「暁の帝国篇II」 (Akatsuki no Teikoku Hen II)
“Akatsuki’s Kingdom II”

It may be the finale, but it’s just another day in the life of Akatsuki Kojou: filled with unintentionally perverted moments, explosions, epic dragons, and a whole harem of great gals at his side kicking butt. If you were expecting something different because it was the “last episode,” well… I have no idea what you were thinking really.

Jokes aside though, I have to say that if you’re going to do a finale for a series that still has material left, this is definitely one way to do it. It probably could’ve been better minus a bit of the rushing and the like, but the general formula they went about the finale was a good one, and there’s something to be said about an episode that incorporates a bit of everything we’ve gotten so far. After all, who wouldn’t want one last glimpse at every member of our great harem (plus Vatler) before it’s all said and done? Combine that with literally every fight theme on the OST, some solid development on the character side of things, and some more glimpses into the future to top things off—it’s just how a finale should be done. There’s a satisfactory conclusion in regards to the current arc and the tantalizing promise of a great future too—especially in regards to Akatsuki and Yukina, who finally realize the potential future they could have themselves.

All things considered, it was also quite nice seeing Sayaka decking Akatsuki and Reina pushing Himeragi to get things started here, because there was a real danger they’d both just sit there and believe it’s best that they separated—that’s just the kind of people they are—and that really would’ve been a pity. Although… it would’ve only been for three days. But hey, who’s sweating the details? Ultimately, it made for some rather nice drama (and a bit of romance) to end things with here, and there’s a boat load of priceless reactions we get forever memorialized as a result too. The montage of Himeragi moments also added a nice touch, and it really ended up being a solid finale considering the circumstances.

The question now is whether or not we’re going to get a second season and I’m admittedly not sure whether we will. Last I heard the sales were decent and the show was definitely angling toward one, so I guess we’ll see, and by that I mean THEY BETTER GIVE US A SECOND SEASON AFTER TEASING THAT FUTURE BIT (with someone who looks like Asagi’s kid to boot). Final impressions at the end.

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Author’s Note: Please use spoiler tags if you’re going to write about events in the light novel that haven’t been covered yet.


ED2.24 Sequence




Final Impressions:

Looking back, Strike the Blood was a series that didn’t necessarily break any new ground. There were definitely generic aspects to it all and the development would occasionally take a hit from being either a bit rushed or from obvious source material omissions. What the series proves despite all this though, is that there’s room to roam even with generic elements, and that consistency goes a long way toward overall impressions of a series. Indeed, Strike the Blood has arguably been one of the more consistent shows of the last two seasons, and it’s something that allows it to earn a lot of its stripes now that it’s all said and done. Every week, you could come in knowing you were going to get a certain amount of enjoyment no matter what, and a lot of this had to do with its great (and fun) cast of characters. It only helped that we got a rather nice soundtrack to help accentuate the vast universe presented here, and there’s much that could be said about how much more potential is still left within this show.

Whether we get to see that potential turn into something tangible remains to be seen, but for now, I can safely say that this was a series I feel glad to have picked up despite my initial reservations about covering three shows on a weekly basis. In ways, it was surprising just how well it turned out—kind of like Tokyo Ravens in this regard—and there’s not much else to say here except that if we do get a second season, you can be sure I’ll try my hardest to find time and cover it. To end things here, I’d just like to say my usual thanks for everyone that has read and commented on this series over the last 23 episodes, and here’s hoping you’ll continue to follow either me or the site in general next season as well! Until we meet again, remember: the next time you got someone by your side but have the urge to say “this is my fight,” please remember that it probably isn’t so that we don’t have to hear you get corrected every time. Thanks. I’m looking at you Kojou.


  1. damn i missed this& tokyo ravens already. here’s really hoping both will get 2nd season, although i know it will be a couple of years before we get one because of the source material

    1. The light novel of Strike the Blood is currently in volume 10: Bride of the Dark God, ; Mikumo-sensei releases 3-4 of this novel for year so we might get news around 2015 when the novel reaches 13 or 14 volumes.

    2. That’s what makes me sad about these kinds of shows where the anime has caught up on their source material, cuz it takes a long time alone to make an anime even when there is enough source material and even when the source material and its animes are popular, I mean look at Index, where is our third season? It’s almost 3 years now…

      So we can imagine how long we would have to wait for there to be enough source materials to base the anime on plus the making of the anime, so it really is sad to wait for Tokyo Ravens, Strike the Blood, and Magi, to have enough source material, especially when the stories are picking up and getting really really good. Sighs, I can imagine it’s at least a 5 year wait… Aghh!

