「ミッション・インポッシブル」 (Misshon Inposshiburu)
“Mission Impossible”

It’s a slow week for Nanana as we dive more into Juugo’s past and the Matsuri group. After last week’s information dump, I think it’s only right that we start to settle down and really understand who Juugo is and why he left home in the first place. Who are his accomplices and what does Matsuri hope to achieve? If you’re still confused, all we understand so far is that they’re a group of thieves that want to collect pieces of the Nanana Collection. Their head leader is Juugo’s father (Koyama Rikiya), and Fugi Yukihime (Noto Mamiko) & Todomatsu Shuu (Toriumi Kousuke) work for him on Nanae Island. Their motives are unknown so far but Yukihime and Shuu seem to believe in the cause of their existence so I’d like to see how far they go to oppose Juugo. They’re like his guardians, popping up everywhere just to check up on him. It’s obvious that Yukihime has a deeper relationship with Juugo – probably more than the sisterly bond that he’s implying. She’s a strong character on her own and I’d like to see how she deals with Juugo on their journeys into ruins. Please don’t add her to Juugo’s harem though; I don’t need those types of complications.

On the other hand, the dynamics within the Adventure Club are not what I was expecting after last week. We start the episode off with some friendly banter over dinner which leads to a discussion of another hidden ruin at a hot spring. I felt like this scene was so out of place because am I the only one that wouldn’t (ever) have dinner with a guy that just tried to kill me? I mean, even if I forgave the guy for trying to take over the world, that doesn’t mean he didn’t lock me on a floating treasure chest in the middle of an (semi)invisible room. Are you kidding me? Or perhaps I’m being crazy and holding grudges for murderous intents is a thing of the past – call me old-fashioned. Regardless, Tensai has not backed down from her promise of keeping a close eye on Juugo. This girl is everywhere and when she’s not solving mysteries in ruins, she’s on her own to find cases to solve. I’m impressed by her persistent to solve not only puzzles and the abnormally strange, but also everyday crimes (like missing people). It’s amazing to hear how she comes to her conclusions and beyond that, she seems to have connections to the infamous Shunjuu Ikkaku (who is still faceless for those of you confused). Perhaps her secret family affairs are more hidden than Juugo’s but only time will tell.

I thought it was very off-topic but the driving issue this week was how Juugo was unable to pay his utility bills despite being the son of a crime lord. I understand that he has been disowned and he shouldn’t receive any funds, but then… why is he buying Nanana pudding all the time (that cost can pile up!) and why doesn’t he stop feeding her obsession with games and TV? He’s rarely home anyway and he’s paying for a ghost to be entertained. Not his daughter or a girlfriend or even a distant relative (maybe? Ohhh… that’d be interesting!) but a ghost that just can’t help her sweet tooth. No offense, Nanana resembles a child to me that Juugo feels responsible for. At first, he felt indebted to find her killer to help her move on, but that doesn’t mean he needs to fuel her by throwing money left and right. If she were my kid and she’s not helping me solve this case, you can bet that she’s not getting no more pudding. Not to mention that Nanana still feels very undeveloped as a primary character. I can see where the director is going and I think it’s inferred that there is a connection between Juugo and Nanana but I’m not seeing it or feeling it much. And that honestly has nothing to do with Tensai being next door.

Luckily, the other characters in this story keep the ball rolling despite Nanana’s lack of performance and involvement. We’re introduced to a group (more like a gang) that resides in the ghetto district of the Nanae Island. Like most countries or cities, there’s always going to be a shady area that the police kind of ignore because there’s always going to be some form of corruption. This adds a new element to the story because even though Juugo is a thief, I would think of his group as more like organized crime and these gangs are more straight-up about their violence and chaos. Kurosu Sansa (Sakurai Harumi) adds a real sense of fright and intimidation to the series; whereas Isshin was definitely a mediocre opponent. It’s great to see how the story expands into other characters and groups rather than just simply focusing on the core Adventure Club vs. Matsuri. The Three Skulls will surely stir up some trouble as everyone tries to obtain more pieces of Nanana’s Collection – each for their own reasons. What interests me the most though is that, everyone seems to be treasure hunting but no one has mentioned collecting them all (except for Juugo’s father perhaps). Isshin wanted a specific piece of the treasure and Juugo only wants to solve the mystery of who killed Nanana, but what does this Collection do as a whole? How does hunting down each individual piece fit in to the bigger picture? Or is it truly all for Nanana’s own amusement?

