「あけおめだよ, 人の上に立つ器, どう○い, それを洗うなんてとんでもない」 (Ageomedayo, Hito no Ue ni Tatsu Utsuwa, Dou*i, Sore wo Arau Nante Tondemonai)
“It’s Happy New Years, What it Take to Stand Above Someone, Vir*in, I Can’t Believe You’re Washing That”

SYD*, why do you do this to me? Just like the first season, you throw this wicked curveball trying to get my hopes up. Except I know you’re going to just troll us like last time *_*

New Years

It just never gets old, does it? If there’s one thing that SYD* does right, it’s how they portray most of the cultural events throughout the series. While they do sometimes blow things out of proportion, you always get the feelings that certain event would bring. At the same time, they also did a great job at giving everyone some time to shine. From the Suzu fans and the Uomi lovers all the way to the Hata fanatics, just about everyone got some well deserved screen time in this second to last episode. If anything, Mitsuba probably got the most out of all the side characters which was actually kind of nice especially since we haven’t seen or heard much from her.

Valentine’s Day & White Day

Even though I was wishing for more deredere from the skit, I’ll admit that it was still fun to watch. The high points definitely being when Suzu attempted to become a tsundere only to get misunderstood and Tsuda getting caught in another one of Uomi’s traps. The former almost brought a tear to my eye after I thought about how sad Suzu must have felt afterwards and the latter was just adding fuel to a fire that I didn’t even know had started.

Tsuda and His Dirty Squid

I don’t have much to say about this except Hata is the best troll of Winter 2013. Totally embracing the whole “sorry, not sorry” ideals of this generation (that makes me sound so old, haha), I really wish Tsuda took the opportunity to smack her across the face or something.

The Lure of a Romantic Clusterfuck

The one thing that I’ve always wanted from this show ever since its conception was for Tsuda and someone to hit things off and create some emotional tension. While everyone’s secret feelings for him have been hinted at and even at times exposed, I came to a mutual understanding that this is a gag-show first and anything else second.

But after the last few minutes of the episode, SYD effectively skipped all the nonsense that you’d need to create a romantic pentagon and literally gave us everything I’ve wanted to see for the longest time. All of Tsuda’s potential love interests watching an overly touchy Uomi get a bit too close to him? While it’s nothing new, the way they presented it feels like that something amazing might happen next week.

That said, even with the makings of a romantic clusterfuck ready to be exploited at a moment’s notice, I can’t help but feel a little nervous that it’s all a ploy. Because, I don’t know, SYD does this to us every, single, time they bring up something like this. But who knows? Maybe because it’s the season finale, someone will finally man up and do something about their feelings (Haha, yeah right).

LOL Moments

  • That moment when Suzu jokes about the price of the Mystery Bags being too expensive, but meant that they were out of her reach.
  • That moment where Kotomi tries to make Tsuda look like a sis-con.
  • That moment Nene tries to instruct us how to use a dildo.
  • That moment we learned just where Umoi’s V-line was.

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  1. ITS ALL A PLOY. There is no romance in this!!! they will fool us around by having 1second of romance air cut off by a dirty joke. Im tired, my heart cant take this anymore!!!!

  2. Ohhh, harem fight next week. 😀

    The Dirty Squid sketch kind of ended “anticlimatically” (in a funny way), with Hata so quick to admit in her usual nonchalent manner she was the one who set Tsuda up. LOL

  3. It seems Uomi realized that against a veteran Flag Crusher the only good strategy is to go on the offensive.

    That’s what “Ta-ta-ta-ta-taka-kun~” was — a battle cry.

  4. Yeah, I’m not expecting this show to give us a romantic resolution of some sort. Most likely it’ll just tease us again. Still, watching Uomi constantly troll the others about it is hilarious. And speaking of trolls, I laughed out loud at that conclusion of the Squid and Taka parts. Oh Hata, never change.

    Lots of good Suzu gags too, though most of them didn’t end well for her. Watching her getting all fidgety when Takatoshi grabbed her in the Squid part was hnngg-inducing though. Hoping she gets some good scenes next week as well, as Uomi’s attack seems to reach the next level then.

  5. That last scene….

    Uomi x Tsuda ship looks to set sail… Perhaps… After we see some blood maybe?

    Suzu seems to be ready to sink it with torpedoes

    Mitsuba and Shino seems stunned at the development

  6. They’re moving through the year awfully fast. At this rate Shino and Aria will graduate by the end of the next episode.

    …Yes, I’m focusing on that to ignore the fact that Umoi’s totally going to be murdered by three different people next episode.

  7. HalfDemonInuyasha
  8. What a way to end the second to last episode. The shipping tease was just, I was laughing so hard because I know I and everyone else am getting trolled.

    Can’t wait for the last one, because it’ll be great. If they don’t do anything with it, I totally got trolled like I expected and truly deserved. If something does happen, well I get my pet wish.

    You know who I want to make the move though? Mutsumi. Simply because Kotomi is trying to be sneaky and bust down the Flag Crusher. Mutsumi is so pure, she IS the flag you just can’t crush. Plus she’s the type that when you shove, she’ll judo toss you. So it would totally fit her personality.

    Of course, we’d have everyone then confess and the troll would be that Takatoshi hasn’t considered anyone in that way. Because that would be the best troll.

    And yes, I’m using everyone’s other name to throw you all off.

  9. I’m really enjoying Kotomi as a character, she’s been funnier as seasons have progressed.

    If I had to pair Tsuda it’d be with Suzu, this episode just reinforces that. Shino is a year older and would have to move on. But as someone else mentioned, there will be no progress shown which is pretty frustrating ending without some conclusion in 3 seasons worth of episodes.

    What were Suzu, Shino, and Aria doing together without Tsuda when they ran into him and Uomi for White Day presents?


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