  2. The end implies Akatsuki will create an Empire of his own! It seems like all badass vampires somehow end up with their own territories. I wonder who Moegi’s father is. Is it Kujou too? That would be weird. Still I’m curious about future Akatsuki’s not-dead status.

    1. in the original short story, it is implied that Moegi is also a vampire (drinking tomato juice and have fang), and the fact that Asagi is now the head of tech department in the empire… so the natural conclusion is that Moegi’s father has to be Kojo (also her way to address Kojo by first name, a natural trait only in Kojo’s family)

      on the other note about Kojo being dead, that is just Reina being naughty… Kojo can’t die due to his power haha…

      1. Many say that it´s completely impossible due that Avrora´s case was a little special and will be develop in the flashback arc. Reina possess familiars similar to his father because second generation vampires inherit powers related to his/her father/mother; Chaos Bride has 27 familiars and most of them are intelligent weapons so many of her tribe (I don´t think she has biologival children) have at least one inteligent weapon as familiar; the same aplies to a second generetion vampire that has been born from drinking the blood of a Progenitor, for example, when Kojou turns Yukina into a vampire she will inherit many of the attributes of Kojou´s familiars.

        This makes me wonder just what kind of familiars the Forgotten War King has, since Vatler is part of his family by birth and all of his 9 familiars are snakes.

    2. The Forgotten War King has the Imperial Domain (most of Europe and Africa), Chaos Bride has the Chaotic Territory (all America), I have no idea of how the territory of Eye of Destruction is called but most of Asia is part of it and now Kojou has Empire of Dawn, in the side story is refer to in german but I can´t pronuonce a word of it. If the follows the example of his brethren he most likely acts as a protector of the empire and leaves most of the politics to the Imperial Counsil Reina and Moegi were talking about.

    3. Show Spoiler ▼

  3. I really hope we get another season because this was one of my favorite shows since it started, and the final episode just left me wanting more, so no matter how long we might have to wait I do hope we get one at some point in time. ><

    1. I´m having a really good feeling about this one, Log Horizon got a new season and I love that as well and Index is having an important anouncement on april 10 so I hope before long we´ll hear news for this awesome story too.

    1. In the Campione! light novels the harem is already in agreement to all marry Godou at some point, since he´s a Devil King human laws mean nothing to him, I´m fan of Yukina all the way but a harem ending is great toand Kojou has the perfect position as well as Godou to archive it without issue, just imagine a daughter from La Folia and Sayaka!. XD

      1. It’s nice that he has a daughter to both Yukina and Asagi, cuz it shows the possibility that he might have daughters with the other girls, I myself want him to also hook up with Sayaka, La Folia, Kanon, Astarte, Yuuma, and Natsuki-chan!!!!

        I think without a doubt that a daughter born from Akatsuki and Natsuki-chan would be the strongest of all, I mean looking at Reina alone proves how powerful she is, imagine the daughter of Akatsuki and Natsuki-chan, it would be insanely OP, being a vampire thus having immortality and familiars plus the crazy void/space powers.

  4. huge kudos to anime for making all the fights and this second episode to expand the short story yet remain largely faithful to the story with the flash to the future. Of course there is always the debate of who among the girls are included in Kojo’s harem, but at least we can say that Reina and Moegi are both awesome and both inherited their parents nice traits.

    what I find interesting though is right before the credit when the anime showed Itogami Mega talking with Mogwa and spoiled the term “shrine maiden of Cain”… This refers to Asagi of course (which kinda relates to her eyes turning red when she uses her power). This term wasn’t coined till vol.7, so maybe it’s an early tease at a bigger plot point and possible season 2? Also the motive of Mega and his relationship with the island and Mogwa are entirely unknown at this point. Definitely interesting to see for the future… GIVE US SEASON 2 ALREADY!!! Of course, thanks for the coverage as always!

    1. They couldn´t have just put it there out of nothing, I was surprise as well when Meiga showed up at the last minute if that is not a taste of what is coming I don´t knowwhat is, I mean, they have to put the secene, let alone mention Cain by name.