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Slow paced #nanana_TV episode after last week’s reveal but that’s OK given all the complaints that it was an info dump


  1. I feel like Juugo keeping buying her games because he feels sorry for her. The bit with “you died” for example. I feel like its not that Nanana is under utilized, but that they’re waiting for the proper moment to hit us with a massive wave of feels

    1. For some reason, every episode that passes by makes me think more of the possibility that Nanana isn’t really dead. Given the world they live in, being in some astral projected state or something caused by an artifact seems more likely than being the ghost of a dead person.

      1. I thought it would be cool if that was the case, but then the start of episode 4 made me doubt it, because in a flashback Nanana has a dramatic conversation with her old roommate about finding her killer.

  2. Ok, am I the only problem that felt like most of the cast in this anime are assholes except for the theives and maybe Juugo to some extent?

    Let take for example Tensai- Kick him and invite herself over and of course hack his phone and all that crap. That’s kind of obsessive.

    Then the dorm manager, what the hell, first took all his rent and charge him for some exorbitant utility bills. The fact that Juugo not even using it but her ghost friend Nanana make me think that she’s the one that killed Nanana because that bitch is poor as fuck if she can’t keep her friend entertain.

    Then of course we have the president of the asshole treasure hunting club that act like everything is fine and dandy when he should have gotten a beat down or at the least crippled. I was really surprise when there was no snarky comment along the lines of “Oh, we’re hunting Nanan treasure again, are you sure you’re not going to back stab and leave us to die again?”

    Nope nothing nada, it as if it never happened. I find that highly unemployable then of course there Nanana herself she act like the utility bills is not her problem the least she can do is fork over some money and help out juugo but was all “Oh too bad you are short bye!” If that happen to me I would have cut the power off and see what the damn ghost have to entertain herself with.

    I am going to assume black hair thief have some feeling for Juugo as Juugo obviously like her, the flour as cocaine was pretty funny. I haven’t gotten a good peg on Juugo skills yet, is he completely worthless or does he have some skills?

    Over all this episode had a lot of “wtf” moments for me more then cool moments. I was surprise Juugo just didn’t reach out across the table and bitch slap the vice president for being a fucking bitch through the meal and not rubbing in “Hey remember that time you tried to kill us! Lol!” And shut her mouth.

    Frustrating episode , Zero repercussion!

    1. I think it may be a matter of taste. I mean, I really like this as I feel that it is quite unique (read: “jarring”), compared to some other shounen anime.

      Take Juugo for example. Basically he’s a jerk. But rather than a jerk with a heart of gold, I feel he’s more like the jerk character has been bizarrely spliced with your typical shounen protagonist.

      As for Isshin, I find that brazen attitude of his really amazing. He tricked Juugo and Tensai, made a deal with Shunjuu Ikkaku, who he also attempted to double-cross. In order to take over the world. And when that failed, he happily invited Juugo and Tensai to dinner to tell them about another treasure hunt. Using the 100 million yen he got from Ikkaku.

      And then there’s Nanana. I know that people say she’s underdeveloped so we (the audience) can be hit by a wave of feels. But I’m still convinced (or trying to convince myself, at least) that she’s the deepest character out of the cast. Some idiots just love watching things burn, but Nanana takes it further:

      0. Creates her own “Academy City”, where students (intellectuals, learners, teens) gather
      1. Scatters mystic items (with high potential for abuse, as we’ve seen with Isshin) around
      2. Booby-traps them in hard-to-discover dungeons to ensure only abnormal (read: “obsessed”) people would find them
      3. Dies and becomes a ghost (immortal)
      4. Chaos ensues as she eats pudding and plays games

      If you watch the first part of the first episode again, and then take into account all those groups after her treasure… doesn’t seem possible now? And the thought that no one will find out, maybe not even after the very end?

