「駒並べ《ウィークスクエア》」 (Koma Narabe “Uiikusukuea”)
“Weak Square”

The seamless integration of comedy, fanservice, and plot. You could be forgiven for thinking this episode was all for fun, until near the end when its absolutely vital themes became clear.

The Spying, Fallen Gods

I don’t have a lot to say on this, but I found it interesting that the Old Deus that died in the Great War and left Tet as the last of their number are still around in some form, and are spending their time spying on Tet. I don’t know if they have a chance of coming back if Tet falters, but I feel for Tet – beings who once launched such a violent and petty war for their own personal ambition, and killed each other in the process, aren’t the kind of vanquished foes I’d want hanging around. Go be dead like good relics of the past you bastard gods.

The Slacker Kings

On the level of surprises, Sora and Shiro resuming their hikikomori lifestyle is not one of them. It was damn funny though, from Shiro’s 36:00 quip to their NEET pride! Better though was Sora’s fear of becomimng a decent person and his intense desire to become a riajuu. For those who aren’t aware, a riajuu is someone who has a fulfilling real life, and part of that is having a girlfriend. Cue jealous Shiro! So adorable, ufufu~

Card Failure

Steph’s comment about how blackjack is a game of pure chance got all the laughter from me, and similar reactions from Sora and Shiro. “I bet he’s going to just count cards,” I thought. Bingo! The comedy is just superb in this show, from Steph’s reactions to the memory of her grandfather appearing and saying “If your opponent is another human, you’re just screwed.” AHAHAHA Steph, you loooose!

Wait, Steph Is Smart!?

What is with Sora and stripping three men of all their clothes via games? *points to episode one* But while I can occasionally anticipate where this show is going, I didn’t see Sora & Shiro’s utter shock at finding out that Steph is actually smart! What’s more, she graduated from high school, has a lot of friends, she’s rich, a princess, and she has big boobs…a riajuu! Steph is a riajuu! Zetsubou deshita!!

In related news, cue the angry sibling raep faces. Run away Steph, ruuuuun!

Kemonomimi Steph, Kemonomimi Empire!

Pet Kemonomimi Steph!? Hng~! Though nothing tops Sora’s new found goal of conquering the kemonomimi girl empire (the Warbeasts). I totally agree, Soraaa! You are my liege! (And Shiro my much more kawaii liege.)

There Is No Such Thing As Luck

This episode could have been all gags, but it wasn’t. Steph’s chain losing was still funny, especially as she lost more clothes and Shiro put them on – Branya, is that you? – but it got to something more important: that there’s no such thing as luck.

Now, in truth, that’s a lie. As author Neil Gaiman once said:

To all today’s graduates: I wish you luck. Luck is useful. Often you will discover that the harder you work, and the more wisely you work, the luckier you get. But there is luck, and it helps.

But believing there is no such thing as luck is what I call a useful lie. To marginalize the role of luck is to reinforce your ability to affect the outcome, and that puts the outcome more firmly under your control. That’s what I call a useful truth. Imanity kept losing because they believed in luck, and they believed that if they kept playing it would lead to their victory. That’s a wonderful story, but reality doesn’t bear it out. While Imanity was playing checkers, the other races were playing chess, and they were only playing once they had positioned themselves to win.

There is luck, and it helps, but it’s dangerous to depend on it. Never depend on luck. Slowly and consistently improve your position a little bit day after day, and soon you’ll be in a position where you’ll get lucky more often, and the momentum will swing your way. Right now, for Imanity that is poised on such a precipice, that means they need more knowledge, because knowledge is truly power. Unfortunately the damn old king lost it in a game. Idiots!

Looking Ahead – The Angel of Death…Sort Of

Normally something as glaring as the Kuuhaku siblings not asking Steph about the Flugel would annoy me, but since they thought she was an idiot until the very end of the episode – that heartwarming thanks, d’aaawww! – it makes a lot of sense.

