「とりあえず」 (Toriaezu)
“For Now”

Let’s not beat around the bush–I’ve officially picked up this show. It has sparked life back into my weary soul, while simultaneously making me sad that my high school life isn’t like that. Oh yes, many other shows have elicited the same reaction from me in the past, much in the same manner, yet the formula never seems to get too old. With this episode, Kawaisou has definitely shown that it can have drama and character development on top of being downright hilarious. With the last item checked off on my checklist, I can safely say that this is going to be an enjoyable series to cover.

I think one of the most important strengths that Kawaisou has is the balanced and interwoven interactions between all the characters. Just take this episode for instance. Sayaka plays a subtly important role in leading Usa to be an unintentionally creepy character. Even though her time on-screen is limited, the effects of her actions last episode were obvious to see. Mayumi plays a great role in bringing Usa back into reality, all while mocking him for his youth–a suitable blend for her character. Even Shirosaki has provided some interesting character interactions this episode by both bringing out the truth from Kawai while also elevating Usa’s paranoia (temporarily). All of the side characters are well integrated into the flow of the story, all without seeming like they’re hogging screentime away from other characters. To top it all off, the characters are in themselves very likeable and enjoyable to watch–it’s hard to not at least smile whenever these characters are bickering or playing around on-screen.

Let’s not forget about Kawai and Usa either, our two main stars, both of which are doing wonderful jobs in their roles, though in significantly different ways. First, let’s quickly address Ritsu.

Ritsu’s character exposition was quite significant this episode. Her words are very genuine and a lot of her own exposition rings true for many people, introverts especially. It especially hit home for me when Ritsu mentioned that she didn’t want people to perceive her solitary and quiet nature as a problem–in our world which is increasingly extrovert-focused, it is saddening to think of living a solitary life is considered an abnormality rather than one normal way to live. Many other things that Ritsu pointed out also rung true, especially considering the small-talk of others. It’s much like the casual exchanging of Facebook friends, or even the casual departing phrase of, “see you around!” It’s perhaps implicitly understood that most of these phrases are to be taken as polite gestures that don’t mean what they state, but all the same it’s false language that could be interpreted as a sense of falsity. That’s why I love Ritsu so much right now–she actually has a higher perception about the people around her than people give credit for. Her sensitivity for those around her is remarkable and refreshing to see in a main female lead, to be used on a male lead no doubt. The fact that she explicitly acknowledged Usa’s thought processes correctly was refreshing to see, in contrast to the main leads that often are unable to read the most obvious of hints.

Speaking of those who can’t read the most obvious of hints, there’s Usa.

Now, understandably some of you may not like Usa as a character at all due to his beta nature and stalkerish attitudes. Completely justified. Such opinions are well grounded and I don’t intend to make Usa to be seen otherwise. However, I do propose that while Ritsu definitely gained exposition this episode, it was Usa who showed the most growth as a character. Oh yes, his attitudes towards the beginning of this episode are clearly out of line, but it’s hard to completely blame him considering his situation. It’s high school, meaning the hormones are raging, the innocence is abound, and clearly his thought processes were clouded by Sayaka. However, we do see Usa recover from his obvious blunders towards the end, though not completely. He still hovers around Ritsu like a fly, but at least now he isn’t trying to force himself onto her mental space.

This leaves us with a feeling of growth from Usa, yet leaving enough room for us to see more potential character growth moments from him in future episodes. It’s a smart move really, while also reflecting a more realistic approach to character development. Rarely does one learn from a mistake in one day–it takes practice and time to let the lesson really sink in. Thus, while Usa may not be perfect by the end, he’s definitely growing and has ambition to grow even further.

With all that has been said, alongside the music, the comedic timing, and the loveable characters, I definitely do want to continue blogging this show going forward and I hope you guys continue with me on that journey. It’s understandable if Kawaisou doesn’t provide the change you need, nor the strong male lead that’s not a creep, because this definitely can be a turn-off for many people. However, if one can accept those facts and take in the good things that Kawaisou has to offer, the show can become a pleasant journey of dormitory awkwardness and friendship.




