like blob. How is Akatsuki planning on controlling him if betraying and manipulating the exec was his intent?

    Kaji Yuuki was already funny enough as perverted male leads in Ro-Kyu-Bu and Hentai Ouji, now he shows he can apply the same funny traits brilliantly as the creepily villainous Akatsuki.

    W00t at Nagisa and Yukina’s near-kiss. The show would nearly changed its name to StB*Kiss. :D

  6. I think possessed Asagi (Nina) just became my new favorite potential future haremette.

    Hell, next episode’s preview totally hints that Kojou will finally suck Asagi’s blood.

  7. Interesting, the Jewel wasn’t here at first when she woke up. (yes, I thoroughly searched for it :3)

    Also Mogwai was really interesting, he basically said he would have been able to save Asagi anyway.

  8. Asagi isn’t dead, this not big surprise. Index/Railgun doesn’t kill characters, so why would a certain demonic vampire kill any characters?!

    I don’t hate Asagi, but what she did last episode was annoying and retarded to the point where she should’ve died just by principal. All those characters in horror movies that trip over nothing die so why not Asagi who just watches as bad shit is happening and decides to be a battlefield reporter while looking around for her god damn earring.

    Nagisa and Yukina’s yuri time saved the episode for me, don’t give a shit about Asagi’s part besides Nina taking control of the body, hopefully she’ll be stuck in the body permanently, at least that would be able to redeem Asagi for me.

    Akatsuki willing to destroy an island for revenge is cool, but killing dirt is better.

  9. https://randomc.net/image/Strike%20the%20Blood/Strike%20the%20Blood%20-%2021%20-%20Large%2014.jpg
    Asagi/Nina steals the show. Nothing like alter ego with no sense of nudity possessing a girl to make your coffee entertaining.
    Who the hell REALLY is Moguai? He is FAR too independent acting for AI. Unless this AI is so powerful that it achieved Godhood, or close to.
    And WHY is Wiseman’s Blood after SPECIFICALLY Kanon?
    And somebody, please kill that annoying clown in top hat. He is getting annoyance levels close to Harime Nui from K-l-K.


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