Better yet was the approach to the Flugel’s lair in the old Elkian library. While the pantsu on Shiro’s head somewhat messed with the ominous air – hilariously so! – they did a good job of building up this loan Flugel as not an angel, but as death itself.

Then she spoke. Just kidding! I totally died laughing when she spoke! A smiling, Yukarin-voiced death angel with a funny accent? I’m in! I can’t wait to see the game they play against her next week!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Hilarity ensues as Steph loses (& strips!), only for the truth to be revealed: luck is a lie, & Imanity needs more knowledge #nogenora 05

Random thoughts:

  • Not sure why Steph was crying scales there. Anyone care to enlighten me? That was weird.
  • They’re both so scared even though they’re the rulers. Does it make the speech last episode kind of unbelievable? Yes, but shut up they’re hilarious!
  • Steph’s cookies were good because she was able to make the best of what she had. Just like Imanity must always do.
  • Subtle point: they showed Steph’s pantsu in the Aschente right before Shiro took them. Love that foreshadowing! (Also, that jealous, vindictive loli imouto, ufufu~)
  • Megane kemonomimi Steph, banzai!!
  • First it was Jojo, then Phoenix Wright, and now Ghibli!? This series has some of the highest quality references I’ve ever seen!
  • I love how they have once again skipped part of the ED to show more of the episode. It’s like they actually care about doing this right. Ishizuka Atsuko is without a doubt one of the most promising directors I’ve seen in a while. Keep it up!

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  1. poor Steph XD

    I think the anime left out a point about luck. Sora sorta feels the same way iirc as what you explained about luck. thus the reason why Shiro said best of 10 when predicting the gender of the passerby. cause there’s still a degree of randomness or luck there. thus increase to 10 to reduce the “bad luck” chance.

    as for the scene with the scales, there’s a saying where when you find out the truth to something you were previously oblivious to, the “scales have fallen from your eyes” thus Steph having scales fall from her eyes when she says “Games can be won using Math!?!?”

    1. I said all that about luck not only because I believe it, but I knew that Sora and Shiro did as well. True, random chance might account for only 10%, maybe even 5% of the result, but it’s there and it’s dangerous. In a single coin flip even Kuuhaku can lose. They need enough room to discount the role of luck and bring their skill to play.

      Thanks for the heads up on the scale thing!

      1. Taking it to the extreme, there is really no such thing as pure luck. A lottery machine is not luck – it is most likely rigged, or well, ‘maintained’. Even flipping a coin requires skill – it depends on the force you apply and at what angle, atmospheric pressure etc.

        But it is pure ignorance that Imanity seems to rely solely on luck, although mathematically speaking, the more times something is repeated in a closed system, the more likely it would succeed.

      2. @Actus you might have meant differently but the way you correctly worded it…isn’t that Gambler’s Fallacy? ._. I think I know what you might’ve wanted to say but yea, careful how you word that

      3. Even in a closed system, probability is still a thing. An event failing to occur many times will not affect the probability of the event actually occurring on the next attempt.

      4. It has been quite a while since I did calc but I shall give a demonstration of it.

        Assume there are 3 marbles – 1 white and 2 black. We will take out one marble at a time to see which colour it is and place it back in.

        If we take one marble out, the clear probability for getting a white is 1/3.

        If we take 2 marbles however:
        There are several possibilities:

        (White/Black), (Black/White), (Black/Black) or (White/White)

        Thus if we have to get at least 1 white marble, then the probability for that is (respectively):
        (1/3 * 2/3) + (2/3 * 1/3) + (1/3*1/3) (Note that we are excluding the Black/Black option as it does not yield any white marbles)

        The result is 2/9 + 2/9 + 1/9 = 5/9.
        Thus the probability of getting at least 1 white marble out of 2 withdrawals is 5/9 which is obviously larger than the original 1/3.

        If we set the parameters so that we MUST get ONLY 1 marble out of the 2 draws, then we must exclude the Black/Black and White/White options:

        i.e. only White/Black and Black/White = 1/3*2/3 + 2/3*1/3 = 4/9 > 3/9 (3/9=1/3)

        Therefore, at least where there is one more withdrawal than the initial attempt, the probability of getting the one wanted is larger.

