The time has finally come. With this chapter’s conclusion, we get the confirmation that both Naruto and Sasuke have inherited the will of Ashura and Indra respectively, and we’re at a point where things are officially coming full circle for perhaps the final time (this series). In many ways, this inheritance and the Sage of Six Paths entrusting his powers to them both was the final piece of the cyclical repeat of history that’s happened throughout the series’ history, and it looks like things are truly reaching their end now.

That said, it is interesting to note that while there has been quite a bit given about how many things are similar to the past, this chapter also notes how some things have changed as well. For instance, both Sasuke and Naruto managed to become “friends” in the end despite following in the footsteps of the Indra/Ashura feud before, and it’s something that highlights the notion that something inevitably changes given enough repeats and enough time. There’s a sense here of one being the key to their own destiny here, and while it may be cliche, it does end up quite fitting considering the circumstances.

Aside from that, the last thing to note here really is how things didn’t end up quite as the Sage of Six Paths intended. It’s a nice metaphor for life and how it sometime ends up, and it it conjures up an old quote about how “the path to hell is paved with good intentions.” Needless to say, the quote in and of itself is something that gives you some food for thought, and let’s just say it’s something to ponder before we shift back to our fight’s climax. Next week it’s the Springtime of Youth again!


    1. I’m pretty sure this is the end for Gai – they established the parameters for the 8 Gates a looong time ago. If they save him or somehow end up resurrecting everyone who has died so far it would diminish the sacrifices than have been made.

      But who knows, maybe Six-Path-Sage-Mode Naruto will be able to undo the damage to his body somehow.

      I’m still surprised some people call this an ‘ass-pull’ when you remember that Sasuke pulled his 180 and said that he wants to be the next Hokage and protect the Leaf Village. It’s all relative.

      1. It was also established early on that Kurama’s chakra would instantly kill anyone with developed chakra coils that tried to take it in (hence why Minato had to use a newborn child with a freshly cut umbilical cord and undeveloped chakra coils to seal Kurama in, and even then, required special seals to do), but guess what? We got Kinkaku and Ginkaku who, as fully grown adults, somehow ate the insides of what is supposed to be nothing but a chakra construct and not only managed to take in Kurama’s chakra into themselves as a result, but were also able to control it to FAR greater lengths than Naruto ever could at the time (able to control 6 tails easily).

        So I would not expect most of the “established facts” from early on to remain the same with such asspulls Kishi has been doing.

      2. When did they talk about chakra coils? Naruto’s mother got the nine tails long after she was born as well as the first hokage’s wife. Rin also had the three tails inside of her and she was fine. We also have killer bee as well. We were told that trying to take a tail beast power by eating a piece of their flesh (tested only with the 8 tails) was poisonous (with the exception of Kinkaku and his brother due to having lucky dna)but I do not recall anything about unborn chakra coils being needed to take in a tail beast.

      3. @Tasa

        Also note how ALL of them were still children whose chakra coils were NOT fully developed unlike a grown adult’s. Add on the fact that at least Kushina was an Uzumaki with “special chakra” just like Mito (who obviously had Kurama sealed in her when she was an adult).

      4. When did the manga say how old you have to be until your chakra coils are fully develop? Also when did people talk about chakra coils? The only time I remember people talking about chakra coils was when naruto was learning how to create the rasengan in which he learned that his rotation was moving opposite of his coils (which affect the direction of your hair growth) hence why he was having a harder time creating the ball.

      5. It’s only loosely speculated by A that they might be because of surviving as they did, but was never outright proven one way or another. Being able to use the tools of the Rikudo Sennin isn’t exactly proof either as, as far as we know, they only require a lot of chakra to be able to use due to their power. Knowledge doesn’t seem to be a problem given Tenten seemed to be able to use the Bashōsen fan easily enough, after finding it, at least once before collapsing from chakra exhaustion.

        Otherwise, they were just shinobi of Kumo during the First Shinobi War and when their attempt to kill/overthrow the Nidaime Hokage and Nidaime Raikage failed, they ran and stole most of the tools of the Rikudo Sennin as they did and were never seen or heard from again.

        If they were actually related, I think they would’ve played a much bigger role besides being chakra fodder for the Jubi and revealing convenient tools that may help take down Madara.

  1. So, basically now:

    Infinite tsukoyomi+juubi tree = the Matrix
    Sage of 6 Paths = the Architect
    Madara = Agent Smith

    Then who will be the One (Neo); Naruto or Sasuke? Or will they do a fusion (Nasuke @ Saruto)?


    Lone Wanderer
    1. So does that mean Killer B is Morpheus? Cool black dude with sunglasses.

      “I’m trying to free your mind, Naruto. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it. WHEEEEEEEE!!!”

  2. So…you cut away from a potentially awesome fight between Gai and Madara (that is almost over now) just to further shove the “Naruto and Sasuke are the gods of the story” (by this point, they may as well be “gods” with all this) overlap information down our throats yet again, Kishi?

    And Hagaromo’s mother conveniently had ALL three doujutsus, thus no real explanation for the Byakugan as well as completely axing out the mention of Kurama’s chakra being involved with the Sharingan (by Itachi and Sasuke during their fight)…seriously, Kishi, you were doing SO well with Madara up the hill and now you just said “screw it” and are letting yourself tumble right back down again with this asspull.

  3. Well my theory is shot down. But my ultimate concern is Sasuke’s sincerity. We’ve seen a major pattern with Sasuke. People give Sasuke power or put their faith in him and then he does something completely the opposite of what they were hoping for.

  4. Yes Naruto and Sasuke… reach out and grab that long, hard, and black shaft that is being offered to you by that old man. Firmly grasp on to it, and allow him to reach deep inside yourselves so he may unlock, the hidden potential within yourselves. Don’t worry he’ll probably be gentle. I think.

  5. I must say I’m a little bit lost with all those reincarnated souls that exists inside different bodies altogether. Oh well. Ass pulled final power-up, here we go!

    Also, anyone else remembers Kishimoto saying he didn’t knew how Madara could be defeated? Satisfied with the answer?

  6. Even offscreen Gai maanaged to give Madara the run for his money, he’s actually INJURED! Unfortunately looks like next chapter might be Gai’s last, as he hints using his final technique.

  7. Imagine Gai vs Madara scene Become similar to Ichigo Vs aizen lol

    Gai USE HIS FINAL Technique !!!!! and lose his life(ichigo)

    madara(aizen) survive but is weaken till minato(Urahara) came out and seal madara

    Tada Story end

  8. And of course it was an important mythical destiny that brought these two individuals to this huge war because screw people doing stuff because of individual choice! It’s way easier to say that they did because of DESTINYYYYYYYY.

    1. You know what’s ironic about this?

      The fact that Naruto made such a huge argument with Neji in part one about deciding one’s own future, that the future isn’t set in stone, that one can change their destiny, and so on.

      It feels like Hagaromo pretty much told Naruto that he (and Sasuke) really had NO choice at all. That all of this was somehow predestined ever since the two successors began fighting, so Naruto would’ve somehow ended up at this point regardless of what he did which kind of throws his arguments out the window, lol.


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