    1. only 4 eps in patience laddy 😛 im sure theyll at least pop in a few more classmates (usa friends) not just the cameo middle school friends(rit friends)… theyre doing an excellent job so far i agree with zanibas main character focus first!! before more side characters crop up! plus you have 3 cuties what else do you want teh shy school girl, the bitchy school girl, and the bitchy business lady!! pretty well rounded!!! the small, mid, big booobies.

  1. Glad to see you’ve picked this up! Loved this episode, every character besides Sumiko shined significantly. I especially enjoyed how Shirosaki was able to play the role of a senpai to Ritsu. While Ritsu is right, Shirosaki should definitely consider practicing some self-restraint, reflection, renovation etc. etc., Shirosaki’s point still managed to hit home with me. Many people strive to be the best they can be at first. Hearing someone as over-the-top as Shirosaki admit that he was also obsessed with perfection made him feel really human, and that he learned on his own how to accept himself for who he was touched me.

    Going along with what you’re saying, the side-characters are truly great. There’s no real telling who’s next to cause trouble. Everyone there loves to mess with each other, but you can clearly see that they’re a really nice family, and that Usa is having little trouble fitting in.

    I’m also amazed with how relateable Ritsu is as a character. She’s really sensitive in that she can very clearly read the air, to the point that she feels pressured and obligated to devote more attention to Usa when they were walking side by side in the beginning. The way she struggles with trying to be herself under cultural and societal pressure is all too familiar, and I can’t help but sympathize with her in that regard. What really surprised me was how she basically told Usa to back off, I loved how she actually mustered up the courage to speak her true thoughts in the end, but at the same time, I understood completely how that instant backlash of regret feels when you know you’ve hurt someone more than you should have.

    While Usa was no doubt a total creeper this episode, I find that his normal relationship with Ritsu is actually very comfy, and that it’s totally plausible for it to develop further. The way he connects with her on a cultural level (since apparently he’s well aware of art and literature) is unique and I want to see more of that in the coming episodes.

  2. I enjoy the last episode a lot more that this week.
    I can not understand Usa or what he like Ritsu so much.
    I have been in this site since the beginning and I don’t post very often, but I love reading the post and spoilers ( I love spoilers) specially since here a lot stuff get explain.
    For example I was going to drop Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei even thought I had read the manga, but I watch the first episode and even thou I personally don’t like to criticizes shows as lately I find myself frustrated with some of the content anyway, people overhere start talking about the show and how was LN which I didn’t know. I went and spoil myself and now I fight like I am watching a different show ( I just have to turn off my brain when the siblings start with their cap).
    anyway I will watch one more episode if I watched Samurai Flamenco now I skip some of it , I don’t see why I can watch one more episode – like the animation:)

    1. she is his type!!! the shy innocent school girl that wont manipulate him like the bitch college girl! or the bitter big booby girl 😛 shes pretty cute but also very weird i feel ya there dont you just wanna get sum of that quiet shy girl? haha

    2. Do you need a good reason to like someone? That’s what the feeling is like. If people fully understood why someone liked someone else, falling in love wouldn’t be so complicated.

      You even get to see both the lighter side (Usa) and the darker side (Mayumi) of it at the same time.

      1. I disagree a little bit,it have to be a reason why you like some one even if you don’t understand what is about the other person that drive you crazy and evoke the mix of emotions in you.
        I have watching anime for a long time and I enjoy a lot and not very often I come out and say something about it, but I don’t like when the main character continue to chase after what it have been establish a the main female lead, Sazuka is one example of that never really like it and as result I never bother with KIMI NO IRU MACHI because I thought the story was going to be similar.
        I don’t have a problem if he started that way, but there only so much that one can endure no matter how beautiful the girl might be.