  2. OMG that was such a good episode! To the land of kemonomimi! Steph, it’s ok, even thought your a Steph, we’ll all still love you.

    Jealous Shiro too HGNNNNNNNN. And pet Steph, oh god, the nosebleeds, I …. don’t think…. I can take it anymore! Steph why you so cute!!

    But seriously, a ruler that wants to conquer a land filled with kemonomimi! That’s the best kind of ruler there is!

    PS: If your opponent is a human, then your screwed! OMG that had me cracking up so bad! I love Steph’s grandfather, so much troll in him :,)

    Looking forward to what game the flugel will be playing next game, and that accent! And it looks like Steph is falling into lava or something and the angel is saying Death should not have taken thee Steph or something, is that forshadowing of Steph dying??!!?!?!?!?! no please no, please don’t do it! if that happens my heart can’t take it, madhouse please!!

  3. For a moment there I thought I spied some animation error related to wardrobe..
    *Didn’t know about the Laputa reference until I read about it on MAL episode review forums.

    As for the scales things, from a commenter in the same forum:
    Those were “scales falling from the eyes”. It’s an idiom from Acts 9:18 and Paul’s conversion; about how suddenly someone saw something as it truly was as opposed to how they thought it was true.
    TLDR; suddenly able to understand the truth.
    Bible reference in anime…how often is that?

    Well at the current pacing, seems like NGNL is roughly having 1 LN chapter to 1 anime episode, similar to Log Horizon…I’d recommend anybody to read the translated LNs, there have been some good parts left unadapted. Eg for this episode they left this part out which I laughed upon reading *quotes translation*, Show Spoiler ▼

    Well, I’ve read until what would probably be Episode 11 of NGNL, and I can assure you guys, next week’s Ep06 is going to be hilarious. :p Come to think of it, I think I haven’t ever seen any other anime having a mushroom cloud in their next episode previews.

    1. As much as I loved the Laputa reference and the censored word, this is just another example of how this is a show for those already-initiated into the culture of anime.

      1. I disagree, inasmuch as how big of a presence those references have. Imagine someone who has never seen Laputa, or know what Phoenix Wright is, or “WRRRYYYY.” Anytime one of those shows up, it’s like speaking Latin to someone. The reaction is not to laugh, but to go “What the hell?” Because they are such prominent and large gags, it’s even difficult to ignore.

      2. Laputa, or a lot of other Ghibli movies, Miyazaki ones anyway, are fairly recognizable. Those were the first animes I bit my teeth on. Seems like the safer stuff to recommend when getting someone into anime, so they can ease into it.

        I didn’t pick up on the Phoenix Wright or WRRRYYYY references as I’ve never seen those, but I did pick up the Jojo reference!

        a box like Hippo
      3. Only reference I missed was the Laputa one and it didn’t take anything away from still enjoying the episode. Hell I still laugh my a*s off at shows focused entirely on reference making like Haiyore Nyaruko-san. IMO references are there as icing, they add to the enjoyment originally obtained when watching a show.

        Also you don’t need to see the reference’s source to understand it, I’ve never played Ace Phoenix or seen Jojo and still got these ones because many of them are starting to permeate into internet culture through those ubiquitous memes. Not to mention seeing the reference can often encourage one to go see the original source. It only took a few dozen Kyubey as Pokemon pictures before I finally watched Madoka after all 😛

      4. I think you made a good point, but I don’t think it detracts from mine, that this is a show geared towards those ALREADY comfortable with anime culture.

        Make no mistake, I LOVE this show. But my comment is basically saying that this would not be the show to use, if I want to introduce someone to anime. Once they’re hooked, sure, this is a great way to push them further down the slippery slope.