      It’s these kinds of thoughts that make watching this so entertaining. Are they crazy? Or am I crazy? I find it hilarious. Of course, I’m sure most, if not all of you, don’t think this way. It does takes a very specific mindset. But you can only take so many clichés before they become annoying. And when they annoy you enough…

      1. It’s not the fact that it’s jarring it’s the fact that Juugo is being abuse and he’s not fighting back because he’s stupid. Juugo to me might be flawed but he is the only decent one out of the bunch.

        Club president and Vice president people- Murderers just the fact that they didn’t kill anyone yet didn’t make their attempt any less.

        Tensai- Freeloader who invade other people privacy on a whim, Juugo does not mind he was surprise but does not mind but the freeloading part and the ojou-sama like demands makes her a worthless bitch in my eyes.

        Dorm Manager- Supposedly Nanana friend who I am pretty sure killed her. Reasoning is that she is fucking dirt poor and can’t support her dead friend gaming habit instead shucking it off on some poor sap resident. That woman need many and is also looking to free load yet everyone of Nanana friends appear to be doing well except for the manager who’s keeping a close eye on thing.

        Nanana herself- I for one think the titles doesn’t mean her and that she really doesnt need a big presence. I mean it about her buried treasure NOT her the fact that she still there in some way shape or form is just an added bonus.

        However my mind grip with her is that her is that she should contribute in some manner montery for her gaming habit, Juugo was pretty much put int he cross fire and a rock and hard place because of her freeloading way.

        If it was me I would pay this month bill since I can only assume Juugo been there for a month then get rid of all the gaming system and electricity until Nanana show herself as useful OR the dorm manager actually help support her friend. Let’s see how Nanana like being in a room with nothing to entertain her at all.

        Freeloading, is free loading.

        Even Juugo dad is a bad guy and I can understand why Juugo left. The man want him to rob from the rich to give to the poor. Yet the fact of the matter is he’s a THIEF, he run a theiving empire. I cannot help but empathize with Juugo who might not want anything to do with that kind of life style. He might be the only one that knows right from wrong.

        Also about him not wanting to help people, I think he help people just fine if they are within his grasp but he’s not going to be a superhero and be altruistically evil like his dad who is no about getting a cut from the profit he stole. Base on the life style I seen thus far.

        There complex and jarring and then there is just straight up asshole isem. I would seriously bitch slap the vice president then beat the fuck out of the president before I even dine with them again.

  3. I’m not sure whether or not to sympathize with Juugo or say it’s all his fault. He’s trying to make it on his own, without his family’s shadow and support, but look at the expenses he’s having to shoulder. A live-in roommate who contributes nothing. Two next door neighbors sponging off of him. Expenses beyond a normal high schooler. And then he screws up the 8,000-yen delivery and gets nothing from it! I’d tell the “hidden job Guild” back at the school to not take any more requests from Kurosu Sansa!

    But one minute Juugo’s a good guy and the next he’s a double agent, or “Burned”, or… I don’t know what.

    Let us not forget the Adventure Club’s president is now 100 million yen richer, so of course he can afford to take everyone out to eat and to send them all to a hot spring! There’s the answer to Juugo’s money problems, if he knew. But instead he’s got the usual females (and a trans…) sponging off his chivalry, which is all too common in today’s world.

    I’m just barely hanging on here. There needs to be less Juugo beatings, or I’m giving up.

  4. Why is Nanana’s name in the title of this show? Just call it “Buried Treasure of some Uninteresting NEET”

    Seriously it baffles me how she’s even considered a main character at this point. We are already halfway through and she’s barely done anything. She’s only important because she has all the answers to everyone’s questions but chooses not to tell CAUSE THAT’S NOT FUN!