  5. Indeed,a very consistent show throughout it’s entire run. StB’s the kind of anime you can easily decide whether you’ll continue watching,which means enjoying it for what it is,or drop if it’s just not your cup of tea.

    Tokyo Ravens was still better though 😛

  6. I’m going to be really harsh here, but I have to be honest. So my apologies. I thought this series was really terrible. It felt like the series was written by a middle schooler who watched too many cliche animes and played too much of the Final Fantasy franchise. I kept watching it to see if it gets better because it had potential and I really liked the first arc with Eustach. But after that I felt the series went downhill in a somewhat cheesy route.

    As for the OP and ED of the second half of the series, they were quite awful. Especially the second ED, when I heard more of the song in the final episode I though my ears were going to bleed. The sequences for the second OP and ED weren’t that great either where everyone looked melancholy to make it seem cool, came off as lame.

    1. I have to agree with you there… although i enjoyed the series, it didn’t really show it’s potential.

      I haven’t read the LN so i don’t know if the whole story direction or sequence was faithful to the LN. Though if it was, it would have been a very “generic” and crappy LN.

      Like when every arc where Kojou drags Asagi into trouble everytime then in the latter half of the arc, everybody forgets her… every time i see that, i just think “WTF?!”. First you drag someone into your mess, then rely on them, then you get them in trouble, then forget her like some used condom LOL. And forgetting about explaining things to asagi after they talked about explaining things to each other on the earlier episodes…

      Also when the time where asagi is getting attacked at the monastery, where kujou just screams at the phone while asagi almost died and just repeatedly screams like a retard.

      And with the final arc when Asagi is giving Kujo time to escape safely and sacrificing himself. Kujo screamed that he wouldn’t let Asagi be sacrificed… but he just forgot about her and sucked blood like a madman WTF?

      Seriously, i think Hagure Yuusha no Estetica has a lot better story progression and a much much better protagonist than this…

      Though i enjoyed the series as a whole

  7. After thinking a little bit I remember that vampires need to drink blood in order to use their familiars freely, that means that Reina must have a boyfriend or someone she loves and drink his blood because she is using Hasta Aurum without incident. That would explain why Kojou and Yukina didn´t tell her of how close they were at her age, no need to put any more wierd ideas in the girl´s head, they won the lottery when they fell in love at a young age but that doesn´t mean the same might happen to Reina.

    1. well, in the side story, Moegi was drinking tomato juice when Reina came back, and she offered her a cup of tomato juice as well… so I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Asagi (ie the doc) or Kojo’s awesome family (Minori, Kojo’s grandmother, or any other powerful relatives) might have figured out a way to let the girls drink tomato juice and still use their vampire abilities… or they can induce nosebleed by looking at hot girls (lol) and use their own blood (given how high level their mothers’ blood were)

      1. @jrj:So what is Kojou & Avrora’s backstory? How exactly did he meet her, and what were the circumstances leading to her death? What is the mystery of the 4th progenitor?
        What is a Priestess of Cain, & who is the ultimate villian?

        Could you reveal backstory spoilers for us anime-only viewers, please? 🙂

    2. To add a little onto jrj’s post response–Kojou is a bit of an exception to a lot of the rules due to the way he’s become the fourth progenitor (it seems). As far as we know (I believe) he only really needs blood to awaken new familiars and restore (strenghten?) his powers more quickly, but there’s also evidently some level of natural recovery based on how casually he tends to use his familiars individually.

      So, it is entirely possible that vampires don’t need to regularly drink blood to use their powers. Extrapolating from that, we could guess that because she was likely born with Hasta Aurum as her familiar, Reina has no need of blood to actually use it.

      Plus, it’d be a bit insane if every vampire in the world had to have the blood of high-powered spirit mediums to awaken their familiar (and Kojou is the only evidence we have of vampires needing blood to awaken familiars—and he needs high powered spirit mediums to do it).

    3. That could be a possibility, Mimori is crazy smart despite the fact she´s half-crazy and she might have a found a way to do it but it would take all the fun out of summoning your familiar. By the way Altherion-san, the light novels confirms that a vampire need to drink blood to earn the respect of his familiar once it´s created but Kojou is indeed a little bit special because of his crazy powerful familiars, Al-Meisa Mercury needed two mediums for example and there is one more in Bride of the Dark God but that would be too much of a spoiler.