        in my culture is very weird that a man will have just one girlfriend as such young age, to tell you the true most teenager would tell you that they have friends or crushes. It sounds awful, but this character would have move on and let her be or just try to be friend and nothing more specially when there are other fishes in the water https://randomc.net/image/Bokura%20wa%20Minna%20Kawaisou/Bokura%20wa%20Minna%20Kawaisou%20-%2004%20-%2022.jpg

      2. The typical playboy is getting old already, the mentality of male teenager is changing, and the amount of one guy sticking to one girl is growing. In the past it would be impossible, it would be a girl trying to stick to one guy and get married as soon as possible, guys wants to stay single and play around with different girls, but it had reversed for the last ten years. Guys considering marriage at a young age, while women wants to stay single forever, its a phenomenon for the modern society. Househusband is increasing too you know?

      3. I have live here for many years (Canada) and I most say I agree with you that specially here I notice that teenagers are loyal and stay with a single partner like the penguins:(
        I have a friend that she is marry with her high-school boyfriend, but this is only a phenomenon of here which I have not a problem with it. I grow up disliking my culture because everything around promote to cheating (even the music ) but now I understand that the more society educate themselves the more monogamy make sense.
        sadly I went to my country last year and I most say very little have change since I left 14 years ago. My sister told me, “Here is really hard to tell who is sleeping with who”

  3. i saw the screenshots and haven’t watched any episode of it yet. only 5 chapters are scanlated
    and i checked the 1st volume . with this episode volume 01 ends. art is really good though manga provides better art. those beautiful colour pages.

    that rainbow scene is actually last page of volume 01 . through screenshots it looks like they are completely following manga . this is a good news.

    if it has 12 episodes then you can expect 3 volumes or upto 30 chapters worth of content being build into anime.

    so far chapter 48 is released and final page of it is really interesting as well as beautiful.

    i am going to watch it today and add my comments later. really enjoyed your views.

  4. Ritsu may will like her solitary lifestyle, but without Usa urging to take her nose out of her book, she would never have seen the rainbow. She realizes that now, and Usa is doing a good job of bringing her out of her shell, even if just a little.

  5. Was worried this wasn’t gonna be picked up but now I can rest easy haha.
    This is probably one of the top shows I look forward to every week, maybe because you just can’t help but laugh and smile through the whole episode. Really loving the atmosphere of it all.

  6. Hey Zanibas, long time reader, first time commenter here. I’m really delighted that you’ve decided to pick this one up, I would have been disappointed to see it go uncovered here. Whenever I saw the previews I actually said to myself “Oh I hope Zani blogs this one!” Looking forward to hearing your thoughts as the series progresses ^_^

  7. That last scene, Usa pulled a Kodaka there:
    “Did you say something just now? I couldn’t catch it.”
    “Not really.”
    And then he goes back and fills it in:
    “In that case,”
    “You’re welcome.”
    Bravo, nice play my man!

  8. I freaking love this show. Not only it’s a good romance, it makes me laugh as hard as few series do. I’m not really a fun of exaggerate reactions, but the interations in these show just crack me up.

  9. Zani, thanks for blogging this. It kept me from tossing the show on the pile of “Meh. Don’t wanna watch it” shows.

    Now I enjoy the heck out of it, and rabidly wait for next week. Speaking of, is it time for our next dose yet? IS IT??? WHEN?

  10. Zanibas:

    1st – Thank you for picking up a show. I’m glad to see you finally found one you liked. Because you liked it, it seemed like a show I should watch.

    2nd – I really appreciate you picking up this show. As others have said, this show has good romance and it has made me laugh so hard. If I hadn’t seen your posts on it, I would’ve missed out on a great show.

    3rd – Dear God, thank you for picking up this show. This is the show I needed, as it just keeps hitting all the right buttons each episode. As many I’ve decided to watch are failing my expectations.

    4th – Seriously, thank you for all the reasons above. Also, each thanks is for each episode I have watched and enjoyed.

    Gods am I loving this show.

  11. Yes! You actually picked it up! I was afraid it was going to be dropped, I love hearing your insight on the show Zanibas. Especially since I seem to agree with you on the highlights of this romcom.


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