「正しい恋バナ, 遠距離アタック, 毛のラインナリ, 桜の空」 (Tadashi Koibana, Enkyori Atakku, Ke no Rainnari, Sakura no Sora)
“How To Talk About Love Properly, Long-Range Attack, Hair Showing, Cherry Blossom Sky”

I think we all saw it coming, but boy was this last episode a huge let down in terms of relationship development. While we did get some cute fighting between all of Tsuda’s potential love interests, it looks like all he’ll ever achieve is being labeled as a slave. That and it seems like until we get a third season, we have an infinitely looping season two.

Final Impressions incoming — prepare your a***!

Tsuda and Suzu — The straightmen we need but don’t necessarily deserve

After another season of openly embracing the idea that dirty jokes have the power to bring people together, I think one of the highlights this time around was watching Tsuda and Suzu do their own thing. With some kind of dirty joke armed and ready to go at a moment’s notice, I really enjoyed watching the pair slowly lose their patience as we got closer to the end. From Tsuda shuffling between different languages and using his trademark deadpan voice to Suzu just plain ‘ol giving up at times, I appreciate GoHands changing things up.

Shinochii and No-pan Aria

The other half of our lovable student council, these two are the ones who give Tsuda and Suzu a reason to stick around. The subtle difference during this second season though had to be some of their pet peeves which caused them to sometimes lose it. Starting with Shino, it’s kind of a shame she’ll never be as well-endowed as she deserves to be. Be it because of genes or because reality is a bitch, I’m pretty sure we all get that she would love to grow a bit bigger. Besides that, one of the other things that caught my eye was how many times Shino found herself stuck in a situation (usually involving her boobs) where she just couldn’t follow up with a joke and ended up playing the straightman. Nothing groundbreaking but fun to watch nonetheless.

Then you have Aria, the air headed ojou-sama who goes no-pan all the time and only wears clothes most of the time. Just like in season one, she is definitely the dirtiest one in the group who’s ready to unleash a joke about almost anything. If I were to say one thing about her, it would probably be how she felt a lot more air headed and a lot less sophisticated than she did in season one. For some reason, I remember her character being a bit more complex than what we were given.

Uom.. Onee-chan

The newest addition to the show, I think Uomi stole the spotlight every time she showed her face onscreen. While I made the mistake of calling her a Shino clone when we first met her, I quickly learned that she was much, much more than that. Sure she may be on the same wavelength as Shino but the way she handles herself (and Tsuda for that matter) is on a completely different level. With a “take no prisoners” kind of attitude, you’ll find her doing things that you wish Shino or Suzu could do — like hit on Tsuda! Overall, I just can’t get over how awesome her addition to the show was.

Side Characters and Final, Final Impressions

While most of the side characters didn’t get that much screen time, the three that managed to grab my attention were Toki, Igarashi, and Mitsuba. Toki somehow got a ton of time devoted to her in the first few episodes and then got completely ignored (But I still remember her!), Igarashi overcoming her androphobia and then becoming a potential love interest for Tsuda was fun to watch, and Mitsuba’s unrequited feelings for Tsuda made me cringe because she seems like a perfect match for him!

For a gag show, I think that Seitokai Yakuindomo* (plus its OVAs and prequel) is one of those shows you can pick up and have a lot of fun with so long that you don’t take it too seriously. Using a tried and true format of having a combination of dirty girls (lol) getting retorted by some sort of straightman, the shows creates a familiar flow that keeps you on your toes and you go from joke-to-joke. The topic of the jokes may be hit or miss but I think that when one of them hits you in just the right spot, it makes sitting through the rest completely worth it.

Amongst all the jokes though, there are some genuinely cute and at times heartwarming moments. While you could call any of these a troll, I really enjoyed the way SYD breaks up the constant barrage of jokes with some slice-of-life type elements. Be it touching on the romantic side of things or introducing some sort of temporary antagonist that everyone is working against, it prevents things from getting too stale.

All of which, is all made possible with the awesome characters that support this show. From the straightmen and dirty jokers all the way to the adults that should be listed as possible sex offenders, there is just this perfect mix of personalities that help hold the show together.

As for recommending it, I would say that SYD is definitely worth giving a shot.


End Card


  1. [Aria] is definitely the dirtiest one in the group who’s ready to unleash a joke about almost anything.

    This screenshot makes it seem like Shino would be the one who says anything inappropriate no matter the situation (lol). All in all, I would not mind the addition of a third season (wink, wink).

    On another note, as always, I appreciate the work you have done to bring us coverage for this and past anime seasons, Takaii or any other Random Curiosity blogger, as well as the upcoming one(s).