      1. @haseo0408, I don’t know if the case in vol.10 really counts given the circumstances lol… of course I have only read the spoilers to vol.10 and haven’t actually read the full translation, so I could be wrong about it…

        but yeah, in general vampire must drink blood at least once to awaken the familiars… Though in Kojo’s case, since each familiar is uber powerful on its own and some other special conditions, each one need a separate blood offering to activate.

      2. I have only read fragmented spoilers as well, the only certain is that there is relationship upgrade, you know what I mena XD, the familiar that is subjugeted and the medium used. By any chance do you know any site where I could read a sumary of volume 10? I´m dying for some concrete information so I would apreciate any help jrj-san.

      3. I can only read Chinese, so I don’t know if that will be any use to you… so if you can read Chinese, I would check tieba. Also there is a translation project for vol.10 in Chinese ongoing.

  8. The only real complaints I have against the show is that the author likes repeated dialogue like catchphrases and jokes a bit too much and uses surprise rescuers far too much as well.

    Also, I find Yukina to be a good character and all but I find that her usage within the story can be a bit obnoxious. It’s almost like the author is drilling it into people that she’s the best girl because when other girls get their moments, generally not too long after that she completely outshines them. I can’t say I really like that in a story that features its harem so much like this one. They may as well have called it “Strike the Waifu” or something.

    Wasn’t groundbreaking or anything but I’d still watch it again just for the pure quality of the harem. (Especially if Natsuki’s in it.)

    1. @Kuntzy: Also, I find Yukina to be a good character and all but I find that her usage within the story can be a bit obnoxious. It’s almost like the author is drilling it into people that she’s the best girl because when other girls get their moments…

      Interesting that you mention that, and I agree. In fact, during an discussion on IRC, after I mentioned how I thought LaFolia was best girl and was disappointed she didn’t show up much later on in the story. In reply, someone posted that the author (not editor) didn’t like how LaFolia was becoming a fan favorite over Himeragi who the author wants to be the undisputed FL lead/heroine. Result = less Lafolia in later chapters.

      ZERO idea if that is true or not, but it does fit with your comment. At times, IMO it really does seem like a concerted effort is made to ensure Himeragi stays forefront and center over the other girls. Especially for a harem type show such as this, I’d prefer a more “Highschool Dxd approach” were all the girls get some quality time.

    2. There is that rumor going about but from what I heard is the author who favors Yukina as well, not complain from since she´s my favorite of all the girls but I agree we need a little more La Folia, thankfully all seems to indicate that she and her family will be the center of attention in the next volume.

  9. Not much to add to Zephyr’s conclusion (thanks for taking the time to blog it). The show was one of the more consistent ones over the 2-cour run, and overall IMO, was a pretty good, entertaining show. For me, one of the better shows this season.

    By the end, Kojou racked up quite a nice harem with LaFolia being best girl IMO. Shame she didn’t have more screen time. The action was good though I did find the battles getting a bit repetitive and formalistic by the end. There were quite a number of humorous moments throughout as well – always a plus for me. Another strength IMO were the characters. Kojou was a pretty good ML and Himaragi the same as the FL. The chemistry between the two worked which is important given how much the two interact. Frankly, I liked a lot of the characters, and the diverse cast made the show more fun to watch along with providing some depth to the STB world.

    The biggest thing I question is the decision by the director (or whoever made it) to cover so much ground despite having the luxury of a 2-cour/24 episode run. From what I can tell, six LN novels + one side story were covered in 24 episodes which = less than four episodes per LN volume pacing. That’s fast – noticeably so. Contrast that with Log Horizon which took a more reasonable (IMO) 5 episodes to cover each LN volume. I definitely got a rushed feeling at times along with “OK, something got cut here” feeling while watching. I think covering one less LN volume and perhaps the side story as well (e.g. 5 LN volumes in 24 eps.) would have made a noticeable improvement.

    And yeah, the “It’s my fight now!” “No senpai, it’s our fight!” tag-team catchphrase got a little old towards the end. Hai, hai, got it – you’re a team. Have to give the series a break on that though since Toaru Index/Railgun is a top series of mine, and I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve heard/read Touma say “I’ll destroy that f’d up illusion of yours.” *cue falcon punch*

    Definitely up for a second season, but next time, slow down a bit… and moar LaFolia. 😀

    1. Off topic, but vol.10 (or the real vol.9) of mondaiji is out! and translation into Chinese has started 🙂 the rumor is that our problem kids are still in pinch, and the battle will continue into the next volume, but some other crazy stuff will happen… From what I see in the color illustration, Black rabbit is awesome! (Canaria is on the front cover lol… where is my Izayoi cover?!)