      5. @Blue: ITA, and def wasn’t trying to say that or detract from what you said. my point was simply that Ghibili films are fairly recognizable to even the less initiated of anime viewers. I know when I first got into anime, I wouldn’t have touched NGNL with a 10 ft pole, but now I watch all sorts of shows I didn’t dream I’d watch back then. I’ve come a long way!

        a box like Hippo
  4. Geeze Stilts you’re a writer and never heard of the phrase “drop the scales from one’s eyes”? 😛
    It’s an idiom for truth discovery/understanding and originates from the Bible of all places. Pretty neat idiom to use to show how Steph finally understood just what she lacked in comparison to Blank and makes sense considering the writer hails from Brazil.

    Otherwise the best episode so far and a very plentiful source of reaction faces, especially Sora’s and Shiro’s where they are in complete shock over Steph actually being smart. Not to mention their fear of having to go out into public. I don’t think I stopped laughing once throughout. And next week is the angel that isn’t really an angel (coupled with crosses for pupils!). I need more of dis. Naow.

    1. Hey now, no snark yoooou. As I’ve often said (elsewhere), it’s amazing what people can not know when everyone assumes they already know it. Besides, despite the fact that I live in the American South, I’m not a big bible guy. Nice little reference though, for those who got it.

      1. Even if you are not religious, I recommend reading the bible if you are a writer, just so you have another ‘well read’ source to make references to. It’s like reading the Illiad in that regard.

        Far Horizon
    2. I too have not heard of “drop the scales from one’s eyes”, not that that’s an indicator of anything. I’m not religious, but I did read the Bible a really long time ago. I’m more familiar with pull the wool over/from one’s eyes, Maybe it’s a regional thing?

      a box like Hippo
    3. If it’s to be called an indicator it’s more a one of how well read you are in abstract historical literature than anything. I only know of it because I read ridiculous amounts of political science/history and men such as Saint Augustus, Thomas Aquinas, Machiavelli, Dante, and Erasmus have a thing for quoting the Bible.

      Would be interesting to see how many Japanese viewers actually picked up on what is arguably a very Western-oriented idiom.

      1. oh I just meant an indicator as in just because I haven’t heard of it, doesn’t mean it’s not well known. next time I hear that idiom I’ll know what it means now!

        a box like Hippo
      1. Shiro is close second. First of all, she reminds me of the loli version of another beloved character of mine, Shiina Mashiro! (both having the same VA helps as well 😛 ), although Shiro is a bit (or way more) bright than Mashiro! Secondly, I can already picture her as the “child” of Sora and Steph; they would make an awesome and hilarious family!

  5. What an amazing episode, I like it there wasn’t a week moment at all and ANIMAL PEOPLE! My brother I feel ya, Kinda feel like it’s the Dog Days kingdom lol!

    I never seen or know of the Laputa reference so that joke kinda went over my head. Poor Immanity getting their ass kick six way till sunday.

  6. And so Steph remains the best butt monkey this season. Seriously, all the gags involving her were hilarious and the show in general made me laugh out loud multiple times this episode. The show’s got both good timing and pacing on top of good writing, so I really get the feeling that the people who worked on this know what they’re doing. It’s only getting better and better.

    The fact that I’m counting days until the next episode airs every week says enough, I suppose.

  7. Ah Jibril, so much fun. 🙂

    Still this was an interesting downtime episode, though I certainly cannot wait for the next one. Its my favorite game in this series.

  8. Poor Steph! She’s smart in all sorts of ways that don’t involve games. Be nice to her, you two! She’s been holding your kingdom together by herself while you’ve been on your archive binge. That isn’t something an idiot can do. If so many important things in that world didn’t run on games, she really could be a good ruler.

    Go be dead like good relics of the past you bastard gods.

    Heh. Almost exactly what I was thinking in that scene. “You idiots had your chance, and you wasted it killing each other. Tet’s running things now. You all shut up and stay dead.”

  9. They left out an interesting conversation but as others have said elsewhere since it’s more just to add depth to the setting/world and not totally relevant to the stuff going on it’s understandable that it was left out. Anyway it’s just about the 10 Oaths, or specifically the first Oath.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. ok Hilarious episode

    im confused about the scales tho.