  2. That graduation scene sure trolled us hard. I knew something was amiss when Tsuda was addressed as a “first year”, for if he’s a first year, where does that leave Kotomi?

    Ever since gaining access into Tsuda’s “inner circle”, Uomi has not been afraid to take full advantage of it, much to Shino and Suzu’s discomfort. 😀

    Shino is so cute at insisting on staying the night when Uomi had done so. Pity Suzu and Mutsumi couldn’t join in.

    Kaede has finally gotten over her Tsuda-phobia, but not her androphobia.

    Season three please.

  3. My only regret about getting into this season is that fact that it would (and has) surely come to an end. 🙁

    I’ve heard there’s going to be an OVA (or more than one like they did last time) though, so that’s something. I hope there’s gonna be a third season and that the gap between this one and that won’t be as long as this one and the previous.

  4. As a long time SYD fan (manga and anime), I knew not to expect any real relationship development between Tsuda and Shino (or Tsuda and any other girl – sorry Mutsumi <3). If/when that happens, my guess is that it would be close to the end of the series. But that's fine with me because IMO the final episode delivered big. Best episode of the season IMO with the show finishing on a high note.

    Right from the start the jokes were great. LOL at the final SC "rule" of the season spoofing poor, innocent Mutsumi's misunderstanding of her parent's nocturnal activities. Uomi was great as usual. Damn you Tsuda, get home early BEFORE Uomi gets cold! Takaii said that Aria is "definitely the dirtiest one in the group". Hard to disagree with that, but after Kotomi's comment about a certain ping pong ball trick, Aria has some stiff competition there in my opinion. LOL, yeah Tsuda, that's definitely 18+ material, and something tells me Kotomi will not be getting a cameo in next season's Ping Pong THE ANIMATION.

    Personally, I thought the “troll” ending was great fun even if it was a a little easy to detect if for nothing else but the fact those graduating had flowers on their lapels. There were a lot of other LOL moments for me, but also a few touching ones as well. We didn’t get any romance progress, but still nice to see both Shino and Suzo cutely blush over Tsuda. Speaking of Suzu, she was quite cute (and funny) when traveling to Tsuda’s place. Simply a great SYD episode IMO.

    Looking back over the season, I expected good things from SYD* and the show completely delivered. After episode one, I posted how impressed I was by the improved visual quality, and 12 episodes later I remain impressed. Great job GoHands, you definitely exceed my expectations on that front. Overall, this was a very consistent show for me. With comedy, there will always be some variation in episode quality over a full season (e.g. some episodes funnier than others), yet I can’t think of an SYD* episode I didn’t enjoy.

    Humor is very subjective, and clearly SYD’s type of humor (and thus the show) is not for everyone. If one does like that sort of humor, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SYD – both seasons and the OVAs. SYD* was everything I wanted as a fan of the series, and without question I’m ready for a 3rd season…now!

    P.S. Have to give Uomi “best girl” award this season despite some strong competition.

  5. At this point, let’s take stock of the girls that have fallen for Tsuda –

    Uomi nee-chan

    As it is right now, I’m split between Uomi nee-chan and Mitsuba!

    Anyway…. WRT to the name on the board joke…. Was Mitsuba about to write their names under an umbrella?

    1. She wrote her given name “Mutsumi” conveniently below the family name “Tsuda”, dreaming that she’s Tsuda Mutsumi aka Tsuda’s wife 😉 Love these little non-ecchi moments too, gives them character.

      Man, time flies so fast. Wish it wouldn’t end 🙁 I seriously love this show and am looking forward to the OVA! Thanks for covering the show Takaii. Nice to share the love for SYD with others here.

      Btw I’m still on the Tsuda Mutsumi ship. Anyone with me?

      1. and also for Hata lol, she’s always been one of the best side characters that gives us a lot of laughs.

        Best side characters:
        For perverted side characters: Hata, Kotomi, Sensei (I dont consider Oumi a side character now
        For straight man side characters: Toki
        For innocent side characters: Mitsuba and Kaede

  6. Aw man, it’s over! Now where will I get my weekly SYD fix? I hope the next OVA won’t be the final one (MAL says it is, but they say that with every OVA).

    The addition of all the new characters from the OVA’s made this season even funnier than the last, in my opinion. Watching these girls just bounce off of each other never seized to be amusing and every single cast member can be funny in their own little way. It’s certainly carried by the voice actors too, who generally nailed their lines. The show just knows what it wants to be and that is just providing uncomplicated fun.

    All of this put together made for a show where I got really attached to the characters – not to mention it’s been four years since I first saw them at this point, after all. They feel like old friends, in a way.

    Which will just make me miss them even harder. Nooo, Suzu!