      1. Thanks for the update. The LN English TL for the series, “magref” has been doing a wonderful job of consistently updating translation. Vol 04 he said was a bit challenging, but he’s stuck with it. Still, a long ways to go before I catch up with you. I agree that Izayoi deserves a cover as a main character, but I wouldn’t mind one of Sala Doltrake either. 😛

        Sadly, seems Eng. TL for StB has stalled. As noted in my post, I suspect the anime’s pacing left out some of the LN details which I’d like to read, but… At any rate, thanks for filling in the info gaps during both 2-cours. I found your posts quite helpful 😀

  10. jrj, I remember you mentioned you would post backstory spoilers for us anime-only viewers. We are still curious on how the Kojou-Avrora relationship was created, what the 4th progenitor’s mystery is, what a Cain’s priestess is, and who the ultimate villian is.

  11. well, I haven’t had a chance to re-read vol.7-8, but below are what I remembered, if others have read the LN, please correct me if I say anything that are inaccurate and incomplete. Of course we might get a season 2, so some of these details will spoil the fun, so read at your own risk 🙂

    How Kojo met Avrora: Show Spoiler ▼

    Stuff about the 4th Primogenitor Kaleido Blood: Show Spoiler ▼

    About Cain and Asagi and other small stuff: Show Spoiler ▼

  12. Tokyo Raven all the way though

    Maybe bec. Tokyo doesn’t have the “I’m the MC and I’m freaking clueless that hundreds of girls fall in love w/ me vibe” and “This is my fight … Nope senpai this is our fight”

    PS I’m not a hater XD

    1. Yeah, almost, if not all arcs Yukina said that, “no senpai, this is ous fight”, i lost count.
      I liked Strike the Blood, but it felt too repetitive…
      Arc starts…Arc develops….Kojou drinks one of the girls blood and summons a new familiar…wins the battle…arc ends.

      Tokyo Ravens all the way too.
      TR had a lot more plot, and a actually cried a couple times.
      StB had too much ecchi sometimes.

  13. Moegi and Reina are Kojou’s kid. They are stated at Strike the Blood: Ex Yukina Before/After.

    Sayaka, La Folia, Kanon and Yuuma are not confirmed they were victimized (cough) mated (cough) bred (cough) err… were fathered by Kojou

  14. that was easily one of the best shows of the season, but i have thoughts…………….

    – my favorite girl sayaka really got screwed over in this episode, “hey…… yeah, thanks for the blood donations, the fighting, and the strip downs, you can go back to observing that douche vatler now”

    – for 23 episodes this was a really really good show, but what it left us with, what it gave us a glimpse of in the ending minutes of the final episode has the potential to be great, this show gets added to the “give me another season or else i’ll punch you in the face” list and now begins the wait/hope for season 2

  15. Empire of the Dawn (Akatsuki) indeed. If this future timeline stands, then Kojou harem ending FTW.

    Gotta love these two images, their >.> reaction at Kojou’s thirst for Yukina’s blood says it all. XD

    It was a fun guilty pleasure series. And the anime team was correct in marketing as such, not taking themselves or the sci-fi premise too seriously, and allowing the characters’ funny interactions to take the spotlight. Even Kojou’s and Yukina’s double tagline of “It’s OUR fight, sempai!” elicited cheers despite its blatantly cliched format.

    Season 2 please. 😀

    1. From my point of view you can translate those priceless reactions in the following manner:

      Vatler: damn! I lost to this girl already!

      Natsuki: go someplace else if you want to mate! (little bit jealous)

      Astarte: I wish that were me.

      Reina: so this is what my parent do in their private time! and get a room already guys!.