    Poor Seph xD

    meh i wanted to see the kemonomimi country … i guess next episode will be vrs the angel(?)

    also… is that a nuclear explosion on the preview? or is just a giant glowing smoking skull?

    PS: Shiro looks so cute xD

  11. To me the conversation between Tet and the other god made it seem like the gods that lost the war had lost there divinity and become the Old Deus. Tet calls them fallen gods and the way he addresses them makes it sound like he doesn’t include himself as one of their race. I haven’t read the LNs or anything so I could be totally wrong though.

    1. From my understanding Tet was the default victor in the war and he made everyone obeyed him, I am guessing the old gods who have lost their powers or exhaust their supplies would be the first race on Disboard world with Tet just being God. From the way they show Episode 4 Tet is simply a king piece and only someone who gather all sixteen peices can hope to stand against him.

      However the more important piece of info is Dog Days Utawamaru animal people!

      1. You mixed it up there. The King Piece on the board alone was representing Imanity since Sora and Shiro only have Imanity right now. Tet had a full side of pieces. Sora and Shiro need to conquer the other 15 races and get all the pieces so they can challenge Tet.

  12. Flugel just randomly showing up had me “eh?” a moment but, that was really my only gripe. Thanks “No Game No Life” for making wednesday the happiest day of the week.

  13. What was “Ba*se” referencing in the scene where Sora and Shiro were trying to bring Avant Heim down? Something about making servers crash.

    Loving this series and I can’t wait for the OST to come out.

    I'm only 11. I'm just a kid, so I don't understand
      1. Adding to the “Balse” reference. They talk about servers being more reliable. That’s reference to the japanese 2ch forums, when Laputa was re-aired, a spam of “balse” messages crashed the servers.

  14. Take note of what Steph initially offered as a bet to Sora in this episode. Then think of Sora’s “favor” back in episode 2 and how she was bothered so much about it in the same episode. Now why didn’t she want to call that favor off in a game and instead thought of making him a decent person as a bet.
    Shiro is right, Sora doesn’t understand a woman’s heart at all, hence his confusion to Shiro’s behavior and Shiro’s jealousy.

    Also, I want to fuck Jibril. Fall in line guys.

      1. I would rather have POPULAR LN stories adapted into much desired and requested animes, than a bunch of hit or miss anime originals. I don’t want another Guilty Crown to waste a time slot in our precious anime seasons.

      2. I think the people down-voting my comment don’t understand my message. I think “No Game, No Life” IS one of the popular LN’s deserving the anime adaptation treatment. Along with Mahouka this season, I’m loving that the LN’s I read are being animated. I’m disagreeing with the 2 posters above me!

        Unless you are downvoting me for the jab at Guilty Crown, then go right ahead cuz that was trainwreck.

  15. Didn’t notice this before, but “warbeast”? That’s interesting mistranslation…

    Fun episode, that Flugel of Death was awesome. Her broken English cracked me up.

    1. Just gonna quote someone from another forum for the “Warbeast” question.

      “The original term in Japanese is 「ワービースト」 which naturally turns into Warbeast.
      Of course, one might think it could be “werebeast”, but werebeast would turn like this in katana: 「ウェアビースト」 (although “were” is turned into ワー in very rare occasions).

      That being said, it is possible the author didn’t exactly use the correct katakana for this, as the kanji used for the race, 「獣人種」 do not mention war at all.

      As far as it goes, it is best to stick with what the translator has at hand so.”

      1. Except “Warbeast” shouldn’t become ワービースト (waabiisuto) when turned into kana, logically it would be ヲービースト (woobiisuto). That’s because when foreign words are turned into kana, the kana form is based on what the word sounds like to Japanese (think how “cake” becomes “keeki”).