    I honestly wouldn’t mind if we got an episode dedicated to her or something revealing some of her backstory because as of now I really have no reason to care about her. Being a complete bum and not giving a crap about the people who you make things difficult for doesn’t make me feel sympathy for her.

    I wonder if someone destroyed the apartment what would happen to her…….

    And yeah the whole casual dinner with a guy who just tried to kill you is definitely another one of those unreasonable anime logic things. I’d have to have the choice of beating the crap out of him several times before we ever engaged in any form of communication.

  5. Wow that Shuu disguise is some high-tier level. It may even surpass Daruku-chan’s crossdressing.

    Being nice to Nanana is important cause she’s the only who knows the location of the Nanana Collection therefore she might be prone to help Juugo if that’s the case.

    I think the dinner was pretty reasonable. Sure they’re friendly in front of each other but deep inside they’re probably plotting something heinous against each other.

    That Daruku-chan scene :3

  6. What is up with the storytelling in this series? I want to like this series more than i do because i truly believe its got some cool and interesting ideas but it continues to remain an enjoyable series with a side of frustration when it tries to be compelling; it could be sooooooooo much more than what it is right now (especially since it’s on noitaminA).

    I think one of the things that bugs me the most is the fact that there isnt enough being done to make Nanana engaging or to slowly build up on the mystery surrounding her. As some have mentioned before, the writers are probably waiting for “the right time” to hit us with the feels and that’s what makes me nervous because for one, if they do cram Nanana’s development into a singular ep or two, it wont feel as organic as it’s suppose to be. This is material the story should be building upon since the first ep so that we feel sympathetic for Nanana’s character…..even if this cour goes by and we never find out who her killer is (there are multiple LN’s to this series I believe), as long as some of that mystery has been properly built up and her character gets developed, whatever conclusion this anime decides to take in relation to her will at least be satisfying. Even if the situation we are waiting for to make Nanana fleshed out is not here yet, we should at least be learning interesting things about Nanana’s character through her interactions to the cast so that she feels more like a dynamic character but as far as im concerned…she’s pretty much a spoiled brat.

    And as cherrie stated, the scene in the beginning, as fun as it was to watch, was just out of place. Besides the fact that everyone is so chummy again, why mention the next treasure being at a hot spring, have juugo tell Nanana about it, and then neglect to direct the story to that direction for the rest of the ep? What happened? If that was suppose to be buidl-up, it was very clumsy, which was my other problem with this ep. In terms of good things though, we did get more character insight with Juugo and Tensai, as well as new characters being added to the cast. All in all, I feel that helped negate some of this eps flaws but hopefully next ep is a stronger one.

  7. Man, sometimes, I feel like I’m the only one who can appreciate both the narrative heavy, fast-paced storytelling and the relaxed, cutesy SOL segments. This series has struck a rather interesting balance between the two and I’m rather enjoying it.

    Personally speaking, I’m perfectly fine with them taking their time with Nanana. At this point in time, they’re keeping her as a background whimsical gamesmaster and the catalyst of the events in the story. That in itself is an interesting enough role for me till they decide to reveal more of her backstory or when the focus eventually falls on her. She’s not supposed to be in the foreground and she really isn’t Menma from Ano Hana so the emotional depth really isn’t something that is crucial for the character (yet).

  8. Oh great, another faction that is interested in the collection!
    As for the Juugo doing all Nanana wants it’s simple – he otherwise would be beaten by her mercilessly, without any way to retaliate. Being ghost has some advantages, at least in this show. One-way ethereality is sure useful gimmick…

  9. I definitely don’t sense a possible romantic vibe with Yukihime. If there ever is one, I assume it’ll be extremely superficial, along the lines of fondly thinking to herself that he’s become quite a ladykiller.

    Nanana is probably going to be a pseudo-romantic interest too, once what nyanlol said happens and she lays bare her loneliness. Although I’d honestly rather she be a second protagonist or Juugo’s mentor/rival. Tensai is too cute/cool to get stuck with the “aww, I’m eternally in second place” role. Not that I have any indication this LN/anime will ever have anything resembling romantic drama… and the non-romance can certainly carry it.


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