「ハンカチを楽しんでるのよ」 (Hankachi o Tanoshin Deru no yo)
“I’m Enjoying My Handkerchief”

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei has one last trick up its sleeve as we head into the final episode.

Benio – The Siscon, the Yandere

This episode was a good case study of when Benio is the funniest, and when she’s still funny but borderlines on something else. At the beginning of the episode I thought she was unabashedly funny – full siscon mode, nothing to taint it. She was acting like an overprotective father or older brother, and the fact that she’s an older sister just made her voice more pleasant to listen to (in my opinion).

Then there was later on, when she found out Kobeni was going out on a date (of sorts), and she said no. While not full yandere, she was pretty close, and while it was funny, it wouldn’t have been if Nadeshiko wasn’t there to haul Benio away. I almost feel like Nadeshiko needs to be around more often, because as long as there’s someone around to stop Benio’s rampages, she’s hilarious to see. When there’s even the slightest hint that her insanity will actually get in the way or really make someone uncomfortable, though, I get just a little on edge.

So what I’m trying to say is, moar Nadeshiko pureeze. It’s what the UMAs would want.

Niko-chan is On the Case!

I’m not sure where the whole Niko-chan angle is going. First she was after Kobeni, which served some purpose in relation to Suetsugi, but mostly its been a dead-end. Now she’s after the flying humanoid, and I don’t know where they can go with this, especially with only one more episode to go. It’s a side conflict, so they won’t be able to fully explore it, so why?

My only guess is that it allowed Mashiro to mention how, if others find out about their secret, they won’t be able to live around there anymore. It seems like they were summoned home because of the scar thing, but maybe it was this as well / instead? Another data point: after hearing that, I found it somewhat suspicious that Kobeni comforted Mashiro on her grades by mentioning that she should be in elementary school. Why say that out loud instead of a mental tsukkomi? Maybe I’m looking too far into it, but that may come back up.

A Date…With a Child Along

You let White Day pass, Hakuya? YOU FAILURE! You fail as a man! *clears throat* Recriminations aside, I was excited when the idea of a date was brought up (thanks, Suetsugi!), but when Mashiro was convinced to come along…in one way, it shows Kobeni’s kindness, and it shows that Hakuya understands her kindness as well. It also gave a chance for a nice father-mother-daughter (looking) outing, which was nice and heartwarming. Of course, I’m all jealous and wanted a lovey-dovey Hakuya x Kobeni daito, but it’s really too soon for them to do that. Maybe soon, though…

The Scar-y Truth

Usually wind in anime is just perverted (trope!), but this time it was plot important. Thank you, wind! I was looking for where the next ball of plot would come from, and you delivered.

So it comes out that Hakuya’s bangs aren’t just a stylistic choice, but covering up a scar that he got, despite his and Mashiro’s repeated denials – “I can not speak Japanese” + “That’s right! Hakuya is a klutz!”, HAH! – when he saved Kobeni way back when. Coming from an American sensibility, my first reaction is “Big deal” – I mean, it sucks, but nothing to get bent out of shape over – but when one approaches it from a Japanese point of view, it makes more sense. As with before, Kobeni is feeling guilt over what she perceives to be her fault, which I gather is sort of a bigger deal for the Japanese. As with previous situations, this is something Kobeni would get over in time…but it looks like they may not have any more time at all.

Looking Ahead – They’re Gone!?

In all seriousness, Hakuya and Mashiro aren’t gone forever. Turn your head to the side if you don’t want my guess, but here it is: the edible plants. “I’d like to try cooking with them sometime.” I’m no relationship expert, but I know that when my girlfriend says something like that, I write it the hell down and make it happen! Hakuya might be a bit green behind the ears, but Mashiro clearly noticed. It may be that they’ve been ordered home – they did leave abruptly – but I don’t think Hakuya can be held away from Kobeni for long. They’ll be back with present in hand.

But that’s not the point of their disappearing act. Whether on their family’s orders or because they just weren’t being appropriately considerate, their sudden disappearance is going to cause Kobeni to examine her feelings again, and that’s wonderful. We have one more episode to go, and I’m looking for Kobeni to go full-on deredere and admit she likes Hakuya for at least a minute. Give me this much, Dogakobo! I need it!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Kobeni & Hakuya go on a daito (with a child), but the wind reveals one more secret that Hakuya didn’t want to get out #mikakunin 11

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  1. I’m so conflicted. I want more of this show. Then again, more in anime usually equals a sucky second season. I don’t want this show to be tainted by a second sucky season. BUT I WANT MORE OF THIS BECAUSE IT’S SO GOOD! YARGH!

    1. The next Mikakunin de Shinkoukei probably won’t be more Mikakunin de Shinkoukei, it’ll be something else entirely. That’s how it usually goes, with comedies. And everything else, for that matter.

  2. Much funny this episode. Disease-level sis complex Benio again sets the bar for any future show using the trope, while Mashiro continues to be ridiculous in all the good ways (she eats like a squirrel, I love it). Loled a lot at the alien abduction movie, tsundere aliens and a Rambo son, yeah, nothing more needs to be said.