        That’s not really a huge issue or anything, and I agree with “As far as it goes, it is best to stick with what the translator has at hand so”

      2. Please excuse me, just a small quibble. The katakana character ヲ doesn’t sound like “wo” (“w” sound + “o” sound) anymore, it sounds like plain “o.” Its use in modern days, that I’ve seen, is stylistic. Representing that “w” + “o” syllable is probably better served by ウォ (“u” + little “o”). Which would parallel the ウェア for the “were” in “werebeast” you mentioned (“u” + little “e”).

        The only question then is: does “war” become ウォー or ウォア? That might depend on which sort of English a Japanese person is transcribing…I could see both working. Or I could be wrong on both counts. After all, I didn’t bat an eye at the use of ワー for “war,” so while my instincts are an extremely poor, poor substitute for a native speaker’s judgment, all of this might be over-thinking it after all…

        Sorry to trouble you all with my “Someone is wrong [about ヲ] on the internet!” silliness.

        Some Pedantic Guy
      3. @ Some Pendantic Guy

        That was no trouble at all. On the contrary, I need to thank you for correcting my mistake and telling me something I didn’t know yet.
        (I was aware that had happened with the hiragana, but it hadn’t occurred to me that the same applied to katakana too.)

      4. @Stilts:
        Yeah, that was the idea…self-deprecation and all that to try and keep from sounding like a jerk. Keep up the good work with the blogging by the way. You’ve done a good, entertaining, job reviewing/analyzing some of my favorites in recent years (in fact, NGNL is easily my favorite of the season), I appreciate the work and heart you put into your posts.

        You’re welcome. I’m glad it was useful. Sometimes hiragana and katakana are attributed as being perfectly phonetic without any tricks–and compared to English spelling it’s easy to think of it that way–but centuries of language change leaves its mark even there. Taking (Hepburn) romanization into consideration can make it more confusing too.

        As a language nut, the use of English words in Japanese has long interested me. Specifically, seeing how they get changed to conform to Japanese. Watching anime provides so many interesting examples of it…like every title card of Eureka Seven ever. After a while you acquire an ear for it, but there are a couple tricks to writing out certain non-Japanese sounds and sound combinations.

        Some Pedantic Guy
    2. Just to clarify, I’m using Warbeast because that’s what it sounds like the characters are saying to me, and I like the sound of it better than Werebeast. Given that there’s no clear answer, I broke the tie with what-the-blogger-likes-better 😀

      1. Yeah. I ended up going with Clammy because that’s what it sounded like the characters were saying, even though that name is so ridiculous. Fortunately this time it sounds to me like they’re saying the one I like, so I’m going with it! 😀

      2. Just to muddle things up further, and to prove that one should never take anything for granted when straddling English and Japanese, I checked the Denshi Jisho database (awesome site) and the accepted spelling of the English word “werewolf” in katakana is ワーウルフ (waaurufu, “urufu” being the normal approximation of “wolf”).

        That’s the same ワー being used in the word to describe Sora’s kemonomimi girls. So while it’s pronounced to an English-speaking ear like “warbeast”, and when written out in romaji, it looks more like “warbeast”, it is, in fact, supposed to be “werebeast”.

  16. I just took Laputa as a Gulliver’s Travels reference, being no fan of Ghibli myself. (The studio’s works are by no means bad, but they’re definitely overrated.)

  17. About the Old Deus still being around, this is not surprising. The siblings need to conquer all 16 races to challenge Tet, and that includes the Old Deus, of course. However, they are probably just shadows of what they used to be.

    1. I’m guessing the power of the commandments made that possible.
      Heck, the commandments can even change a person’s heart, I don’t see growing a tail would be much of a task compared to that.

  18. What if the reason why Tet brought Sora and Shiro to his world is because he sensed that the Old Gods would soon return- and because he took over the world by pure chance due to all the other gods killing each other he knows that he can’t win in a straight-up game/fight against them. So he wants someone who is truly capable of god-slaying (Kuuhaku) to take his place as god of this world before the Old Gods revive so that the current, peaceful (and more importantly fun) status quo can be maintained. (Since it’s Tet he wouldn’t want to maintain the current status quo because it’s “peaceful” but simply because this kind of world is more “fun.” “Peace” is important to him only because you can’t have “fun” when everyone’s too busy killing each other.”)…

    1. That seems too meek and wuss-like for Tet. He’s a gambler and a game-player – merely having good opponents is reason enough for him to bring Sora and Shiro to Disboard. Besides, he is the One True God, no matter what the Old Deus say. I don’t think they can overthrow him without getting all the pieces themselves.

