No Game No Life – 12 (END)

「収束法《ルール・ナンバー・10》」 (Shuusokuhou “Ruuru Nanbaa 10”)
“Rule Number 10”

A game within a game within a game. Kuuhaku’s target is never the one in front of them, but them, their next opponent, and everything else standing between them and the game against Tet. Long live the Elkian Federation!

No Game No Life – 08

「起死回生《フェイクエンド》」 (Kishikaisei “Feiku Endo”)
“Fake End”

A tour de force of mind games, games theory, and betting it all for a chance to beat the world, punctuated with one of the most effectively unsettling endings to any episode this season. I still don’t feel like I can take a full breath, lest the world shatters.