He needs neither your pity or your grief. Just your adoration for his springtime of youth. His name is Might Guy, and he’ll blaze the path forward for you with his life on the line. Indeed, as Might Guy begins his devastating onslaught on Madara, it looks like our cast has finally managed to inflict some sort of damage on our “godly” foe. There’s some great teamwork on the part of Kakashi, Minato, and Gaara to ensure Guy succeeds, and long story short it’s a straight forward chapter filled with ass-kicking moves that we’ve never seen before.

All things considered, there’s really not much else to say here really. The chapter really speaks for itself this time around, and I think many will agree that it’s nice to finally see someone else take the main stage for once. The fact that he’s ten fold by ten fold more powerful than the Kages (supposedly) just makes everything that much more spectacular while Guy’s at it and we have Naruto reviving as well. One’ll reason that Sasuke’ll be following shortly afterwards, and this could be the moment where the Ninja Alliance actually starts fighting back. Unless of course, Madara still has some more tricks up his sleeve, which would bode quite grim for Kakashi and his rapidly diminishing eyesight (and ability to use the Kamui). That said, here’s looking forward to the next chapter—may it be filled with more blood-boiling (literally) action.


      1. Based on what we have seen in the Naruto-verse so far,
        here are the situations we have so far:

        -Guy is mentioned as sure to die once activating Eighth Gate.
        -Orochimaru and Kabuto are around. Both know Edo Tensei.
        -Kakashi and Minato are around. Both have techniques that can avoid those orbs that nullify the invincibility offered to Edo-Tensei people.

        Put those together and I predict Show Spoiler ▼

        Am I the only one who thinks this might be cheap, but not impossible?

      2. Although I LOVE Techim’s idea, sadly it’s too OP. And for some reason, Edo-tensei doesn’t give everyone their full power, as mentioned by Madara and 1st Hokage. So, even if Gai gets revived, can he use all 8th gate if he is already “dead?” Maybe the 8th gate only works if you are “alive.”

    1. Obito will probably do his revival thing if he gets a chance so now is really the only time for us to see the eighth gate opening without permanently losing a character. It kind of cheapens the badassery of Guy’s attack but it’s still awesome to see it in action.

  1. At least dedicate a page to the appearance of Naruto, or leave it out completely. Now I’m just reading a page of Guy action when suddenly I see Naruto’s face. I feel like he really needed some sort of cliffhanger, as he was going to do this sooner or later, so he decided that this would make the reader go on. A tad confusing if you ask me.

  2. Its sad how Minato has basically become fodder at this point. He has no harms so he cant do ninjutsu or even taijutsu for the most part and now he has taken four or five of those black orbs to his body.

    However Guy is definitely impressing me. The hype for the Eight Gates is real though I am hoping to see some more techniques besides Night Elephant even though it did a ton of damage to Madara.

  3. I can only hope that Naruto doesn’t show up until AFTER Gai is done. It will really screw over Gai’s hype and action if Naruto were to magically show up (and keep him from dying somehow) then just stealing the spotlight to take on a damaged Madara.

    1. More like shonen logic, but it’s not like this is the worst example either. Remember Frieza in DBZ?

      Gets royally beat up by SSj Goku, bisected horizontally (and losing his left arm) by his own energy disk, blasted into Namek by SSj Goku, then dead center in Namek’s explosion which cost him only half his face, then left floating in space for who-knows-how-long, and he manages to survive long enough to be recovered and patched up.

  4. Let’s not forget that Obito used Rinne Tensei. He will die at the end of this.

    I feel, his parting gift will be the same as in Kakashi Gaiden. He will give his other Sharingan to Kakashi.

    Kakashi will get EMS. I feel Kishimoto is setting it up, that’s why the effects of MS are starting to show in Kakashi.

    1. 1.) Using Rinne Tensei doesn’t automatically cost one’s life. It only cost Nagato his life because it used up all of what was left of his chakra and completely using up all of one’s chakra results in death like Kakashi did. So while Obito will most likely end up dying either way, it won’t be due to using the Rinne Tensei.

