「月」 (Tsuki)

Caesar was able to survive that significant attack with just a broken arm. Huh. That means that there’s at least one arm working to snatch up Ichihime, which bothers me greatly. Please Mitsu, make sure you’re able to defend the girl that fancies you from that nasty backstabbing Western asshole!

Other than that lingering issue, today’s episode made great strides in pushing forward several characters. Mitsuhide continues to suffer from his guilt and hesitation, but the issue becomes more complex with Ichihime’s desire to be his support and light, as well as hints at even more than that. At this point, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to see a conflicted relationship pop up between Mitsuhide and Ichihime, where Nobunaga and Caesar could easily become trouble for the two to be together. However, at this point, it is Mitsuhide himself who is his biggest barrier to being with the princess–until he can learn to accept his guilt and trust in the woman that he respects so much, there is absolutely no chance of him consoling Ichihime’s apparent loneliness and desire for companionship.

Meanwhile, Jeanne is having all sorts of development, where she’s suddenly gained major competency with the acquisition of her own mecha. It’s expected that she’ll stumble around as she usually has been, but the end of the episode gave all sorts of hope for her future abilities. With her views widened beyond Nobunaga, her confidence to bring out her abilities is materializing. It’s timely enough as well, as a large battle between clans is about to arise come next episode. It’ll be awesome to see something other than a 1v1 mecha battle occur on the field, especially if Jeanne takes on a more aggressive role rather than one that waits behind the lines.

As Jeanne rises to the cause, so has Nobunaga, though naturally so because of his inner resolution to take up the leadership, all with an aura of confidence. Now that he’s done dealing with all the troublesome inter-clan conflicts with his rousing speech, it falls naturally that he leads the clan on the offensive against Caesar, who everyone assumedly believes is still alive. I don’t foresee a completely willing fight against Uesugi though, as it seems that the Uesugi’s clan intentions do not directly align with Caesar’s own. I do fear that Caesar will continue to be a dick and backstab every ally he meets, but with the arrival of Brutus onto the scene, it seems only natural that Caesar’s days are numbered, where he will ironically also die by a backstab.

Though nothing too spectacular has come to redeem this show, the levels of development and a stable plot have definitely materialized. If they can continue to highlight the best traits of every character–Jeanne’s desire to defend, Mitsuhide’s conflicted nature, Ichihime’s calm demeanor, and Nobunaga’s maturing ambition, then this show is on the right track to set up its second cour correctly.




  1. We finally get some info on the West Star eh? And surprise, surprise, it’s all about the Holy Grail. Although Nobunaga is now shaping up to be a fairly standard run of the mill Shounen, I cannot say I’m not looking forward to see just what will become of the multitude of historical figures we have before us.

    And Caesar will die, likely by Brutus’ hand, and probably over Ichihime. There’s no republic for both to fight over, so it has to be something else 😛

  2. The reversed Moon indicates emotional confusion and turmoil due to one’s inner anxieties, which bring deception and mental imbalances into your life. It is advised you trust your intuition and confront those fears to move forward and regain your confidence and inner strength.

    Applied to Jeanne, her desire to assist Nobunaga and harness her Regalia’s powers are hampered by her internal hesitations and fears. However, with Nobunaga to provide his own brand of encouragement and support, she is able to overcome them to activate the Regalia and strengthen her loyalty to Nobunaga.

    Mitsuhide however is more mired within his internal conflicts. His guilt over murdering Nobukatsu manifests itself in his nightmares, and he appears conflicted between his absolute loyalty to Nobunaga and hesitation towards Nobu’s rising ambition within the Oda. Mitsu’s refusal to accept Ichihime’s support(her light) is a sign he refuses to confront his fears, deceiving himself that he needs no one’s help and serves to exist ‘in the shadows’. This could further increase the impact of his downfall, if it were to occur.

    PS.The Moon represents human intuition and the unconscious (the Moon dimly illuminates the path towards a higher consciousness. This path originates from our subconscious(the octopus)and natural mind(the two dogs)).

  3. “However, at this point, it is Mitsuhide himself who is his biggest barrier to being with the princess”

    I respectfully suggest that his murdering her baby brother in cold blood, shooting him from concealment (like that’s not going to come out at some point) might be a bigger barrier than his own hangups. Mind, I’m not 100% sure she didn’t manipulate him into doing it. By comparison Caesar killed her father from the front in open battle (there was a gap in equipment, but since Nobuhide challenged Shingen to single combat with the same disadvantage I don’t think you can call foul – Nobuhide was clearly ok with fighting any enemy on the battlefield) and had no obligation of loyalty to her family. Just saying…

    I also note everyone is very quick to assume Brutus will be successful in betraying Caesar. Unless you also assume Mitsuhide will successfully murder Nobunaga and the British will burn Jeanne at the stake, that’s a bridge too far. While I think it’s fair to assume Brutus will betray Caesar, the whole point of this show is things NOT going the way they did in history, so it’s quite possible he’ll fail – if the betrayal is at “King Arthur”‘s orders (not far removed from “for the republic (aka the ‘legitimate authority’)”) that might be the catalyst for Caesar turning coat.

      1. I’m already following Kill La Kill, Space Dandy, Noragami, Nagi No Asukara, Tokyo Ravens, Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta, and Tonari no Seki-Kun. I’m sure if I’m really motivated to add another show on top of that.

  4. I can’t help it, but I’m glad that Mitsuhide is having nightmares.

    Did Ichihime basically confess to Mitsuhide?

    “Mature charm” Lol that sounds so funny coming out of her mouth.

    The inheritance was a bowl?

    1. At least unlike most anime heroines who can’t cook, she actually tasted her own food (which means she also lacks properly functioning taste buds, but I digress). Of course, she’s actually a sorceress so it’s not impossible that it actually works and she knew it would taste like that.

  5. Not bad. It really does feel like the series is getting back on some kind of track. I’m a sucker for speeches, and while Nobunaga’s isn’t as rousing or grandiose as some of the better ones, it pretty much helps the episode to end on a high, which is always good.

    I’m glad to see Jeanne getting more fleshed out as a character now as well, what with getting an Armor of her own and straightforward encouragement from her liege. The other relationship spectrum explored here promises to be interesting too, and might even well be a tragedy (God forbid that happens) of some sorts.

    Either way, the series hasn’t been really spectacular, but it isn’t so bad to be called a trainwreck, and it’s fairly entertaining too. For those who think of picking it up again and have some spare time, this is a good choice.


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