      1. Say I don’t really understand, if the Old Deus really is number one in disboard(I think that was the name of the world) then why can’t they just all get 16 countries and take on tet? I mean it’s been like that for who knows how long before Sora and Shiro arrived? The Old Deus seem to be super powerful so I don’t think it’s hard. Just something that popped into my mind. BTW looking forward to how Sora and Shiro are going to defeat Old Deus 🙂

      2. Because all of the Old Deus except for Tet are dead. They might still have voices and you might even be able to challenge them to games (I dunno, maybe…still not clear on how that piece will work), but I doubt they can go around challenging others. I don’t know how you play a game against a disembodied voice.

      3. Ahhhhhh I see, well I suppose that makes sense 😛 but either way, I am looking forward to see how Kouhaku is going to challenge gods :3 This is going to be interesting! XD

  19. The quality of NGNL episodes is a function of the amount of Steph we get in an episode.


  20. So full of WIN, this episode.

    NGNL continues to impress despite what a selected few might think of as “generic”. If this is generic, the other shows that come up this season probably wouldn’t even qualify as ‘watchable’.

    I really dig the Grandpa memory. “If it’s another Imanity, you are screwed.” Watched it in a public place and really laughed out loud.(Makes me wonder if he really does look like that!) XD

    Those parody reactions and the Laputa references were pure gold. Not sure if the novel writer was bold enough to include those (though I doubt that) references, but whatever the case it was fun, funny and fantastic.

    Steph, of course, continues to impress as a character. I like how that instead of being purely a gag character, attention was brought to her abilities in governing the country and her attitude in facing off against what seemed like insurmountable odds. And <3 that fanservice. :p

    Sora and Shiro continue to entertain with their reactions, and I also quite like how despite being stereotyped as gamers, they weren't really slacking and were finding out everything they could about the world and how to fulfill their goals. Pretty uncommon for a common NEET, IMO, and quite a breath of fresh air, despite their twisted logic on various things. XD

    It's pretty obvious despite the light-hearted nature of most scenarios thus far there are heavier issues underlying, with the episode continuing the explore the issue of how Imanity viewed itself and how they were really the ones who brought about their own downfall (depending on luck, betting away a invaluable source of knowledge etc.) Makes me wonder how the kingdom was really like in their golden age.

    There's really a lot to look forward to, especially with the icing on the cake for this episode, Jibril (and with Yukarin as her VA! :D) as well as the deal with the Old Deus and Tet's origin.

    Can't wait!! And thanks once again for covering the series, Stilts. 🙂

  21. Can’t wait for that hawt, funny-Engrish Tenshi. :3

    Also, I’m getting some vibes that the more I watch, the more this show reminds me of Sakurasou and its gags.


    Red HeartGold ZX
    1. Really? I can see why people say that because of Sorata & Mashiro’s seiyuus (the other two are different), but the jokes aren’t really Sakurasou-style. It’s the quality of the adaptation and the storytelling that remind me of Sakurasou, if anything.

      1. Yes, my thoughts as well. The way I mean when I compared the other two is how their characters have been similar (also, for the angel’s & Rita’s, I’m not quite sure but I just have a feeling). It’s just, I can’t get over with Sakurasou, since I re-watched it the day I watched this episode.

        Red HeartGold ZX
      1. Yar. Looking for comparisons where they don’t necessarily deserve to be, in my opinion. It took about four minutes in the first episode for me to stop thinking of Sorata & Shiina, and I only think of Sakurasou while watching this when I’m thinking about how it’s adapted really well.