    Best part though had to be the emo hair trope. Instead of a fashion statement used largely for character design, it actually served a purpose here. Not to mention it avoids the annoying focus of characters always having an unneeded eye patch. Haven’t had a character in any show who actually has lost an eye for a while now (there’s nothing else which makes sense for trying to cover up). Who also wants to bet that the way Hakuya gave half of his powers to Kobeni was by sacrificing his eye?

    Pretty clear this series will end with Kobeni admitting her affection to Hakuya and leaving open the possibility of a future season by (I’m guessing) having Hakuya and Mashiro return to living with Kobeni and Benio. Either way Mikakunin has already confirmed itself as the diamond in the rough from this lackluster season. A second season would not be a bad thing at all.

  3. This show is just so awesome. Definitely my number one for the season–and considering that I’m actually enjoying this season a lot, that’s saying something. 🙂 As much as I want the next episode, I’m definitely going to be mopey after I see it.

  4. I’ll be a sad sad panda next week.

    This is easily the anime of the year for me so far. I can’t help but shake my head when I remember back 12 weeks ago and this wasn’t even on my radar to watch.

    P Ko
  5. I really am going to miss this series. Honestly, I think this has become one of my favorite romcom animes to watch. The hilarious moments, the romantic moments, and the serious moments will always be a joy for me to watch. Not to metion the smooth animation Dogakobo uses from time to time. I also especially liked that along with the relationship with Hakuya and Kobeni, Hakuya has gone up from his from his backgroundish presence from the start of the series, to actually having a lot more internal and external dialogue when his and Kobeni’s relationship “leveled up”. Kinda gives in a minor character development feeling in my opinion. Overall I am going to miss this series, as well as some of the other best of the winter animes this season. So I’ll see you guys next week for the big finale! ^^

    P.S. Hope you’ll also do a blog on the upcoming OVA later on, Stilts. ^^

  6. I really am in pain right now and I feel conflicted as the final episode approaches, but this episode was definitely enjoyable as always :3

    Good job, Hakuya, saying “You’re the best” to an almost captured girl will hit homerun and blushing Kobeni is cute Kobeni! XD

    Man, the daito was disappointing in that Hakuya didn’t have some alone time with Kobeni, but on the other hand I really can’t imagine how the date would’ve gone if it was only two of them, it probably would’ve felt quite awkward and silent, and mashiro coming along definitely made it a nice mother-father-daughter outing like date which was also nice because we get to get a sneak peek at how Hakuya and Kobeni will be in the future once she delivers a child with her great child bearing hips! XD Too sweet!

    Last episode of Mikakunin de shinkoukei next episode 🙁 we will miss you, hopefully we can get the ova up soon and maybe even a second season if possible! XD

  7. Man, this show is always on point with its comedy! This episode was especially funny. Benio (and her creeper faces) and tsundere alien had me in stiches. This show is a dark horse if I ever saw one. I’m so glad I decided to pick up this series this season.

  8. It might say something that they didn’t show us Hakuya’s injury yet. We already saw Kobeni’s scar…though it did have fanservice implications as well XD. Clearly he was using that hair to cover up the injury I just wonder if it’s really serious looking which might explain the shock value. Geeze you think that him giving up half his power to Kobeni was the big lasting implication from the accident, but does have his own injuries as well.

    I will say as well that I feel a bit for Konoha. A hilarious shut down by Hakuya, but maybe shows that when she actually thought she’d need to make her claim she was considering the implications a bit. But, she’s long lost that fight so best to move on to her misguided obsession with Benio.

    As to what happened…I’m not sure. The plants thing does make sense, but vanishing without a word, note, and their stuff…I do wonder. Could be called back for a family meeting and Mashiro getting punished for her mess-up in being seen by Niko, even if it wasn’t clearly. Either way I can’t imagine Hakuya being able to stay away for long. I do think this will be a good chance for Kobeni to reflect on her feelings and maybe before this show openly admit them.

    Also a good chance for Kobeni to go back to the scene of the crime. No doubt she’s going to follow those two, it is spring break. Maybe seeing that scenery will give another kick to her memory, and be the right place for her to open up.

    I want to see more Nadeshiko because she is great for controlling Benio. At the same time she has my sympathies. I can’t imagine having to babysit someone like Benio all the time and be the voice of reason. The hero of the series no doubt.

  9. that episode preview left me with a huge shock. i can’t believe this is the 11th episode and the next one is the end. i’m really going to miss this show.

    i’m not sure if this was mentioned or not, but mikakunin is based off a 4-koma manga. as such, i think this justifies how niko-chan is always able to change her priorities as it just seems to be a running gag. not sure at all how the finale is gonna turn out to be, but after finding this out, i’m not expecting something too crazy or conclusive plot-wise. after all, what makes this show so easy to watch and lovable are the characters and the comedy, so i expect them to deliver on that.

  10. Since Benio has a thing for people calling sister, I wonder what will happen when Hakuya calls her One-san.

    I hope that the second season will be made by the same people in the future. I don’t want it to get ruined like many good comedy animes like Seitokai no Ichizon.

    1. I think they already did the Hakuya calling her that gag in the 2nd or 3rd episode. Believe Benio has forbidden it.

      Yeah, would be nice to see this back and done right. Amazing how little this series feels like a 4-koma manga. And I do weep a bit for Seitokai no Ichizon’s second season. The first is still a great harem comedy, but the second season was a step back. So many behinds the scenes issues with voice casting, the art direction, etc.

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