      2.) Impossible for Kakashi to get Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan unless Kishi pulls another fast one out the ass, like having the two as metaphorical “brothers” working. Otherwise, getting the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan requires 2 different Mangekyo Sharingan from two blood-related Uchiha siblings, one being transplanted into the other ala Madara and Izuna or Sasuke and Itachi. Kishi seems to imply it might’ve only been due to Obito awakening it himself given the eyes are “connected” (when he witnessed Kakashi killing Rin).

      1. i think you are reading to much into the series. If Kishimoto wants something to happen on the series, it will happen. And i hate to admit it, but several times, Kishimoto has defied the logic of it’s own series, to give power ups to characters. Kakashi getting EMS via Obito giving him his other eye, it’s not only Obito’s redemption before dying, but it makes Obito leave the same way he left in Gaiden. It has to much symbolism to not happen.

        Also let’s remember something. Kakashi is a non-Uchiha, so Uchiha Sharingan rules might not necessarily apply to him. Besides, the rules of the Sharingan have never been seriously explored. We just heard a couple of commentaries from Obito and Itachi. And it was back in the time they were pretending to be someone else. Which makes their statements hard to believe.

        And i do believe once this Arc is over, the final Arc of Sasuke vs Naruto will began. And it is highly likely that Kakashi will fight against Orochimaru. A serious power-up is need for that.

        I just remember back before Tobi revealed being Obito. Hundreds of theories and debates. In the end Kishimoto took the simplest of guesses. So in the end, what we necessarily believe is not what the author pull off. Which is why i do believe Kakashi getting EMS will happen. The fact people debate the rules so much, will gives us exactly something that changes them.

      2. And that’s what pisses me off about some parts of the series; when Kishi goes and does just that (at least with no good explanations or anything). I don’t mind if they’re slight changes, but still overall the same in spirit, but when someone goes and completely changes something that goes completely against what they already established (several times sometimes), that’s just jumping the shark, like Kinkaku and Ginkaku for instance.

        As for “Tobi”? Not really hundreds of theories (at least in terms of identity itself). Obito, from what I’ve seen, was always one of the top two choices aside from Danzo. People tended to favor Danzo because it seemed a lot more interesting compared to Obito…and it was really proven true too…

  5. I was mad excited for this chapter and it didn’t disappoint. Not only was Gai super awesome, but everyone including Madara was really into the fight. It was a really energetic chapter.

    Kishimoto put a lot of love in Naruto’s close up in the last page, too.

    The truth is in the axe
  6. So if Kakashi is losing his eye sight already, then there is a chance where Obito might take a mortal blow for Kakashi and offer him the Sharingan to give Kakashi an Eternal Mangekyo.

    1. As far as we know, it’s impossible for Kakashi to get Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan unless Kishi pulls another fast one out the ass, like having Obito and Kakashi as metaphorical “brothers” being enough to work.

      Otherwise, getting the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan requires 2 different Mangekyo Sharingan from two blood-related Uchiha siblings, one being transplanted into the other ala Madara and Izuna or Sasuke and Itachi. In this case, it would still be the same Uchiha with the same set of eyes being used.

      Kishi seems to imply that Kakashi’s Mangekyo Sharingan might’ve only been awakened (unbeknownst to Kakashi it seems) due to Obito awakening it himself when he witnessed Kakashi killing Rin thus fulfilling the huge feeling of loss an Uchiha with a 3 tomoe Sharingan needs to awaken it, and given the eyes are “connected”.

    1. Hahaha, GARHALLA … indeed the most fitting place for Gai .. and his father too, wished they showed his fight with the seven swordsmen of the mist .. i wonder if he single-handedly killed them all before dying, that would have been an epic fight.

  7. You hope the anime “expand” even more they are already doing, ruinin’ ALL the manga essence in a never-ending & Dragon Ball Z-ish way the storyline?

    My god. World should stop to exist. xD


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