    Ah well, let’s hope for more stuff in the future.

  7. Another season of Seitokai Yakuindomo is over and we get another break from it.
    At least, with Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to around the corner, we will still get our weekly dose of perverted jokes.

  8. I was kinda confused by the announcement in the last part of this episode, where they saying that all the episodes until now in this season (ep.1-12) were simply a flashback? What about the Ovas? I thought that the proper timeline of the series is Season 1 -> Ovas -> Season 2, or is that wrong?

    Overall I enjoyed the show, @Takaii, I agree about the side characters you mention, but I think you failed to mention how enjoyable Hata has always been lol, ever since she showed up that she’s always remained constant in the entire series.

    I mean I agree with you that it’s too bad those three hardly get any screentime, especially Mitsuba, I mean what was the deal of them showing her shocked expression last episode but then she never followed up or hardly shown for 10 seconds in this episode or barely even a minute this entire season?

    Come on, Mitsuba has had feelings for Tsuda since season 1 and I’ve already said this before, but I cant believe there were more character and relationship or romantic developments in the first season rather than the second one (except maybe Uomi and Igarashi – but only in the last ep!).

    I guess I’m going to pick up this series in the manga, but I’m very very confused on where to start because from what I know from watching the anime is that they animated the mangas in random chapters or simply all over the place right? I dont think they followed the manga per chapter or in a sequence.

    1. They followed the manga in sequence mostly, they just left out a few chapters here and there. It isn’t really that confusing once you start.

      And this whole season wasn’t a flashback, just the very end of this episode after the credits.

    2. @Ryner: SYD* did jump around quite bit – especially early season in covering chapters from vol 05-07 as I recall. Later episodes were more sequential in terms of source material.

      If you just want “new material”, I’d start with vol. 08, ch. 184. EP 13 covered material from manga vol. 08, ch 181-183. Pretty sure that’s as far as SYD* got into the source material. FYI, Eng. TL is up to chapter 199 (scan group had mass release of SYD last couple of days). If you like SYD’s humor, you might consider starting at the beginning (vol. 01). It’s an light read, and the anime (S1, S2 + OVA) didn’t cover every single chapter in vol. 01-07.

    1. Once the credits start, the timeframe drops back to the time when Tsuda was still a 1st year. The rest of the episode was when he was a 2nd year. Hence, you can go back to episode 1 of the season again right after this episode and still kinda-sorta be watching in order.

      It also shows that the OVAs (and season 3 if it ever exists) will still be when Tsuda’s in his 2nd year before Shino and Aria graduate.

      1. @Aex: It also shows that the OVAs (and season 3 if it ever exists) will still be when Tsuda’s in his 2nd year before Shino and Aria graduate.

        I agree. One thing I wonder about is whether the series ends when Shino and Aria graduate.

      1. I find Kotomi to be cuter. Minor details can be sorted out later. 😛

        Besides, Aria will never be an option, and Shino is too desperately trying to act like she’s not a virgin to ever actually stop being one.

  9. Hope we get another season sometime in the future, I love watching these characters. Hata is a great troll (including my favorite segments of this season, TakaSquid). Uomi’s increased presence stirred things up in a good way.

    Hope there’s a good comedy this season to fill the void left by SYD*.

  10. Can someone explain to me how it’s infinitely looping, exactly?

    I’m still at a loss as to when the ending, uh, began, exactly, and how it’s looping (other than the notes stating to watch the prequel/OVAs).

  11. @Jacked: The “current timeline” ending for this season (SYD*) finished just about at the 18:00 mark (Horrible subs). Once you hear the piano music and see the credits rolling, that’s when the “flashback ending” (i.e the graduation ceremony) begins.

    Season 2 (SYD*) takes place in the early part Tsuda’s/Suzu’s 2nd HS year (3rd/final year for Shino/Aria). The flashback ending is the graduation ceremony for the previous school year = the last day when Tsuda/Suzu were still 1st year HS students (and Shino/Aria 2nd year students) = a period in time before what took place in SYD* EP 01. That’s why it loops.

  12. SYD is just good fun, and the voice acting is superb. It’s a pity Tsuda becomes more and more of a harem lead though, with trademark obliviousness concerning anything romantic.

    You know, this show would shock its watchers more with a chaste kiss on the cheek than jokes involving strap-ons and incestuous foursomes. That’s pretty impressive, in a backwards kind of way.

  13. I don’t get why people complain about lack of romantic plot development. SYD has always been a straightfowards lewd gag show. The romance has only ever been there for gag purposes.

  14. They really do have to give us a troll ending every season, don’t they?

    If I’m remembering it right, season one had a fake “the end” message in the middle of the last episode or something.


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