      If only Asagi would have seen that she would have died of shock on the spot. XD

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  16. Some musings at the end:
    -The future girl Moegi is obviously effect of Koujo x Asagi. They really hammer this point with labcoat and red drink
    -GJ Sayaka and Reina at poking those 2 stubborn heads into trusting their feelings
    -reactions of all present to Koujo getting swept by his vampiric urges towards his Observer: priceless!
    -The mysterious escapee for Azkaban dimension prison – what is his agenda? and what are his relations with Moguai? speaking of Moguai, what is HIS agenda?
    -the future expanded and improved island definitely looks Imperial…

  17. My god I want a second season so bad and with how they left us hanging, they freaking better! I want to know more about the future damnit haha. I loved the art quality, very beautiful just like Date a Live’s :D. Also need more dose of Natsuki-chan, can’t have the show without that now can we? xD

    Jason Isenberg
  18. Kojou: “This is my child!”
    Himeragi: “No senpai……….this is our child!”

    That would have made my day xP.

    Overall i think STB just plays it way too safe. I never really felt wowed by anything that came up in the show and was actually bored at times. Plus the humor is just so overly cliche that it really irritated me. Are people STILL getting a kick these days out of the classic sexual misunderstanding gag that this show uses so much? It’s been so overplayed that i just don’t understand the appeal for it anymore personally.

    Himergai was also an issue with me. For me she represents many of the qualities that frustrate me about women. She constantly gets upset with Kojou even in situations where she knows it wasn’t his fault. Not to mention I’ve always hated it when characters make a huge misunderstanding about certain things. Like when she thought Kojou truly felt it would be better if she wasn’t around this episode. Really? After everything they have been through together i really don’t see how she actually believed that. I feel like she constantly wants to be pitied by Kojou. She’ll say things like “Oh i see you don’t want me around?” which obviously is going to lead him into trying to reassure her that isn’t the case. It makes her come off as needy imo. I guess in many ways she is a tsundere through and through but i’ve never been fond of this character type.

  19. I really liked this series. Although at time i had no idea what the hell they were talking about and spammed lore all over the place, in the end everything was explained.

    The only character i disliked in the series was Asagi, she really is a clueless dumbass. And really hate hating on fictional character, but she really pissed me off by the end. How can she not realize Kojou is not normal…

  20. Damn…Vampires, Alchemy, mythology, and time travel. The series really doesn’t miss a beat throwing in all the elements of fantasy in one series, and it works. It freakin’ works.

    The final arc was short, but pretty satisfying. I facefaulted and chuckled at how Yukina mistook the letter and went off emo-ing by herself, realising in the end that it was all a misunderstanding and everything’s fine again.

    What the two episodes lacked in buildup, they made up for it with great reactions, ecchi jokes, new characters, some drama and those awesome teasers. There’s just so much going on that feeds our anticipation for a season 2. We still have Itogami and Moegi’s association with him as well. Hell, I WANT to see how Akatsuki’s empire came about..And all his children.

    And of course, a separate paragraph just for Sayaka. Nice slap, girl, and nice little speech to get the most powerful character going into gear instead of moping around. She’s my favorite, hands down after that strong showing. 🙂

    Great post again, Zephyr. Not sure if it’s too much to ask for a fuller review of the entire series this season, but thanks for your hard work!

    Bring on Season 2. Sometime. 🙂

  21. First of all, this is a great anime series and for those that did not watch it yet, it’s highly recommended that you do so. (1) The cast of characters really favors my support in that they each have their own unique personalities that complement together to make a multiple great stories. (2) The plot for each arcs, which I like how they did them, are all nicely wrapped in movie size (90 mins long) so I could go back to select my favorite parts. (3) The music and OST are quite addicting and perfect for the anime. (4) The animation quality are spectacular in HD no less that I can’t look away from the screen with it’s beauty and enjoyment. (5) It just has everything from action, fantasy, comedy, drama, romance/couple-shipping, fan-service, etc; you name it. (6) With this in mind, you get exciting entertainment and smiles after it’s all over. Sigh…I WANT MORE! (chanting – “Season 2, season 2, season 2~”)

    random viewer
  22. I don´t why people dislikes Yukina and Kojou´s signature phrase, I think is really awesome and kind of reminds of Touma Kamijou´s line: “I will kill that illusion!”.

  23. I really enjoyed this anime, and although it is nothing spectacular, everybody left you wanting more. The one thing that did disturbed me was the fact that we might not get a harem ending. Feel sad for the girls, especially Asagi.

    Well, here’s hoping for a second season, hopefully not too far away.

    (This show and Tokyo Ravens have really compelled me to take up reading LN. Perhaps that is what I will be doing while we wait for hopefully a new adaptation.)


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