  22. To marginalize the role of luck is to reinforce your ability to affect the outcome, and that puts the outcome more firmly under your control. – that’s what makes a good gambler!

    and I totally missed that CITS reference. it flashed by so quickly I thought those were different people! I did notice they said Laputa when that land mass floated by.

    that’s so Steph!

    a box like Hippo
  23. The Angel’s entrance, the way she floated down as light shown on her, then the way she stretched her wings, the moment she slowly opened her eyes as Sora described her as being Death itself, then she opened her mouth… That ruined all the built-up moments of tension and a perfect way to end an episode of this amazing series lol!

  24. Steph is by far best girl this season. Sora and Shiro need to treat their Steph better though!

    It’s funny, usually I loathe even a hint of incest in anime, but I haven’t been bugged by Sora or Shiro in NGNL so far. Heck, I’m not really picking up many incest vibes, Sora made his point of view clear in Episode 2 and Shiro doesn’t act like a typical brocon. Even the lap-sitting is pretty normal for siblings given their age and size difference (unless me and most of my family unknowingly act like a bunch of pedophiles). Or maybe I’ve just been desensitized by Mahouka.

    1. That’s because there is no incest vibe. They’re always together because they’re heavily codependant, but there’s not a whiff of brocon/siscon. Even Shiro’s jealousy when Sora pays attention to other girls smacks of a little girl who wants attention, not something untoward. It’s a blessedly nice change to see siblings act like siblings, albeit very close and utterly broken ones.

      1. That’s what I thought as well, though I was a wee bit worried I was willfully misinterpreting things to only see what I wanted to. Nice to know others think the same. Kinda sad that we’re at the point where we expect incest whenever there’s an imouto.

  25. @Stilts

    Unfortunately the damn old king lost it in a game. Idiots!

    LN give some merits as to why the old king gambled the library. Show Spoiler ▼

    Stilts edit: Added spoiler tags due to unasked for spoilers.

    1. Thank you for the unasked for spoilers. He was an idiot for not recognizing the value of knowledge even if the people didn’t. If leaders aren’t going to lead, who will? Thus he’s still an idiot, albeit a funny one.

      1. Sorry about the unasked spoiler. It was something the anime skipped, and I thought the info was trivia and nothing of importance to the whole plot. I’ll take note to be more careful next time.

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me. But assuming that it has 12 episodes in total, I wouldn’t want to see a nation getting conquered every half episode. It’s not a rule that the show needs to end with Blank playing against Tet, after all.

    2. I don’t think the series from the LN ended yet so there is no way we will see them conquer everyone. This is just the first series in a set of maybe 3 or 4. It sucks but that’s what happen when people jump on a new IP so quick.

    3. There are six novels out so far (with #7 on the way), and we are currently about 1/4 of the way into volume 2. The anime looks to be on pace to end with the end of volume 3, which is, by all accounts, the perfect place to stop in anticipation of future seasons…once there’s enough material to support them.

  26. Something that I’ve been pondering ever since I heard this show’s premise – while it’s true that this world seems to revolve around gaming, isn’t that specifically in the context of conflict resolution? The reason I ask is because from what I saw this episode, Steph hasn’t yet realized that she is much more effective when she isn’t trying to force her way through games.
    Not every boon in life is gained by taking it from someone else – there are plenty of things that can be accomplished by solo effort, or collaboration. I think Steph’s biggest mistake here is trying to defeat Blank instead of a more constructive approach.
    As someone who is irrationally afraid of conflict, I would be the first to point out that there are always other options available.

    1. It’s something I thought of as well. Games are a replacement for violence, war, etc. Most people should be able to live their lives without every having to play, or at least play with high stakes.

  27. Poor Steph… but she brought it upon herself, when she will learn NOT TO CHALLENGE the twins since this allows THEM to set up the game terms (which, is 100% sure to be stacked in their favor).
    Also, I loved the disbelief/anger at losing in a game the country’s main LIBRARY. My feelings exactly.
    And Yukarin’s cheery voice for Angel (of Death) was just cherry on top!


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